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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on October 4, 2010
I remember watching this series when I was a child. I was young at the time and did not really understand the storyline but I loved the show anyway. Now that I am a adult I decided to order the series so I could watch it and understand the storyline. When the series was on TV the graphics were amazing and advanced for it's time. Today the graphics are still advanced compared to other cartoons. It seems that cartoon graphics have gone downhill. The series is called "Beast Wars" but when it was aired on YTV it was called "Beasties". For some odd reason YTV did not like the original name so they changed it. I just wanted to tell you that information incase you were confused as to why it had two names.
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on April 19, 2004
Ok I just watched over every episode of the DVD and here are my feelings on each part of this AMAZING collection.
Disk 1
1)Aftermath- This episode wraps things up from season 1. And considering it is only about 24 minutes i feel it did a good job at that. We get introduced to the new transmetal bodies, and see the maximals try to hold things together without their leader; Optimus primial
2.)Coming of the Fuzors Part I- This episode introduces 2 brand new characters who will endure the rest of the series Quickstrike and silverbolt. They show both of their personalities well and at the same time reintroduce the now transmetal Tarantulas back into the series (in season 1 tarantulas had been killed by the predacon Inferno for disobeying Megatrons orders). And sets up for an old western showdown between Megatron and his troops vs the badly outnumbered and outgunned maxmimals.
3.)Coming of the Fuzors Part II- This episode is all action. After having 2 semi-quiet episodes things are finally starting to heat up as Dinobot, Cheetor, and Rattrap battle desperatly against Megatron, Tarantulas, Inferno, waspinator, silverbolt, and quickstrike in an attempt to buy time for the maxmimal Rhinox to complete his mysterious project. And at the end it reintroduces the maxmimal leader Optimus Primal. Which i feel was the greatest point in the episode.
4.)Tangled Web- This is a basic episode used to make season 2 longer. Basically Megatron sends Tarantulas, Black arachnia, and quickstrike to build an energon refueling station. But their plans are foiled when Rattrap and Silverbolt appear.
5.)Maxmimal No More- This is a great episode. Here we see Dinobot begin to wonder what his destiny is and who he really stands with. He goes from Maxmimal to Predacon to Maximal again all in about 24 minutes.
6.)Other Visits PartI- Though not really important to the overall story this 2 part episode is great. The aliens who were defeated in season 1 have returned with another weapon of mass destruction. But Megatron and his predacons seem to have a plan to eliminate both the alien and maxmimal threats.
7.)Other Visits PartII- This is the second part in the other visits episode. Megatron actually manages to take control of the alien weapon and is planning to go back to their homeworld of cybertron where he will lay waste to the Maxmials cities. And only Optimus prime can stop him.
8.)Bad Spark- This episode introduces a great and evil new character. And that is "protoform X" aka Rampage. This episode also begins to show the relationship between the Maxmimal Silverbolt and the Predacon Black Arachnia.
9.)Code of Hero- In my opinion this is the single greatest episode in the set. Megatron has found out that with the golden disk he can change history. And is planning to eliminate humanity by destroying the valley where the first prehistoric humans live. Dinobot is the only Maxmimal nearby and now he must save humanity by defeating Megatron and 5 other Preadcons. This of course results in the dramatic death of Dinobot which was the best moment in the entire series. Buy the DVD just for this episode!!!
10.)Transmutate- The series is really on a roll here. As it has yet another great episode. A horribly disfigured transformer neither Predacon or Maxmimal has appeared who possess incredible power but at the same time wouldn't want to hurt a fly. Yet it befriends of all people Rampage!
11.)The Agenda Part I- This is the first part in the 3 part masterpiece known as The Agenda. The Predacon leadership known as the Tri-Predacus council has sent their special agent Ravage (who happens to be the last decepticons for all you G1 fans)to eliminate Megatron.
