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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I picked up the "Rocky Anthology" when it was on super-sale because getting five movies, including an Oscar winner for Best Picture, for under $20 is a pretty good deal. My assumption was that they were pushing this anthology to make room for the updated one that will include the sixth and "absolutely" last final movie. Yes, I understand that subtle psychological pressures are at play so that one day I will end up getting "Rocky Balboa" as well, thereby completing my collection, but I am okay with that because I liked the new ending to the saga a lot more than the old ending.

Ironically, this "Rocky Anthology" is not for the die hard fans of the series, because in terms of DVD extras all you really get with each film is the trailer. So this collection is more suited for those who like Rocky rather than those who love him. I am a bit in the middle because I still love the original, which is the least polished of the series but still the best of the bunch and one day I will at least check out the "Rocky" (Two-Disc Collector's Edition) because that is the one that deserves the all-out treatment. To some extent the sequels have taken some of the luster off of the original: if you message is that you can win without winning, then the rest of the series says, "Yo, but winning by winning ain't bad neither." Anyhow, here is my card on the five films:

"Rocky" (1976) is the story of a punk club fighter who gets a chance to fight for the heavyweight championship. Sylvester Stallone became the third person ever to be nominated for writing and acting Academy Awards in the same year (Charlie Chaplin for "The Great Dictator" and Orson Welles for "Citizen Kane" were the first two; Welles also got a directing nod and the following year Woody Allen would do the trifecta for "Annie Hall"). Stallone lost to Paddy Chayefsky and Peter Finch, both of "Network," but "Rocky" scored the big upset and took home the Best Picture Oscar. Why is this film the best? Let the man speak for himself: "Nobody's ever gone the distance with Creed, and if I can go that distance, you see, and that bell rings and I'm still standin', I'm gonna know for the first time in my life, see, that I weren't just another bum from the neighborhood." The supporting cast earned three Oscar nominations and getting Bill Conti to do the music was the final masterstroke. My only complaint with this movie is Apollo Creed is out on his feet before the bell rings and the ref should have called the fight (5.0 Stars).

"Rocky II" (1979) proved there was going to be a rematch after all. I say this in the theater, first show on opening day, and we were all screaming during the fight at the end like we were in the arena. Stallone starts directing these movies at this point and while the patented "Rocky" formula is already becoming obvious, he does pay attention to the psychology of Rocky and Apollo that forces them back into the ring. Automatic deductions for all that damn slow motion during the fight, especially the final falls (4.2 Stars).

"Rocky III" (1982) is the slickest of the bunch and the most entertaining film in the series. Yes, once again we have the end of the previous film at the start of the next one, but the montage contrasting the successful Rocky with the ascendant Clubber Lang, who is genuinely scary, is really nice. The scene with Hulk Hogan is a hoot and even though Stallone is going through the numbers again the fights are all short, sweet, and to the point (4.5 Stars).

"Rocky IV" (1985) is a painfully obvious message film. James Brown feels good in this one, but he is out of the movie before it starts to come apart. My problem is not with the ideology of this film and Rocky's plea for peace, but with the contrast between Drago's steroid induced strength and Rocky's run up the mountain training technique. A punch from Drago has an impact of almost a half-ton. I have no problem believing that the guy cannot take a bunch, but I cannot believe that Drago's haymakers do not take off Rocky's head, or at least tear his brain lose (3.5 Stars).

"Rocky V" (1990) finally deals with the brain damage that Drago must have caused, and throws in Rocky losing his fortune. Both of these are very real concerns for former boxers. Rocky trains young Tommy Gunn, ignoring his own kid in the process, as a way of reliving his former glory. When the kid betrays him, the two end up brawling on the street. I can accept that Rocky knows how to be a street fighter, but I draw the line at being able to fight when you have a concussion. The humanity that drew us to the character in the original is gone, and not in a transcendent way. However, I will give Stallone that he certainly plays out the character's flaws (3.3 Stars).

For those doing the math that works out to a 4 star rating on average, which is what you see above. A key factor seems to be the more punishment Rocky takes in the ring the less successful the film ends up being, but then if you want really realistic fights go watch "Raging Bull." I did one "Rocky" movie a day for five days and while my chances of watching "IV" and "V" again are slim and none, "Rocky" and the first two sequels will certainly get trotted out from time to time.
