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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 21, 2016
The first and best season of Batman aired from January 1966 to May 1966. This set has the 34 uncut and beautifully remastered episodes of season one spread out over 4 single-sided dual-layered dvds and 1 single-sided single-layered dvd (disc 5).

The episodes on this set are:

Disc 01:
01. Hi Diddle Riddle
02. Smack In The Middle
03. Fine Feathered Finks
04. The Penguin's A Jinx
05. The Joker Is Wild
06. Batman Is Riled
07. Instant Freeze
08. Rats Like Cheese

Disc 02:
09. Zelda The Great
10. A Death Worse Than Fate
11. A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away
12. When The Rats Away The Mice Will Play
13. The Thirteenth Hat
14. Batman Stands Pat
15. The Joker Goes To School
16. He Meets His Match, The Grisly Ghoul

Disc 03:
17. True Or False-Face
18. Holy Rat Race
19. The Purr-fect Crime
20. Better Luck Next Time
21. The Penguin Goes Straight
22. Not Yet, He Ain't
23. The Ring Of Wax
24. Give Em The Axe

Disc 04:
25. The Joker Trumps An Ace
26. Batman Sets The Pace
27. The Curse Of Tut
28. The Pharaoh's In A Rut
29. The Bookworm Turns
30. While Gotham City Burns
31. Death In Slow Motion
32. The Riddler's False Notion

Disc 05:
33. Fine Finny Fiends
34. Batman Makes The Scenes

Video: The remastering done on this set is amazing. The show is presented in its original full frame 1:33 ratio and looks fantastic. The episodes look clean and bright. The colors are vivid and really pop. It really is a revelation after watching drab washed out prints on television for years.

Audio: English Mono, and Portuguese. The audio is clear sounding and I have no complaints.

Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Additional Notes:

The Batman boxset was originally released with missing footage. Season One deletions included:

01 The William Dozier narration that originally opened the pilot episode, 'Hi Diddle Riddle'.

02 An assembly of villain tags from the end of various episodes.

Kudos to Warner Bros for listening to the fans and correcting the errors and sending corrected discs to all of the fans that bought the botched pressings and requested a replacement.

All pressings released since the original batch have been corrected. You can tell you have a corrected set by checking out the first disc. In addition to having the narration restored to 'Hi Diddle Riddle', there are some bonus features on the new pressings...

01 Next Week Villains - 7:52 : Rather than restore each tag back to the endings of each episode, WB opted to included them all in one place.

02 Batman's Amazing Arsenal - 0:39

03 A Rare Rebroadcast Promo - 0.21
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on March 9, 2016
As a kid, I loved watching reruns of this show for the first time. It was a colorful, visually faithful adaptation of the comic book hero. I somehow completely missed the tongue-in-cheek lampooning back then, but now it's impossible to ignore. That may be the reason why these episodes are so tiresome to watch, particularly the two-part ones in the first two seasons (Season 2 has 60 episodes to get through!) Being neither dramatically thrilling nor especially funny, they walk a very narrow, very hazy line of emotional appeal. The result is a 120-episode show take an awful long time to get through.

Not that there aren't a few gems in there. The superior episodes are invariably the ones with Catwoman (Julie Newmar, naturally, not Eartha Kitt) and King Tut (Victor Buono's brilliantly comedic deliveries improve the scripts). Abysmal are such cut-rate villains as the Archer, the Minstrel, Louie the Lilac, Shame, Liberaces, and (the absolute nadir of the show) Nora Clavicle. The first season is probably the best season overall, and Batgirl makes Season 3 at all bearable.

While the show doesn't hold up all that well--definitely being a pop phenomenon of its day--the costumes, the sets, and that super-cool batmobile remain the best reasons to buy these DVDs. To be frank, I think the 1966 Batman movie is the best version of the show. Unfortunately, that film is not on any of these sets (probably for lingering legal reasons) but you can buy that separate if you don't already own it. The picture quality of these DVDs is pristine and colorful. While there are no extras on the first three sets (Seasons 1 & 2), the third and final season has a fifth disc loaded with all the extras from the complete series.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 8, 2012
More stylish risk-taking than other series, this BATMAN offering is refreshing. As stated in the MAKING OF included on disk 2, the whole producing crew tried many thingswith various results. The (then) complete re-design of the Joker (playing card deck style) and of Mr Freeze are blatant examples.

Story telling of OK in Season, but will get better in Season 2. The authors had to start writing different Sub-stories giving the serie a slow start. Not mandatory, but getting S1 helps understandiung what is going on in S2. Alfred the butler has a quite important role in several episodes. It is absolutely needed as the Self-Assured Batman constantly clashes with a unusually psychologically tortured Bruce Wayne. BW is noit too sure about his role in Life. It gives the scenarios much needed depth. It is a bit awkward to have some Saturday morning cartoon action on the same show as some psycho-analysis. The authors tried to start too many things at the same time and ended up giving us not enough if everything Needed extra characthers are filling the gaps in the plots very nicely.

The animation is kindy of off-beat. It uses various types of it. They will achieve a proper balance between action scenes and Motion-comic in S2. The BOX set is loaded with Extras. Unfortunatly, those adders are for the younger crowd, wht the exception of the MAKING OF.

I enjoyed this 13 episodes and got my Bat-$$$ worth. As described by other reviewers, you need to give this serie some time. It is not love at 1st sight, but it will grow on you.
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on October 8, 2015
animated Batman Series. The Riddler and Joker are awesome in this show. Catwoman is drawn super well!
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on September 24, 2014
A very good TV series for the Crusaders fans,
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on November 26, 2015
My sister son loves these shows
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on May 26, 2016
It was excellent as expected.
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on October 7, 2014
A huge Batman freak
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on February 22, 2016
exactly as advertised
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on September 27, 2005
"The" Batman? Been awhile since he's been called THAT! This show is a little different than previous series we're used to. It doesn't come close to Bruce Timm and Paul Dini's masterpieces, but its still "good" not grea,t aweosme or triumphant, but "good". The story strays from typical: where's Gordon? where's the bat signal? Who the heck is Ethan benett, Yin, Rojas and this 'Bat wave'? What I like about this show is how it LOOKS: sure they messed up some characters (reggae Joker, anyone?) but I jsut love WATCHING the show. Sure its main focus is to make money and sell toys, but I stilla dmire the show for effort.
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