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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on January 17, 2016
The X Files is really amongst the best SC-FI TV Shows.If you liked the DVDs, well YOU MUST BUY the Blu-Rays. On DVD, the first 4 seasons were FULL SCREEN, but they really were shot WIDESCREEN, so this is a grat decision by Fox. On DVD, all the 9 seasons were in DD 2S, but here we get them in DTS MA 5.1. Quite frankly, listening to the X Files on blu-ray, after that you can die happy!!! Period.
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on January 16, 2016
As a big fan of the X-Files TV series I was very excited when I heard the announcement of the Blu Ray set. I pre-ordered so I could have the set as soon as possible. The box is fantastic. Really nice picture on the front, looks great on sitting on the shelf. Each season is contained in a specific case and there is an extra slot for when the new season hits Blu Ray. Great picture, great audio, what you would expect from any Blu Ray.

I would have liked an episode guide to be included. The episodes are listed on the back of the front cover of each case, and you have to remove the first disc to see (except for the season two case). Only episode titles are listed, not descriptions, so if you're looking for a certain episode but can't recall the title this can be a pain. I also wish there were an additional two slots for the two films.

If you're a fan of this phenomenal series don't hesitate to pick this set up. You won't regret it! :)
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 11, 2015
"The X-Files" is a science fiction horror drama that ran for nine seasons from 1993-2002. The two principle characters are Fox Mulder(David Duchovny) and Dana Scully(Gillian Anderson) who are FBI agents who specialize in investigating paranormal phenomena.
The blu-rays look great and appear to have been remastered and cleaned up. All of the seasons are now in anamorphic widescreen whereas on the DVDs the first four seasons were only in full screen. I checked one frame of the episode of "Ascension" just to see how the image looked on the blu-ray in comparison to the DVD, and there is much more image on both sides such that it now fills the screen. So there is actually more of the original image showing from the original master negative, as opposed to the image simply being stretched to fill the screen. There was also a bit more on the top, but a bit less on the bottom of the image of the blu-ray compared to the DVD's full frame image (which showed black bars on the sides of a flat screen TV). The sound is also in 5.1 HD Master Audio surround sound as opposed to 2.0 on the DVDs. Some of the images occasionally appear to have been shot in a lower resolution, or are slightly out of focus, so they look a bit grainy, though in most cases the images look pristine in 1080p with much more clarity overall. And it appears that most of the special features from the Collector's Edition sets have been included, though now they appear grouped with the particular episode, and not on a separate disc like on the DVD Collector's Edition.
Perhaps the only real negative is that this box set has nothing extra compared to buying the individual seasons separately on blu-ray except for the box itself which actually costs more at this time than buying the individual seasons. And maybe it also would have been nice to have had the episodes labeled on the discs like my DVDs are, instead of on the inside front cover as seen through the blu-ray holder, or to have had a episode card included. All in all though these episodes look great. Watching the episodes in high definition everything looks so clear, and the images are now stable, whereas the DVDs showed jaggies and other anomalies.
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on January 9, 2016
There's new (little) stuff to me from the soon to be obselete box set from fox.I own the collector's dvd box set release in 2007.It includes the first movie(dts sound-truth behind the movie(26:50)-commentary(C.C-R.B) and 3 trailers) and a dvd threads of mythology(there's four of them,short of a half hour).The threads are include on blu-ray,but not the movies,they exist on blu-ray but they are rare and costly(and don't know if there's more bonus than dvd),wait for a re-re-release.I bought the br at 14,99$can 55% of the basic price(bought 2 get one free),it's likely it will drop to 60-70%-10$ a season be patient.About the framing and sound i expected no miracle of something shot for tv in the 90's,it looks good(better than the br jacket,the actors look creepy)and it's loud.I just watch the first disc and the last one season 9.I suppose the deleted scenes,documentary and promo are all the same.The main new stuff is 10 new intros,They don't say much in 30 sec and 1min30 to resume the pilot and the series for people who know about the series it's kind of useless(i don't know yet when it was record,2005 or 2015).The really main new stuff is the 17 new commentary tracks,i listen the first one and sound like it was record in 2005.Does it mean the blu ray where ready since 10 years and they sit on it?? or they wanted to release the series br with the second movie??And the last new bonus is the wondercon 2008(26:48),it's the panel they went to talk about the second movie,We had seen bits of it on the bonus features of movie 2,it's the only new thing on the bonus disc,they could had full a disk with panel,why just that one,did like star wars and put the wink at the show(the simpsons parody).The dvd's had a menu for each show and no play all.The blu-ray got the play all option,the scene selection are call timelines you can skip every minutes of a show.The english subtitles are distracting,they are talking too much or the writer can't keep up or something they don't fit.The discs resume playback.2 down 53 to go.Can't wait for season 10 or 7b.

