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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on March 22, 2005
I wasn't sure if they'd be able to top the quality of their first album, but in my opinion they've done it. You can't argue that these guys have real talent. Don't focus in on the fact that sometimes you'll find George screaming more than he needs to, they've fixed that problem a bit in Watch Out! Totally the most addictive album ever, great songs being Accidents, No Transitory, Control and Hey, It's Your Funeral Mama. If you liked their self-titled, I guarantee you'll love this one
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on December 6, 2004
i was a huge fan of these guys when I first heard their first album. They sounded like a punk band with elements of hardcore, screamo and metal all in one, which is why I really enjoyed this band. So i went on their site one day and it said that this cd was coming out. I was stoked and i went out and bought the album the first day it came out. What i heard when i popped it in the cd player was not the Alexisonfire that I fell in love with on their first album. What i heard was a more "radio friendly" version of AOF. What i mean by this is many of the elements that made these guys good were gone (not much screaming, no incoherent sentences, not as heavy). There is less screaming on the album and more slower melodys on the album. Overall there is also better production on the album (unlike the previous album that had rougher production).
To end this review. I give this album a 3 because it is a good album, but not as good as their first one. Many of the elements that made this band unique are gone and have been thrown out the window. I suggest downloading a few songs before you buy the album, because if you are a hardcore Alexisonfire fan like myself you will be very disappointed with this album.
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on July 14, 2004
I recently saw alexisonfire at edgefest. Honestly, before i saw them then, I hated these guys. But their fast paced energy and powerful presence made for an awesome show. After their amazing show and them telling us about their new record (watch out) i listened to a couple tracks. I bought the cd a couple days ago and have been so impressed by it and have actually become proud of some canadian music for a change. This cd is amazing. Unlike their previous record, George's screams have become more powerful and audible. Rather then his vocals from the last record "whaaa whaa" which i didnt like. Dallas and Wade's vocals are heard alot more which provide some clean vocals that make this cd more melodic hardcore. Now dont get me wrong, this record still has that crazy alexisonfire energy its just finetuned into the perfect combo of screams and clear vocals. This cd is both powerful musically and lyrically. If you like alexisonfire one bit, or like hardcore music at all...BUY THIS. If your a fan of atreyu, from autumn to ashes, silverstien, avenged sevenfold...all that NEED this cd. Lets keep the good music coming canada. alexisonfire rules!!!
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on July 8, 2004
IN my opinion, the new Alexisonfire is a phenomenal sound, and an improved version of the first disc. Less often will you find the angst-filled screams of George, instead the vocals of Dallas and Wade fill the void, and fill it beautifully. While there are a few tracks where the old sound reigns free, the majority have a new sound with less screams, and actually a few sonfs have none of George's screaming at all. "Sidewalk Where She Walks" and "Sharks and Danger" demonstrate the talent this band possesses to play a song well without the screaming. The two are my personal favorites on the cd. One might want to check out "Control" and "That Girl Possessed" for more good tracks.
Highlights: The screaming is less apparent, AOF proves they can rock without all the throaty roars
Lowlights: In some songs, the band doesnt seem to rock as hard as they did in a select few on the self-titled album (ie: Pulmonary Archery, Waterwings)
This disc might take awhile to grow on you, as none of the tracks at first may stick to you, but be forewarned: ONce it gets a hold of you, it will not let go and soon every track will seem to be your favorite on the album
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on July 2, 2004
This CD is actually quite good and is definately different from the likes of their S/T disc.
In my opinion, something is still missing from this one-- doesnt feel as complete and powerful like the first CD was. Their is much more singing on this one, and it begins to make some people starve and crave for more of Georges lethal screams. Dont get me wrong, Dallas has an excellent voice and i appriciate the fact that these guys are making an effort to make different music.
In my opinion, the lyrics are quite good again, acept i didnt feel that it had as much depth...and the music on here was less complicated and perfected as the first one.
