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4.8 out of 5 stars21
4.8 out of 5 stars
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on August 21, 2005
I had never watched Wonderfalls when it was on TV and didn't know anything about it. When I saw the DVD, I almost flipped past it, but I read the blurb on the back and it sounded so quirky and interesting, I bought the DVD - and I'm so glad I did!
This is an absolutely brilliant series. Clever, funny writing; perfect casting; superb acting with great comedic timing. I am shocked that it was cancelled after only 4 episodes. What were they thinking at Fox?! (or not thinking...)
This is the blurb on the back of the DVD box:
"Although a recent graduate of Brown University, Jaye Tyler decides to ignore her degree, live in a trailer and work at a tourist gift shop in Niagara Falls called Wonderfalls - much to the despair of her well-to-do family. But Jaye's aimless life takes a startling turn after a lion figurine begins talking to her. Her family calls it an 'episode,' but Jaye knows better. Fearing for her sanity, Jaye nevertheless starts doing exactly what an increasing number of inanimate objects tell her to do and is amazed when her outrageous actions begin changing people's lives in unexpected ways."
Sounds strange, I know. But you will love the series. I watched all 13 episodes in one weekend - I couldn't stop, it was so hilarious. I love the show. Highly recommend!
P.S. The DVD boxed set (3 discs) has the 4 original episodes, plus the 9 unaired ones; commentaries for select episodes; featurettes; music video. I wish it had more bonus features but it's still a terrific set.
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on March 19, 2005
I first heard of this show when I read a critic's review when it was first aired in 2004. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try and was immediately hooked by the humour and the unexpected twists and turns that the show takes you on. The actors are also great with impeccable comedic timing! When I heard it was going to be on Vision TV, I was ecstatic and now that the DVD has been released, it has definitely been worth buying. Not only do I have access to all the episodes at my fingertips but I can also use the DVD to recruit more wonderfalls fans!
If you're still not certain have a look at the reviews at the partner site customer reviews. There are over 100 reviews (108 right now) and all of them except for two that I saw were 5 stars... and the two that were four stars complained not about the show but about the lack of DVD features and the lack of respect for the show by FOX!
The show was filmed in Niagara Falls on the beautiful Canadian side (although the story is set in the US). And of course, don't forget that Caroline Dhavernas (Jaye) is from Montreal, Quebec and Tyron Leitso (Eric) is from Vancouver, BC! Excellent, eh?!
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on June 9, 2015
There's nothing bad to say about Wonderfalls, apart from the fact that it was cancelled so quickly (totally unfair). Because of this, the ending feels a little rushed to try and tie off all the characters stories in a satisfying way. My favourite episode is "Crime Dog", with Jaye and her brother Aaron's (Lee Pace; he's hilarious in this) adventure to Canada, led by a talking cow creamer (my mom actually brought home a cow creamer after watching this show!). Makes me laugh so hard every time. This show is quirky, fun, sweet, and hilarious. Great acting, great stories, great characters. We initially borrowed it from a friend and our whole family fell in love with it, so when my brother's birthday came around I thought it would be a great gift because we'd all enjoy it! It's has the sort of episodes you just want to watch again and again.

If you like quirky and weird, go for it - you won't regret it.

The shipping was super fast and it was packaged very well! It was a used-like new copy that was in excellent condition.
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on March 30, 2014
10 years ago, I watched the pilot episode of Wonderfalls on TV for the first time. About 20 minutes in, the main character, Jaye Tyler, starts chasing after a quarter following a little wax lion's instructions to do so. As she runs down stairs to try and catch the bouncing coin she asks herself, "oh my god, what am I doing?!" At this point, I was completely sold on this show.

Seemingly banal and pointless instructions from (normally) inanimate animal objects like "lick the lightswitch" or "take a picture" have huge ripple effects that ultimately improve Jaye's life and the lives of those she encounters. This show has often been compared to "Joan of Arcadia", which on the surface is apt. However, Wonderfalls is so much more fun and charming. Watching underachiever Jaye go from thinking she's completely lost her marbles to begrudgingly doing what the talking muses tell her to do is nearly always hilarious. Not just because of the absurdity of her tasks, but also due to the show's characters' wit and snark.