10 feb---I'm now in season 5-half done.Starting season 4 the mixing is better,i suppose they had 5.1 in mind at the broadcast of the show.The commentaries were done 2005(the ones with Carter for sure).The introductions after the first 2 on disc 1 are missing or well hidden(weird).The level of dark are getting high,can't watch it in a well light place can't see anything(like the dvd's).Like criterion(grey on white) the menu can be hard to know on what your selecting(black on grey).I wrote 7b because people said it was a reboot but it ain't it's in continuity with season 9.
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on December 29, 2008
To fully understand the significance of this film as part of the X-Files storyline, we must take a quick look back to the television series. "X-Files: Fight the Future" was filmed before season 5 (this complicated things a bit for the cast and crew in filming that season because they knew how things would turn out.) The X-Files had been shut down for a second time. This left fans wondering how Mulder and Scully will continue to battle the Shadow Government and fight for the truth when they are reassigned to other tasks. But this film doesn't fully answer that question, and instead acts as a sensational detour from the recent series of events. We learned from previous seasons that killer bees are intended as carriers for some sort of virus, and of course that extra-terrestrials do exist.

Mulder and Scully attempt to stop a bomb planted inside a building, as they are currently on anti-terrorism duty. Being a big Hollywood production, of course the building blows up anyway. A man claiming to have known Mulder's father discovers that the bombing may have been part of a bid to cover up the outbreak of a mysterious extraterrestrial virus, the so-called Black Oil. As this virus is a threat to all humankind, our favourite FBI agents work their way north in a search for the truth. Along the way they encounter a gigantic dome full of virus-carrying killer bees.

This film dishes out everything that you'd expect a Hollywood X-Files movie to give its fans. It also has cutting-edge FX and astounding visuals. Mark Snow is brilliant as usual; the often-underappreciated X-Files composer. On the downside, I have to say that this film could have given the fans a little more. The story is just like a typical `two-parter' from the series, but for its pricy FX. As well, despite all its high critical praise it isn't quite the solid, richly layered masterpiece of the recent film ("I Want to Believe.") There actually are some interesting similarities between the two films: Both have an older man who offers help to the agents and happens to be a child molester, both have snowy northern settings, both involve a woman being rescued, and in both films Mulder and Scully are officially off the X-Files.

