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on February 25, 2016
Warning: midway plot spoilers. SHE'S UGLY, BUT SHE PUTS OUT was said about John Messner's boat. This was his funny line which he delivered in a tough guy monotone as the guide, Bill Johnson, former special ops agent and acting school drop out. The movie has some great scenery as the movie starts with a native in Borneo being hunted by an extinct Tiger, escaping then to be eaten by a species of Anacondas that are not indigenous to that region. However that doesn't seem to phase the writers as they script in a group of scientists to look for a rare flower that doesn't exist either. It only blooms for six months once every six years and they only have 2 weeks to obtain it, or wait. This flower is believed to be a chemical fountain of youth.

Once in Borneo they obtain overpriced guide services to go up the river during the rainy season. During the trip, one of the two babes falls overboard and is accosted by a man-eating Borneo crocodile (They exist.). Our guide leaps into the water and kills the big rubber croc with a knife and saves the girl. Now the reason why she fell over is that she was doing a cell phone commercial on the boat by walking around with a phone saying, "Can you hear me now?" The problem is that these were NOT cell phones (no towers in jungle) but radio satellite phones which makes no difference where on the boat she stood.

It appears that the river is flooded and dangerous. The guide is bribed to take the dangerous route to save time. The boat cascades over a water falls and is lost, but everyone survives as does a cell phone used to call the guide's friend who will pick them up. However in order to get there they have to transverse through the jungles. Along the way, someone gets eaten by an Anaconda, a snake which has not just fangs, but a whole mouth full of long razor sharp teeth.

They arrive at the meeting location just in time to watch the rescue boat explode. Taking what the can, they decide to locate a nearby tribe of former head hunters so they can be rescued. But wait! The tribe has been eaten by snakes. It seems it is mating season for the snakes and neither the guide nor the natives knew when that was. Everyone in the group, except one evil corporate guy, wants to call off the quest. (Guess how that works out?)

Okay. The plot had a few minor holes in it. The snake had some close-ups and was realistic looking enough. The woman were pretty and at times sexy. The acting, except for Messner was passable for a horror flick. Messner at his best was about like Van Dien at his worst (I hope they got him cheap.)
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on October 25, 2007
Anacondas is the second of the anaconda films,but is not a sequel to
the is a stand alone film,and a fairly decent
fact, i thought it was better than the first one.there are no cast
members from the original film.i think the film takes a more serious
tone than its predecessor with less campy elements.The action scenes
are much more plentiful and intense.and instead of just one
anaconda,there are several,hence the title.there is an ensemble
cast,which are all competent,given the material.there an eclectic
character mix here ranging from the likable to the not so likable and
the completely hate inspiring.the motivations of the characters are
well fleshed out,always a good thing.the film itself delves into the
territory of implausibility at times,but there would be no movie
otherwise.Entertaining,fast paced with some thrilling sequences,combine
to make Anacondas a worthwhile experience.just don't expect anything
too deep. 3.5/5
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on August 24, 2015
It was a gift for my grandson.
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on March 5, 2014
2nd in series.. Great story.
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on August 5, 2015
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