12.)The Agenda Part II- Ravage has captured Megatron. However it soon revealed that Megatron had this entire series of events planned. As Megatron shows Ravage a message that quickly forces Ravage to change sides and fight against the Maxmimals. This episode also shows how utterly insane the Predacon Inferno is. As he blows himself up in an attempt to destroy Cheetor and Primal.
13.)The Agenda Part III- This is it! The last episode of the Agenda trilogy and the last episode of this DVD set. And this last episode is by no means least. This episode covers 2 things mainly, the relationship with Silverbolt and Black Arachnia has come to its full climax. And As Megatron reaches the Ark where the Transformers of Generation One are frozen in time. Megatron shows is insanity by changing time itself!
All in all this is GREAT set of episodes. Even if you are not a big transformers fan i advise you buy this DVD It is filled with political turmoil, action, romance, and the stunning. Of course in that case you should buy season 1 as well. However season 3 is even greater and as soon as it comes out I plan to buy it.
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on April 13, 2004
I'm not going to bother with giving you a break down of the episodes, since you're looking at this you should know what they are. But rather my flat out opinion of this DVD set.
Beast Wars was a show that like a fine wine, got better with age.
The first season was more for the kids, where this season really got back to the roots of the Transformers for us older fans, and the stories are great. One thing I noticed about Beast Wars was the fact it was not as toy driven as G1, you were introduced to new characters (toys) for the sake of storyline only, not have 10 characters all of a sudden crammed into an episode. Beast Wars stayed primarely with it's starting characters, developing great personalities for each one, you actually cared for these guys. The "Code of a Hero" episode for example.
The voice acting also is top notch, great talent used for this show.
The animation is far much better than the first season and gets even better in the third, my favorite of the three.
It's great to see this series uncut, Fox Kids butchered some episodes, and that definitly ruined the impact of some stories.
My only complaint is the lack of special features on the disc, but that's a small price to pay to finally get one of the best CG series out on DVD. Hurry up Rhino. The fans await season 3.
And I want to give a big "Hooah!!!" for delivering my order and some much needed entertainment to us troops serving in Kuwait & Iraq.
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on April 4, 2004
This season is a great step up from the 1st season. This season we saw improved 3D Graphics, Improved Surround Sound, and of course better writing. Season 1 was good, but this season was much better. The depth of the writing was incredible. "Code of Hero" and "Transmutate" are standouts. These 2 shows were so good they had me choked up towards the end. The way the writers bridged the gap from G1 Transformers to The Beast Wars was phenomenal and caught most people by surprise. Megatron's Megalomania has also been kicked up a few notches. He is by far the most entertaining Transformers Character of all time! His voice alone is mesmerizing, the way he speaks to his troops is hilarious. David Kay, who does his voice deserves an Emmy for doing it so well for 5 seasons (3 seasons for Beast Wars, 2 for Beast Machines).
With that said about season 2, all I can tell you is...Season 3 is even better! Optimus Primal gets an incredible new Transmetal 2 Body (Optimal Optimus) & Megatron get a new body as well (Dragon Megatron). Buy this DVD, and when Season 3 comes out grab it as soon as it drops!
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on April 3, 2004
I've been a TransFan for as far back as I can remember. I remember the good old days, watching Optimus Prime beat the living snot out of Megatron, and then reliving the battles with my worn out action figures...yes, those were the days. Sadly, Transformers slowly faded from the airwaves and store shelves, and I was forced to move on to other hobbies. Fast forward to the mid-to-late 90's. I was entering middle school, and it was now that I heard some shocking news. Transformers was returning in a new series known as "Beast Wars". Needless to say, I was skeptical about the quality at first. I wasn't too sure I liked the new designs, and to have all of my favorite Autobots and Decepticons scrapped was quite a gamble. But then I saw the series premiere...and I was hooked. The blend of CG action and amazing characters was magical.
