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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on June 1, 2016
My dog loves puzzles and games so this one was a must have. Nicely built and so far so good, no rips. They could have given another 2-3 squirrels to totally fill the trunk.... the only issue I see is that the bottom of the trunk has a CARDBOARD piece to help it stand up. Not a bright Idea considering the eventual wash......
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on June 2, 2013
After a few minutes trying to pull the little squeakers out, my 2-year old Labrador just grabbed the log by its base and swung it around wildly, making it rain squirrels (chipmunks?) all over the living room. Much to the pleasure of his little Lhassa Apso buddy, who proceeded to rip their tails off with glee. Teamwork, yeah! Problem solved, indeed.

Six months later, there's only two squirrels left out of the 6-pack. Tails came off fast, but overall they survived a relatively long time at the jaws of my two compulsive stuffing-gutters. That they lasted over a month in this house is a feat. One of the two survivors had its squeaker ripped out, but is still holding up (tail and all). The other is in surprisingly good shape. Still squeaking and pretty much intact, minus the tail. The log itself was a real survivor, being my Lab's prey of choice. The sewing lines used to create the wavy "wood" pattern creates at the same time individual pockets of stuffing material. So if the dog rips it open in one place, he will only be able to remove the stuffing from one "compartment", thus won't gut the whole toy at once, making it last much longer. It went to the trash, along with the four dead squirrels, but not without a fight.

In short, I'm quite pleased with this purchase. Sure, there are much cheaper toys at the Dollar Store, but these won't last a week. $20 all taxes in for 6 months is a good deal when you look at it this way, considering how much fun they had with this set.
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on June 29, 2016
I bought the large size for my 25 lb beagle. She is fairly gentle on toys so durability wasn't a big factor. The log is getting a bit frayed as she likes to chew on it but the squirrels are still fine.
My dog LOVES this toy and runs around with it all the time. Her favourite thing to do is shake the log when all the squirrels are in it and watch them fly around the room. She also likes to rest her head on the log when she is lying down and looking out the window.
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on March 8, 2013
My dog loves this toy. She likes it so much that we bought a second one when a dog houseguest chewed through the squirrels and it was cheaper to buy the whole thing than the replacement squirrels. She loves to whip the stump around and have the squirrels fly out or go digging in the stump for them. She really likes it when the stump is empty and she can whip it around. She much prefers the ginormous size to the regular (3 squirrel) size. That being said, she liked the regular stump so much that we went for the bigger one basically just for the name, but she really really liked the ginormous stump and the rest is history.
she is a mid-size lab-terrier mix.
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on December 29, 2014
Got this for Christmas and was very disappointed. Lasted no time at all before the log ripped.

I put the squirrels in the tree and my 8 month old Finnish Lapphund puppy eagerly pulled them out and then grabbed log and ran off with it, shaking it around. I didn't think it was a big deal to let him play with the log (as long as he didn't start chewing it), but I was gravely mistaken. In less than 5 minute he tore the log. You may notice in the photos that there are two holes in the front... the piece between them is hardly an inch wide and ripped easily in the paws & jaws of my pup. Now I have a log that has a giant hole in the front with stuffing coming out. What a waste. On the upside, I guess he has a bunch of squirrels that maybe I can try hiding around the house?

Let me stress that I did NOT let my dog settle down and chew on the toy. He was playing with it when it tore. If your dog does NOT play aggressively with toys then it may work great, but this is NOT for a dog that likes to shake, toss, and pounce on his toys.

I had high hopes for this plush puzzle toy and thought I would eventually add the birds & bees versions to his collection, but that will certainly not be happening.
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on April 22, 2016
I bought the large size for my small 15 pound dog, he's a Maltese x Bichon. He loves it! This is by far his favourite toy and he's had it for a couple years now. The squirrels are still in tact but missing some limbs and their ears, 2 of them don't squeak anymore. The stump has held up well, had to sew a few holes that my dog made but that's expected since he is a chewer! Also washes very well, I just throw it in a small laundry bag so nothing gets caught. Great product, worth every penny!
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on January 4, 2016
I purchased this for my granddog who is a 6lb Chihuahua X, and I got the ginormous size. The squirrels look more like chipmunks and the log is bigger than him, but he doesn't care, he loves it!! He shakes the log around and then dives in for the squirrels, Once he gets them out, he shakes them around - a super fun toy for any dog!
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on June 16, 2016
I bought this for my Golden Retriever. He LOVES it. He has such a soft mouth that he doesn't even squeak the squirrels and he still loves getting them out of the log. I have a few other small animal toys around the house so I stuff the log with the extra toys along with the squirrels. The leaves came off the log right away but all the other stitching is holding up well after a few weeks of play.
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on January 14, 2013
Well worth the money! Its very sturdy and my big bernese mountain dog adores it! She loves shaking the tree and making the squirrels fly, she sticks her nose in the whole to grab them, carries the little squirrels around making them squeak to taunt us!! Great buy!
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on September 11, 2012
Bought this at a pet store for $24 before and got it on amazon for $12. My dogs love this thing, you do have to keep putting the squirls back in the house a lot but the dogs really seem to enjoy pulling them back out. Buy more than one at a time, once the tug-a-wars start they do rip but so does everything else. Treat your dogs, it keeps them from tearing other stuff apart.
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