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4.0 out of 5 stars the creeper returns
"jeepers creepers 2" is what jeepers creepers 1 should have been-a good
movie.there are plenty of hair raising moments in the movie,and enough
action to keep the movie going.the acting was good,for the most part
and the look of the "creeper" was well done.Jonathan Breck was great as
the title character.(the creeper)this a case where the sequel far...
Published on Feb. 23 2008 by falcon

3.0 out of 5 stars He can taste your fear, among other things...
The Creeper is back, and I am not talking about that feeling I get when my underpants ride up too high...ugh...Victor Salva, who wrote and directed the very popular Jeepers Creepers (2001), takes us back to the horror buffet for a second helping in Jeepers Creepers II, which picks up the very next day to the events in the first movie. A little background...the Creeper is...
Published on June 7 2004 by cookieman108

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2.0 out of 5 stars Not close to the first movie!, March 2 2004
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
I was eager to see this movie because I loved the first one, but this was a huge dissapointment. The monster changed abit with the weapons he has and the things he can do, and now they say he "smells fear". There are no likable characters in the film just annoying ones like Scotty (I think that was his name), the jock who should have been done with alot earlier in the film. Don't expect much from this, the ending is dissapointing too, because I thought that it would end in a way where no more movies are made but it really didn't end like that. If you haven't seen the first DO NOT WATCH THIS!!! And if you don't watch horror movies regularly then don't watch this or ANY OTHER HORROR MOVIE! Horror movies are for fans of horror movies only, I hate seeing fans of other genres of more serious films bashing horror movies. These movies were not made for you do don't watch them, if you're not a fan of other horror movies why would you watch any at all??? Anyways if you are a huge horror movie fan watch this just to know about the movie and see some nice gruesome scenes, but don't watch it if you're not a horror movie fan.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Explains The First... Sort Of, Feb. 23 2004
Joshua Koppel (Chicago, IL United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
It is just a few days after the first movie and we are introduced to some new characters. This time we have a rural family (their youngest is the first victim in this movie) and a bus load of a sports team (plus cheerleaders and coaches).
We learn that every 23rd Spring, for 23 days, the creature is allowed to eat. Unfortunately This does not quite match the first movie where the main characters are spooked by an earlier disappearance on the road and then find the body in the Creeper's lair.
But we quickly realize that there is a time factor. If the cast can survive just a little longer, the time will be up. Add a vengeful farmer and things move very fast.
As this is the second movie, the body count is higher and the methods of killing are more creative. The acting is not quite as good as in the first, but then there are more characters to manage.
The ending is a little silly as some teens drive up to a farm in a truck that must be 70+ years old.
Plenty of good extras (unlike the first one) so once the movie is done, there is still plenty of creepiness left.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Jeepers Creepers II, Feb. 21 2004
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
I totally enjoyed "Jeepers Creepers" when it was released in 2001. It was a good scare fest, that didn't have to exactly rely on gore or lots of blood. I thought the atmosphere was very intimidating and left me shaken. The ending also was a shocker and I was in disbelief for awhile. It also introduced to a new menace. The idea of not knowing where are why this thing was here in the country side was scary. After watching that movie, I thought that was a great and maybe one of my favorite scary movies.
In 2003, "Jeepers Creepers II" was released. I went into it with little expectations surprisingly. I felt like the first one could not be surpassed and that was true for the most part. The first one was a straight out horror movie. The sequel mixes different things together such as more action, some horror, interesting characters, etc. And believe me, the sequel is still not as great as the first, but it is a great movie.
The movie begins with the words, "Every 23rd Spring, for 23 days, it gets to eat". Then the words "Day 22" appear on the screen. We meet the Taggarts: Jack Taggart, Sr. (Ray Wise), Jack Taggart, Jr. (Luke Edwards), and little Billy Taggart (Shaun Flemming). Billy is putting up scarecrows on their posts, when he senses that one of them is alive. He flees, but instead the Creeper drags him through the cornfield and flies away.
