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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on July 19, 2004
I know I haven't seen this dvd (because I can't buy it anywhere), but I have seen every episode several times. I have been a long time fan of this show. I never missed an episode when it was on air. I bought Season I and have been anxiously awaiting the release of Season II. I preordered this in April to have it delivered to my father's house for a Father's Day present. I know it was after Father's Day, but that is what he wanted. We both love the show. I even requested gift wrapping and a card. Then I sent him a card saying expect his present in the mail around the end of July. Then Amazon sends me a message saying my order is cancelled and they could not get it from any suppliers. Now what do I do? Thanks for nothing! Why would Warner Bros do such a cruel thing to the show's loyal fans? Their explanation is very vague. Has it been truly delayed or cancelled? They need to post something clearer and maybe send a better explanation to Amazon to pass on to all the disappointed customers. I even tried E-Bay but I was outbidded as I refused to bid past $120.00. Bids are now up to $200.00. This was one of the best TV shows ever. Alias can't hold a candle to Nikita. If Nikita had been on a major network, like NBC, it would probably still be on the air! Enough people just did not see it. If they would have, they would have fallen in love with it just as all of the dedicated fans of Nikita have. There will never be another show like Nikita and I will never love a show like it either. The suspense, drama, humor, music, and character development remains unmatched in any other tv show. This group of actors had synergy together and all Nikita fans will agree. They made it special for all of us. So how could WB, WHV or whatever they call themselves (I have a few better names) do this to us? My only choice, if they don't release the dvd, is to buy it on E-bay for $200.00 or more. I am truly disappointed and disgusted. WB/WHV you are losing out on all the money from the sales you would have had. This is very poor customer service (WB). I wonder whose stupid idea this was to do this?
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on July 19, 2004
I was eagerly looking forward to the release of La Femme Nikita second season, and the day it was to be released I checked my email and found a cancel note from Now I'm not blaming for the cancellation, if they can't get it, they can't get it, but I am holding WHV and Alliance responsible. Will this be available through MCA because of the USA tie-in? Will we be able to get it? I realize HallMark Channel is running the reruns I think on Monday Morning at 12 Am est time, at least that's when I've run into it lately. I'm one of the fortunate who taped La Femme from USA when it originally aired, so I guess I'm not in as bad a shape as those who taped them later or not at all, but this still doesn't make up for the dissapointment. The first 3 seasons and even the 4th season of Nikita were excellent. The Fifth was a bit of a disspointemnt, but at least it did wrap things up more or less. I know Section must have thought it a security risk. Balderdash! Very disappointed! WHV get a new release date!
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on July 18, 2004
This is where I let Warner Bros. (UNFORTUNATELY THE LINK WAS DELETED BY AMAZON.COM; NOT ALLOWED) Here's what I said:
"I am disappointed that the "La Femme Nikita: Second Season" was cancelled at the last minute by Warner Bros.
Many die-hard fans including me out there are terribly upset by this last-minute decision that got our orders cancelled. I ordered mine at about a month before the release date.
I'd like to ask and make suggestions if you don't mind:
1- Please honor those that pre-ordered the set by giving us our copy that we prepaid for if you cannot release it to the majority of the public for now.
2- We wouldn't mind an explanation as to "why" and perhaps give us a new release date?
Please remember that the show lasted for several seasons because of its fans. Many years later we are still huge fans of the show and would have loved to have paid (...) (and still do) for this outstanding tv series. Please keep it alive by releasing all seasons to us, the fans!!
Thank you for your time."
So guys, for those that love this show as much as I do, let's go on with it! :)
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on July 17, 2004
I am not a happy camper at this point. I preordered this product in April. I was really looking forward to this DVD set. Then 4 days before it is to be released, my order (along with many other peoples orders) was canceled.
The really bad part is that the orders were canceled without explanation, or a planned day to release the DVD's. So this leads us to wonder why were the DVD's pulled? Well, since I can't talk about the quality of the DVD's I may as well throw out my conspiracy ideas.
Conspiracy ideas
1. My personal favorite is that the last episode of season 2 "End Game" was too hot to handle in an election year... especially since End Game was also supposed to have a commentary with it (I don't want to say too much about the show as not to spoil, but it had to do with things currently going on in the world).
2. Maybe problems with the music in the show? The show used a lot of music that was indy type, and maybe they didn't get music rights to something.
3. Maybe it was a distribution issue? I don't think that was it since some people were lucky enough to get their hands on the DVD set.
Warner Brothers should show a little respect for the consumer, and at least let us know why we are deprived of the DVD set.
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on July 16, 2004
I just got the email from amazon..saying that they can't ship me the dvd's as promised etc....reason given was they couldn't find stock at any of their resources and so my order was cancelled and check back in the future.
I don't (...)believe this..I've been waiting since 1998 to see these things on dvd...I'm just really disappointed. People are selling bootlegged vcd's the this series on ebay ALL the time...when we try to buy it legitimately..we can't win.
