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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on April 5, 2004
Okay, if your script uses 1,000 year old jokes as a source of comedy, then you might need to call in some ghost writers, some great and powerful Ozes, something. The joke I'm referring to is, of course, the dead rabbit. I heard that in second grade.
And what is up with Spade? After striking freaking gold in "Joe Dirt," this movie, which had so much potential for good comedy, drowned in sentimental drivel. In "Dirt" it was okay for him to be sweetly sentimental because he was a moron. But here...I just don' t know. It was cheese corn, bad cheese corn.
Watch out for the following jokes: "Insane in the membrane," the little girl doing the hip slapping little rhyme, the dead rabbit, and pretty much everything else.
Come back to us, David, you and Sandler need to relearn the value of a good fart joke.
This review did not help one single, solitary soul
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on February 21, 2004
I like David Spade and I thought JOE DIRT was his best movie. This one is terrible. I don't think I laughed once. Spade plays a washed up actor who decides to pay a family to give him the childhood he never head, so he will have the experience to play a roll in a Rob Reiner film. Spade cracks lame jokes throughout and ends up with the family's mother. (The father was a creep and Spade behaved himself throughout, so no need to shelter the kiddies.)
The only good thing about this film was the appearance of former child stars like Leif Garrett, Danny Boniducci, and Barry Williams. If they had had larger parts the movie might have been funnier. At the end during the credits a large group of child stars assemble to sing a "We Are the World" type song. The only reason I gave this POS a star.
Don't waste your time. See JOE DIRT instead.
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on May 16, 2004
This movie is hilarious! As I said in my title for this review, AWESOMELY FUNNY! Dickie Roberts (David Spade) tries to get a tryout with Steven Spielberg to make his career a final sucess. Since before Dickie was a child star and was the hottest thing around with all of his silly catch phrases. But ever since the show came off the air, Dickie's life went out with it. Dickie was spoiled to death and never learned how a "real kid" lived. So Steven won't let Dickie try out unless he can prove to him that he can live the life he never did. Suprisingly he gets the typical Californian family with two kids. All of them hate each other at the beginning but then that hate turns to love and act like brothers and sisters helping Dickie see the life he never lived and to act like one on the inside. This is just a taste of the movie of your life!
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on April 1, 2004
Its your seen it before story evolved around a guy who used to be on TV as a kid, and has been trying to regain that attention back since his show was cancelled. He wants to be loved. And a new role in an upcoming movie would shoot him back into the spotlight. He just cant play a kid , so he decides to hire a familly to help him re live his child hood. In which I dont think he did! He dosent seem to do much except grow up a bit, mature into a bit more of a caring person, and typicly falls in love with the fammily. Its pretty predictable whats gonnah happen when your watching it!
If you like Spade, you should like the movie, youll also like it if you wanna see a bunch of cameos by former child stars themselves! Bonus features arnt worth a second glance, i'd recomend you rent it before you decide on if youd like to own it or not?
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on February 20, 2004
I am not a huge David Spade fan, but he can make me laugh sometimes, especially in "Tommy Boy." This movie, on the other hand, seldom made me laugh. I just don't think Spade can carry a movie by himself. The jokes were tired and predictable, with something notably funny every 15-20 minutes. I won't even go into how amazingly absurd the premise is, because by now we all know what to expect of movies starring ex SNL cast members. All we can hope for are some good laughs, but this movie did not deliver.
The exception had to be the end credits, which was by far the highlight for me. The song performed by all the child stars, done "We Are The World" style, was great. I loved seeing the guys from What's Happening, and the Brady Bunch, and all the other shows I watched as a kid.
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on July 14, 2004
Many people like to criticize Spade and say that since Chris Farley died, he can't do anything. However, I can't see how anyone can watch this film and not laugh. Spade has to focus on his own comedy now that he is without Farley, rather than being able to be in a movie that focuses mostly on Chris Farley. David Spade is his own brand of humor, and most people either like him or hate him. I personally think that he is one of the funniest people to ever come off of SNL. I am one of those people who thought that Joe Dirt was hilarious, and I think the same thing about Dickie Roberts. If you have never liked any other movie that David Spade has done, then you probably won't like this one. But this is a must see (and own) for any David Spade fan's collection.
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on January 8, 2004
I dont usually give movies 5 stars unless they are REALLY good. This move was beyond REALLY GOOD. I couldnt stop laughing once. It was so funny, me and my best friend were just laughing the whole time. Now I am just anticipating the release of this hilarious comedy. If you like comedies, you'll love this movie. There are some scenes that might not be appropriate for younger kids, since the rating is PG-13, so I wouldnt recommend letting younger children watch this movie. Teenagers and adults will probably enjoy this movie the most. Its jokes and great acting makes this movie one of my favorites of all time. I doubt I could get tired of the hilarity of this movie. Enjoy!
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on February 18, 2004
I really wanted to like this movie, but it really just isn't that funny. I am a huge David Spade fan and loved Joe Dirt but I felt like this movie could have been much better. The idea is really good but it is poorly executed and you feel like the actors are trying too hard for a laugh. It does have maybe 4 or 5 parts that you will probably laugh at, but for the most part you will be trying to figure out who all the grown up, former child stars in the movie are. I recommend watching it before you buy it.
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on April 1, 2004
I can't get enough of David Spade's rambling-invective style of banter, and this film delivers it. Totally formulaic plot about how a bruised and cynical man really has a heart - blah blah. But the performances are delightfully screwy and the kids in the family are just adorable. The supporting cast of bona-fide stars totally hams it up, especially in their song about what a drag it is to be a former child star. Barry Williams (Greg Brady) playing poker is a must-see.
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on December 30, 2003
I went to see this with my friend. She didn't really care for Joe Dirt but even she loved this movie. I laughed so hard and nonstop for the whole 1 hour and 35 minutes. Every joke works in this movie. It is hilarious and just worth watching for anyone who's ever dreamed of being a star or if you had a bad childhood like Dickie did.
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