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4.2 out of 5 stars69
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 10, 2004
I guess people are molded by holywood standards and talk too much about some naked piece of flesh, but this movie is so much more than that. Relax and watch the movie and you'll enjoy it and if you have time to see the extras on the DVD you'll understand even better why it is so special. The plot, the actors, the camera and the music score are absolutely amazing. It's like drinking coffee at work (in US) for years and than you go somewhere overseas, in Italy or Spain and suddenly realize that coffee is so much more than some dirty brown water. You might not like it, but you'll have to accept that the real thing is great. Somewhere in this world some people think of acting and movies as a form of art, not just a money machine.
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"It's a story filled with advantages. The first advantage is that at the end of the story. It doesn't finish. It falls in a hole, and the story starts again halfway. The other advantage, and the biggest ... is that you can change course along the way. If you let me. If you give me time."

First viewing ... mostly watched and "kind-of" read the dialogue; found it a stunningly attractive film with good acting and confusing plot.

Second I sat down and went though some of the extras that were so caringly included on the DVD; and decided to really sit through it and try to keep on the dialogue. You can tell the makers of the film believed this one on terrific script.

Third, sat up until 2am reading and watching it. Wow, I was moved by the detail and caring that went into the script. The expressions on the faces: when Lucia runs home fearing something bad has happened to her boyfriend, the expression of the Nanny when she opened the door, and Lorenzo running down the street, and of course the last 20 minutes with the swaying camera (which was increased by having the actors walk on a board on-top of a roller to keep them off balance when they walked).

SYMBOLISM and Foreshadowing: The Moon=Daughter, Sun=Lorenzo, Mermaid=Mother. Even in early bar scene the TV images foreshadow what is to come; as does Lucia's review of his second novel and its "optimistic" ending she felt took away from the impact. The lighthouse and moon images. Such detail, even when it shows a couple getting into an SUV, the car interior is sudden lit to show bars in the back cargo area - so subtle it is easily missed, but so important.

Sex is a theme, and they use it to effect the viewer -- yes trick the viewer -- into focusing on it just like the characters are doing and to miss the gravity of what is important around them. Sex is the Island -- and it is hollow -- such is how people focus on sex as being the substance of something when it is not the fabric of reality people seem make it. Hypocrites (people in denial) will have a real tough time with the nudity because - guess what - they obsessed on it just like the characters in the movie. Take it like someone holding hands, going shopping, or eating dinner -- sure it is part of life, but it is not what life is about (the hollow island).

