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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on March 15, 2002
I first go this album in 96; I was still in high school and didn't know much about sampling, beat production, etc. I thought it was one of the most amazing things I'd ever heard. Now, as a senior in college with more musical experience under my belt, I can still say this is one of the best albums I own. DJ Shadow revolutionized the way I and many people thought about sampling. As he takes a record from his insanely deep crates, he doesn't simply loop a catchy cut a la Puffy, he manipulates and recontextualizes these sounds into something completely his own. Like his track "Organ Donor," where he uses a sample of a church organ and turns it into a beat. Shadow in my opinion is the epitome of the postmodern musical artist: taking what's already out there in the world we live in and breathing new life into it. I highly recommend this to any electronic or hip hop fans. Oh, and by the way I heard he has a new album coming out soon; he's on MCA now, so his access to production equipment is gonna be insane this time. I'm expecting a truely remarkable album.
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on December 22, 2001
This is truely one of the most amazing CD's i have ever heard. The other day i was watching 100 greatest albums of all time on VH1 and "Revolver" by the beetels was number one. 20 or 30 thirty years from now i gurentee you all that on the same count down this masterpiece will be number one..yes its that great of an acheivement. Dj Shadow turns Vynel records into gold as he spins masterpiece after masterpiece of pure musical bliss. Even the intro (track 1) is realyl really cool and that is an example of how airthight flawless production values on the CD are. Also "What does youe soul look like" is one of a kind sample only driven rock opera..a pretty bold step for a Dj to take huh?..well Dj Shadow pulls it off gloriously. His music sometime gives me the shivers and touches me some place deep inside me that i never knew was there. There are light toe tapping tracks like "organ Donor" to dark and mysterious tracks like "Mutual Slump" to trip hop gems like "Midnight in a perfect world" to get you hooked to this CD..hooked is too mild of a word to describe this one...addicted is more appropriate. There are absolutely no filler tracks and every single song is fantastic. Once i start listning to this jem i always have to finish listning to it right till the very last song otherwise i dont feel satisfied and feel uneasy for the rest of the day. Buy this cd blindly.
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on December 2, 2001
(This is Part One of a Two-Part Review.)
In November 1996, I was reeling from a summer in hell. After leaving a corporate-affiliated job and trying to figure out heads or tails about my future, I stumbled upon becoming an actor until I was able to start to make ends meet again.
On the closing night of a play I was in, I killed time in a Pasadena record store and stumbled upon a motherlode of music that would not only help cure me of post-play depression but would also help to make a painless transition into my current ( and more sober) state today. They were two used albums by trombonist Julian Priester & Mose Allison and the CD debut of DJ Shadow known as "Endtroducing".
Listening ot this album at 3:00 the next morning (after all the end-of-play festivities and well-wishings), I knew that the investment was a good one.
Mo' Wax, though being a great label, really has not put out many notable long-players that really stand the test of time. This has stood up very well five years later. In fact, this really is one of the very best albums that not only helps to maintain the constantly struggling vinyl culture but shows turntablism as a true art.
"Endtroducing" also stands alone as being one of the most emotional albums of this genre. There are so many textures and surprises spread throughout this masterwork, that you realize that this is more than just a white b-boy with amazing skills, but a modern day artist who knows about what makes a good groove connect with the listener. The man's use of samples, breakbeats and scratchings tell an awful lot about the history of music and it's 'revolutionary' transtions & expressions.
From the Steve Reich-influenced "Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt", to the excellent fusion piece "Changeling" to the atmospheric & beat-heavy "Midnight In A Perfect World", Shadow has mastered music that will not only haunt you for years to come but show how much an artist was able to stretch way beyond the then (1996) limitations of commercial hip-hop, smooth jazz and flashy techno-noodling.
Five years later, "Endotroducing" still remains in my collection, still creating that inner-magic and making time stand still. This could have been an emotional journey and introspection into the rights & wrongs of that cursed year. Instead, it makes me surer of the future and proud to still appreciate in the soul-deep that great music truly can create.
And that would only come full circle, five years later, with Shadow, Mo' Wax and David Axelrod.
(This piece is continued with the Mo' Wax David Axelrod CD review.)
