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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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New York Minute is a pretty darn entertaining film featuring a number of humorous moments, and I'm not just saying that because Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen are drop-dead gorgeous. They are, of course, drop-dead gorgeous, and I admit I only watched this film because of them, but this light comedy proved to be an enjoyable experience in its own right. The plot is rather formulaic and predictable, but it does work, and the Olsen twins really shine throughout the whole thing.

You start out with two sisters (imagine that!) who could not be more different: Jane (Ashley Olsen) is a budding, super-organized genius vying for a prestigious scholarship to Oxford; Roxy (Mary-Kate Olsen) is a bit of a wild child rebel who goes to great lengths to avoid school. Naturally, the girls do not get along very well. On this particular day, Jane is on her way to give the speech she hopes will win her the scholarship, and Roxy is playing hooky in order to attend a video shoot and slip her band's demo into the hands of someone in the music business. Things start going wrong from the very start. Forced to make their way into town by themselves, the girls manage to get themselves involved in a piracy ring, lose their clothes, take on the company of a little dog so ugly he's cute, find themselves on the ledge of a high-rise building, wander the streets of New York City wearing nothing but towels (thank you, writers), evade the clutches of a truant officer with illusions of grandeur, cross paths with Full House dad Bob Sagett (in a quick cameo), model all sorts of funky clothes and hairstyles, race to get Jane to her speech location on time, and eventually - and most importantly - reforge their long-lost bond of sisterhood.