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on July 1, 2004
Let me start by saying that Rocky is my favorite movie series of all time. I won't give a short description of each movie since many reviewers have already done so.
My ratings of each movie:
ROCKY 1: 5/5; This is definitely the best movie in the series.
ROCKY 2: 4.5/5; Just about as good as the first one.
ROCKY 3: 4/5; This movie was OK. A little too 80's, but still a good movie.
ROCKY 4: 4.5/5; Not as good as the first one, but better than number 3. The only thing I didn't like about this movie is that it's a little short. 1 & 2 are 2 hours long, while this one is about 90 minutes, so it's over too soon.
ROCKY 5: 3/5; Not a bad movie, but my least favorite of the series. I kind of felt that this sequel was a bit unnecessary. It doesn't really help the series in any way, but I don't think it hurts it either.
Now that I've given my opinion of the movies, let me give my opinion of the DVD's:
ROCKY 1: Great picture quality, and great bonus features. I love watching the interview with stallone about the movie and it's nice watching Stallone and Carl Weathers practicing the fighting sequence. I also enjoy the audio commentary.
ROCKY 2: OK picture. It doesn't seem like they tried at all to clean up this movie. Also, there are just a few scenes where the audio sounds strange (when Rocky proposes) and the sound is fine on the VHS. Also, NO SPECIAL FEATURES! There have to have been scenes that were cut out, interviews, photos, SOMETHING!
ROCKY 3: Great picture and sound quality. But just like number 2, NO SPECIAL FEATURES!
ROCKY 4: Good sound, again it doesn't seem like they even attempted to clean up the picture and, again, NO SPECIAL FEATURES!
ROCKY 5: Great picture, great sound. Only one complaint. Can you guess what it is? NO SPECIAL FEATURES!
All in all, I love this series and I am so glad that it is on DVD; I just think they could have put more effort into releasing it. I mean, this is an MGM series. I always thought that Paramount and Warner Brothers were the only companies that put hardly any effort into their DVDs.
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on June 18, 2004
I love the Rocky movies. From the first to the last. Each one had something different. Yeah, it's true that the 2nd one has a lot of the first one. We see Rocky being managed by Micky, the running up the steps, the one arm puhsups and so on, but thre were some differences. Like Rocky initially wanting to bow out of the boxing business and trying to find work. The bout Adrian had and almost died. Adrian begging Rocky not to fight ever again but then changes her mind and says "Do it!" And of course this time Rocky wins.
Rocky 3 introduces Hulk Hogan and Mr. T to the world. We see Rocky lose to Clubber Lang (Mr. T) and then thanks to Apollo, he comes back to club Clubber Lang.
Rocky 4 is inspiring as we see the East vs West, the natural American vs the drug-steriod taking Russian. We lose Apollo Creed and in the end Rocky wins again.
Rocky 5 was a little disappointing at first. We see a riches to rags story as his financial man mismanages his money investing in real estate just as the real estate market goes flat and Rocky loses it all--his entire net worth. We see a Don King sort of promoter and in the end we see Rocky beat the crap out of his cocky understudy who turns his back on Rocky.
All five movies were great and worth watching, again and again. The musical score was great and still uplifting. The timing of this movie was perfect just as we were in the middle of a democrat-staged recession orchestrated by Pres. Carter and the Rocky I movie gave Americans at least a little something to feel good about.
