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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on July 11, 2016
For me this is THE Led Zeppelin record if you want the best and this was their first. Sure the next lp was great also and Stairway to Heaven was their song masterpiece but this is one of the classic lps of all time.
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on March 28, 2013
LED ZEPPELIN'S excellent debut album is the strongest debut album by any band ever. Inspired by the works of Cream and starring the (in)famous Jimmy Page of the YARDBIRDS fame, LED ZEPPELIN will forever be among the greats of rock. Inspiring bands all over the world including AC / DC and RUSH, the combination of Page's masterful guitar hooks, mixed with the super frenetic drumming by the late, great John Bonham will shatter you're senses, as well as your windows. The bass by Jon Paul Jones is the fattest sounding bass in the history of music. The only one who comes close is Geddy Lee. After you listen to LED ZEPPELIN'S first four albums, the blend of smooth blues, relaxing folk and hard - hitting rock will surely make you clamor for more. This is where it all started. This is rock at it's finest. This is LED ZEPPELIN.
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on May 13, 2012
This CD has some of the greatest material from them on it. "Your Time is Gonna Come" and "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" really showcase the bands talent. Plant's voice was great during this period too. This album ranks up there in my top favorites from Zeppelin. Definately a must have for any collection!
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on July 7, 2004
Yeah, this is where it all began for the mighty Zeppelin, and what a great first album! It's also probably their rawest, but it's still great and you don't need to skip any tracks either. It's also amazing that they even recorded this before they actually had a record deal. "Good Times, Bad Times" is a killer opening track because it showcases every musician's talent very well. You've got great guitar work by Jimmy Page, excellent bass lines by JPJ, great drum work by Bohnam, and of course Plant's vocals are also showcased well. "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" starts out in a folksy acoustic way, then crescendoes into the full band (a precusor to "Stairway"), and another killer track. "You Shook Me" is a great workout of a Willie Dixon standard and features great guitar solos by Page, great organ solos by Jones, and pretty good harmonica by Plant, but then it transitions into "Dazed and Confused," arguably the best track on the album. You've got a classic bass riff to start it out, then you've got Page's violin bow solo in the middle, and then the guitar solo to finish it out. It provides the template for their improvisation that they did in concert, where they usually stretched it out to about 30 minutes. Another interesting note is that the Yardbirds performed this song, with different lyrics, under the title "I'm Confused", and it actually sounds pretty close to this version. "Your Time Is Gonna Come" is another stellar track beginning with an organ solo by John Paul Jones. From there, the album moves on to "Black Mountain Side," a two minute instrumental with guitar and tabla, which makes for a very eastern-sounding song. It's also similar to Bert Jansch's "Black Water Side." "Communication Breakdown" is the next track, and is a real rocker that is even better played live. "I Can't Quit You Baby" is another excellent workout of a Willie Dixon song, and really demonstrates Jimmy Page's gutiar skills (his solos are magnificent). The last track is "How Many More Times" which is another great rocker that has some great solos by Page (he also uses the violin bow again, but he didn't use it live).
So all in all, this was the Big Bang that started it all for Led Zeppelin, and if you want to start a Led Zeppelin collection, you have to start here, not at Four Symbols, and not at II. You gotta start from the beginning, and work your way through the catalog.
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on July 7, 2004
I bought this CD last, after In Through The Out Door. If I would of known how good of a CD LedZep1 was before I bought In Through The Out Door, I would of bought it first.
This CD has some of my other favorite Led Zeppelin songs (every CD holds about 5 for me..), such as Good Times Bad Times, where the Pagemaster roars out his riffs in perfect tune and John Bonham bangs away at those bass drums.
Another favorite off this album is Communication Breakdown. This may of been the very first song I heard by Zepp (either that or Stairway to Heaven, though it probably was Communication Breakdown). This song has so much energy inside it. Every time I listen to it, it makes me wanna headbang.
But, out of every song on the album (and there's not a huge amount either....), my favorite song would have to be Dazed and Confused. I first heard this song at my friends house. I then heard it again on a movie I saw. The song became attached to me.I think the lyrics are very cool and Jimmy Page does a wonderful guitar (again) on the guitar.
The people that give this album 5 stars are absolutely correct. Anyone who gives less doesn't appriciate Zepp for their true music talents.
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on June 26, 2014
ce box set est tout simplement magnifique une piece de collection a se procurer led zeppelin sera toujours present musicalement meme après toutes ces annees cette musique traversera les epoques a venir encore et encore la remasterisation des enregistrements est tres bien fait et le cd bonus en vaut la chandelle avec un spectacle a paris en 1969
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on September 12, 2014
Did not like the concept for the remastering on these three albums. Added original scratchy background and distortion to add the realism of the vinyl, and messed with the reverberation etc.
On a reproduction I look for improved sound quality, for the ability to turn it up and enjoy superior clarity and fullness of the highs, mid-range and the lows. I want it to sound wicked on the advanced equipment of today . . . Hear the subs pound, and still get the crisp reality of a cymbal, as well as making out the lyrics as if he was talking to you in a quiet room!

