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on November 25, 2015
Love the series, hated the ending
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on July 31, 2013
got it fast and as advertised . loved as a kid . fell into love as as soon as i watch 1 eposide all over again
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on October 4, 2010
The company contacted me two days after they shipped it. Apparently the postal office had returned the item to the company and everything was smashed into little bits. Do not know what the hell happened there. The company sent me a perfect conditioned one (the box had a couple scuffs but they were small and no big deal). I was on the third (and final) disk when all of a sudden my piece of crap DVD player was screwing around. It would not eject the disk. I had to unscrew the DVD player to get the DVD out. As a result, the DVD is now scratched but I can always get it resurfaced.
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on August 12, 2005
WOW! I have all three seasons of Beast Wars and I thought that this season was the best out of all three. Every episode keeps you excited every moment. That's how good it is. Worth the money and worth every minute you watch it!
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on March 31, 2005
the final season of this show rocked. although we only got 13 fantastic episodes, the transmetal 2 phase only lasted a short while, and blackarachnia was only rockin for a few episodes, it was still a great season. depth charge was a great addition to the cast, as well as T2 dinobot. overall,t eh season was darker and less children-oriented. i highly recommend this season to anyone interested in transformers.
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on July 20, 2004
This season is one of the greatest of any show. True Season 2 is considered the ultimate but I think season 3 has its own merrits. I'll even list them as I did in my Beast Machines review.
The good things...
1. Optimal Optimus, Dragon Megatron, Depth charge and Tigerhawk kick ass. My favorite being Dragon Megatron.
2. More comedy.
3. Higher stakes...(A.K.A the end of all things)
4. a crazy amount of re-watch value (of which Reboot can only dream of)
5. Megatron doesn't wear a skirt (Like in Beast Machines)
6. Great Action and plot.
There are still some bad things to be sure, but not worth noting...but I'll note it anyway.
1. The end of the Beast Wars Seams Rushed...they could have used another episode or two to tie things up at a better pace.
2. They never show G1 Megatron's spark get restored
3 what happened to the rest of the stasis pods?
4. Dragon Megatron was only a 4 episode thing....I want more!
5. Tigerhawk was a 2 episode thing....(same)
6. Transmetal 2 takes a while to get used to, but hey after seeing what everyone looks like in Beast machines (Rattrap is a wheelchair!!!!! Whyyyy!!!!!!) then trans 2 is very super okay.
This is without a doubt the best CGI series made to date with Reboot running second. It will always kill reboot (which is an amazing show) because of production values, comedy, characters, plot and re-watch value....(wopping amounts of action in the form of gunfire) I bought the others and I'm buying this too, and it's so cheap!
Just don't see Beast Machines....(really beast wars seasons 4 and 5 of the series) they kind of ruined this generation and it saddens me....sob sob.
The worst part of the beast wars is that its over...but they ended it before it became old and it went out with dignity and memories to last a lifetime.
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on July 16, 2004
So now the third season is released and long-time fans of the show such as myself will be able to own the entire series. Ok the first episode picks up where the season 2 finale left off and effectively wraps things up. This season was not as dark as the second (except for the two-part series finale) but had some great episodes with some great moments. The Ark and the Autobots and Decepticons inside play a big part in this season as they figure into many of the storylines.
The last two episodes are unique among 'childrens' shows for many reasons, one of which being that death of most of the cast.
Dinobot reappears as a clone, Megatron steals the spark of the original Decepticon, as well as many other storylines make this a season worth owning.
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