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on July 3, 2004
American classics only come along once in awhile. Films like Star Wars, The Godfather, and The Terminator are among many. Sometimes you say to yourself, "If that movie never existed, it would have a real effect on culture today." And you're quite right. Star Wars brought us immortal lines like "Luke, I AM your father." and "May the force be with you." The Godfather brought the American fascination with the mafia to life. Just think, No Godfather, No Sopranos. And The Terminator established Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron's careers as well as the "technology gone wrong" and "I'm from the future" genres. Yes, films like these have believe it or not had an effect on everyone. And who can forget the world's sporting people. Everyone who participates in sports has to train hard and balance their personal lives with their professional lives. When I played basketball in high school, I had to. And we all need something to motivate us. To drive us. And being a film fanatic, I got my inspiration from a movie. That movie Was Rocky. Sylvester Stallone's masterwork series that showed us the stages of a man's life through his sport of boxing. From his one shot that put him on the map (Part 1), to his rematch that won him a world title (Part 2), to a rise and settlement, loss, and redemption (Part 3), to a burning vengeance (Part 4), to a retirement, betrayal, and final fight(Part 5). This series shows us that you can be the poorest, dumbest guy in the country, and become a legend just by taking your one chance. Now these movies are on DVD in a beautifully crafted boxed set. Now you can enjoy one man's journey from zero to hero anytime with a great DVD transfer and good special features on the first disc only (didn't understand that one.). This movie can change your life. Now, I recommend the first Rocky over them all because it's very realistic and humanistic. I recommend Rocky 2 as a good sequel with a shocking conclusion. Rocky 3 was the best sequel not only because of the performances of Hulk Hogan and the talented Mr. T, but because it shows how fame can cloud your mind and how putting bitter rivalries and materials behind to regain your drive can help you overcome. Rocky 4 was my least favorite not only for a far fetched storyline and that damned robot, but because it lost it's humanism to go for the revenge plot.Plus it was Stallone's blatant "let's end the Cold War" peace offering. It was saved by good performances, a great fight sequence, a cool villianous contender, and good 80's music. It also screws up the timeline of the story a bit. Rocky 5 regained the humanism and returned Rocky and Adrian back to their roots and it was good because it was different. Rocky had one fight, and it was one hell a fight- on the street. Plus it showed how quick trusting someone else in the fighting game can destroy you. These movies are all good but if you have to see any of them I rank them 1,3,2,5,4.
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on April 11, 2004
I LOVE THE ROCKY MOVIES!!! my god my god my god. they are totally awesome. the first is amazing because it details the beginning of Rocky Balboa's(Stallone) career & relationship w/Adrian(Talia Shire)..that fight against Apollo is one of the best boxing matches & is widely recognized. Follow your love for this movie onto Rocky II where Apollo Creed has a rematch w/the hero Rocky. in Rocky III, Mr. T fights Rocky.. Rocky & Apollo are best friends now & Rocky is really rising(hits the big bucks) meanwhile Adrian & he are still together. she's a very loyal wife. in part IV, Rocky heads off to Russia to fight Ivan Drago(Dolph Lundgren)..this is another gr8 fight..totally & completely nail-biting. & in Rocky V, well Rocky's had many downs in his life/career right now.. audiences find Rocky managing an ambitious youngster & having father-son issues..i suppose what makes these movies one of my faves & one of those well-loved movies is: it demonstrates how a common guy can have a dream,fulfill it, rise up in his career & life, then suddenly fall because of a stupid mistake..the important thing is to realize who is w/him throughout all this time. Rocky's a very courageous, down-to-earth type character. combined w/gr8 fighting sequences & renowned music themes, the ROCKY movies are immediate take-home Blockbuster material. Why are you wasting time reading this?? Buy the movies!!! the DVD is gr8! complete w/awesome features. well hope ya like it!
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on February 14, 2004
This is a five disc Rocky DVD set. A great item for any die hard fans.
Rocky (1976)

Rocky Balboa is a small-time boxer who lives in an apartment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his career has so far not gotten off the canvas. Rocky earns a living by collecting debts for a loan shark named Gazzo, but Gazzo doesn't think Rocky has the viciousness it takes to beat up deadbeats. Rocky still boxes every once in a while to keep his boxing skills sharp, and his ex-trainer, Mickey, believes he could've made it to the top if he was willing to work for it. Rocky, who has a dog, goes to a pet store that sells pet supplies, and this is where he meets a young woman named Adrian, who is extremely shy, with no ability to talk to men. Rocky befriends her. Adrian's brother Paulie, who works for a meat packing company, is thrilled that someone has become interested in Adrian, and Adrian spends Thanksgiving with Rocky. Later, they go to Rocky's apartment, where Adrian explains that she has never been in a man's apartment before. Rocky sets her mind at ease, and they become lovers. Current world heavyweight boxing champion Apollo Creed comes up with the idea of giving an unknown a shot at the title. Apollo checks out the Philadelphia boxing scene, and chooses Rocky. Fight promoter Jergens gets things in gear, and Rocky starts training with Mickey. After a lot of training, Rocky is ready for the match, and he wants to prove that he can go the distance with Apollo.
