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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on December 27, 2015
Make sure to check this DVD as soon as you received it or at lest make sure you do that before 30 day exchange or return policy expires. The one I received was not playable in this region although it stated correct Region 1 and NTSC at the back of DVD. After 30 days you are out of luck with Amazon replacement or return policy.
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on January 22, 2014
the video part of the tape was good the audio was terrible. It had a lot of background static and noise not impressed at all
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on December 23, 2008
Great movie (especially at Christmas). Who are the morons who decided to pan and scan it? This DVD is a travesty, an atrocity - like an accountant trimming the Mona Lisa to save costs on the frame. Do not encourage the philistines by buying this abomination!
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on January 16, 2016
The movie was black and white! It dose not day anywhere that this is the case. My friends copy was colour. Didn't watch it! Very disappointed.
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on January 7, 2016
did not enjoy this movie. full of drinking and a few inappropriate scenes for family viewing.
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on March 15, 2000
There is virtually no plot to this story and it there are numerous examples of overacting. Also, what content there is to the story is quite implausible. For example, the viewer is expected to believe that the capitalist, big businessman, Mr. Potter, is nothing but a mean-spirited, selfish old codger that wants nothing more than to obtain total control over the livelihood of the people of Bedford Falls. His chief foil to his schemes is the Bailey Building & Loan; run first by George Bailey`s father and then by George himself. The Bailey`s run their business altruistically and as a result they are continually on the edge of bankruptcy. It finally appears that this will finally happen when George`s feeble-minded uncle inadvertently left $8000 of the bank`s money in a folded up newspaper that he gave to Mr. Potter. While in is most definitely wrong for Mr. Potter to have kept the money knowing that it wasn`t his it seems rather odd that a properly conducted investigation would have revealed these facts. Plus, there is also the question as to why anyone would allow someone to remain employed in their own business beyond that employee`s ability. that is no way to run any business.
There is also a serious flaw in this movie`s other message of giving of yourself without reward. Throughout the entire story there are examples people either expecting or accepting rewards for their good deeds. For example, George`s brother Harry is honored for saving people`s lives during World War 2, George`s wife Mary, after the $8000 is discovered missing, calls in any favors that they have done for people over the years expecting a bailout, and finally, the angel Clarence accepts the assignment of helping George Bailey because he want to earn his wings. The point is that no one ever really does anything expecting nothing in return. That is just as true in heaven as it is on earth.
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on July 21, 2003
This is an extremely poor movie. It is a shameless enterprise in sentimentality, constantly bordering on bathos. Typical of many American films both of that period and contemporary times. Very boring to boot.
It gets all its mileage out of holiday sentiments, and the hazy glow of the holidays colors too many people's view of the film.
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on March 26, 2002
No wonder people cry at the end of this ridiculous stinker -- they're so grateful it's over! Jimmy Stewart, who was a returning war hero when he made this thing, is, as a result, totally miscast as a naive small-towner who never goes anywhere. Donna Reed is gorgeous but she was wasted making films in an era when she couldn't show off her body. Clarence the Angel is OK for the Teletubby crowd, but a movie intended for grownups as well? Yikes. All Lionel Barrymore's bad guy needs is a mustache to twirl and he'd be the perfect cartoon villain. The ending is a cheat -- not only would the whole table-full-of-money thing never happen in real life, but what about all the poor saps watching the movie who have to think, "Well, maybe George Bailey could believe his life is worth living, but he's a movie character, and the script is built that way -- what about me?" I can see this movie being responsible for more suicides than anything excluding Ingmar Bergman. Oh, and that line -- "She's an old maid -- she's just about to close the library" made me spit out my drink the first time I heard it. Give me A Christmas Story any day.
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on July 12, 2004
This movie never won any awards. It was so bad that the studio could hardly give it away when they first puit it on tape, then they let it be colorized just so they could sell SOME copies of it, and suddenly the big war cry from the Hollywood liberals was -- "OOH! Save a classic black and white film!" Baloney! No one liked this movie when it was made. No one liked it the 1950s. No one liked it in the 1960s. No one liked it in the 1970s. No one liked it in the 1980s, then SUDDENLY! -- it's an American classic. NOT! It's Communist propaganda about the "evils" of American free enterprise from a guy who made a lot of pinko films but never thought HE should have to live like this "common man" he kept making pictures about.
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