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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 4, 2004
The best song on this DVD is Joe Walsh`s "Help me through the night"...other wise this show is a bomb... I love the Eagles but they left so much off this DVD, I wanted to hear "best of my love"...nope, wanted to hear 'New kid in town", nope.... jesus, what songs did they do??? Don Henley solo matreial, what??????????????????????????????????? this is THE EAGLES!!!!! not the Don Henley solo show..... Tequila Sunrise was great, Hotel California was great.... etc...... "Take it easy" was great, I think this DVD was a compromise for Don Henley, if he was going to play with these guys he wanted to plug his tunes.....otherwise he wouldnt have done it, theres history here folks.....Don Henley and Glenn Frey do not get along ..god knows why, can anybody answer that???? what happened between these guys????
They wrote some great songs, what could have driven these 2 guys so far apart??? was it egos???? god, hope not.... anyways, good DVD but so mcuh left off........, oh well, "Get over it boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"like songs says.......
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on May 31, 2004
I love this DVD. Technically, as far as the sound is concerned, it is superb. With a good set of headphones, you feel as though you are sitting next to the band. You can hear every vibration of the guitar strings. The video is very good, but I would have enjoyed some more closeups of the fingers and instruments.
The music is excellent. It is a good representative selection of the Eagles best tracks - both the well-known ones and the not-so-well-known ones - with a combination of old and new, solo and group.
As an historical "document", it is great to see the group back together and see how they have changed, or not, over the 14 years since they spilt up. They obviously enjoyed putting the DVD together most of the time. If you concentrate on the music, you can ignore the behind-the-scenes tensions that apparently were there.
And I think that the music is great!! I think that all Eagles fans should get this DVD to complete the history of the group, one of the greatest of the genre.
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on February 28, 2004
Technically, this is flawless. The playing is flawless, the renditions are flawless, the recording and 5.1 surround sound mixing is flawless (especially worth a listen is the audio-only Seven Bridges Road, where each Eagle has his own speaker to sing out of. The renditions of the songs are so true that, aside from the audience cheers, they may as well be the original studio versions. In fact I'm not 100% convinced, in some cases, that they're not.
As a hi-fi or home theatre bench test, this is a great DVD. But as a musical artefact, that's where the buck stops. The Eagles may have had a reason for getting back together, but it doesn't seem to have had anything to do with enjoying performing their music or missing each other: the band members are subdued to the point of being catatonic. Mojo Nixon will be relieved to note that relationships between Don Henley and Glen Frey seem as refrigerated as ever.
The band's performance hovers somewhere between wooden and fossilised. The song selection focusses on downbeat, maudlin acoustic numbers, many of which are performed seated. This emphasis seems like a bad thing until the band cranks it up with entirely disposable and energy-free rockers like "Get Over It". There are a number of unremarkable new songs, and Don Henley sings at least one song off a solo album of his. Hmph.
Admittedly it is fun hearing Hotel California played in a spanish, unplugged fashion - once - but that is the first song on the set, and it would be a brave listener who could sit through the remainder in one go, and an odd one indeed who wouldn't continually glance at his watch while he did it.
It's polished, it's pristine, but it isn't rock 'n' roll, and I don't like it.
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on February 14, 2004
This is the superb video version covering the equally terrific live album of the reunion of the fabulous Eagles, which was, of course, the singular musical event of the year when it was released, based as much on the fact that the individual members of the former super-group had likened their chances to reforming and performing as a group again was as likely as the title. Well, all things are possible to those who wait, and our wait has been rewarded with an accurate depiction of a richly textured and memorable effort that covers many of their best previous songs as well as several new ones.
Thus we trip from "Tequila Sunrise" to "Hotel California", from "New York Minute" to "Desperado", and from "Take It Easy" to "Life In The Fast Lane". The single best aspect of the video is the fact that it shows just how much the guys are enjoying themselves here, as well as the simple fact that they are out there creating and working together, which gives one hope concerning their possible future works, and given other recent efforts like "A Hole In The World", it appears they are again gathering and recording. Hope we don't have to wait for Hell to freeze over again. Enjoy
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 30, 2003
There is a reason this is the best selling music DVD on the market. The Eagles have reunited after 14 years to give a spot-on performance. It is not what you may have expected, however. The first 10 minutes are a barrage of interviews with various members of the band, as to why they decided to get back together. It seems somewhat forced, but at least they reconciled old differences enough to band together again. The rest of the DVD contains (17) seventeen songs in an intimate setting that is sparse with a simple lighting arrangement. The vocals and instrumentals are near perfect and it's hard to imagine that this much time has passed.
The first several songs, "Hotel California", "Tequila Sunrise" and "Help Me Through The Night" are not as upbeat as on record, but contain some extended instrumentals as nice surprises. It isn't until "Take It Easy" (13 thirteen songs later) that the band really kicks into gear. With "Life In The Fast lane", "In The City" and the new, self effacing, "Get Over It", the concert really continues to rock. Closing the set is the timeless, "Desperado", sung with pure emotion. It's a simple set, but well worth the admission.
There is only one extra - the video to "Seven Bridges Road". I would have expected more.