Somewhere a bit far off, there is a busload of basketball players: Scotty Braddock (Eric Nenninger), who is sort of racist and likes to be left alone. There is the team's ball manager, Bucky (Billy Aaron Brown). The cheerleaders are there as well, Minxie (Nicki Lynn Aycox) is one that is having premonitions about this man. Anyway, there are coming home from a State Championship game and their bus becomes disabled. Then the coaches are dispatched quickly by the Creeper and the teenagers start to freak. Not only is there a conflict with the Creeper, but inside the bus angers flare, because of race, ideas, opinions, etc. Then we learn that the Creeper has chosen people that it wants to eat. Pretty soon, the body count starts to rise, but maybe the Creeper can be stopped, because it will go into hibernation... and now Jack Taggart is seeking revenge and wants to put an end to the beast.
Plot - The idea of the movie is pretty cool, but the original's beats it. The idea of teenagers being stuck in a certain place and chased by a creature is a usual idea among horror movies today. Surprisingly though, I thought they made this plot believable. We know learn what the Creeper can do (fly, hurl throwing stars, etc). He is a bit more fleshed out and makes you wanting more and more of the Creeper to appear on the screen. I also like the side story of the farmer and his oldest son hunting down the Creeper. It was a cool idea of a revenge plot too. PLOT - 92
Acting - The acting was pretty good for the most part. Eric Nenninger was good as Scotty. He gave his character snotty and mean characteristics. He's one of those guys you love to hate. Nicki Lynn Aycox did an okay job as Minxie. She wasn't really fleshed out though. I feel like I wanted to know more about her. Billy Aaron Brown does a great job as the scared, but determined Bucky. The rest of the people on the bus aren't fleshed out that well and halfway into the movie, most of them disappear. I didn't get it. The two that stand out though are Ray Wise and the Creeper himself. Ray Wise doesn't say much, but you know what he is thinking by his actions. Jonathan Breck is great as the Creeper. He makes him terrifying in his own way and seems to love playing him. Breck really becomes the character. ACTING - 85
Special FX/Gore - The special effects in this movie are nearly perfect. The Creeper looks great when he is flying around and it looks realistic for the most part. There isn't that much gore in this movie, which is a good thing. It still mostly relied on atmosphere and entrapment inside the bus. People do get killed though and sometimes violently. At other times, people will be swooped away and you can only imagine the worst for them. I don't think a lot of blood was needed for this movie anyway. It made up for it with great FX and atmosphere instead. Special FX - 97 / Gore - 92
Pacing - The movie is very fast paced. I actually think it was "too" fast paced. There isn't that much time for character development. Director Victor Salva made a sequel that people would want to see: fast paced, energetic, exciting, and interesting. He hits the mark here, because it is all of the above and many people will be jolted and nervous while watching this film. Pacing - 90
Overall - 91.5/B+ It's a good sequel that deserves credit. I never thought a sequel to a great horror movie could be this good. So, if you are looking for a good, creepy, fun time, take a chance with this film.
G. Mike
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4.0 out of 5 stars Well worth seeing, different style from the 1st one...., Feb. 21 2004
By A Customer
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
First off when a movie gets as many one stars as 5 stars
you know that its made some kind of impact. I wasn't able to
see this at the theater but I did buy it with a gift certificate
and I'm not sorry I did. I thought the first one was really
interesting, well directed with a talented cast. It implied
more horror using "old fashioned" techniques than most directors try to achevie with all their
blood and guts. Lighting and sound make movies, not to mention a built up. You need to take the time to get to know the characters. Shadows can
scare too. I felt the first one was actually like it said, creepy.
This second installment takes things in a different direction,
you see things from another perspective, I think the director
didn't want to repeat himself and instead chose to go around
his possible triolgy with the more than less approach. What starts out
as very bright goes into chaos and darkenss quickly. I think he chose
his teenage characters and their actions for a reason. Hardly
very likeable kids to say the least but they all had typical
issues most kids have. I don't
think you'd find too many intellegent high school kids in a situation like this. The movie as I said was filmed very dark
and most kids(teenagers, young adults) these days need to see blood and gore to entertain themselves for 2 hours or they
get bored to fast. For the 2nd installment of this series, I
think the director showed more than enough of the main character and left you uneasy even though some things were almost funny, whether this was the intention on not?
