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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on October 22, 2004
I bought this game the day it came out. I was finished it, including all side quests about a week later. This game was amazing. The graphics were fantastic and the different choices to make made the game-play interesting enough to keep me hooked.
There were a limited number of enemies to fight and as my character evolved I found that they became far to easy to defeat, even in large numbers.
Although the game says that it provides you with the freedom to do whatever you wish I don't believe this is so. Admittedly you can be as good or as bad as you like and this does affect your interaction with other characters. However the environment itself is limiting and very linear. You can't jump and so the smallest of rocks or ledges are impossible obstacles. Basically every area amounts to a number of paths that you can travel and little else. There is no real sense of exploring an area or discovering secrets.
In the end it was the shortness of this game that disappointed me the most. The story progresses and the quests are fun and entertaining, but in truth there aren't enough of them. The plot is unidirectional and predictable. This game would have benefitted from about 30 more hours of game play or more.
The truth is when I reached the final battle against the last boss I couldn't believe it was the end. I thought for certain there would be more, perhaps I would be transported into another world or dimention a dark version or light version [based on my good-evil rating] something...ANYTHING! But alas the credits rolled and I was left with an empty feeling. The end simply came too quickly.
I recommend this game to fans of RPG games with Live Action Battle because it was fun and kept me absolutely enthralled with the game-play [limited as it was]. But rent it, don't buy it. That is all the time you will need to ring this game dry.
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on September 25, 2004
When I first heard about Fable, I was amazed and totally stoked for its release. This game sounded very ambitious and pretty cool due to the amount of features that the game was offering.
-Your character evolves throughout the game. You can choose hair styles, tatoos and clothing.
-A do-what-you-want experience. You can choose to be good, evil or somewhere in between.
-A good targeting system and melee, ranged and magic combat.
But despite everything that should have made Fable the RPG all future RPG's would be compared to, there was one flaw, and it's a major one: the plot. The plot is beat you with a stick obvious and predictable. In any game, there is really only 30 seconds of fun that happens over and over. What ties one set of 30 seconds to the next is the plotline. Fable had me crying for more. Not only for a more in depth story, but also a longer one. I believe that an RPG should have at least 20-30 hours of playtime if one only plays through the main quest line. Fable is around 12 hours. I was actually pretty disappointed and felt really let down with the quality of the story. I think the developers spent too much time perfecting the rest of the game, that there wasn't enough time to really nail down the story.
If you're not really concerned about the plot, then you might find this an amazing game. If not, but still want to try this game, rent it for a weekend and decide for yourself. If you are into PC gaming, checkout Gothic 1 and 2 or Neverwinter Nights instead.
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on December 2, 2004
What a waste of money...pretty graphics, but not as good as they should have been, and great music...stiff gameplay...more like the Sims really than a role playing action game...I enjoyed the good/evil choices much much more in Star Wars: KOTOR ....and I enjoyed the customization features in GTA:SA way way more than this lame duck!
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on December 3, 2005
Is it just me, or do Lionhead not actually know how to make interesting/exciting games?
This thing got on my nerves from the word go. The missions are uniformly dull, hackfests hampered by a poor control method. But my biggest bugbear is the implementation of the "you choose your own path and make key moral decisions" concept. Moral decisions my foot. These decisions are NOT REMOTELY INTERESTING. This aspect of the game feels like it was designed by a fourteen year-old boy with no concept of what hard ethical decisions are. Here are some moral dilemmas I would be happy to label as "interesting":
1. You have the opportunity to steal something that is actually of little worth to its owner, but is currently extremely useful to you. There seems to be no serious chance of being caught; the only person who will know is you. Do you do it?
2. Someone is being treated as a scapegoat in a town, in your opinion unfairly. If you step in to help, it seems likely that the townsfolk will resent your interference, your prestige will suffer in this area and life will be that bit harder. Will you help?
3. A situation arises in which your rival in a competition has been penalised due to an judgement you know to be erroneous. Do you bring the error to the judges' attention, risking your own success in the contest?
4. You discover that a character who is a loyal friend has committed a crime. Do you turn them in or help them avoid punishment?
Here are some "moral decisions" they have in Fable:
1. Should you punch random strangers?
2. A single bully is picking on a bum. Will you join in?
3. Will you shoot an arrow at your archery instructor?
4. Will you run around people's houses stealing loot?
And, weirdly, there are several instances where things that SHOULD be interesting moral decisions are presented as stark black and white issues. Running to tell a woman that her husband is having an affair is a clearly moral act, apparently, even after the guy pleaded with you not to tell. When some kid is harrassing a younger kid, the moral solution is apparently to
walk up to him and deck him without warning. These elements of the first level set the tone for the rest of the game.
In fact, there is a disturbing absolutist streak throughout the game. No shades of grey. All characters are either good or bad. Punching and killing bad characters is always a good thing to do, and vice versa. (Hitting allied characters accidentally in group combat raises your evil meter, ingeniously.) There's even one section in which you gain brownie points for going round killing sparrows because they're messing up someone's roof. Most of the solutions in this game come out of a scabbard or a quiver. All of that would be fine in a conventional fighting game. And really that's all this is. The "choose your own path" thing is hogwash. It's not even an interesting failure as a product. It's a game whose back of the box pretensions are in no way borne out by the game design.
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on September 24, 2004
As soon as I heard about Fable, I was amazed and totally stoked for its release. This game was incredibly ambitious to make, and had a lot of very cool ideas.
1) Your character evolves throughout the game. You gain battle scars from combat. Using a lot of magic makes your character age very quickly. Your good/evil choices are reflected in your characters appearence.
2) A do-what-you-want universe. Similar to games like Gothic and Morrowind, you can more or less choose to do anything you want.
3) A pretty good system for melee, ranged and magic combat, as well as a unique system for leveling up your character.
But despite everything that should have made this game the one that every future RPG would be compared to, there is one problem that I have with the game, and it's a major one: the quest line. It's basically a beat you with a stick obvious and predictable plot. For any game, it's based around 30 seconds of fun that happens over and over again. What ties one set of 30 seconds to the next is the plot line, especially for an RPG. This is what made me feel let down the most, to the point of feeling pretty disappointed. I think the developers spent too much time perfecting everything else, they ran out of time to really nail down the plot.
Another thing about the plot is it's very short for an RPG. I managed to go through the main plot, and a lot of optional quests in around 12 hours. Granted there was more exploring and experimenting that I could have done, but this number is still way too small for what I think this game should have been capable of. I feel that for the $60 that they are asking for this game, that it should have at least 30 hours of playing time.
With the choice to be good or evil, or any combination of the two, most people think that there is a lot of replay value. Personally I don't see it, since you are doing the same quests every time you play though. Your only option is how you play through them.
If you're not too picky about plot lines and such, you'd probably find this a great game. My suggestion is that you go to somewhere like Blockbuster and rent it for a weekend and decide for yourself if this is worth the money. Or try games like Gothic 1 & 2 or Neverwinter Nights if you're into PC games.
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on March 31, 2005
For years the developers have been dropping information on Fable. From an evolving landscape that reacts to your every action, to unlimited freedom of choice in the decisions that will effect the game's outcome, to boundless secrets, and the promise of over 100 hours of game play. What we got was what XBOX RPGs are famous for, linear game environments, predictable character development, and a game that you can complete thoroughly in about 30 hours. If you weren't expecting Fable, the game is entertaining and full of action, beautiful to look at, and admittedly the Legend of Zelda for the XBOX. If you were, you are probably left feeling manipulated into buying a product that otherwise you may have rented and finished in a weekend.
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