"Fight the Future" is smarter only in that it knows to give the fans what they expect in an X-Files movie (aliens, horror and the Shadow Government.) I'd recommend the film for anyone familiar with the TV show, as it is a very entertaining and fairly fast-paced thriller. It is not a masterpiece, however. Greater gems can be found from seasons 1-6, and in a recent underappreciated film. I hope for a third one that may at least give fans of the long-running saga a semi-conclusion to the mythology.
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on July 7, 2004
"The X-Files: Fight the Future" doesn't answer a lot of the questions that fans were waiting for from the movie. The only difference between this movie and, say, a two or three part X-Files story arc is the size of the budget, effects and the guest stars. The writing, unfortunately, doesn't measure up to the best the series offered. Nevertheless, it's a fine theatrical episode of the series.
Thousands of years ago an alien species ruled this planet. Humanity was just an afterthought. It's clear that these aliens want to regain control of the planet and members of the government have made a pact with the devil; humanity will become a slave race to these aliens (and other things you don't want to know about if you haven't seen the movie otherwise it'll spoil plot points).
Somehow all of this is tied into two little boys that discover an ancient underground cavern. One of the boys is infected with some sort of virus as are several rescue workers. In another part of the US, Mulder and Scully are checking out terrorist threat against the US. The building that Mulder and Scully and the rest of the team believe to be the target is a decoy. Mulder and Scully accidently discover the real target. The mystery at the heart of the film is why the terrorist targeted a building that had the agency FEMA in it when there were more vital government agencies they could have hit. Also, the building was evacuated. So how come there were two victims discovered in the rubble?
All of this remains at the heart of the mystery and it does, indeed, play into the alien conspiracy story arc than began to be undcovered in season one of the series. If you're interested in "The X-Files" but haven't seen the entire series, this movie is still comprehensible to the average moviegoer. The ramifications of the plot, however, will be much more important if you've seen the bulk of seasons 2-6 first (season 1 just sets up the conspiracy angle and is important but not a central part of the conspiracy arc).
The picture quality is pretty good considering this came out close to the beginning of the DVD craze. It could be improved with an anamorphic widescreen transfer (higher picture quality)and with a separate disc of extras. The extras aren't bad here they're just not as indepth as they should be. My guess is that Fox plans on re-releasing this on DVD when the new X-Files movie comes out in 2006 and/or within the next year or two because they've finally got the entire series on DVD.
Well worth picking up for fans but for casual new viewers, I'd suggest starting with seasons 2-6 to fully understand the consequences of this film's plot line. Carter's script isn't his best but there are enough gems in the script to make it worthwhile for fans of the series.
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on December 4, 1999
Those who haven't seen the show before will find this movie to be totally confusing. Even X-philes will be perplexed about what the deal is. I became a fan of the show for many reasons- series creator Chris Carter's unorthodox takes on society & myth, the acting of David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson, and the show's quirky humor. This movie really doesn't showcase any of those things.
For the movie Carter wrote a decent story which never really breaks free from its moorings. The potential scope and grandeur of the story is hinted at but never seen. While the directing is decidedly second-rate, the music is quite good- appropriately dark and moody. Anderson & Duchovney make what they can of Agents Mulder & Scully, but the story too often leaves the Agents reacting to events more than acting upon them.
The supporting cast is badly under-served as well. While Martin Landau has some nice scenes as Mulder's latest informant, the Lone Gunmen have little more than a cameo. Cigarette-Smoking Man & Skinner (both complex characters important to the show) are both left with small parts that are hardly relevant to the story. John Neville's Well-Manicured Man may have the best role in the movie as the man who brings Mulder closer to the truth than he has ever been.
Based on this film, Fox's strategy of bringing the show onto the big screen seems fated to failure.
Carter would do well to turn the screenwriting duties for his next film over to X-Files scribe Vince Gillighan or even Duchovney, a talented writer himself.
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on January 2, 2016
Great show bought all 9 season while the special was going on buy 2 get 1 free and at $14.99 came out to roughly $102 so pleased was worried that the price per season would of been much more, Thank you amazon for the great price and promotion.
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on December 25, 2015
Ok, let me do the math here: as of today (Dec25, 2015) the box set is $250, each season on its own $15. So buying the 9 seasons separately costs you $135 and saves you $115!!!

Other than the, from what I've seen in unboxing videos (check YouTube), pretty flimsy outer box you don't get anything extra with the box set. The price is much, much too high.
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on February 7, 2012
A quick review of the movie: amazing. Enthralling. Riveting. Exciting. Definitely a must-see for all X-Files fans, or even if you haven't seen an episode of the X-Files in your life and just like a good sci-fi flick, this is the film for you. It's rather in-depth though, so fans of the X-Files will have more of an insight into what is happening than those who have not seen any episodes. The conspiracy that is developed throughout the seasons is basically explained entirely in this action-packed extravaganza, which should not be missed. I downloaded it first, before deciding it was definitely a film I would like to own on DVD. It was just excellent.
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