Hopefully the last installment of this trilogy will blow the other two away, the writers and the director need
to take there time and end it with a great scarey finality and tigh up the loose ends, allow us to leave the movie knowing just what the hell this creature is and why he must feed like
he does and are there anymore of them around? Entertaining for a dark night when your
bored at home for something to do.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Winged Scarecrow of Doom, Feb. 17 2004
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
Wow. Here's something a little different. Every 23 SPrings this thing comes alive and eats for a day. What does it eat? Oh the usual, kids, teenagers, and adults. It starts off with a farm kid getting snatched from the corn field leaving behind his older brother and father who can't belive wht they witnessed.
The main story revolves around a high school basketball team on a bus. The Creeper has homemade throwing stars (made from human parts of course) to flatten the tires. He then snatches them up one by one for feeding time. The kids try their best to defeat him with a javelin and a flaregun.
But the farmer returns with a homemade, gas powered harpoon. After some fighting and struggling he thinks he defeats the Creeper, but he's only sleeping.
We exit 23 years later with the farmer ready to face him again. The Creeper hangs from his barn ceiling and you can see it for "Five bucks a gander."
Not the greatest horror movie of all time, but better than average.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Slightly better then the first ..., Feb. 12 2004
Ron Sullivan (Philadelphia, PA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
Take that for whatever it's worth though, because I HATED the first one. Just to back track, I felt that the first movie had about a dozen plot holes that were never quite filled. For example, in the original, there was the "sorta psychic" who knew something was going to happen, but not what it was. Why did the Creeper drive around in that truck if it could fly? What was with that woman who had all of those cats? Were they supposed to ward off the Creeper? Why did the Creeper stitch all the corpses back together? Why would anyone live on East 9 if every 23 years there's a horrible mass murder? Wouldn't, eventually, everyone get the idea and move? The sequel doesn't answer any of these, but did succeed in not backing itself into any questions it isn't going to answer either.
However, it accomplished this by foregoing the plot and story entirely. Seems it only got in the way. In this movie, the Creeper attacks a bus ... the end. Cool huh? Boy I'm sure glad that there's none of that stupid "character development" thing to get in the way.
Also, what did this movie cost to make? Considering that the set design was limited to about 5 cars from the 40's, the inside of a bus, and someone's backyard, it must have taken all of about fifty dollars to produce this thing. What did Salva (who, by the way, is a convicted child-molester) spend all of his money on? Catering?
Hopefully this will put this on hiatus until the next 23rd spring ...
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1.0 out of 5 stars Who can really say that this is a good sequel?, Feb. 6 2004
Deckard (United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
Apparently the reason why the Creeper only appears once every 23 years came about primarily because the film makers didn't want their idea to be one of those things that runs and runs forever until you end up with Creeper vs Pinhead. I understood that with Jeepers Creepers, because probably the single greatest device that drives the success of the first film as a modern horror classic is the whole eeriness surrounding the Creeper. What is it? What does it want? Why is it here? We come to JC2 knowing all of that, so whatever edge the film makers had over their audience in the original to use as an effective way of shocking, surprising and entertaining us - is now totally out of the window. They could have gone two routes with a sequel - 1. take our expectations and throw them off at entirely new tangents to have us jumping in the aisles, or 2. take our expectations and barely meet them with an hour and a half of the most predictable and uninspired rubbish. Sadly what we've got is sequel B. So what's it all about? Well, when writing the drafts Salva came up with a scene (and that's SCENE folks) where a bus full of basketball players and cheerleaders breaks down and gets attacked by the winged demon. Somehow, (and that is how lazy and lacklustre this film is) this one scene became extended by an hour and twenty minutes to become the ENTIRE film. Yep, the whole film is about a bus being attacked by a demon. It really has very little going for it at all. Every cliche in the book is in there, there's nothing new, inventive, surprising, creepy, or entertaining about the whole thing. Demon swoops on bus and gets someone. Has it gone? Yep so let's go outside. Oh no, demon is back! Let's go inside... We can't get in! Let's run! Demon's still attacking us, so let's run back! Demon swoops on group and carries someone off... etc etc... It's so dire I could scarely believe that it was written and directed by the same guy who did the first one. I couldn't help but feel when watching Salva talking about making the sequel that this is a man making excuses for succumbing to the lure of the big dollar, rather than the same Salva who talks about his passion for moster movies in the first. Absolute cop out film. Make sure you watch the first one - and avoid this.
