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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 29, 2007
Wow this is Old School for sure. You want some 80's Scorpions you've got it in Unbreakable!!!!

This album is a guaranteed screamer. If you loved Love at first Sting, you will enjoy this. So many 80's bands attempt to put out an album in the 2000's and it's not worth pennies. Only a rare few have come out on top in my opinion such as Ratt in '99 and now this.

Top Songs!!!

1. Through my Eyes - How did this not reach top of the charts along with bands in the 2000's like Nickelback, Our Lady Peace Etc., This song is the best!!!!the best!!!!I can't stop listening to it, Reminds me of Make it Real from early day Scorps!!!! aWESOME!!!!!

2. Can you Feel it - Old School guitar Rock..Yes remember Rock!!!You'll be banging your head like Grade 9 Highschool in the 80's!!!!I WANT YOU TO FEEL IT!!!

3. This Time, Deep & Dark, Blood to Hot!!! All great rockers. What surprises me the most about this album after their last complete disaster is all the tunes are great!!!!

Rated - Absolute Giggidy!!!!
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on July 16, 2004
I am 43 years young, and have been following the band since their Uli Roth days in the mid 70's. The Scorps helped to define 'the soundtrack of my life', being one of my most beloved hard rock bands ever, and in my opinion, one of the first to help define and pave the way for the genre as a whole. That said, I didn't think their latest stuff was nearly as good as their older style before and including 'Crazy World'. 'Pure Instinct' had some good moments, but not as many as previous efforts. And 'Eye To Eye' was quite a departure. Like many other fans, I longed for the clockwork sonic structured chordfest and leadfest that used to be the Scorpions. I am ecstatic to report that 'Unbreakable' is a return to their older roots, but still retaining a modern, fresh approach to the music. The 'edge' they once had is back bigtime! Klaus Meine's voice is AMAZING on this CD, and he sounds like he did in his much younger days. Absolutely top-form! Rudi Schenker is as talented as ever, coming up with titanic rhythm riffs that show his prowess as a seasoned songwriter, with Matthias Jabs doing much the same and of course adding his masterful, 'biting' leads to the mix. And as much as I loved and respected Herman Rarebell and Francis Bucholz in days gone by, I hate to say that releases like this one don't make me miss them one bit, as James Kottak and Pawel Maciwoda can 'kick it' in style. This CD has it all. Slower, power ballads and straightforward trademark Scorps rockers!!! No fillers here. LONG LIVE THE SCORPIONS!!!
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on June 26, 2004
As explained in the included 5 minute video, this album represents Scorpions in the year 2004. This album pretty much reaches as far back as Lonesome Crow and as recent as Eye to Eye in regards to this albums influences and sound. There are slide solos, talk box effects, and hard hitting rock not since heard Face The Heat. Barring Face The Heat, this is quite possibly the best Scorpions album in over two decades.
Unbreakable provides for some heavy hitters like "Love 'em Or Leave 'em", "New Generation", and "Blood Too Hot", in addition to ballads like "Maybe I, Maybe You", "She Said", or "Through My Eyes" which resemble songs like "Moment In A Million Years", "Holiday", "You and I", or "No One Like You". Even from many Scorpions albums there are only two or three really strong songs which I'd place on a personal Best Of list, but this album has at least six songs ("New Generation", "Love 'em Or Leave 'em", "Deep and Dark", "Blood Too Hot", "Through My Eyes", "Remember the Good Times") which I could listen to over and over again.
The ultimate decision whether to rate this album as either four or five stars was how strong this album was over all and how much I have listened to this album. The only other album I have heard in the past year which I listened to over and over and over again was Axel Rudi Pell's album Kings and Queens. In the past month I have listened through Unbreakable at least several dozen times.
Ultimately, this album does not directly resemble any particular earlier Scorpions album, but it does harken to bits and pieces from all eras of their extensive career. The fans clamored for a new hard rock Scorpions album, and the band listened.
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on June 24, 2004
I have been a Scorpions fan for a long time, I loved their 70's and 80's stuff, as well as 90-93 era. I was not much for the last two albums, "Pure Instinct" and "Eye II Eye", however.
This record is much stronger than the last two, way better written, harder tracks, better drumming, and overall DELIVERS what was promised by the band - AWESOME HARD ROCK. "Deep and Dark" is an amazing, stand out track that sounds A LOT like the classic Scorpions. The opening track, "New Generation", is great as well. Songs like "My City My Town" and "Remember The Good Times" are amazingly well written in the lyrical sense and actually almost made me cry. "Through My Eyes" is another classic that sounds like it was supposed to be on "Crazy World".
It is truly sad that these guys worked their hearts out on this record (and you can really hear it) but still won't get any radio play because of today's pathetic music scene. I recommend this record to all true Scorpions fans. If you are skeptical about getting it, I can HONESTLY tell you that it will blow you away with just a few listens.
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on June 24, 2004
