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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on August 19, 2005
If you love one tree hill, a la me, you'll absolutely LOOOVE the entire first season of this awesome show! The DVD not only offers all 22 episodes, but also diaries of like behind the set stuff, including some funny stuff.. unaired scenes from episodes, music videos of gavin degraw, and my favourite, commentary from the entire cast (the teens and the parentals), of the last episode! Very very funny :p This is definitely worth the money, I watch mine all the time!!
Go out and buy it, one tree hill fans, you won't regret it!
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on January 31, 2012
At first, I was very iffy about this show. I learned that it was about two brothers who play basketball, and it didn't interest me that much.But after watching the first episode on youtube, I was instantly hooked! By the end of the first episode, you're like: 'How will Lucas change while he is on the team? Will him and Peyton get together? What happened between Karen and Dan?...' You're hooked, and I mean hooked. When you watch one episode there is no turning back.I just bought the first four seasons as a christmas gift to myself, and I loved rewatching the 1st season, it's one of my favorites. On the weekend, I started watching season four at 3 o'clock and I was done at five the next morning. Literally, I couldn't stop. I'm sure if I started watching the first season again, the whole cycle would restart. People say that they can rewatch the episodes over and over again, and it's so true! And every time you see something that you may have missed the first time around. It's like when you're a kid, and you watch a disney movie over and over again until you know it by heart. It's that way with OTH. And as a high school student, I can relate to these characters. The character I'm most like is Haley, the 'geek' of the main five. I just ordered the fifth season from Amazon, and I'm really excited to get it. Apparently the later seasons aren't as good, but as long as Lucas is in it I'm happy.

I totally recommend to buy the first four seasons, because if you're a seventeen year old like me who appreciates good tv, you're in for a treat. As Karen (Lucas's mom) says: "There's only One Tree Hill. And it's your home".
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on April 6, 2008
This was an amazing start to the season. It brings you into the story slowly, really allowing you to get to know thw characters making it easy to see their points of view throughout the season. Watching the first season will have you hooked!
Main Characters-
Lucas- Only child who lives with his mother. Doesn't lead a very priveleged life and his best friend is a girl named Haley. Everything changes when he leaves the river court and plays for his school team.
Hayley- She is Lucas's best friend. When she was younger she said that Lucas's family only had one kid and since her family had many she thought they needed her more. Things also start to change for her when Lucas joins the school team starting with Lucas's half brother wanting her to tutor him.
Peyton- Peyton is a very talented artist who expresses her (mostly negative) emotions through her work. She lost her mother when she was young and doesn't like to open herself to other people. In the begining her best friend is Brooke and she is also going out with Nathan Scott.
Brooke- Kind of a slutty girl in the start who's best friends is Peyton. She is very outgoing and perky and has a very wealthy Dad.
Nathan- The star of the shool basketball team and also Lucas's half brother. They two brothers don't get along and he is a real jerk to Lucas in the begining. He, unlike Lucas, does live a priveledged life although his dad is so hard on him you almost end up feeling sorry for Nathan, not Lucas.
Karen- Lucas's mom. She had Lucas at a young age and missed many oppratunities because of it. She owns a local cafe and is really nice :).
Dan- Lucas and Nathans dad. He left Karen when she was pregnant and soon got another girl pregnant but stuck with this one. He is very critical and has an evil mind yet is very persuasive. He is fairly wealthy and manages a car dealership.
Keith- Lucas's uncle, Dans brother. He is a mechanic and is like a father to Lucas. Him and his brother Dan don't get along and they often fight. He also loves Karen but is to afraid to speak his mind encase he ruins their friendship.

There are of course many other characters but to give you the idea I only included the main characters. This is an awesome series with an amazing begining. You wont regret buying it. Although I must say I just rented it but it is the type of series that you could watch more the once. Lovers of the O.C will be hooked on this series.
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on December 25, 2008
I bought seasons 1-3 a couple of summers ago on a whim; I was bored, and wanted a new show to watch. I'm not gonna lie, the first couple of episodes of season 1 are a little slow and glorify basketball, but it picks up. As for special features they're really cool; tons of deleted scenes, commentaries (with the creator & actors), and behind the scenes features. Visually the quality of the show gets significantly better as you get further into the show. 'One Tree Hill' has an awesome variety of music, and interesting storylines that I find are better than the average 'teen drama'. I'd definitely recommend this show, enjoy! P.S. order this item on instead of .ca, I got free shipping and it arrived in a week, you'll save a bunch!
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on July 19, 2005
This Second Complety Season Of One Tree Hill Should Be Awesome I mean with all those feature!! like the bonus episode of What I Like About You (I'm sure it's the Wedding Part 2 because Gavin Degraw gues star) and also the 49 minutes of unaired scenes, diaries from the set (behind-the-scenes material), a gag reel, "Music of One Tree Hill" documentary including concert tour footage, and more!
and it's to bad there not going to put it in french for right know... but i'm sure their going to put in french one time or a another!
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on March 24, 2008
One Tree Hill is by far the best show ever made. Now I know that sounds cliche but it's true. The cast is without a doubt amazing and obviously hot but the show goes farther then just pretty faces. It is about real life struggles and hardships and many people can relate to the story. It has a perfect balance of drama, comedy with soap-opera like twists and turns. One Tree Hill is definately worth watching and you won't be dissapointed. I sure wasn't!
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on February 25, 2006
can someone let me know if its possible to set this movie in french language not the subtitle
or where i can i buy a dvd set in french language please help me i really love this tv show
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on January 23, 2013
Didn't have the chance to listen to it yet but I tchecked the first DVD just to see if it works and yes, everything is fine ! Thanks !
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on February 12, 2016
Love it! But I hate how the video is a standard version (like a square) instead of widescreen! But other than that nothing is wrong!
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on January 21, 2013
one tree hill is 5 star it was damaged whenit got to my door though was not impressed as it was a gift
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