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3.8 out of 5 stars10
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on March 21, 2004
Punk band? pop band? metal band? hair band? what are Bon jovi?
I havent figured it out myself but they have blown out of all those categories with this DVD, Aided by some people from some band fromsome place Bon Jovi perform their greatest hits with a twist. Its had a lot of contraversy around it, summed up by my friends description of it as "trrrrripe like..." (He's a scouser) but i and many others can feel what these songs are about. Unlike as youve heard them before the songs performed arent fast, nor are they "rock" but they reveal the words behind the songs. (Demonstarted well in "Livin' on a prayer" where tommy is forced to "hock" his "six string") If you like CD's like "keep the faith" and "These days" then this is the DVD for you but if you prefer the bands poodle haired antics in the 80's hard rock times such as livin' on a prayer, runaway and in and out of love you may be more suited to the fantastic crush tour or live from london... Buy it anyway cause if u still have that mentality you may grow up an a few years.
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on January 23, 2004
This DVD, "Bon Jovi: This left feels right Live", is a very special DVD.
The reasons why this is a special DVD is because
A. Bon Jovi are playing all of their songs acoustically (No electric guitars, etc), so you really get a feel for just how talented the band really is.
B. This show takes place in an intimate setting, so it feels comfy, almost like you are actually there with Bon Jovi and the crowd.
C. There are a few songs that have never been heard before,except if you were actually in New Jersey when they performed this concert!
Bon Jovi performed this show in support of their latest CD, "This left feels right".
Like on the CD, this DVD features Bon Jovi, playing their songs like you have never heard them before, unless you have the CD or saw the Pay Per View of this show (The Pay Per View did NOT include the never before heard songs, you can only hear them and see the band perform them on this DVD). Bon Jovi took a dozen of their greatest hits and re-did them in an acoustic version.
At first, the songs sound very strange because we are so used to the classic hard rock Bon Jovi songs.
But after hearing the songs a few times, you really see the vision that Bon Jovi had when creating this new take on their old classics. The songs grow on you.
The songs in this DVD are as follows.........
1. Love for Sale
2. You give love a bad name
3. Wanted Dead or alive
4. Livin' on a Prayer
5. It's my life (Beautiful version!)
6. Misunderstood
7. Lay your hands on me
8. Someday I'll be Saturday Night
9. Last man standing (Brand new song!
10. Sylvia's Mother (Brand new song!)
11. Everyday
12. Bad Medicine
13. Bed of Roses
14. Born to be my baby
15. Keep the Faith
16. Joey
17. Thief of hearts (Brand new song!)
18. I'll be there for you
19. Always
20. Blood on Blood
This DVD also contains behind the scenes footage.
At this price, this DVD is a real bargain, and whether you are a Big Bon Jovi fan, or you just want to see why the band has sold close to 100 million records, this is a great DVD that you will want to watch again, and again.
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on February 21, 2004
I am really, really proud of BJ! They did not just put another GH album, they have put an ALBUM, worked and sweated old stuff to sound new. New instruments, such amazing vocals! I really loved song "Last man standing". I understand why John did not want it on CD but he should have! If you really think about it, there is not much left - real music, real talent! BJ is almost the last band standing right there, still giving the best show on earth live! This one is acoustic and even though people here compare it to Crush tour, well yeah Crush is another energy concert, not comparable to this one. This is intimate this one is for US - FANS! Not for a record company to make money. Real people, real music, such positive and kind energy! I can't explain, I SIMPLY LOVED THE DVD!
I especially loved Q&A as well as Poker with the band! I am so happy they out this dvd together for us!
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on February 26, 2004
The 2 DVDs are full of nice surprises: the Hyde Park concert was loud and exciting, the conversation over a game of poker was sincere and funny, the preparation before the concert was educational and humorous. Unlike the other Bon Jovi concerts, the TLFR concert was cosy, jazzy and intimate. Also, the pictue is super sharp (with the HD) and the sound is superb (Dolby 5.1). The DVD set showcases the talent, the creativity and the versatility of Bon Jovi. A "must" for DVD collection! Worth every penny of it!
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on February 8, 2004
I've been a Jovi fan for 20 year's now, I've never once been disappointed in ANYTHING the band has done over the years.
This is the BEST EVER DVD, I got to see it on NEWS YEARS EVE, and let me tell ya it's like they did it for just you! This is the most Personal that a band can ever get with it's fans.Thank you Jon, for years I was beggin for a ppv event , not only did I get my wish but to spend new years eve with ya too! Awesome.
Now I can watch it anytime I want..something I'll treasure.
Thank you!
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on October 19, 2006
I love the new versions of Bon Jovi's Music. The acoustic sets prove that they are indeed musicians, who are perfectly able to rework their music. My only problem with the DVD is that the sound qualigy is garbage. It keeps jumping from loud to quiet at all the wrong places. I keep having to turn my volume up and down. Also, the sound is off from the imaging slightly, which drives me bonkers. It makes me want to turn off the visuals, and then what's the point of getting the dvd?
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on October 8, 2010
Look Bon Jovi is amazing and have done stunning and stellar work with their music first song i heard of theirs was "Wanted" and thats when I became a fan of Bon Jovi the cd's have beem great sadly this dvd is a disappointment in every department. The only songs on here worth listening to are the songs that were originally slow and calm songs. If you are looking for Rock and Roll I would recommend Bon Jovi the Crush Tour.
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on April 30, 2004
Nowhere on the DVD cover does it tell you that these are all accoustic versions/performances of all their best songs - read the reviews of the CD for this performance to see more "rip off moans". This is real go to sleep and stay there music. I can't believe Bon Jovi would regale their fans with watered down wishy washy versions of what were great rock numbers !!
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on March 1, 2004
I have to agree!!! I have both versions of this DVD and its AWESOME!!! :0) BJ....FANTASTIC WORK! And I know some of us fans are still getting use to the newer versions of the songs, but I STILL have to say that the new version of DEAD OR ALIVE, ROCKS!!!! Its funkier!!!
Way to go!
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on January 21, 2004
Bon Jovi were always its best playing live, so I'm having a really good time everytime I watch this DVD.
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