So overall, this is not a step forward in terms of their "hardcore" side but a Significant step forward in their mainstream success...expect these guys to be on you local radio station, i guess. However, i do believe that sophomore efforts are usually the ones people forget about, but i believe these guys have a bright future, and their true sound is yet to be unleashed.
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on July 4, 2004
When the bought this cd, i expected a carbon copy of alexisonfire first record after hearing 'Accidents'. But this is totally different from the self titled debut. As you probably have read, or heard, alexisonfire sing on this album. A whole lot of singing. Very good vocals, and at times you just wonder if this is the same band. Also, its obvious they have taken critics advise and cut down the long intros, which i honestly didnt mind. But this album doesnt have many long intros compared to the selftitled.
I would defiently recommended this for fans of Emery, because at times they sound a lot like the mellow side of Emery. This album is brutal, melodic, and beautiful all at the same time. I would rate this one the best of 2004 alongside the Emery record.
Overall, a very good album, and the recording sounds 1000x better then the self titled. Alexisonfire have moved to a different direction with this. Hardcore fans might miss all the screaming though.
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on June 30, 2004
"Watch Out" - Alexisonfire's sophomore album proves how underrated these canadian natives are..
Dallas Green lends much more vocals to this amazing demonstration which is an extremely strong point because of his unbelievable voice. Don't worry; for all you hardcore fans because George still lends his ear-piercing screams for songs like "That Girl Possessed" or "White Devil".
My personal favorites include:
"Control" "It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me Odd" and "No Transitory".
These are my favorite because you can hear the strengths of each vocalist which balance each other out perfectly. "No Transitory" includes some of the best vocals I have ever heard.
If you love their debut - don't expect the same kind of album because they experimented technically and vocally but WATCH OUT - it is awesome and certainly rocks like hell!
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on June 29, 2004
I admit this is a great album but there really is something missing on this CD. I feel like every song is too short and doesn't rock enough. It's like, "ok good chorus but the rest doesn't live into your head". One great thing about the album, which makes it deserve a 4 stars, is the great voice (so improuved) of the clean singer. You can tell the production of this record was much better than the first one but the guitar riffs are not as powerful as in the first. I listen to this album when i feel like listening to soft music... that sounds weird considering their first album was kinda heavy.
To conclude that review I would say if you expect to buy this album thinking of the old alexisonfire stuff then you should borrow it from a friend and listen to it atleast once before you buy it because it really is kindof a new band.
my rating: 4/5
great voice but doesn't rock enough.
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on August 8, 2004
First of all, the first alexisonfire album is, in my opinion, the greatest screamo album of all time. However, it will be forever tainted in my eyes thanks to this piece of crap. Maybe they were trying to appeal to a wider audience, but alexis has essentially betrayed their hardcore fans who loved the raw, pure energy of the previous album. George's scream has now been diluted in a studio, with the intentions of making it sound softer. The riffs are all very simple and are a step backwards from the last album. The lyrics have gone from tortured, nearly incoherent sentences (which were very cool) to standard verse/chorus/verse rhyming schemes. The first time I heard this album, I almost wept that my favourite band had attempted a move into the mainstream. So in conclusion, REAL fans of alexis will hate this album. Fans of radio will enjoy it. Nuff said.
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on July 1, 2004
Alexisonfire's newest CD, "Watch Out", cannot even be compared to S/T. If you listen carefully, both albums might sound like they are written by different bands. Yeah, some of Alexis' same elements are in here: the alexisonfire-trademark guitar riffs, the speed-up-alexisonfire-trademark-punk drumming, and, of course, George. In this attempt, Alexis listened to the critics that said George botched up Alexis' last CD by making Dallas and Wade sing more, which turned out beautiful (listen to "Sharks and Danger"). To my dislike, Alexis' lyrics have become alot less coy and subtle, but that doesnt really affect my feeligns towards the CD alot. I dont think this CD will have that much of a replay value as their S/T CD does, but it is still worth your $12.
Stand-out tracks: Sharks and Danger, It was Fear that made me Odd
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