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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on February 20, 2013
Like most people that buy this movie, I grew up with it and have always been a huge fan of it. I was disappointed right from the opening scenes - there was an awful lot of grain to the picture. As the movie went on, I could see some scenes were really good but then the next scene was grainy again. it kept doing this throughout the movie... The aerial scenes were really good and that's what made me give this 3 stars instead of 2 stars! I would have thought Paramount would have taken their time to get this release right. I mean, it's not like they had to rush to get this to market - it's a 27 year old movie!!! An extra few months of development, to get it right, wouldn't have upset anyone.

Too bad - this could have been the best release of this movie to date!
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on February 20, 2013
I just received my copy today and after 45 min in the movie and despite most of the great reviews, I felt there was a problem with the color scheme.

Actors seemed orange and the sky was kind of blue-grrenish.

So I typed Top Gun 3D orange on google and found this thread.

I'm re-assured now, I'm not crazy.

I mean I grow Up With Top Gun, Owned 2 VHS (first one broke) the 2 DVDs versions, HD-DVD then Blu-Ray ones and now this one.

I'm a big fan of Tony Scott and his aesthitics, but this presentations feels like you're watching you're movie through an orange-yellow veil.

Even whites are not whites.

Paramount f***ed it up pretty bad as far as I'm concerned.

Although technically the 3D is pretty great, although scr**ed by the color scheme.

And you can clearly see the issue on the caps made by caps-a-holic :

