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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on April 6, 2012
The first season of South Park will always be, by far, my favorite. If anyone is wanting to watch it, this would be where to start off. Although, I do have one complaint. And it's not towards the DVD itself, it's towards the price here on Amazon. It doesn't need to be this high. I just bought this first season (same case) for $25 at HMV for my friend's birthday. If you want to get this DVD, order it from sam's club in Belleville, or from HMV.
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on November 9, 2002
My review of one star in no way reflects the quality of these great south park episodes. This is a review to reflect the dissapointment in warner brothers i have for not including the commentaries on these dvd's. This is an adult show, and from what i hear, trey and matt made adult commentaries. what am i supposed to do with the cd's? Press play on my dvd and cd player at the same time and hope that they are in unison. hey warner brothers! there is a reason south park is aired at 10p.m. eastern. You know why that is? BECAUSE IT'S NOT FOR KIDS
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on December 9, 2002
I excitedly preordered this DVD set because like everyone, I know that the T&M commentaries would be as funny as the episodes themselves (See Cannibal: The Musical). This DVD set supposedly had a lot of extras that made buying it worthwhile, but I found out just after my DVD was shipped that they had pulled everything from the DVD, including the introductions that you can get on the original individual DVDs. What's with that?? Don't buy it! And be careful about preordering!
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on April 16, 2003
If you enjoy South Park, caught on to it late or saw the film and wondered if there were some references then South Park - The Complete First Season will be a satisfying purchase and is the best value in terms of getting the first season.
There are several build-ups that get fuller and nastier treatment in the Bigger, Longer, Uncut film which makes this funny collection of season one worth having.
There is a big down side however. As others have noted there are pops in the audio which most certainly is a post production error that the lamest audio engineer could have fixed. Disc 3 seems to be clear of the problems if that makes your purchase decision any easier.
Warner Brothers put almost nothing into the quality of the actual content and most of it's money on a 3 DVD set with cardboard case. It is cynical and typical of how a mega-corp slaps material together and says NEW! NEW!
There isn't anything new other than popping audio. The set could have been two discs with room to spare. The extras are fun but far from essential.
There are too many highlights to discuss in a brief review. I didn't see most of this season, a couple of episodes were on reruns but for the most part much of this set was new to me and features the early development of characters. South Park continues to defile sacred cows and is perhaps a bit more developed as the series progresses but this is the beginning and for a first season the quality is remarkably consistant.
Buy it if you want to watch these episodes over and over but realize that Warner Brothers did a poor quality audio transfer and almost nothing in addition to this fine series.
If you are easily offended pass on South Park in general. If Jesus on cable access offends you, you won't be happy with much of South Park. If you dig talking pooh, creative cursing, have any memory of being a little kid - especially males then you'll have a lot of laughs from this set. But the botched quality needs mentioning as it seems almost wrong to reward Warner Brothers for the cynical disrespect they show towards the people that purchase their wares.
Series: 5 stars
Quality: 1 star
Chance of yet another collection where they get it right: 3
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on April 29, 2011
This show is something I'm just currently getting into in 2011. Back when it first came out I found little interest in it but I'm happy that somehow 14 seasons later its made me care about it.

This season does not have the best of episodes but there are still some humorous ones found within. The bonus content is a bit lacking but still appreciated nonetheless (especially since it seems every season after the first and second has next to nothing included).

The artwork for the case is great and the discs are held firmly in place so no risk of damage in this 3-disc (12 episode) set.

This set does contain a lot of classic episodes that many people know the phrases to so its still worth a watch albeit dated at the same time.

The sound is a slight issue as it seems to fade in and out at times (volume wise). Another problem is that at times it appears as if they were filming in a bathroom or a cave as there is a slight echo in the voices which then goes away as quickly as it came.

Anyways a great show but I'm hoping for many more laughs in the coming seasons!
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on March 10, 2012
This is the best adult cartoon that has ever been invented. I remember when I was a child I had to sneak behind my father's back if I wanted to watch this show. This show pushes the envelope like no other show has ever done before. The best part is that southpark is still strong.
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on September 30, 2008
Over the past year I have become a new convert to South Park and love the irreverence of the writing. Having seen a collection of episodes from a variety of seasons, you can see that this was the first and thus developmental season. At times the humor is rather childish (Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo is the low point of the season - but show me a Christmas special that isn't). Like I say there are some really good episodes on this set but offset against some very weak ones. Worth getting to really appreciate the later more mature series.
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on July 15, 2004
South Park is one of the funniest, crudest and most controversial shows in television history. Comedy Central's biggest hit to date has finally come to DVD so fans can enjoy the episodes again and again. The DVDs are better than the short lived VHS copies of the episodes that were popular for merchandise for the show and they contains tons of extras and unaired material from the shows history.
The first season of the show brought us such memorable moments as Cartman getting anal probed, the kids hunting while a volcano is about to erupt, and Kenny turning into a zombie. You can witness the filth and hilarity of Cartman, Stan, Kenny, and Kyle as they overcome the problems of their little mountain town and learn life lessons along the way in each hilarious episode.
The DVD contains extras like the documentary Going Down to South Park and their appearence on the Jay Leno show. The extras add to the entertainment of the episodes and gives a more indepth look at the show. The funniest is Cartman's "touching" rendition of O Holy Night.
Though the DVD lacks the lost episodes "Jesus vs Santa" and the more rare "Jesus vs Frosty" from the mix, this is a perfect gift for the South Park fan in your life. A hilarious DVD, this shows why South Park is one of the best shows ever.
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on February 6, 2004
The first season of the highly controversial and crudely animated South Park made TV history as it pushed the limits of vulgarity on cable TV when it premiered on Comedy Central back in 1997. Not afraid to offend and full of disgusting gags and rampant profanity, there is a gleaming social commentary to it all that is hidden behind all the laughs. All 13 episodes from the first season are here as we are introduced to level headed Stan, the lone jewish boy Kyle, overweight Cartman, and ill-fated Kenny; four foul mouthed eight year olds living in the town of South Park, Colorado whose adventures range from encountering anal probing aliens (in the hilarious series premiere), to an assassination attempt on Kathie Lee Gifford, to outdueling the Grim reaper, encountering the infamous Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, and Cartman trying to find out who is father is. Isaac Hayes is also featured as the womanizing but wise Chef, while guest voices include George Clooney, and The Cure's Robert Smith. All in all, South Park is still one of the most unadulturated and unflinching comedies around today, and if you missed out on it when it premiered, now has never been a better time to give South Park a visit.
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on January 3, 2004
They made a smart move by releasing this on DVD because south park is a classic! As for those who don't think so, WHO CARES!? Paramount and WB are making tons of money off people like me and I DONT CARE because it's well worth it! This is vulgar, disgusting, sickening, stupid humor, but guess what? I wouldn't have it any other way because this is SOUTH PARK and it's supposed to be dumb and vulgar! And for the brilliant mom who acted surprised when she showed this to her children...the opening of every episode warns you that it's intended for adults. There is a "TV MA" at the top of the screen telling you that it's for ADULTS. And if you missed these, perhaps the titles might lead you to believe they're for adults. "Cartman gets an anal probe" "An elephant makes love to a pig" and "Cartman's mom is a dirty slut"...If you aren't smart enough to realize that these points toward ADULT HUMOR then you deserved exactly what you got: A waste of money and an earful of uncomfortable questions from your kids!! I apologize to others for sounding off on here, but if this person wasn't so afraid to post her e-mail address, I'd have e-mailed her with my opinions..but what can you do?
And to Comedy Central and WB/Paramount......keep em coming!!!!!
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