This Rocky movie is I think the best of the series.
Rocky II (1979)
In the aftermath of his celebrated match with World Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed, Rocky Balboa enjoys his success, and the money he earned from the match, which was declared a draw, and the heavyweight championship didn't change hands. He marries his fiancee Adrian, buys her an expensive fox fur, a sports car for himself, and a large new home. When a projected stint in TV commercials fails because he is unable to remember his lines and cannot read the 'dummy boards' being held for him, an embarrassed Rocky is forced to work for the meat packing company that Adrian's brother Paulie works for. When Rocky later gets laid off from the meat packing company, Adrian, who is now pregnant, tries to support them by continuing to work in the pet shop. Rocky believes he has no future as a boxer and accepts a menial job at the gym run by his former trainer Mickey. Apollo, angered by repeated taunts that his fight with Rocky was fixed, is eager for a high-profile rematch with Rocky to prove that the match was a fluke. Adrian is against it, and doctors have warned Rocky that with his injured eye, another fight could seriously damage his eyesight. With the family resources declining and his pride wounded, Rocky decides that fighting is all he knows how to do, and he makes the decision to get back in the ring with Apollo. Adrian's lack of support affects Rocky's training, much to Mickey's dismay. When Adrian lapses into a coma after giving birth to a baby boy named Rocky Balboa Jr, Rocky stops training. After Adrian later emerges from the coma and tells Rocky to beat Apollo, Rocky resumes his training. Adrian's love for Rocky is selfless, and Rocky, who feels the same way, is determined to win the title from Apollo this time.
Another good Rocky movie of the series.
Rocky III (1982)
Three years and 10 successful title defenses after beating Apollo Creed, with whom he has become great friends, a now wealthy Rocky Balboa is considering retirement. Fame and complacency soon cause Balboa to lose his title to Clubber Lang, who inadvertently causes the death of Rocky's trainer Mickey. Rocky sinks into a depression, and Apollo decides to train Rocky for a rematch against Lang so Rocky can try to win the title back.
Another good Rocky movie of the series.
Rocky IV (1985)
Heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Balboa accompanies his friend Apollo Creed, who will be in a match against Ivan Drago, a Russian boxer who has been scientifically trained, using high tech equipment. When Drago kills Apollo in the match, Rocky blames himself for Apollo's death, and promises to get revenge on Drago in the ring, in the name of Apollo and the United States. Against the wishes of his wife Adrian, Rocky is off to the USSR to take on Drago, and hires Apollo's former manager Duke to help him prepare for the fight. While Drago enhances his amazing punching power using high-tech equipment, Rocky toughens up under the guidance of Duke in a compound in the frozen Soviet countryside, with his mind set on destroying Drago.
Another good Rocky movie of the series
Rocky V (1990)
World heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Balboa returns home to Philadelphia to a hero's welcome after defeating Ivan Drago in a brutal match. Rocky soon discovers that his match with Drago has left him with damage to his brain, and his fortune, which he had entrusted to his wife Adrian's brother Paulie, has been squandered by an incompetent accountant. In debt to the IRS, Rocky is forced to sell most of his possessions, including his mansion. Rocky, Adrian, and their son Rocky Balboa Jr, move back to Rocky's old neighborhood in South Philadelphia. Adjustment to the dramatically different lifestyle proves to be more difficult for Rocky Balboa Jr than it is for Rocky and Adrian. Junior quickly becomes involved with a bad crowd, and encounters a bully. Meanwhile, financially desperate Rocky is tempted to re-enter the ring when shady promoter George Washington Duke offers him a huge amount of money to defend his title. Adrian insists that Rocky not risk his life by returning to the ring. Rocky's financial future looks bleak, until he is approached by a young boxer named Tommy "Machine" Gunn, who idolizes Rocky and begs Rocky to help him train. Rocky agrees to train Tommy, but this hurts Rocky's relationship with Junior, who believes Rocky is neglecting him in favor of Tommy. Junior becomes even more deeply involved with the bad crowd that he has fallen into. Junior even undergoes training and beats up the bully who was harassing him. After Tommy wins his first few matches, he starts becoming arrogant. When Tommy, who wants a high profile match against a champion, arrogantly decides that Rocky is not moving him up quickly enough, an impatient Tommy turns his back on Rocky and hires Duke as his new manager. While this gives Rocky and Junior the chance they need to work things out with each other, Tommy wins a belt, and still doesn't have the respect that he's arrogantly looking for because fans always boo him. Duke tells Tommy that the only way to get the respect Tommy wants would be to beat Rocky one-on-one, so Duke and Tommy find Rocky at a bar, and Tommy challenges Rocky to a street fight that may put Rocky's life on the line.