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on July 10, 2003
My wife and I saw the Eagles in one of their Hell Freezes Over concerts in East Troy, Wisconsin a few years back. This by far was the greatest concert we've ever attended! They pumped out nearly 3 hours of non-stop music. I've watched the DVD and right off the bat I became annoyed with the constant fading in and out of the performers. Don't get me wrong the video is flawless and the lighting is great. There were many camera angles which added to the experience, but I just wished the producer's didn't fade in and out on the performers as much as they did. You don't get a chance to lock in on any one musician for more that 2 seconds or so. I, as others have stated, don't understand why the DVD wasn't released with Dolby 5.1. I don't have DTS, but probably will in the future, so I guess I don't feel cheated as do others and I knew going into the purchase that it didn't have Dolby 5.1. The sound is great even in the PCM stereo mode. All in all, this is an excellent DVD for any Eagle's fan collection.
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on April 25, 2003
From the opening acoustic guitar solo and rhythmic beats of the bass drum, that leave no doubt you're listening to the haunting classic 'Hotel California,' this DVD is an absolute jewel! The Eagles have never sounded better than they do in this concert performance; and I'm speaking as a fan who jumped on this bandwagon before Joe Walsh joined the group. Most of their best classic tunes, from 'Take It Easy' to 'Desperado,' are included with a few soon-to-be classics thrown in for good measure. The production quality of this DVD is nothing short of exemplary. Those reviewers who tell you to measure all other DVD music videos by this one are not exaggerating. Every camera shot, lighting change, pluck of a cord, tickle of the ivories, and drum beat are exquisitely reproduced to the point that you'll think you're sitting in the first row (especially, if you're watching this on a bigscreen TV). Yes, the DTS audio is superb, but the DD encoding should not to be dismissed. The sound quality of both formats sets the bar in the stratosphere. I have yet to show this DVD video to any of my music lover friends who haven't asked where they can get a copy, and most have. Even my sweet old parents, who never knew an Eagle from a Doobie Brother had to have this DVD. Buy this DVD and you'll treasure it above all others.
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on February 23, 2003
'Hell Freezes Over' was recorded way back in 1994. The DVD however, didn't come out until much later, so fans quite happily listened to the normal CD of the concert ... not knowing that one day this fantastic concert would be safe and treasured on a DVD .... and for the lucky ones who did their homework, bought the DTS version. Even if you have the non-DTS version you can still enjoy this magic experience. What I love most about this album is Henley's incredible voice. On top of that, my all time favourite Eagles songs are here - Wasted Time, Pretty Maids, and the Final Resort. The Eagles album tracks have always been better than the singles, and they must know this too! That's why you'll hardly find many singles on this DVD.
Don Henley's voice is 100% perfect and I cannot rave enough about how clear it is! 'Wasted Time' is done so beautifully that it will send shivers right up your spine ... and you will get goosebumps for sure. And I almost cried when he did 'Last Resort' because it was so beautiful.
The DVD picture quality is amaazingly good considering its only video. Pity it's not widescreen, but the sound CERTAINLY makes up for it. For those who have DTS surround sound, I'm sure you will agree that this is the finest Music DVD out there. It's been out for nearly 2 years now, and it still sits at the No 1. spot on the Music DVD chart in Australia. For those who want an even sharper picture, order a copy from Australia because its been converted to PAL. And for those who are wondering whether to buy this - I can't recommend a DVD more. You will NEVER tire of this incredible experience. God bless the Eagles for bringing such a beautiful DVD to the world.
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on February 21, 2003
This is something many classic rock fans dreamed about for many years--the reunion of the Eagles. Then, finally, in 1994, it happened, and the result is this spectacular concert DVD (along with the album of the same title). The sound is absolutely fantastic, and the band is very impressive, definitely at the top of their game.
Most of the classics you and I have heard on the radio for so many years are present here, many performed with a little bit of extra kick that makes you remember why the Eagles were such a rockin' band in the first place. And the version of "Hotel California" is breathtaking, very well done. I bought the CD when it came out in '94, and am only now experiencing the DVD version. Needless to say, I'm very, very impressed, and will be buying it for myself very soon!
This is a DVD no Eagles fan should be without, and also one that will be an essential part of any Classic Rocker's collection. The Eagles still have it--and this is the next best thing to going to a concert (for those of us who can't afford it). Don't miss this DVD!
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on February 16, 2003
I've heard almost every one of these songs on the radio just about every day for half of my life. Other than the flamenco-sounding intro to Hotel California, there is really nothing terribly new or unique about these performances. Years apart did not diminish the harmonies that these guys can produce, but neither did it seem to reignite any creative juices. So why the 5 star review? Simple- the songs that I hear on the radio, in the mall, on my CD player are not recorded in DTS sound. This concert is in DTS and before you think that's just a technogeeks obssession over barely noticeable sound differences, take a listen. The clarity, the separation of the voices and the instruments, all make this sound as good, if not better, than being in a concert hall. You will simply be blown away by the sound if this. Even if you don't like The Eagles or have managed to never have heard a note of these songs, you need still to hear this DVD to appreciate the full potential of the medium. And the performances of these classic if overplayed songs are top-notch. I would honestly stop listening to live CD recordings if this became the standard for all concert recordings. I hope that other artists follow suit...there is a difference between 5.1 and DTS, and it's full potential is realized in discs like this...
And be sure to listen to the audio-only version of Seven Bridges Road at the end of the disc. Turn it up and enjoy.
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