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on April 9, 2004
Top Gun is an incredible movie from 1986 that is still deservedly very famous today.
Starring ane exceptionally young Tom Cruise (a very apt name for this film), and his beautiful sidekick, Kelly McGillis, this film proved to be a complete smash hit and kick started the careers of the young stars.
The film has many great features - the breakthrough ariel photography being the standout feature. Of course, it's much talked about and vaunted but no one can sit through this film and doubt it is impressive. What is particularly excellent is the pilots' eye view you get sometimes - the scenery from the cockpit just blows your mind and its almost as if you are up there. The soundtrack just suits this film to a T as well.
What is a disappointment is the story outside of the intense ariel action. It is a bit lacklustre and dull, but to its credit the young stars do have some chemistry together.
Also Tom Cruise can only play Tom Cruise - i recently went to see the last Samurai and he is pretty much the same character in there. Whilst his charm works in his early feature film here, it soon became clear the limit of his range.
However, that is not enough to deny the film 2 stars. What does this is my DVD copy - there are NO special features at all. Nada. Zip. Oh dear, what a disappointment, escpecially as this is one of the few films when a making of documentary or feature would be genuinely exciting.
Oh well, the film doesn't quite warrant the 4 stars in this package - but its comes close. 7/10.
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on November 21, 2001
Oh yeah; the jets roar, the top gun aces sass and swagger and the script trips and plops out such memorable quoters as: "you can be my wing man anytime" . . . (right up there with Kirk Douglas's Spartacus snarling at Crassus' legions: "they can't stop men who wan't to be free", etc.); well, news is, they can stop men who want to be free; they can do that by casting Kelly McGillis up against the very short Tom Cruise (Maverick); they can hope for something like charisma, sexual tension, animal magnetism or just good ole fashion' lust on the tarmac; but, no dice; it just don't happen; the best (and only) love affair in this hot-to-be-liked Tony Scott film is that between tiny Tom and Anthony Edwards (E.R.'s favorite bald surgeon); oh, yeah -- those two bohunks click; as does Val Kilmer's Iceman -- the nerves of steel by the books hot shot who will probably wind up marrying Ollie North's daughter and running for Congress (note: please, do not let me see him wearing towel only ever again -- his is a torso only Ben Kingsley in Gandhi outdoes); but back to Top Gun; yes, that's Meg Ryan as Anthony Edwards' wife/widow; it is one of her best parts; you can almost like her; Tom Skerritt, who is never forgettable in any part, looks as if he wishes his mustache were on Tom Cruise (who, if he had a mustache, might look old enough to sign up for his own paper route); Michael Ironside doesn't know if Cruise/Maverick will ever shape into the ace of aces we all know he has to become if the film is to end; and end it does; all is well in the azure skies of freedom and at Top Gun school in Miramar, CA; the juke box plays "You've Lost That Lovin Feelin'" as Kelly and Tom reunite; I hope they don't have kids; or, if they do, the kids avoid this movie; just kidding; there are great aerial scenes and then there are great landing and take-off scenes; I like the jet trails too; and the overplayed Berlin song, "Take My Breath Away", which should have been bought up by Certs or Listerine or a Mexican Restaurant chain; oh well, there is no irony in popular movies any more; wait for the trading cards.
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on October 12, 2001
I never liked this film that much back when it first came out, but my acting class teacher had a role in the film, so I watched the movie again to see him. "I want some butts!" Yep, that's him, alright. :D
Watching this movie again still didn't make me like it, but I have to say that the aerial dogfight scenes are done amazingly well. I can't recall any other movie that captured aerial dogfights so well on the screen as this movie has. It does not look dated much at all, a quite remarkable feat.
If there's anything that makes the movie look dated, then it's the leading lady's look and Kenny Loggins's rock music in the background. I can listen to "Danger Zone" only so many times, you know. ;)
One cool thing about the movie was that I got to see some of the actors before they became hot commodities. I mean, I had totally forgotten that Meg Ryan was in this movie (as Goose's wife), and I had no idea Tim Robbins was in it either (try to spot him before the credits roll up). I think this movie is worth a watch just for that purpose alone.
And if you're a fan of Tom Cruise and want to see the movie that pushed him up to his stardom, then hey, by all means check it out.
Otherwise, I think this movie (and the DVD, which is quite bare-bones) is worth only a rental, which is what I did.
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on January 27, 2001
Granted, this movie appears campy with age, but it's Tom Cruise in several gorgeous pictures and that is what counts. While there is some reference to the (then) still raging Cold War, it is neither jingoistic pro or anti-military.
What it does (and I am sure the Navy can't be too happy about this image) is portray the Navy as one giant hollywood style frat party. Taken as reality, this movie implies fighter pilots live in great housing, have flawless looks and are dripping with women.
Except when Goose dies, the film does not delve into the emotions and psyche of the navy pilots and they are little more than three dimensional pinups for the female characters. Although there is a training school, no where is it mentioned how smart pilots have to be to get into the elite.
I am intrigued if the reccent decision to allow women to fly fighter jets in combat means there will be a Top Gun three which would actually focus on more than looks (part two was pretty bad) Tom Cruise is not horrible to look at, but thank goodness that he has improved both acting skills and plotlines.
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on October 20, 2000
This movie is fun for teenagers who like to walk around with their shirts off and talk about girls they want to sleep with. Trust me, I was one when this movie first came out. It's also a stunning documentary of homosexuality in the Navy. The story's about a school of Navy fliers who compete to be "Top Gun!". Tom Cruise stars in his first blockbuster as "Maverick" a role he will recreate in "Days of Thunder" and even "Mission: Impossible".
The action still holds up and Cruise is still cool if that counts for anything, even that guy from E.R. is still funny.
But for me, where this movie sort of hits a wall is Kelly McGillis as Cruise's girlfriend. What were Bruckhiemer and Don Simpson thinking? Did they lose a bet to McGillis' agent or something? In some of the love scenes, I thought Maverick was making out with Iceman. They should of had Meg Ryan as Cruise's girlfriend, I mean she was in the movie anyway. McGillis is an okay actress but she has to rank up there with Margot Kidder and Andy Dick as one of the most unattractive leading ladies of all time.
I'm still waiting for the sequel.
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on April 7, 1999
I was working on the F-14 program at Grumman when "Top Gun" was released. The only more embarrassing movie featuring our products was "Flight of the Intruder". Since the Tailhook scandal in the early '90's, the behavior of Maverick and his buddies, previously only sophomoric, now seems recklessly foolish.
The real star of the movie is, as it should be, Naval Aviation. The opening scene of carrier flight deck operations is terrific - sadly, the movie is all downhill from there. Modern fighter planes like the F-14 are not utilized like WWII era P-51's, as they are in this movie. The reality is much more complicated, and much more interesting, than the nonsense presented in "Top Gun".
As for the acting, every member of the cast (with the possible exception of the always annoying Ms. Ryan) has done better work elsewhere. The script is hackneyed, the situations unbelievable, and military life has never been like it is in "Top Gun".
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on November 20, 2003
"Top Gun" is not the movie to watch if you are looking for authentic military activities. It is, however, a showcase for Tom Cruise to show how hot he and his band of young stud actors are. Cruise plays Maverick, a crack Navy pilot who get the chance to go to the elite Top Gun Avaiation School. There he is placed in competition with other excellent pilots, but his cheif rival is Iceman (Val Kilmer). This is your standard story of a boy wonder trying to prove himself to a father figure. The romance with his instructor is also sort of superficial. It is, however, very funny to watch all the bloated egos trying to function, resulting in very funny lines of dialog. Also the dog fights are very cool and exciting. Good job Tony Scott. I have met a lot of pilots who act just like these guys, but it didn't seem as funny at the time, though.
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on April 11, 1999
I ordered this DVD as soon as it was announced, and I'm glad that I own it (I absolutely love Top Gun, and the DD 5.1 track is very nice), but Paramount needs to get a clue! The video transfer is better-than-average, but there is some MPEG artifacting (especially in the widescreen cut), *no* extras, and the menus are rather annoying. Top Gun is a great movie, definitely worth buying if you enjoy it, but compared to the disc Gods (New Line, Criterion, Warner), this is hardly a DVD spectacle. There are far better demonstrations of what the medium can do in terms of audio (Fifth Element, Armageddon, Ghost in the Shell), video (LA Confidential, Tomorrow Never Dies:SE), and virtually all discs have more extras than this. Shame on Paramount for making a wonderful movie but a far-below-standard disc.
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