This Rocky movie is good. Even though it did bad in the box office, it's still a classic.
NOTE (for die hard Rocky fans): There's word about there being a Rocky VI! For info go to
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on November 16, 2003
This is my interpretation of the five Rocky movies including the stories, my opinion about the movie and box-office results.
ROCKY (1976) - 117,000,000$ domestically
This movie is the story about a small-time Philadelphia club fighter named Rocky Balboa, who doesn't seem to get any luck. Though he works as a collector for a second-rate loneshark, he fights in clubs for mainly nothing. He meets Adrian, the girl who works at a pet shop, for whom he falls in love. Adrian's brother, Paulie is always bothering Rocky to give him a job as a collector and Mickey, his trainer gets him out of the gym. So, everything seems to be going bad for Rocky, until the Heavyweight Champion Of The World, Apollo Creed picks Rocky to fight him since he can't get any good challenger for the fight. Rocky jumps at the chance to make something of himself and his whole life becomes a million-to-one shot.
This is the original movie that started it all. It won the 1976 Best Picture Oscar and picked up two more Oscars. Sylvester Stallone became a star around the world and was nominated as Best Actor at the Academy Awards. What is so good about this movie, is the script. Sylvester Stallone wrote it himself for 23,000$ and it was shot with a small budget of one million dollars. This movie is about courage, love and believing in yourself. It is the ultimate feel-good movie that has been copied so many times since it's release. If you haven't seen the original Rocky, you haven't seen anything.
ROCKY II (1979) - 71,000,000$ domestically
After going the distance with the Heavyweight Champion Of The World Apollo Creed and losing by unanimous decision, Rocky decides to retire. He gets married with the love of his life and with the money he made with the fight, he buys a house, a car, some new clothes and stuff for the house. He then learns that Adrian is pregnant. So, Rocky, having spend all of his money from the fight, has to make some new. He tries to make some commercials, but he can't read and blows the whole thing. He then learns to read and tries to find an office job, but his efforts come to nothing. Rocky finally gets a manual job at the Philadelphia meat house, but loses his job. Meanwhile, Apollo Creed wants to get a rematch with Rocky Balboa to prove that Rocky is just a lucky club fighter, but he knows that Rocky has retired, so he sets out to challenge Rocky on TV. Rocky sees Apollo's challenge and knows that he has to put his gloves back on and prepare for the fight of his life.
This movie was very hard to write, because Sylvester Stallone had to come up with a story as good as the first one. Though it doesn't have the charm of the first one, it's totally entertaining and is a very good follow-up to one of the most-acclaimed movies of all-time. Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed and stars in this powerful sequel that was shot with a budget of 8 million$. If you loved the original, you gotta see this one.
ROCKY III (1982) - 125,000,000$ domestically
This movie takes place three years after Rocky won against Apollo Creed and became the Heavyweight Champion Of The World. Rocky, then, scored ten consecutive wins, earned millions of dollars and became famous around the world. Then, Rocky meets the ferocious #1 Challenger, Clubber Lang and learns that all of his fights since his win from Apollo Creed are set-ups for him to win. Rocky decides to fight Clubber Lang, but he loses the fight by K.O. in Round 2 and loses the title. It is clear that Rocky has lost his edge, but when former Heaweight Champion Apollo Creed offers to train him, Rocky must accept and go back to his roots and prepare for a rematch with Clubber Lang for the Heavyweight Championship Of The World.
