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on February 17, 2006
The toy that comes with this set is indeed a GIR figure. It's just that it's GIR in "duty mode" (with the red eyes). Hee hee... "doody." Anyone who's seen the show ought to know that - you can tell by the stupid look on his face that it's GIR. Plus, the top of his head is removable "to make room for the cupcake" (not included).
Anyway, pick this set up! The show is awesomely hilarious, the extras are plentiful, and the house box is just about the coolest DVD storage box ever.
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on November 17, 2006
This has got to be one of the BEST DVD collections I have ever gotten. Not only does it have all the episodes, but the quality is excellent as well as sound. The extras are a huge enjoyment to watch, to see the voice actors, artists, production staff and music; how everything was done. It gives us a real insight on how a nickelodeon cartoon was made.

Not only does it all the episodes, but almost every episode has a commentary on it! (sometimes even 2!) Seriously, listening to the commentary is probably the most hilarious/amazing commentary I have ever heard. The stories they tell of their experiences on the show, what was supposed to happen but got changed, ADR moments, and lets not forget the randomness they throw in as well! (I would put the commentary on, and I would hear prolonged snoring, or even remaking the theme song to their hideous voices! :D) Another part of this is the hear PIG COMMENTARY! Nothing but PIGS commenting on the show! Not to mention other goodies like the original pilot episode of ZIM.

The extra disc is very interesting. There are audios from unaired episodes,(in which I then CURSE that the show was cancelled, but..what are ya gonna do?)interview with the Steven Marmel for music, actual music from the show, and unseen secondes from the Xmas episode.

Overall, I think they did a wonderful job on these DVDs. I'm just so happy that Mr. Scolex himself and his crew took time to comment on almost every episode, having a ZIM house to protect my precious DVDmeats of evil and having my very own GIR! I really hope other DVD collections will have the same things (of course, probably not as entertaining as this one).

I applaud Media Blasters for being awesome for bringing ZIM to DVD and Jhonen Vasquez for just existing in this world. He brings a unique style to animation, and I for one am greatful he decided to make an animated show. Here's to all of his (and his crew's) hard work at making something that will last forever (well, at least a mellenium).

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on February 28, 2007
Good good... excellent! Everything is there, or... almost. Not the Gir figurine. Now c'mon, if its out of stock, why not place another IZ caracter figurine? But whatever, the dvds are all there, with the special features, the box is incredible, in quality and in looks. Absolutely love it. Buy it!
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on February 17, 2007
Ok I'm from the UK and my son and me think Zim is the best and coolest Invader ever and Gir what can you say he is the sort of robot I would like to have.

For the past 2 years my son has had to put up with videos that I recorded for him off TV and as you all know VHS just don't last.

In the UK you can't get Invader Zim bits and I didn't think you could get DVD's of him I ordered the Complete series and then also the empty box set as recommended in your reviews, thanks for sharing what you did as this without a doubt has to be the best looking box set I have ever seen

Oh and my son has no idea that he is getting this, as its going to be his Easter present way better than chocolate don't you think.

So thanks for all your help and can't wait to see the Gir toy as well
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on May 13, 2005
Only one little problem with this box set I didn't get a "Gir Action Figure" I got a SIR for anyone who's watched the shows they will know the difference others wont care since it's just an action figure
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on October 7, 2014
Excellent set. Everything needed for the Invader Zim fan.
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on March 23, 2011
hey i didnt order this yet but read the reviews, and am confused. Does this come with the GIR toy or not? Thats the main thing i want lol.
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