While the show is actually pretty grounded (aside from the bossy animal figures) and deals a lot with the characters' relationships, it has at often times reminded me of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's "Amélie." Not surprising since one of the show's creators, Bryan Fuller, loves the movie. While Wonderfalls isn't nearly as influenced by the movie as Fuller's other show, Pushing Daisies (also excellent), there's something at the heart of it that captures some of Amélie's magic.

Even 10 years after this show first graced screens, I still don't get tired of watching it again. The great dialog and humor is a huge factor in the show's re-watch-ability. And while this show was short-lived, the creators did a good job of offering the viewers a bit of closure after only 13 episodes - a feat few cancelled programs manage to do.

The show was beloved by its fans, who campaigned very hard to get it released on DVD through Even after it was announced that Wonderfalls would find new life on DVD shelves, the fans worked hard to promote the release and created, a site made specifically to introduce potential new viewers to the show.

Wonderfalls is something special. Just give it a chance an it'll capture you with its charm.
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on August 23, 2010
Like so many other Tim Minear projects, Wonderfalls was cancelled well before its time. The show was vibrant, sweet, accessible and occasionally very sharp at the same time. With well developed characters and quirky, fun plots, this series is a gem. Do not pass it by.
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on September 21, 2009
I hadn't heard about this show -- but found a link to it via Pushing Daisies. Bryan Fuller was involved with both shows and they share a certain quirkiness that I really enjoy. There are also some common themes with Eli Stone -- which I also very much enjoyed. I loved the writing and I thought the cast was great. I also appreciated the commentary provided by cast & crew. It was very fortunate that the series was made available for those of us who love this kind of show, but get too few opportunities to find these gems.
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on February 10, 2005
In a world of hum drum TV, every so often a gem comes along.
Two particular show come to mind: WonderFalls and the topic of choice, WonderFalls. Unfortuanatly BOTH WERE CANCELELLED. Can't anyone keep fresh show anymore. Enough of my dismay.
Wonderfalls is problay one of the most most unique takes on the "Joan of Arc" type synaro you will ever see. The Acting is tremendous and the supporting cast is so well blended to the show.
This show is Halarious. It actually hooks you in and you begin to relate to the main main caracter Jaye, A Collage Graduate who decided that doing nothing and just getting by without creating friction and stress is the ultimite lifestyle until she, for some reason begins to hear figures with faces "talk to here" and tell things to do. To make Matter worse all the this they tell her end up help people.
Trus me you wont be disappointed.
Unfortuantly only 13 eposide were made and fox actually dropped it after only 4. Well the DVD gives you all the lost eposides with some extras.
Too bad extra seasons were not filmed. But great shows always get cut. Its a fact of life
Buy the DVD, at least you can see 13 eposide of one of the best shows ever made with the best cast ever esembeled.
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on April 23, 2005
This show is great! I've seen the entire season on DVD and was thrilled with every episode. Smart, funny, and crazy! If you're someone who believes that everything happens for a reason, or if you simply enjoy noticing life's little coincidences, you'll love Wonderfalls. One of the most intelligent, entertaining, thoughtful shows I've seen in a while. Highly recommended!!!
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on March 4, 2008
It is lovely, quirky, witty, funny and too damn short! I would love this to be a 5 year series that I could watch until my eyes burn and my stomach aches from laughing. Get this DVD series, it is so much better than most of the others. The only one I would recommend more highly is Twitch City, which also only got 1 year... hmmmmm.
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on February 24, 2005
Here in Quebec we were lucky enough to get all 13 episodes, but dubbed in French with Caroline Dhavernas doing her own translation.
It is a shame that show had such a bad time slot when it was on. I wish they brought it back and made more episodes, but on a different day when people would give it a chance!!! Mel
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