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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on October 5, 2004
When I first heard that GC had a new album coming out I didn't have high hopes for it. I assumed this from a few song titles I heard where going to appear on the album. But than Predictable came out and caught my ear. Eventually after seeing the video 4 or 5 times I became sick of the song I always do when it comes to mainstream commercial hits with favorite bands.
I was half expecting to hear another song dedicated to there dad or a bunch of references to him throughout the record. It's good that I didn't because they've played that card enough.
I will give an individual track review.
1. Once Upon A Time:The Battle Of Life And Death- Very suprising opening. Impressive. Good Stuff.
2. The Chronicles Of Life and Death- Typical expected bouncey pop/punk melody. But I still like it.
3. Walk Away(Maybe)- The way Joel sings this song reminds me of Rise Against because his tune sounds similar to the lead singers. Good song.
4. S.O.S.- A favorite! This song is looking through a kids' eyes and going through the emotions about to committ suicide. The songs corus reminds me of The Police's song S.O.S. I'm also likeing the guitar solo it shows that the bands instrumental skills have gotten better.
5. I Just Want To Live-I love this song. It has a bouncey hip hop/ska feel to it. Benji and Joel's Beastie Boys influence shows it this song.
6. Ghost Of You- Another favorite. This song gives off a dark and earie feeling when listening to it. It's about the past tense of a break up and still haveing little reminders physically or mentally about the person.
7. Predictable-First single. Like the Violins at the beginning. About girls being predictable when it comes to dateing. Still a good song.
8. Secrets-This song is self explanitory in the lyrics. This song sounds more retro rock to me. Another Good tune.
9. The Truth- Another relationship song. One of my instant absolute favorites! A very slow piano driven song which makes it sound depressing.
10. The World Is Black- Another bouncy pop/punk song. This one is about the cold, honest reality of the world we live in. Good song.
11. Mountain-More typical pop/punk. Another relationship song. A very positve song though.
12. We Believe- This song is very radio friendly rock. It has a U2 feel to it.
13. It Wasn't Enough-Another catchy rock sounding song. With a slow fermular melody and chorus.
14. In This World(Murder)- I'm not really feelin this song. But I like the chorus.
15.(secret track) Meet My Maker-I like this song. The guitar reminds me of a Manson song.
All in all a very good album. I recommend all who are curious about this new effort from GC to go pick up the album.
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on February 12, 2005
When I went out to buy this album, I only knew two of its songs: I Just Wanna Live and Predictable. I found out that here was much more to this album than I thought. Good Charlotte really nailed it with this one. Here's my review of each track:
1. Once Upon A Time: The Battle for Life And Death(Instrumental): Didn't get it. 2/5
2. The Chronicles Of Life And Death: A catchy song but not a great one. 3/5
3. Walk Away(Maybe): Good song. Heavy sound and lumbering guitars. 3/5
4. S.O.S.: One of my faves. Sad and depressive but fast-paced. 4/5
5. I Just Wanna Live: Good song. I guess everyone's heard this one. Different style to it. Gettng old. 4/5
6. Ghost Of You: A little bit too slow and a tiny bit boring. But that's your call. 3/5
7. Predictable: Another oftenly played song. Very good. But yet somewhat getting old. 4/5
8. Secrets: A good song but not their best delivery. 3/5
9. The Truth: An O.K. song. Could have been better if the verse wasn't so repetitive. 3/5
10.The World Is Black: Rythm and sound aren't great but the lyrics are meaningful. 4/5
11.Mountain: Not amazing but has some meaning. 3/5
12. We Beleive: Powerful lyrically except for the verse. Instruments and arrangements not in top shape. 3/5
13. It Wasn't Enough: A little bit repetitive.3/5
14. In This World(Murder): Lyrically, a great song but somewhat weaker on the instruments and arrangements.4/5
15. Meet My Maker: A beatiful song about death. 4/5
Well as you can see, the album is definitely a meaningful one but Good Charlotte were a tad bit weak on the instruments. Though I still highly recommend this album if you're a Good Charlotte fan or are familiar with the new wave punk-ska scene. I hope my review helped you in your decision making.
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on November 2, 2004
I have to say that even though I was a fan of Good Charlotte before... I wasn't as devoted and crazy as their hard core fans. After buying "The Chronicles Of Life And Death", I can now say that I am a hard core fan. I had their other two albums and thought they were really good... but this one takes the cake for sure. I think they have shown true growth lyrically and musically. It is a little different than some of their older material, but different in a good way. I think that every song on this album is easy for anybody out there to relate to. They are dealing a little more with world issues on this album as well, like the song "In This World (Murder)", which is one of my favourites. I think its kind of cool as their fans to hear what they think of all they mayhem that is happening in the world lately. My other favourites on the album are "S.O.S." as well as "Walk Away(Maybe)", "Secrets", "The Truth" and "I Just Wanna Live". I also recommend The Death Version of the album. I like the bonus track ("Meet My Maker") on The Death Version a lot better than the bonus track ("Falling Away") on The Life Version, but thats just my personal opinion. Bottom line... I bought the album the day after it was released and it hasn't left my C.D. player yet. If you like Good Charlotte, go out and get it, it's well worth the money.