As great as season 1 was however, season 2 blew it away. These episodes contain the maturation of Transformers for a new audience. From political trechery to death, the topics were a lot more complex and powerful. This season contains the now classic "Code of Hero", which successfully killed off one of the most popular characters in the series while creating some of the most well crafted diologue in animated history. Also contained in this season is the 3 part masterpiece known as "The Agenda", finally linking everything back to Generation 1 Transformers and giving the season a finale that is not often seen. This is not only the best season of Beast Wars, but one of the greatest sets of animated features available, second only to the classic Generation 1 cartoon. I don't think I need to say it, but I will anyway. Buy this set.
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on March 28, 2004
Ok, season two picked up right where season one left off with the death of Optimus Primal, however a 'quantum surge' hits the planet pretty hard and permanently changes the landscape as well as what might be called 'forceably upgrading' several of the Maximals and Predacons into transmetals. Right in the first ten minutes of the first episode Terrorsaur and Scorponok are killed. This season was much more mature in terms of content and storylines then the first season, the ominous fate of Tigertron and Airrazor, the heroic death of Dinobot, as well as one of the finest episodes ever "Transmutate" this contains very mature themes about respect for all forms of life, and if I'm not mistaken was the writers way of commenting on how we treat the mentally and physically handicapped in our society. The series centerpiece is there "Code Of Hero" which is about accepting the responsibility for your actions as witnessed in the heroic albeit depressing death of Dinobot (my favorite character), as well as pointing out the fact that war has consequences which is something that is rarely discussed in a 'kids' show. Then of course we have the three part "Agenda" episodes, featuring the return of the Decepticon Ravage from the original 1984 Transformers series as well as cameos by G1 Autobots and Decepticons, what emerges is a powerful tribute to the original series something thst in my opinion became a huge part of American culture. All in all a great season to own with great ideas and episodes, this proves that what is normally labeled as a 'childrens series' can indeed be thought provoking as well as entertaining to people who are my age. I highly recommend this in addition to season one.
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on August 16, 2004
Beast Wars is the best Canadian CGI show ever...yess^_^. Beast Wars is one of the few shows that I will watch now that Im 16. It never gets old, and the Transmetal bodys are sweeeeeet.
Inferno and "The spider" (I cant spell his name) are the best!
and Rampage!
peace out.
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on March 26, 2004
If you are a hard-core fan of Transformers or just enjoyed the first season of Beast Wars, then you'll love the second season. The plot quickens and focuses in these seven episodes, reaching a cliff-hanging finale that ties the Beast Wars to the original Generation One Transformers. The intricate way that the story develops and the nearly flawless animation (steps above the first season) drew me in when I first saw the origianl airings and convinced me that the Beast Wars incarnation was more than a creative spin-off using the 'Transformers' name. I'm pretty picky about which of the many variations of Transformers storylines I choose to follow, and I think this is one of the best.
To be fair, there's not much in the way of 'special features', but that doesn't detract much from the value of this collection.
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on June 8, 2004
When I first heard of the Beast Wars series, I was skeptical. So skeptical in fact, that I did not watch it on TV. A few months ago, I purchased both Season 1 and Season 2, and I have been roped. The characters have depth and personality and the story line, especially in the 2nd season, is quite addictive, especially with the Tie-ins to Gen 1. In Season 2, they get far more into the history of the Maximals and the Predacons, which brings us back to the Great War between the Autobots (Maximals Ancestors) and the Decepticons (Predacons Ancestors). I don't want to blow the ending, but it is a seat grabber. For those who are TF Gen 1 fans, lets just say that the planet is revealed to be Earth, 4 million years ago. Anyone remember what happened 4 million years ago with a ship and a volcano?
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on March 25, 2004
The best way to describe this season would be "the ragin' climax". Everything changes here, some from season one go, some stay, and what's better....almost everyone gets a transmetal upgrade. That's what I like most about this season, the interesting new forms that various maximals and predacons take on. Personally I think the most powerful and sleekest looking TransMetal would have to be Tarantulas. Only complaint here is that the season is waaay too short. Oh well, nice transition to the best season of the Beast Wars....Season Three. Good Job Rhino, keep'em comin' and please bring Beast Machines to DVD!!
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