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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on February 19, 2016
When I first watched this movie some 20 + years ago, I turned it off. The science in the movie was just that bad. In the 1940's when the book was originally written, it was passable, now it is nearly cult classic folly. When you add to it the slow moving drama and mediocre acting from a 1970's has been cast, it is a turn off.

However, much of science fiction is moralistic, making a statement about human society in a way that shelters the author from criticism. In that regard, this movie was good science fiction. There are several major theme points. These are brought out by the opening flashback scenes shown at the beginning of each episode. The theme is that people are selfish. They "see nothing but their own dreams." They can't respect other people's point of view. This is shown in the colonization of America, er ah Mars, and in politics both domestic and on the world stage until we bring ourselves to ruin. A Martian eventually dies as everybody wants him to be a different person.

At one point two monks are talking when one says, "Can't you see the human in the inhuman?" A theme reference to the human aspect of inhumanity. Other memorable lines are "I finally get to meet a Martian and I shot him." And when the Martian gives Rock Hudson the secret of living, "Anyone with eyes can see the way to live."

By the third episode, Earth and Mars are nearly completely dead. A man named Benjamin is alone and manages to meet Bernadette Peters, perhaps the last woman in existence. In a dark comedy moment, Bernadette is more concerned about how she looks, even though there is no one to look at her, than say the destruction of civilization. She didn't go back to Earth because they wouldn't let her take all of her clothes. At this point in the film I felt the producers missed the opportunity of doing a complete re-write of the script, turning it into a classic dark comedy. However for the sake of purity to the book they didn't do that. In that regard, the movie also contained occasional needless narration.

After Benjamin decides he would rather live alone than with Bernadette Peters, the movie digresses into hokey when the subliminal message of the movie becomes too overt. I think a Coen Brothers remake with George Clooney in the Rock Hudson role would be fantastic.
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on September 21, 2010
I first saw this 15 years ago and I had been looking for it since. Its very focused on the cold war era, and the fears and predictions of the future. It is still true today that change in the way things are done needs to come and change good or bad is inevitable.
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on March 13, 2014
movie was great and I like to watch this over and over again. Brings back memories from when i read the books.
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