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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on July 19, 2016
This is one of the only childhood favourite shows that I have watched again, that hasn't let me down! It is as amazing as it was when I was a kid! I only wish there were more episodes in the series!!
Wonderful price! Product shipped quickly and arrived undamaged.
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on December 8, 2004
This series has everything. Don't listen to those reviewers who say the villains didn't have motivations. EVERYONE had a motivation in this show. There were shades of gray and no one was stereotypical. The characters truly felt ALIVE. Experience the masterpiece that is Gargoyles for the first time on DVD. You won't regret it!
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on December 10, 2004
I originally posted a review for "Gargoyles" on September 17th, shortly after I learned that the DVD would be released December 7th. Like many loyal fans, I ordered my DVD through this website on the release date, and came home from work today to find the UPS Man had dropped it off. So I watched a little bit of it, and have decided to post another review dealing with the content of the two-disc set.
The only bad thing about this DVD is that like all of the other Disney DVDs, they load it down with previews of coming attractions. Fortunately, you can skip over these to get to the main menu of the Disc. A slight annoyance, but since you can actually skip it, it's tolerable.
As far as the picture and sound are concerned, they're everything you would want from a digital translation. But what really makes this DVD enjoyable is that for the first time in years, I'm able to see the episodes as they originally aired. As I stated in my first review, I've enjoyed seeing the show air on Toon Disney. However, I am upset that the episodes on cable have been edited for syndication. Thank God the episodes on the DVD are complete and uncut.
For an after-school cartoon, the show dealt with some mature themes. It was one of the few Disney cartoons I've seen that showed blood in the episodes. When I was a freshman in High School, I remember seeing the episode "Deadly Force" (an episode that dealt with gun violence) and even at that tender age, I was impressed that Disney would take such a bold risk covering such an adult topic (especially in a cartoon that aired at four in the afternoon on weekdays). In a scene early in the episode, Broadway, one of the younger gargoyles (voiced by Bill Faggerbakke, whose credits include the TV Show "Coach" and the miniseries "The Stand") visits the apartment of Detective Elisa Maza, one of the few human allies the Gargoyles have in the 20th Century. Broadway finds her police issue 9MM lying out, and having just come from the movies (where he saw a Western) starts playing with it. In the process, he accidentally shoots Elisa. For a long time, Toon Disney refused to air that episode, and when they finally did show it again, they cut out one of the most powerful images: Elisa lying wounded on her kitchen floor in a small pool of blood. Back when I first saw the episode, that image was one of the things that showed me what animation was capable of. And to think that it came from a company that prided itself on kid-friendly viewing.
Bottom line is, this DVD does the series justice. The episodes are uncut, and the picture and sound are beautiful. Hopefully, this season is only the beginning for Gargoyles DVDs, and Disney will give us the second season as well.
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on August 16, 2007
If ever there were an award to be granted to the best animated series in the world, it would have to be granted to The Gargoyles. The Gargoyles simultaneously combines drama, action, romance, comedy and even sorcery and science to thrill the mind. It touches upon issues of betrayal, manipulation, deception, greed, power, self-righteousness, hate, envy, lust and love, and inner growth. The plot is ever-growing, the characters ever-changing, the romance always developing. The Gargoyles is visually stunning as it was the first in a long line of American animated series to utilize Japanese conventions. The series is a symbol of those that have and continue to be oppressed in their respective societies; that are continually marginalized and forced into being fringe dwellers, they are never trusted nor accepted, and forever betrayed and taken advantage of (as Demona so cleverly put together). The Gargoyles define what it means to have and cultivate true friendship, trust, integrity and honor. Respect and honesty are never to be bartered for. With wonderful characters that are ever-evolving and a romance that existed from the moment Goliath and Elisa set eyes on each other, the Gargoyles is the most adult of animated series that even children can enjoy to grace the television set.

Awakening Part 1 4/5
Awakening Part 2 5/5
Awakening Part 3 5/5
Awakening Part 4 5/5
Awakening Part 5 5/5
The Thrill of the Hunt 5/5
Temptation 4/5
Deadly Force 4/5
Enter Macbeth 3/5
The Edge 4/5
Long Way To Morning 3/5
Her Brother's Keeper 4/5
Reawakening 5/5
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on October 4, 2005
I remember watching Gargoyles back in my teen age years and even today it holds a special place in my heart. It mixes drama with humor in the most unique way and will delight people of all ages. The younger viewers will be in awe over the sheer power and presence of the Gargoyles and laugh over their naivete in regards to their emergence into modern day times. Older viewers will especially delight in the creative entwinement of the Shakespearian lore with the story arcs.
I am no longer able to watch Gargoyles on television as it is not on the tv listings so for me this dvd was a must and I'm looking forward to the eventual release of the other seasons.
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on December 28, 2009
I used to love watching this show when it first came out. I thought it was great. When it went of the air i was so mad. Then when it was released on DVD, I was excited. But i was never able to find it in stores, And I couldn't buy it on. I recently bought this this season and season 2 at walmart on boxing day. I watched 3 days straight. 12hours/day. This show is awesome. It has everything that the early 90's were famous for. Awesome story line, plot, lovable characters. I would recommend anyone who grew up with these 90's cartoons, to check this out. You won't be sorry.
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on August 7, 2006
All of my favourite shows are in the second season, but everything for that season is set up here, and this season isn't too bad to watch either.

I just bought this set, and I'm very happy with it, mostly because I've been in Gargoyle withdrawl for a decade or so.

Yes, I realize this show is intended for a (older) youth audience, but it still works on an adult level. In fact it has a large- ish adult following.

It's also very Trek influenced(voice artists that is). So there's that for those of you who are into it.

The extras are alright, from what I've seen Disney isn't great for extras. the footage of the gathering (Gargoyle fan conventions, held yearly) was pretty good.

This Show Is Great!!!!!!

Buy this now.
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on January 22, 2012
This was a great Saturday morning cartoon series that is still amazing even today! Love the voice acting from some of the Star Trek TNG actors! They did a fantastic job with this series and its great to re-watch over and over again!
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on September 28, 2005
Having seen most (perhaps all) of the Gargoyle episodes 2 or 3 times each, I almost didn't buy this DVD, but I'm so glad I did! I had forgotten just how powerful (not to mention cool) this series was. I fully plan to buy both parts of season two.
One bad thing about this DVD: I'm not sure whether or not it has to do with my particular computer and its DVD player, but when I click the "select episode" button it takes a loooong time for the screen to load. For a while I didn't think it worked at all. Still, this could be the fault of my ancient DVD-ROM.
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on January 1, 2005
The great thing about this DVD is that it has the commentary, though if you haven't seen the show yet, watch it without the commentary, Mr Weisman and company give a few little spoilers away in there, but it's all good... the only thing that i've noticed is the slight sound quality issue... now, i'm running it on m PC, so that could be why it's like that, but the sound fades ever so slightly once or twice in a couple episodes...
other than that, it is a great disc, i'll likely watch it a few times again and hope for the Season 2 DVD to come out soon.
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