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on October 16, 2004
this cd rocks! its just as good or even better than "the young and the hopeless". i dont personally like "once upon a time: the battle of life and death". "the chronicals of life and death" (the song) is good (in a punky pop kind of way). i also like "walk away (maybe)". the geetar is wicked! "SOS" is a good song, but i like the more up-beat songs. i like "i just wanna live". you can tell the twins like the beastie boys in the song. i love the beginning in "ghost of you". "predictable" is an ok song. "secrets" is a great song! i like "the truth" but its not one of my faves. one of my favourite songs is "the world is black". it sounds alot like the cure! "mountain" has an b-e-a-utiful beginning. its a great song. "we believe" is a sad song but its ok. i like "it wasnt enough" because it changes alot (from slow to fast to medium). "in this world (murder)" is good. not one of my faves. "meet my maker" has a good beginning. i like it!
all in all, i like this cd and highly recommend buying it!
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on October 2, 2004
I listened to the CD (...), and I was severely dissapointed.
As song writers, Good Charlotte have not made any progress, and actually seemed to digress, with songs so simple that a two year old would understand them. In Good Charlotte's earlier offerings that was exceptable, but by know, with all the money in the world, you just have to think that these guys would be happy, and that maybe they could move on from problems they face when they were 15, and onto more important issues in the world, like we've seen from so many other punk rock bands recently, like Green Day for example.
The songs themself leave much to be desired. Most of them follow the same ideas as other Good Charlotte songs, but this CD seems to have turned everything more "poppish," and not nescessarily in a good way, as I've liked some "pop punk" in the past, but I draw the line when punk rockers are hitting high notes like the Backstreet Boys.
Personally, I only enjoyed two songs on the CD, "Predictable" the first single, and "The Truth." Like the rest of the CD, they are about the same things we've heard from Good Charlotte a million times, but on these things they seem to either try something new musically, in "Predictable" or vocally, in "The Truth," but do so succesfully and emotionally, unlike some other attempts.
There are a few other listenable songs on the album, such as "Underneath This Smile" and "We Believe" but as you can tell from the titles, they are definitely something you've heard before.
If you are a big Good Charlotte fan, well, you're going to like this CD regardless. If not, then I suggest you just wait for the singles on the radio, as most of the CD is filled with filler in between a couple of good songs.
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on February 23, 2005
I found this CD in a computer at my school. When I found it I thought "Hey cool, a free CD!!! Good Charlotte? I've heard they were pretty good." When I got home I threw it in my CD player and hit play. The intro was different, but I kinda liked it... then the first song kicked in with the line "you come in this world, covered in blood, they're all soo happy you've arrived." bouncing along in a pop-ish beat. I was surprised... in a bad way. I listened to the whole song... it was mildly catchy but definitely not my style. I sat patiently through the whole album. And when it finally ended an hour or so later (I have to say I was impressed with the length) I was left very unimpressed. Good Charlotte is a very pop-punk band, and while I like punk, pop is not my thing. So, while I see how some people can like Good Charlotte, I wish I had left this CD in the computer where I found it.
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on October 6, 2004
I, like most other people heard the first single "Predictable" before the album actually came out. I liked this song, and they didn't overplay it to much on Much Music (Yay Canada). However, i didn't know what to expect from this album until i purchased and listened to it. All of the songs are great, and there is an improvement from Young and the Hopeless, and a definite improvement from there self titled album Good Charlotte. However, that is to be expected from a band as they grow and mature to become a main stream band. For the most part, if you enjoyed either of their first two albums you will probably enjoy this one, and it is definently worth it to buy.
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on April 9, 2005
Well a lot of people are dissing this new CD so I figured I'd give it some justice. Personally, I LOVE this CD. Yah sure their sound is different, but I think they're just maturing more as artists. Well I loved their old stuff as well, I think this album is a lot more serious and shows how much they've grown. The entire album is unique, all the songs are so different lyrically and musically. People need to realize that they're not kids anymore, they can't rub sunscreen on old people forever, sometimes you just need to grow up. That's exactly what GC did and I think the result is awesome. Great job boys!
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on October 13, 2004
This is a fantastic album, if you loved the darker more meningful songs of the last last album, such as 'hold on' you are sure to love this. For those of you who liked the more light hearted songs such as 'boys and girls' their is still songs for you on this album, such as 'i just wanna live'. People have critised GC for saying they have grown up on this album, but they have, and done it well. This albums really helps you connect with them as a band, musicans, and as ordinary people. If you liked them before, you will love them now!! enjoy.
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on October 29, 2004
first off all i dont get what the big deal is with the big mystery of their is music people enjoy it for what it is not for which category it belongs to. I heard predictable and loved it, awesome vocals~ so i got the cd and so far i have to say it ROCKS. my favourite songs on the cd are , walk away, S.O.S, i just wanna live, ghost of you and predictable, and the world is black......i love the music , the drum beats and the guitar riffs used. The upbeat music makes you wanna get up and jump around its wikid!
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