This movie is probably the most entertaining of the series. It has lots of action and it's really a good movie to watch if you have to regain trust in yourself. The movie is at the same time, exciting, sad and funny. Sylvester Stallone did a good job at writing, directing and acting in the movie. Mr.T is perfect as a Mike Tyson type-fighter. Rocky III is truly a great movie.
ROCKY IV (1985) - 127,000,000$ domestically
After regaining the heavyweight title from Clubber Lang, Rocky is proudly the champion for a second-time. Then, Soviet fighter Ivan Drago comes to Philadelphia in hope to fight Rocky Balboa, but it's Apollo Creed who wants to make a comeback and fight Ivan Drago. After the tragic lost by Apollo Creed, Rocky accepts to battle the 261-pound fighter and sets out to Russia to train for what is gonna be the most-challenging fight of his life.
This movie is again very good. It has lots of action, some good 80's rock music and the final fight is truly the best of all the Rocky movies. Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed, and stared in the fourth chapter of the Rocky saga.
ROCKY V (1990) - 40,000,000$ domestically
After wining against Ivan Drago in Russia, Rocky returns to Philadelphia as the champion, but things are about to get ugly when Rocky finds out he lost all of his money. To make matters worst, the injuries that Rocky substained from the fight forces him to retire. So, Rocky, Adrian and his son Rocky Jr. move back to the old South Philadelphia neighborhood. There, Rocky meets Tommy Gunn, a young fighter who wants to be trained by Rocky. Tommy Gunn rises to national prominance and betrays Rocky by going with promoter George Washington Duke. After Tommy becomes the Heavyweight Champion Of The World, he challenges Rocky to a fight. That's when Rocky knows he has to fight once again.
The problem with this movie is that it doesn't have the same big fights as in the other ones. Rocky fights in the street at the end of the movie for nothing and loses all of his money. Though the movie failed at the box-office, it remains a great tale of life after the crowd stops cheering and the glamour goes away.
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on July 14, 2003
Rocky (1976) - This movie follows the story of Rocky Balboa, a chump fighter in Philadelphia. He fights in clubs where he only gets paid 40$, he has a very small apartment where he lives with his two turtles. He falls for Adrian, a very shy woman who works at the pet shop in the neighborhood and lives with her brother who is also Rocky's friend. His manager gives his locker at the gym to another fighter. So, everything is hard for Rocky, but everything changes when Apollo Creed, the Heavyweight Champion Of The World gives a shot at the title to Rocky. Rocky, must then take his courage at the chance for a million to one shot. This movie is the best movie in the world because it's all about being poor and making it big. The movie is funny, dramatic and it touched me in a way that no other movie did.
Rocky II (1979) - After going the distance with Apollo Creed and losing the fight by anonimous decision, Rocky decides to retire. He gets married with his love, Adrian. He buys a home, a car and other stuff like clothes and jewelery with the money he made with the fight. He then learns that Adrian is pregnant, so he gets a deal to make commercial, but it doesn't work. So, he gets a job at the meat factory in Philadelphia, but he gets laid off almost right away. Rocky has no more money and he has a family to provide for, so he sells his car to Paulie, Adrian's brother. After being challenged on TV by Apollo for a rematch, Rocky accepts. He starts training for the fight, but isn't focused on training, he worries about Adrian, who doesn't approve of this fight. He finally convinced Adrian to let him fight and he starts training very hard for another chance at the world's biggest title. This movie is a very good follow-up to the first movie. Rocky was such a hard movie to make a sequel of and Sylvester Stallone proved he could do anything.