Good buy I guess, if you are wanting to listen to the original vinyl release. And it will never get scratched!!
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on June 22, 2014
I have to say this one sounds surprisingly excellent. The music speaks for itself so Iwill only refer to the sound- outstanding. Most reissues fully culled from digital sources don't impress me. This 3 LP set (Zepp 1, Zepp live 1969, Outakes/sessions) is a must have because it is the crowning Zepp album and the attention to detail is clearly there in the way they mastered this reissue. this one might end up being the most collectable in years to come compared to the other reissues. Although, Zepp II is a huge fav amongst Zepp heads. Enjoying my Zeppelin 1 album right now!
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on October 29, 2003
When Keith Moon, wildman drummer for the Who and famous rock critic, heard his Yardbirds mate Jimmy Page was forming a new version of the band with Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham, his response reportedly was "You'll go over like a lead zeppelin," meaning that they would crash and burn and be heard from no more. Well, over 30 years later, Led Zeppelin is still regarded as one of the pioneers of blues rock/hard rock/metal, and Led Zeppelin I was the heavy blues/rock album that set the band's career in motion. As the New Yardbirds (the name under which they played their first two gigs), they were already playing a Page composition entitled "I'm Confused," as a concert showstopper. Recorded here as "Dazed and Confused," this crunching, crashing number set the standard for such later Zep anthems as "Kashmir" and "In The Evening". Led Zeppelin proved the blues wasn't just mellow, 3AM music, but could be played loud and proud, the better to give the listener a chance to work off life's frustrations. Willie Dixon's "You Shook Me," Otis Rush's "I Can't Quit You, Babe," and Howlin' Wolf's "How Many More Times," lose none of their lyric intensity when cranked up to maximum volume, and served to turn on a whole new generation to the power of the blues. Drummer John Bonham is especially good on all these cuts, and John Paul Jones on organ and Robert Plant on harp help make "You Shook Me" shine. There are also, of course, excellent originals: the manic, frantic "Communication Breakdown," with killer Jimmy Page guitar riffs, the crisp "Good Times, Bad Times", with great performances by all, and the Eastern "Black Mountain Side," which is punctuated by tasty tablas. Only "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You," and "Your Time Is Gonna Come" are good, not great songs, a bit too long and plodding to succeed as great anthems. Still, Led Zeppelin I stands as a monument to the beginning of the blues-rock movement, and, Keith Moon's prediction notwithstanding, should be played for decades to come.
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on March 13, 2015
I must say that I had no expectation when I bought this album, in fact I will tell the true and say that I had bought this album at first on the webb site that deal with ipod, you know the one right, and I was not impress. Than I thought, even though I am blind, I like to collect let see a serie when I know that there will be an end, in this case they talk about nine albums and I thought to get it more for the package than the music. so, I got my cd and put it on, wow! first, it did teach me something, the version that you can download is simply not the same quality what so ever, I know some would say, make a audio cd, it is legal and I did just to compare, and yes of course the audio cd from the file you purchase is better but still, and this is just my humble opinion, the cd set you purchase is so much better, and without having plan this, I got a lesson for sure. The biggest difference I thought was how every instrument on the cd is so much more sharp, it kind of really snap, and I did listen my 2 version a lot one after another, my friend even let say put one cd and didn't tell me wich one it was and we played a game as if I could tell the difference, we did it a good five time and every time I did tell wich was playing, and being blind, I didn't see for sure wich one he put in the player right? I don't want to talk about the songs because at this point it is fair to say that we all know the song and it is not like you purchase something you don't know, so, you want it for the quality of the sound or you are a collecter and it is more for the package. No matter why you are getting it, the package is nicely done, my friend was telling me about it, and I had my sight when it actually came out, and just my touching it, I like it a lot, if it get to be better and better packaging, I wonder if it will be worth it to purchase a japanese version, I have for exemple the led zeppelin 2 and 3 from a store in Japan that sale on e bay, I don't have the cash to get a bran new one, but mine are in perfect shape, and I know after speaking to the man in Japan through e mail, but the point is that the delux serie are just as nice if not nicer, look at physical , I got it from amazon too, and it has the little window and all the paper work, I have been saying for over 15 years, why can we not make nice packages like the japanese or at list that can compete with them instead of those dem plastic boxs? at last the presentation has been getting better and better I think since itune came on the scene, I told my friend, you will see, the presentation will get better pretty fast, they will have to offer something other than the quality of the music, because if I did see the difference between the audio cd made from a itune file, my friend, he is not into music, he honestly could not tell the difference, but have you notice the price getting more and more expensive on itune and you get nothing but a music file, with amazon, you still can put it in your divises but you have a nice package, unless you just don't care about the package. but this is a must get, I just want to add that I have recieve as a gift the led zep iv, and my friend assure me that he bought it from amazon, so, so far I got this one the iv and physical and my favorite is for sure the iv, but that is just me, I will get them all anyway. thanks for reading.
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