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3.0 out of 5 stars A disappointing sequel that creeps in the wrong direction, Feb. 3 2004
Lawrance Bernabo (The Zenith City, Duluth, Minnesota) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
What now gets to be referred to as the original "Jeepers Creepers" had one of the best first half-hours I have ever seen in a horror film. It was not until I found out what the Creeper was supposed to be that I find myself requesting a respite from sexual intercourse. I thought the film was working just fine without the whole winged demon from whatever hell bit, and the rest of the film was all down hill. The film did well enough to warrant a sequel (how many horror films even manage great openings?) and writer director Victor Salva is back to continue the tale.
The movie begins with the basic "rules," by informing us that every 23 years, for 23 days, it gets to eat. We then find out that we are up to day 22 where the Creeper (Jonathan Breck) snatches his next victim and kicks off the major subplot of the film, which is the quest of farmer Jack Tagger (Ray Wise) to get the thing that took his boy. We then jump ahead to day 23, at which point we are introduced to a bus full of teenagers and I start counting all the things that bug me about this film. Ready?
(1) The bus has a high school basketball team that has just won the state championship, so where is the trophy? I was expecting it to be used as a weapon at some point. Plus, have you ever seen a less unhappy championship team once the signing stops? (2) The team only has three cheerleaders, although all the cheerleaders at my high school had pom-pons. (3) This is a team that has just won state and yet none of the parents are caravaning with the team. Yeah, right. (4) I understand the bus is on a back road that nobody takes anymore because of the interstate, but I still would like to know the odds that the only car that passes them the entire time they are stuck comes along the first minute. (5) The equipment manager really left equipment on the bus after the track meet? Bad equipment manager. (6) I think having a cheerleader have a vision that provides exposition for the Creeper was awfully convenient. This was almost as bad as the original version of "The Thomas Crown Affair" when Faye Dunaway just picks Steve McQueen's photo out of a pile and announces he is the guy. (7) The same thing applies to the idea that the only times the radio on the bus works is when we get to hear updates on what the Creeper has been doing and when the sub-plot shows up to join the main plot. (8) In terms of the exposition, what is this nonsense about the Creeper making menu selections? I find it hard to believe it only kills for food, especially after the first film. (9) Oh, and if the Creeper is jumping around the county in its feeding frenzy, flying around in broad day light, how come the cops are not criss crossing the area like crazy? (10) Once the cops find the Creeper's lair and 300 bodies sewed together, would that not up the ante on the situation and triple the number of cops brought into the county? (11) Without even taking into account the aerodynamics of this thing's wings, how comes the Creeper flies slower when chasing kids in a pick up truck than when it is normally swooping down on its prey? (12) Who cares if something cannot die if you can slice and dice it? (13) If the Creeper is supposed to return to the ground ever 23 years, what happens if it does not?
Okay, I will stop now. My explanation for most of the above consists of me holding up my hands and wiggling my fingers, but not my thumbs. The idea is that I am miming typing and it means that the above things happened because somebody wrote them that way. The main goal is to have the Creeper terrorize a bus load of teenagers on a lonely stretch of rural highway and that is exactly what we get in this film. If logic gets in the way of the proceedings, defy logic and keep on filming. Remember the episode of "South Park" where the kids were stuck on a school bus? Now that's what I call getting out of a sticky situation.