According to the amazon website - still advertising this boxset - the new release date is now January 2010.
Who do we send requests get these dvd's released? Season 3 Season 4 Season 5? HELP HELP HELP
Then I get an email's like LFN...hello! cheap imitation and LFN does it all better...why is it that quality is so hard to come by and crap is released a thousand times and always heavily discounted?!?!?!
I really hope to hear the problem whatever it corrected. LFN was saved once (sure they were just 8 episodes in Season 5 but it was better then nothing)...I wonder if the dvd realease is just too much to ask for.
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on July 14, 2004
I just heard a rumor that the WB is postponing the release of LFN Season Two and I am extremely upset. Ironically, I pulled out Season One and began to watch it today in anticipation of the release on 7/20/04 and then to hear that it may not be released? You've got to be kidding me. I read a review on here that I completely agree put out shows like Gilmore Girls, the Batchelor, Nip and Tuck? Come on...give me a break! There are enough crap shows on t.v., I certainly don't intend to buy crap DVDs. I rarely watch t.v. now-a-days due to the fact that there are NO good shows on. I faithfully watched 4 shows every week: La Femme Nikita, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Friends...three of four are well into their several seasons on DVD, now come on and finish out with Nikita. And lower the price a bit while you're at it...$70-80 for a season is asking a bit much especially since other Seasons that according to the polls were much more popular are less money.
Thank you for your time.
A devoted fan...
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on July 14, 2004
I just received an e-mail from reporting that La Femme Nikita-The Complete Second has been postponed or cancelled. If you are a true fan, I suggest you go to the site yourself to read the report and draw your own conclusions. After learning of the immense struggle to get the first season released, a delay in getting the second season with less than a week until scheduled release is not very encouraging. Nothing personal, but when you see some of the shows Warner Bros. has put out or has scheduled for future release, you have to scratch your head and say what the f***? The Gilmore Girls? The Bachelor? Nip/Tuck? Jesus Christ guys, get it together and try putting out quality shows that people really care about, not that other dreck. Sorry about the rant, but like Dr. Drew, I am a man of extreme passion at times and this is one of those times. Let's all hope for the best, gang, and maybe we'll be rewarded for our patience with one of the best and most innovative shows ever finally coming out in its entirety.
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on July 13, 2004
As virtually all the other reviews have opined, this is a GREAT show. There's really little more that I can add to them. That said, what's the point of my review and why not give it five stars (it Is a five star show)? Same problem as with Season One: The price.
The Season One DVDs didn't sell as well as had been hoped. I believe this is because Warner set the list price too high. $99.98 is simply too high for a TV show, even this one. They did it again. Season Two at Amazon has a bigger discount from that price, but even then it only brings it down to other series' list prices. Although a number of people are loudly demanding that Warner bring out the rest of the series ASAP, we should remember that Warner does not put these out to please fans or to expose more people to truly quality shows as this one. They put them out to make money.
At $100 a pop, the inner circle fan base will grumble but cough up the money. Not too much of the larger audience that never saw LFN (especially given the size of USA Net's audience) will be all that willing to fork over this much money as a gamble. This could mean disappointing sales again and may doom the release of further seasons.
Hopefully, Warner might change its mind and price the second season more realistically. This would encourage more people to take a chance and could lead to higher profits (greater volume overcomes lower individual price), and a greater likelihood that the rest of the series will come out on DVD.
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on June 5, 2004
Finally, the second season of the best stylistic show ever made can be viewed on DVD rather than recorded-from TV VHS tapes. The first season is great but it only formed the foundation of how far the political intrigue, kill-your-own attitude of Operations and Madeline would go. This is one show that should have gone on for ten seasons. The three part arc starts out the season with a hope that someone can actually get the best of Operations (Not!) and ends again with the hope that Adrian can pull off freeing Nikita from the chains of Section One - dashed again. It is a creative nod to the producers that Adrian was able to come back in a later season. The characters and relationships are better developed in the second season. Operations and Madeline, Michael and Nikita, Nikita and Walter, Nikita and Birkoff, Walter and Birkoff, and Nikita and Madeline. It is a shame that this show has not found a place in rerun heaven beyond the lightly-available Oxygen network.
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on July 17, 2004
I can't believe the studios won't get their act together and put out the entire series in a timely manner. Meanwhile, shows currently on-air, but with obviously no shelf-life, are racing to market before the public realizes how inane they really are (how many times will someone watch a reality show or re-runs of Suddenly Susan?).
Another example of this stupidity is Tim Burton's "Ed Wood." The movie was released in 1994 and even starring Johnny Depp, it can't seem to make it on DVD (actually it did for one week and then all the DVD's were recalled with no explaination) this is by far one of Tim's best works (Martin Landau won an Oscar for best supporting actor).
It's a conspiracy I tell ya! The studios want to keep us watching mindless pap because thought provoking shows like LFN take too much effort and intelligence to produce.
Enough of this rant! I want my Nikita NOW! Giveme! giveme! giveme! giveme! ...................
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