I did not buy this CD through Amazon but after you read this im sure YOU will.I have been a scorps fan since 1982.When i first bought Blackout and listend to it i imediatly begged my mom to take me back to the store(i was 10) so i could get the rest of their catalog.When i got home i poped IN TRANCE into the tape player and thought "what is this?"it didnt sound like BLACKOUT at all.So i pute the previous release to BLACKOUT in,ANIMAL MAGNATISM and was releived to hear the same sound that was on BLACKOUT.Over time i started listening to the old 70's stuff and started to apreciate that erea of the SCORPIONS too.I think the early stuff shaped my ability to be open to all kinds of music not just Heavy Metal.From then on The SCORPIONS were a band that i held close to my heart.By the mid 90's i started geting busy geting on with life and the scorpions started to expirement a little TOO much with their music so i didnt listen to them as often.I went to their concerts and poped in on their website now and again but honestly i thought they were done.I was wrong.Upon hearing of a new ROCK STYLE release coming from them and the enthusiasm they had for it being a HARD ROCKER i started to get excited of the prospect of hearing a new SCORPIONS CD.To make a long story short i bought it today and WOW!This Cd is the best they have pute out since CRAZY WORLD.Some of the songs on the cd like BLOOD TOO HOT flat out rock!It also has a sensitive uplifting side in songs like SOMEDAY IS NOW.I have to admit that the song REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES actualy made me break down today(yes even manly men cry)and its an uptempo song.The lyrics just brought back old memories of growing up in the 80's.It kinda reminded me that i grew up with the scorps and how important their music is to me.For old fans new fans young and uh...uhm,old,this is a GREAT SCORPIONS CD.You wont regret buying it.Oh..also,the cd is Enhanced with a video interview that you can play on your computer.ROCK ON!
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on June 14, 2004
It has a melody of a mix of Eye to Eye, Blackout, Savage Amusement, and Love at First Sting. I got the Limited Edition, and the video is the same video on the Scorpions official site. The Enhanced part is for the computer. It has a very neat packaging. It is a semi-hard case that is silver, and inside is a silver foil booklet with all the lyrics, and of course the CD. The CD is somehow like a SACD because the sound is just a lot more greater than any other CDs I have, but it doesn't need a special SACD player. The packaging is just amazing, but the music in it is more than just amazing! New Generation and Remember the Good Times are the best songs in my opinion. After about 5 years of project albums, the Scorpions came back home to their old music type. I mean all the project albums are great, but this album is just a lot more than great. The album has produced a "New Generation" for the Scorpions, and it is great to hear that they are still doing what they did a quarter of a century ago. They are the BEST, well, next to the Kings: The Beatles.
I recommend this disc for EVERYONE. People who are fans of scorps, will get a big kick out of this disc, but it will definitely bring new fans. BEST ALBUM EVER
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on July 12, 2004
After a few "slow" albums, the Scorpions are back with an album filled with surprises; a mix of intense, hard and soft rock songs that will keep you listening to the CD over again. I listened to the music and can't seem to get enough of it as I listen to the music and words. Klause and the guys have done a great job. I'm a big fan and know this is a winner! All the songs are well written and the music gets you into it even more. Die-hard Scorp fans will rejoice with this one. It's been a long time and I feel the songs deserve radio play, and not only with the rock/metal stations in the US but all stations. The songs sound better as you listen to them, and definitely are crank-up tunes to listen to while driving or radion request. Even though some of the songs may have similar sounds, they keep your attention and you don't get tired of hearing them. I can't wait to see them in concert again! It's a breath of fresh air and better than hearing the same stuff on radio all day.
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on June 29, 2004
Eye II Eye (1999) was a creative album with the radio hit "Mysterious" but still lacked the hardcore rock roots and I think the band was forgotten afterwords. My all time favorite album so far is the Crazy World (1990) ablum which had the major one hit "Wind of Change" which was played on MTV a lot. Pure Instinct (1996) was decent album with a few riffs that I liked which kept me loyal to the band. Another note on Eye to Eye II was its minor setback to where I didn't know where the band was headed. Its tracks in the album were trying to be too hip hop or something but lost. I was disapointed on this album where I thought the band was gone. However, I had a gut feeling when I heard about this latest album that I knew that the band resurrected to its old 80's rock riffs, and so far I am happy with its results and my money well spent. I like the new album now and it rocks!
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on July 9, 2004
As I've gotten older (36 years old) I usually have to listen to a new cd several times before making a decision on whether I like it. Despite the fact that I am a die-hard Scorps fan I had to do the same with this new cd. I am a sattelite radio subscriber and have listened to that for the past couple of years and OCCASIONALLY listened to a favorite CD now and then....however...for the last couple of weeks I have ONLY listened to UNBREAKABLE. The more you listen to it the more you appreciate the little things that the Scorps do with their music that make you love it - outside of the overall presentation/sound of each song. If you have doubts, go to their official website and listen/watch the UNBREAKABLE Special Video - and you'll see why you need to buy this album and support the band!
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on July 17, 2004
It's all true-the buzz about this new Scorpions release:'Unbreakable'!! Consider that these guys have been recording now for around 30 years,and that this is their 20th studio release. To say that it is absolutely one of the band's best EVER is quite the high compliment! But as I say-it's all true.And yes, I'm comparing it to 'Blackout','Love At First Sting',etc,etc.. If you've ever dug stuff by these guys,then get hold of this as fast as you can-you won't be disappointed in the least. Forget about the mistep 'Eye To Eye' (hey-Def Leppard did it with 'Slang'). 'Unbreakable' marks the return of this class (and classic) band. It's time to CELEBRATE!! Enjoy!
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