New York Minute isn't Oscar caliber material, but it's a good, funny movie with lots of twists and turns and an overall positive message. That's a whole lot more than most of today's films have to offer. For me, it does seem like a good transition film for the Olsen twins as they evolve from childhood actresses to young adult actresses. It's hard to break a mold that was formed while the girls were still in diapers. While the Olsens may not be ready for truly adult roles just yet (they are, after all, still teenagers), they clearly show the talent to reconstitute themselves as bona fide actresses - singly or together. Whatever limitations New York Minute displays are due to the script and not to Ashley or Mary-Kate. People seemed to expect too much from this movie, treating it as a make-or-break moment in the Olsens' careers, it's unfortunate that this film was not more successful at the box office, but that does not mean that New York Minute is not a good movie - because it is. And, as I think I mentioned earlier, Ashley and Mary-Kate are drop-dead gorgeous.
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on July 1, 2004
This year has been a bad year for Mary Kate and Ashley, well not Ashley at least. Mary Kate we all know is battling anorexcia and is addicted to cocaine and mothers now no longer think Mary Kate and Ashley are "good role models". Also, this movie basically bombed at the box office. I have seen this movie twice at the movies and if you are ranging from the age of 8-14 or 15, (like i am) or if you are a fan of Mary Kate and Ashley you will like this movie. If you despise Mary Kate and Ashley you will not like it, so don't waste your time. I thought this movie was really good because ever since I was 6 or 7, Mary Kate and Ashley were my favorite actresses. You people who gave this movie a bad review walked in the theather expecting a academy award nominated motion picture, when it is just a fun, fluffy comedy! I loved this movie it had a good story and it was well acted. Andy Ricther as Benny was priceless! Eugene Levy as Lomax was histarical! Mary Kate as Roxy was hilarious! Ashley as Jane (my favorite character in the movie) was really well done!! I hope Mary Kate gets better real soon! Mary Kate and Ashley are the best!
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on October 17, 2004
This is without a doubt the best movie the twins have made since their first, It takes two!!
I have all their movies, and have seen their them at least 100 times over!!!
The cast is great, they have 2 of Hollywoods hottest actors, Jared Padalecki from Gilmore girls, and Riley Smith from Motorcrossed, Eugene Levy is a funny, but brilliant actor, as well as the guy who thinks he's chinese, also known as 'adopted child number 1' and also known as Bennie!!
They couldn't have picked better stars, director, and location, i especially enjoyed the tae-kwon-doe subway scene!!
I have been a fan of MK&A since i was little, i really, truely think this movie is 5 stars!!!
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on July 19, 2004
If you've ever wasted valuable minutes of your life wondering what Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are going to do now that their cuddly child star days are behind them, "New York Minute" offers a glimpse of the shape of things to come.
Here's a clue: Think Britney.
Does the world need more vapid, cutesy sex kittens? Probably not, but Teasetown seems to be the next exit on the Olsens' highway to maturity. Throughout "Minute" they are either wrapped in body-hugging "ghetto fabulous" fashions or scanty skirts, or totally nude (albeit carefully photographed to preserve that PG rating, which in this case might as well stand for "pandering guaranteed"). Their faces have been plastered over with enough makeup to coat the entire cast of "Mean Girls."
Here's a movie aimed at young girls that must have been created with the "tired businessman" -- or at least the hormonally charged older brother -- squarely in mind. In one scene, the twins are discovered clad in towels and bathrobes in a hotel room by a leering college-aged man (Jared Padalecki) who snickers, "Is today my birthday?"
There's also a bit in which a bicycle messenger takes a spill and lands squarely on top of Jane. "Am I squashing you?" he asks. "Yeah -- it feels great," she sighs. There's even a wisecrack about Paris Hilton.
When the trio of screenwriters who slow-cooked this turkey aren't thinking up jailbait jokes, they're dishing out sorry stereotypes. A gang of Chinese crooks operates out of a laundry, a la "Thoroughly Modern Millie"; a flamboyant male hairdresser twitters and flutters as he styles the fur on a Chinese Crested dog, announcing with a lisp, "Boyfriend, you a girlfriend now!"; an African-American woman actually calls a white man a "cracker." Guess the raindancing Indians and the swarthy Arabs selling magic carpets must have been mercifully left out at the last minute; perhaps they'll turn up on the DVD.
Even the Olsens get into the act, playing two of the most annoying, obvious adolescent characters you could ever hope to find. Ashley is cast as Jane, a pent-up prig with a 4.2 GPA. Mary-Kate throws herself into the role of Roxanne, a puffball punk who runs around in costumes she might have picked up at Cyndi Lauper and Joan Jett's garage sales; she's a girl who just wants to have fun and she does not give a darn about her bad reputation.
The squabbling siblings are forced to cooperate during a hectic afternoon in the Big Apple when Roxanne is hunted by an inept truancy officer (Eugene Levy, slumming) and Jane's precious day-planner is stolen by a dull-witted criminal (Andy Richter, who doesn't look as ashamed of himself as he should) who wants a computer chip that inadvertently landed in Roxanne's purse. The chip is then accidentally swallowed by a senator's dog, which means everybody spends plenty of screen time trying to get the poor animal's bowels churning.
That all-important little bit of software contains scads of illegally acquired songs that the Chinese villains are planning to burn to CDs and sell. The girls later discover that -- gasp! -- the bad guys' ill-gotten items even include pirated movies. (Perhaps this story was secretly co-authored by Jack Valenti.) Unsurprisingly, "New York Minute" is not one of the contraband titles shown for sale, perhaps because no matter how many copies of this one you made, its street value would still be nil.
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on July 6, 2004
If you are not a true, long-time fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, you really don't have any reason to watch this movie. "New York Minute" is for those who have grown up alongside Mary-Kate and Ashley and will enjoy seeing them in a movie that, yes, illustrates how much they have grown over the years. Anyone else will laugh, sneer, and tear it to shreds, but fans will respect it for what it is: a fun, lighthearted comedy. Personally, I went to see it the day it was released, and I loved it. I think a lot of people just looked at how highly publicized this film was and expected it to be something off the charts--the Olsen twins' explosion into theatrical production and adulthood. I'll admit that when I saw how much it was being promoted and how much time and work the Olsens were putting into it, I thought it was going to be a very successful film with a high public response. While it wasn't anything like that, it certainly showed a nice amount of improvements from the girls; it was a good plot, impressive acting, and highly entertaining. Compare this with some of their home videos like "Getting There" and "When In Rome," and you just might appreciate this movie a little more. I think Mary-Kate and Ashley did a great job; they showed their potential for comedy and proved that once they take the spotlight off them a little bit and focus more on the other aspects of the story, their film is greatly strengthened.
It's a real shame that "New York Minutes" fared so poorly at the box office; I imagine it was a real blow for the girls, but they'll get through it. They'll move on. Their 1995 feature film "It Takes Two" didn't do so hot either (only pulled in about $20 million), but the VHS and DVD releases sold very well; I have a feeling that the same thing will happen once this film comes to DVD in August. It is exactly the kind of film in which only the real fan can witness the evolution and the maturity in these girls. Yes, they have grown up a lot and have great things ahead of them, but for someone who despises them you're best off staying away from this movie...we all know what you think. Let the loyal followers of Mary-Kate and Ashley watch the movie and give their opinion; they're the best ones to comment because they'll give the twins the fairest shake for their efforts and everything they put into this movie.
Again, I liked it a lot...I thought it was funny and enjoyable, with a far better plot and acting job from the Olsens than I have ever seen before from them. Look for these things instead of the Oscar-worthy material that the girls weren't even going for in the first place, and you just might be surprised.
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on July 5, 2004
I agree that this movie was a feel-good movie. I wouldn't believe everything in the tabloids because I seriously doubt Mary-Kate is addicted to cocaine. That is obviously incorrect information. Mary-Kate is battling an eating disorder. I am sure with her family and friends supporting her, she will pull through this difficult time and there are a lot of fans praying for her.
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on July 8, 2004
I am a huge fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley, so naturally I saw the movie at the first showing on the first day it came out. I think they did very well. Me, 12 yrs old, my two friends 13 yrs old, and my mom all loved it. It was humorous, and not too grown-up. We heard younger girls in the theatre leaving afterwards talking about how great it was. I think the plot was good and it was just fun to watch their unique personalities differ and then them become friends in the end. It was touching and inspires girls like me to connect with their family.
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on July 5, 2004
I liked this movie. It was there best movie ever. I thoght. I went to go see it twice in one week. I liked it so much . I am going to by it.
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on July 11, 2004
Yup. It's bad. And one person said Mary-Kate was fighting a cocaine problem... no. That's just something a few magazines did to get big sales and cause controversy. She's in there for anorexia, and I hope she gets better.
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on January 29, 2014
I like it. It is a good movie. I love Mary-Kate and Ashley. It has great color ans good sound

Kerrie Heartwell
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