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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Cinderella (Diamond Edition) arrives at blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 1.33:1 encode. Pristine, colorful, and absolutely gorgeous, this video presentation is nothing short of a dream. The picture is clean, sharp, and crisp offering a splendid high-def image. Clarity is superb. Contrast is well balanced and black levels remain deep and inky throughout. The overall animation style is rather simple and does not exactly lend itself to loads of fine detail. The colour palette provides a pleasing mixture of pastel hues and bright, bold tones, washing the image in vivid radiance. The Evil Stepmother's green eyes glare from the screen with chilling intensity, and Cinderella's moonlit dance with Prince Charming is cast in ethereal blue tints. Beautifully restored and essentially spotless, the movie looks like it was made yesterday. (5/5)


Cinderella is presented with a new English DTS-HD MA 7.1 track, and a DTS-HD MA 1.0 rendition of the original theatrical mix. Offering a solid but very subtle expansion, the 7.1 track is pleasing but perhaps a bit too respectful to the original mono mix. Dialogue and vocals are mostly clean. The 7.1 mix doesn't really offer the upgrade most might be expecting, but the music's expanded dimension is welcome, giving the movie's timeless songs an extra dash of grandeur. There are many timeless songs in this movie, including Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, which was nominated for Best Original Song. Cinderella was also nominated for 3 other Oscars, including Best Score, Best Sound, Recording (Walt Disney Sound Dept. and C.O. Slyfield). (4/5)


Walt Disney had not had a huge hit since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The production of this film was regarded as a major gamble on his part. At a cost of nearly $3,000,000, Disney insiders claimed that if this movie had failed at the box office, it would have been the end of the Disney studio. The film was a big hit. The profits from its release, with the additional profits from record sales, music publishing, publications and other merchandise gave Disney the cash flow to finance a slate of productions (animated and live action), establish his own distribution company, enter television production and begin building Disneyland during the decade.

Not only is the name of the Prince never revealed, he is nowhere in the film mentioned as "Prince Charming".

If you really pay close attention, you will notice that the carriage that Cinderella and the Prince take after the wedding has an emblem of a sword and two hidden Mickey Mouse heads around it, and when Cinderella is singing "Sing, Sweet Nightengale", three bubbles form the head and ears of Mickey Mouse!


Cinderella is a simple but charming fairy tale classic. It is one of those rare films that works for all ages, sparking the imagination of the very young, while allowing the old to once again believe. It doesn't quite reach the same heights as the studio's very best efforts, but it gets remarkably close. Exceedingly simple but full of sincerity, heart, and love, the movie has and will continue to remain a timeless treasure. No matter what packaging you pick, Cinderella is pure magic and is highly recommended.

As per our usual tradition, reviews for the standard DVD from many years ago are sometimes included in the blu ray section. Please read the date of review first, before you waste time in reading out-dated reviews.

I hope the above review is helpful to you.
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on June 3, 2016
I'm an avid movie watcher and I collect them as well, I was hoping for the movie case pictured above but instead I got some bush league dvd case. I was expecting it to have a sleeve and instead it's in a DVD case smh not happy
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on October 26, 2003
I love this cartoon this is my favorite Walt Disney classic you know the story so therefore I don't need to explain this cartoon this is so beautifully done Cinderella is also beautiful and she has her 3 friends the mice who helps her get ready for the ball and she haves a good time and she meets her Prince Charming and she wins him at the end because she is able to fit the glass slipper!!!!!! I think that Walt Disney did a wonderful job with this film and it definitely is a Masterpiece!!!!!
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on June 1, 2004
Buy this movie you'll never regret it. It's worth every penny you spent with it. Most especially if you want to finish some chores around the house, and you want your kids occupied this is a great movie for them.I've seen this film so many times with my daughter and I love every minute of it. This is the kind of movie that makes you Sad because of Cinderella's awful situation, Angry because of her evil Step-mom and Step-sister and Happy because her wish came true in the end.
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on October 5, 2005
This set is spectacular. Not only does it include the Platimun Edition DVD, it includes a reproduction film cell, commemroative book of the story and making of the movie. As well as character sketches. The DVD is loaded with extras! Including a sneak peak of Cinderella 3. Which totally blew me away. I won't spoil the surprise. If you love Cinderella and apprecaite the work and effort that goes into animated movies you'll love this set!
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on June 23, 2014
Our granddaughter (about to head off to French immersion kindergarten) loves this classic tale and its catchy tunes. The bilingual format makes it all-purpose - she can watch it in French as a painless language lesson or in English with her friends. The production is high quality and it plays well on a multi-format DVD player.
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on January 6, 2004
I have seen virtually all the Disney movie length cartoons and this one is up there with Snow White, Pinocchio, and The Lion King as one of the best. My daughter seems to watch this film over and over without getting tired. A good investment of your money if you want to keep a young kid occupied for a while.
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on June 22, 2004
I have seen this wonderful disney classic at my home and at my grandparents house,i loved the animation and mainly the music because thats what wins me over every movie and cartoon,i will be glad to see it on DVD,this is a movie that every disney fan(like me)should have in there colection.
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on October 13, 2007
Enchanting, beautiful, endearing... such a wonderful Disney classic. I enjoy watching this movie with my daughter almost as much as I did as a child. Even my husband will watch this one, and has named his favorite scene to be when Jack the mouse pretends to be Lucifer the cat.
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on May 18, 2014
This was the first movie I saw when a child and it is my grand-daughter's favourite. We really enjoy the clarity of Blu-ray. The music stays in your mind and even though I hate mice, the mice characters are adorable. I am sure we will watch this movie endless times.
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