Rocky III (1982) - This movie takes place about four years after the second movie. After beating Apollo Creed and becoming the Heavyweight Champion Of The World, Rocky becomes rich and starts defending his title. He becomes popular around the world and makes commercials, signs autographs, makes appearances on TV. After four years and ten succesful title defenses, Rocky is on top of his game, he fights with Hulk Hogan for a charity match and receives a statue at the Philadelphia Art Museum. That's where he meets Clubber Lang, the #1 heavyweight challenger in the world. After being insulted by Clubber, Rocky accepts to fight him. But, Mickey, Rocky's manager refuses to train Rocky for this fight and admits to Rocky that every fighter Rocky defended his title to was hand picked. Rocky is upset, but finally convince Mickey to train him telling him that he is going to retire after this fight. The fight comes and Rocky is ready, but Mickey's health upsets Rocky and he cannot be focused on the fight. Rocky loses the fight and gives up boxing. Rocky is down and the man that Rocky would never expect to see, comes to him, this man is Apollo Creed. Apollo decides to train Rocky for a rematch with Clubber Lang for the World Heavyweight Championship. The fight is on and Rocky must train as hard as he can to rise above and go back on top. Rocky III is one of the best movie of the saga, because it has lots of action and it's different than the first two movies. Once again Rocky hits home.
Rocky IV (1985) - After winning the World Heavyweight Title for a second time, Rocky is kinda keepin'it real at home with his wife Adrian and his son Rocky Jr. But, when Ivan Drago, a 261-pound Russian fighter comes to America, Apollo wants to fight him. So, with Rocky's training, Apollo fights the Russian, but he underestimate the fighter and tragically loses the fight. After the fight, Rocky accepts to fight the Russian at Christmas in Russia to avenge Apollo. Rocky trains in a new way in Russia and, hits the stage for the most difficult fight of his life where he has to meet not only the colossal fighter, but a crowd that for once is not on his side. Rocky IV is the second-best movie of the serie after the original, because it has the best action and the fight is the best of all the movies.
Rocky V (1990) - Rocky comes back from Russia and is forced into retirement. But, other problems comes to Rocky, he is broke. He is forced to sell his house and his personal things like cars, motorcycles and stuff he has in his house. He goes back to his old neighborhood at Paulie's house. His son has to go to a school where some punks beat him up for his jacket. Rocky re-opens the gym where Mickey used to train him and starts training young fighters, while being pursuied by Mr.Duke Washington for a comeback fight. That's where he meets Tommy Gunn, a young hungry fighter that wants Rocky to train him. Rocky finally accepts and as Tommy Gunn rises to fame, he gets caught in the web of Mr.Duke Washington, who offers him a house and a sport car. Tommy gives up Rocky for Duke and becomes the Heavyweight Champion Of The World. Meanwhile, Rocky tries to arrange things with his son, who doesn't want to see him, because he spends too much time with Tommy. When Tommy becomes the champion, everyone accuses him of having the fight rigged and he decides to prove to the world what he's worth. In order to do that he must fight the World's Most Beloved Champion, Rocky Balboa. This movie could've been better, the fact that Rocky loses his belongings makes the story a little bit boring and Tommy Gunn doesn't have the meaningful look of Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago.
In conclusion, this saga is the most incredible in the world. If you like action, love, suspense and the idea of starting with nothing and becoming the world's most beloved person, then buy those movies.
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on July 8, 2003
Writer , director and actor Sylvester Stallone who at the time in 1976 became an overnight megastar with his powerful and
honest performance in this 1976 Best Picture winner Rocky in the
first and let's face it best of the entire 5 part anthology Sly
Stallone plays Rocky Balboa and mans everyman who is trying to
prove that he has talent by taking amature fights with nobodys,
he struggles to even make a dollar and to his freind and soon
to be trainer Mickey(Burgress Merideth) he sees that Rocky has
the potential to become the greatist boxer since Marceano but
Rocky is loosing hope that he will ever be given a chance and
starts to focus a relationship on a young shy woman Adirian
(Taila Shire), who Adrain quickly falls in love with because
she is the only one who really understands all of him.But
things soon change when the current heavyweight champion of
the world challenges an underdog for a chance to win the title
from him.This is Rocky big chance to prove to himself and the
world that he was not just a bum, that for the first time in his life he is doing something right,wich sets up the nothing short
of amazing first match between Apollo Creed(Carl Weathers) and
Rocky wich are some of the best boxing scenes ever filmed in
the history of cinima one of the greatist if not the greatist
sports film in Hollywood history.