It takes some concentration, but you will find it so moving. This movie is packed with so much content, you get more out of it with each viewing. Highly recommended for the thinkers out there.
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on April 17, 2004
this movie does require the viewer to pay attention so that you do not get lost in a somewhat complex little story.
I really did have to restart to DVD since it kind of jumps at you from the get go as the director flashes from the present to the past without warning. If you enjoy books along the Black Lace line of erotica then this definitely is the DVD for you. Our waitress heroine. Lucia, knows what she wants and is willing to work for it even though the man she loves is a suicidal writer on the verge of imploding.
As an added bonus the cinematography and acting of course are stupendous, the sex is not gratuitous and clearly provides the motivation of the story. But, again be forewarned you have to pay attention to the story and watch it to the end to enjoy the full art of this great erotic masterpiece.
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on April 12, 2004
The first time I saw Sex and Lucia I was a bit shocked. I had never seen a film so sexually explicit(...). I couldn't watch it(...). Then I rented it a secong time and I sat through the whole movie. Boy was I dead wrong!! What an excellent movie! It has a very good plot with twists and all, great pacing (considering some spanish films are really long, slow and sometimes boring and plotless), breathtaking cinematography, excellent actors and creative erotism. I was so pleased with the movie that I decided to buy it. If you're too close minded and offended by explicit nudity then this movie is not for you(...).
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on May 20, 2004
A strong statement is being made here, the world has changed and sensuality is a large part of films, but it possesses this film like the Devil possesses a priest. This dvd is exellent. Watch this if you ever want to be a filmographer, the shots are magnificent, the story slow in spots, but well paced, the girl actaully is not too pretty but that just shows how good the cameramen are, they make even her look enticing, with shadows, and flatterign angles. a great art film, that has more vicual appeal then anything else, whcih is funny cuz the girl is almost what I would describe as ugly.
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on April 10, 2004
The thought of watching this movie came after i watched another beautiful movie, Malena. Malena was an excellent thought provoking movie, i did not expect Sex and Lucia to beat it. But it almost did.
The movie begins well, has several plots in the middle, and keeps you guessing till the very end, the end is very memorable. On the whole a movie which makes you think and wonder, it leaves you with a smile.
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on March 21, 2004
Sex And Lucia is one of the best films I've seen in recent memory, and I have seen MANY movies in recent memory. It is a pleasure these days to have a film so fully realized,so organically acted,and so beautifully woven together through a series of loose ends to come to a glorious,and emotional finale.As if that weren't enough,the film is also simply gorgeous to look at, and offers absolutely scrumptious natural images.
And it was almost shocking to see sex portrayed in such a natural,tender light.If you're hoping for a soft core porn movie with little plot involved, I couldn't recommend anything less.Sex in this film is used not to fulfill the viewer's libido, but to paint a picture of a blossoming,loving relationshop between two people.But I think the title is misleading and the trailer for this film was misleading because this film is not about sex.Yes, there is a plentiful amount of it(which would only be a shock to us sexually sheltered Americans), but this film is honestly not about sex.What is it about?It's about people, and coincidence,and circumstance,love,depression,heartache,betrayal- sex is just a factor in the film but not a subject.This is an absolutely wonderful film, which moves at a slow pace, but is fully rewarding at the end.Sex and Lucia is a film that I would recommend to ANY person on the planet who loves great films.Well, you're in for a treat because this one is remarkable.
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on March 2, 2004
The movie started fittingly with Lucia. Her relationship with her mentally depressed writer boyfriend, Lorenzo wasn't going well. Upon returning to their apartment, she got a phone call from the police to say that the boyfriend was involved in an accident. She hang up the phone, clouting herself from the possibility that Lorenzo might be dead. Off she went to Lorenzo's island, the island that mystified or haunted Lorenzo all this while. As she was there, we were brought to the past, to the beginning when it all started between Lucia & Lorenzo. Slowly, Lorenzo's mental block for his new novel started to be uplifted & we were introduced to the daughter, Luna that Lorenzo had with a woman on that island (a one night stand affair). As the movie progressed, we were also introduced to the au-pair or baby sitter that looked after Luna. The baby sitter confided to Lorenzo about her lust for her mum's live-in partner. It also happened that the baby sitter's mum was a porn movie star. Deep in his subconsciousness, Lorenzo had lust for the babysitter. How would all those characters relate to each other, and where does this movie lead us, you might ask. At times, I got myself confused as the movie shifted aimlessly between fact & fiction; past, present, & future. Somehow or rather, it all came together in the end, a very satisfying end, I might add. In some instances, when we watch an art movie, we might come across some endings that would have us exclaim, Huh? However, for this instance, all loose ends were tied up. It also affirmed to me about the point people having seven degrees of separation. Everybody knows everybody, & everybody is interrelated with everybody. Perhaps, it could be long winded at times but it could be me having to juggle through the English subtitles. Highly recommended. By the way, this movie is definitely R-rated with many flashy sex scenes.
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on February 23, 2004
I have tried, but have found most "erotic" films to be quite boring. Usually barely having a plot past most episodes of "Red Shoe Diaries", I find that much focus on sex without privacy and unzipped trousers, to be just plain dull. Now, having fully embarrassed myself with that, let it be said that "Sex and Lucia" is not one of those types of erotic films.
The story is that Lucia's lover has apparently committed suicide. She runs off to an island that apparently they used to talk about, and that he had anonymous sex on years ago with a different woman and he unknowingly fathered a child there. As the film spools out it's time-twisting narrative, we see more and more of the reasoning behind everyone's actions, and start to piece together the mysteries presented within.
Ok, I know that was a very vague synopsis, but I wouldn't want to take any of the fun away for anyone. The film goes back and forth in time so much that you start to wonder if some of the characters are merely imaginary in the writer's (Lucia's boyfriend's) head. The sex scenes are highly erotically charged and well filmed to make you laugh as well as picture you and your own lover doing some of these crazy fun things. The story plays out well, and although it definitely drags in some parts, the oddness of the back and forth through time storytelling will keep your interest, as you have to pay close attention to be sure when something is taking place in the narrative. The ending is satisfying, although some characters seem to have been just dropped, as the director seemed to have run out of things to say about them. Overall, a really good date movie.
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on February 6, 2004
I have two recommendations regarding this movie (aside from seeing it, of course): watch the unrated version, and watch it alone. The story is complicated and the manner in which it is revealed requires concentration by the viewer for full appreciation. True, the sex is explicit - but if you're an adult with any sexual experience you should be able to accept it as nothing short of compellingly authentic. If you were to watch this movie for the first time with someone else, you may not be able to get past the visual shock of seeing an erection (or the embarassment of getting one yourself!).
The story is stylistically original and profoundly touching, the cinematography is stunning (thanks to the Sony HD camera), and the actors (and acting) are beautiful. You will be seduced in every regard!
I was so moved by this film that I have decided to take up Spanish again, which I've barely touched since high school, except this time it will be European as opposed to Mexican Spanish. Also, I'm now planning to include a trip to Spain as part of a previously arranged trip to the U.K.!
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