There are some things I like about the film, such as the opening scenes were we are dealing with terror in bright sunlight, a fairly different idea), and the Creeper running through the corn field stalking the bus. What happens when the sub-plot catches up with the main plot certainly results in some innovative stunts, including a creative war for cutting a bus in half. A lot of it reminded me of "Jaws" and I was actually thinking Ray Wise was going to comment about the taxidermy man have a heart attack when he sees what our heroic farmer is bringing in (which would have been rather apropos given the final scene of the film). But even at that point I am still number counting off things that do not make sense.
(14) Are pick up trucks really made that well that you can still drive them after taking a beating like that? (15) Did we ever see the Creeper actually creep in either of these films?
Okay, I will stop now.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Terrible sequel but decent standalone movie, Jan. 31 2004
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
As a sequel, 'Jeepers Creepers 2' fails on most counts - long gone is the sense of stark tension and isolation, as is the menaching image of the Creeper in human form - to be replaced by a cast of forgettable teens and one very shiny demon.
As a movie, however, 'Jeepers Creepers 2' does a fairly good job of keeping us entertained, with a few good old-fashioned schlock-shocks along the way.
The plot goes something like this: School Bus full O' Teens is picked out by the Demon for food - as the Demon only has 23 days to feed, and must then go away for 23 years - and Teens, not content to sit and wait to become dinner, try a variety of different methods in order to survive. That's about it, save for a sub-plot about a farmer out for revenge, who eventully arrives to semi-save the day.
The cast are totally forgettable, with the marked exception of Nicki Lynn Aycox as Minxie Hayes, a starlet, who, if her clever and emotional performance here are anything to go by, is a starlet destined for greater things. Where this film succeeds is in blending OTT Shocks with a hefty dash of comedy, but taking itself seriosuly enough so as to avoid a 'Scream'-like feel.
The Creeper, by now a fully-fledged demon, looks something like a charred and sweaty Freddy Kruegger with Wings. His special effects, thankfully, are far better in this movie than in the prequel, and the creature comes off as visually credible. Setting this movie almost-entirely aboard a bus may have seemed like a risky venture, but director Salva proves his talent in this regard by not allowing the storyline to plod or become boring. The imagery, although sometimes crude (the Demon's knives look less like supernatural weapons and more like tourist purchases), works well, particularly in Minxie's dream sequences. A nice touch is the reintroduction of Justin Long as Darry Jenner (from the first movie) and the contrast between these dream sequences and the dark nighttime scenes that take up the vast majority of the film.
There are one or two cameo references to the prequel like Darry Jenner's appearance, and a radio story about the Creeper's 'Church of Pain', finally discovered by humans - and the whole movie moves at a decent pace. It's not boring, and the shocks, though standard, are indeed shocking. All in all, 'Jeepers Creepers 2' may disappoint fans hoping for more of the same, but could well bring new fans to the series.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Still Yawning while Writing My Review, Jan. 31 2004
By A Customer
This review is from: Jeepers Creepers 2 (Widescreen) [Import] (DVD)
This was pitiful. Pitiful is worse than a film just being bad. At least when a film is bad there is still room for it to get better. I'm afraid Jeepers Creepers 2 couldn't get better or worse.
The first film was great. The Creeper was scarier. He was more realistic looking. Creeper 2 was too computer generated looking. Everything he did was too fake to speak on. The first film will scare the hell out of you. It also had real actors ( who've appeared in other things ). I'm so sick of horror films sticking in loads of no-name actors and making the characters so cardboard and dry. I couldn't tell one from the other. I was so disappointed. I loved the first Jeepers Creepers. They must have switched writers or something because it just didn't feel the same. The first movie did much more. There were car races, running through the woods, screaming. The sequel didn't even make mention to the song Jeepers Creepers. The song was supposed to be the element that held the film together. The sequel completely forgot that and turned into Halloween Part 14.
They could have at least brought the psychic black lady from the first film into the sequel. She could have been the one to explain what would happen. Instead they pick the blond girl to " see " things. I wish I was psychic. Then I wouldn't have wasted my money on this DVD. It's a shame when the special features section is better than the movie itself. But it was.
Serves me right for thinking the sequel of a horror film could in anyway be decent. You'd think I'd learned my lesson from Urban Legend 2: Final Cut and Scream 2.
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