Rocky 2:Slyvester Stallone tries his hand at directing and everyone from the original is back Taila Shire , Bugress
Merideth, Carl Weathers, after the huge epic match between
Rocky and Apollo , Apollo is now ready to give Rocky a rematch
but Rocky does not wish to box anymore and decides to make it
on his own with his new wife Adrian having bad luck and going
into poverty once again , Apollo decides to use humiliation
tactics to get Rocky to fight again , when his wife has an
accident with her baby , Micky and Rocky decide to train in
preperation for the second fight between Rocky and Apollo in
a match much more brutal and tougher then the first but will
win Rocky something that he has never had the Championchip
and the respect.
Rocky 3:Sylvester Stallone for the second time directs this
honarable and fairly good sequel to Rocky.After winning the
championship Rocky is now trying to get used to his newfound
stardom defending his belt along the way 10 consecuative times
but when another #1 contender comes Clubber Lang(Mr.T) insults
him and his family , Micky(Bugress Merideth) will not have any
part of it , but when Micky decides to train him he looses him
in an accident in a first fight with Lang and Rocky for the
first time in his life faces defeat,with his freind Apollo
(Carl Weathers) who helps him he will need more then just training to beat Lang he will need the eye of the tiger.
Rocky 4:Sylvester Stallone for the third time directs the most
patriotic Rocky of the enitre series , An announcement is made
from The Soviet Union a Russian boxer Ivan Drago(Dolph Lundgren)
is the newest boxing challenger , Rocky goes along with Apollo's
idea to challenge the Russian to an exhibiton fight but tragedy
strikes when Apollo is dead from Ivan Drago , Rocky could have
stopped the fight but by the wish of his freind he did not in
spight of what he has been told that Rocky shouldn't box anymore
he does and goes to Russia to face some of the most grueling
training he has ever had.Rocky not only has the fate of a nation
on his shoulder but also the fact , that he could seriously be
hurt but if it is a chance to show and enimey of America a
good moarle he will do it for the sake of peace this epic fight
takes place between two nations divided.
Rocky V:Rocky now having lost his riches has dicided to goi back
to his roots to his old neighborhood him his wife and his son can
hopefully understand , Rocky having been told that he has severe
brain trauma to the head he is told to never fight again all the
while having problems with his son(played by Stallones real life
son),His son is loosing hope the his is a good father to him all
the while an up and coming fighter Tommy Gunn(Tommy Morrison),
is fighting and reminds Rocky of himself, and Rocky takes him in
and becomes a father figure to Tommy all the while Rocky ingnores
his son more and more as Tommy realizes he won't get a shot at
the title he goes into proffesional boxing and Rocky is being
coerced and laughed at because he will not fight against Tommy
but Rocky quickly finds out that in order to show his son that
he is a man he must face Tommy not for him not for his wife
but for the love of his son.
A great series and a legendary film in the first Rocky by far
the best out of the series , Rocky the only disk that has Special
Features has an insightful commentary by Slyvester Stallone and
featuresttes good 5.1 sound none ofthe others match up to it as
far as picture quality , film quality , and sound but the others
are none the less fun to watch.It is worth the money for these
five films are entertaining and the first film is legendary so
trust your instincts and get this series you'll be glad you did.
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on June 9, 2003
Rocky is a movie that won over the hearts of many americans. It has action,drama, and a little bit of romance but not much. The films are based on a underdog fighter named Rocky Balboa and how he fights his way to become the heavy weight champion of the world. Rocky the first one was based on the first time Rocky faced the heavy weight champion. Rocky 2 was kind of the same thing but a little bit different. Rocky 3 was when Rocky had to faced a hard hitting fighter from Chicago named Clubber Lang ( Mr.T). Rocky 4 is when Rocky's friend Appollo Creed the former heavy weight champion of the world is killed by a 6 ft. 6 in. Russian named Ivan Drago and Rocky must travel to Moscow to face this mountain of muccle this movie is my favorite because it has the hardest hits that make you want to say ouch! Rocky 5 kind of stunk because rocky didn't even fight a great fighter in fact he didn't even fight until the end which was with his new student Tommy Gunn who wasn't really a great fighter. So I would get this so that way you could follow the whole series but I say Rocky 4 is the best.
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