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on November 23, 2001
This album absolutely floored me the first time I heard it. I happened upon it at a local record store in one of the listening booths and decided to give it a listen. I had never heard of DJ Shadow up to that point but my whole world changed the moment I put on those headphones and pressed play. It begins with an introduction that sounds like your ordinary dialogue sampled intros found in many hip hop records, but right after the sampled voice says, "producing..." in floods a piano that sounds more classical than jazzy or funky, the drums kick in and the journey begins. There's an atmosphere to this album (all the great ones do). You can just feel it. Sometimes the air is thick and foggy, sometimes your head feels cluttered, and sometimes you just sit back, relax, and take it all in. This album has been in my collection for a long time and it still to this day amazes me and is constantly in my cd player. I've heard people say this is a hip hop record, or trip hop, blah, blah, blah. Catergorization of music gets pretty tiresome, but if I were to categorize this album I'd put it under "great music", because that's what it is. It's simply great music.
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on April 12, 2001
This is an amazing album.
One of the biggest reasons for this being so is that it has staying power. It is something like six years old now and sounds fresh and vital.... Really, I don't know that this is going to mean anything to anyone reading this review with some intent to buy. First, just buy it.
Second, what this album is is one man's collage created out of a lifetime of looking through records, taking them apart, and putting them back together again. DJ Shadow is the foremost turntablist IF that is defined to being able to dissect something and then put it back together into a coherant whole that is something COMPLETE and just not an act of will or skill (though you do have to give props to people like DJ Q-bert for how he scratches, or Kid Koala, for what he scratches with, or Peanut Butter Wolf, for how he can raise the caliber of the other people he's working with....) This album is SO far above what anyone else has done (DJ Cam's 'Mad Blunted Jazz' is the only thing that even comes sort of close...)
Buy this album. It is totally, totally mind blowing and will become a soundtrack to your life. If you like it, then check out all of the stuff by Ninja Tune (a label) cause they are at the forefront of the 'modern' versions of this (with people like Amon Tobin and Koala)....
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on January 12, 2001
Without a doubt, one of the all-time best albums ever recorded. I bought this cd years ago and have listened to it easily 2,000 times. I now have this cd imprinted to my skull. I don't even have to listen to it anymore because all I have to do is think about it and I can hear it in my head. This cd will leave an impression on you for years to come. I'm still mad that it takes him 5 years to put out an album. Anyway, back to the nice things to say. Check out the songs "Stem/Long Stem" "What Does Your Soul Look Like", "Mutual Slump", hell any of them. The best without a doubt, although his most famous, would have to be "Midnight In A Perfect World". At the time this album came out, I had never heard a song that portrayed what I THOUGHT to be the perfect song. I still feel that way. The title alone makes you hope it will be good - and it is.
If you are into hip-hop, soul, jazz, rock, etc. you have to get this album. It covers all ends of the spectrum and fulfills it's purpose all the way through. There isn't a slow track on the entire album. DJ Shadow is definately one of the biggest talents of my time. If he could just put out more music. Jeez. I mean, uh, back to the review. Every song has it's own sound but maintains the overall integrity of the album. If you really listen, you will hear some of the most beautiful and subtlely placed scratching ever placed onto wax. He is a master, in fact. Never is anything overdone on this album. I believe this is his best piece of work ever and will be very hard to top in the future. Hopefully I'll put my foot in my mouth someday. I'm looking forward to that.
So - if you're still reading this review and you haven't left to pick this cd up, or you haven't gone to another screen of to order this, you're a fool. Be gone. Hope you dig it as much as I do.
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on December 18, 2000
This is very well one of the greatest albums ever made. And the reason is because it is music. It's like a jazz album. And for me it's the best jazz album I have ever heard since Kind Of Blue (Miles Davis).
It's not techno, infact it's the farthest thing from it. For me it's a mix between jazz and hip hop. Dj Shadow grew up as a hip hop kid, collected records since he was younger than 13 or something, and made this album.
The extraordinary thing about it is that it is 100 percent samples. Not many people will believe it when they first hear it, because it's crafted together to sound like it isn't samples. For example, how many people have heard a hip hop track with a deep piano sample (that also isn't "funky" whatsoever) throughout the whole song? Or emotional female vocals to fill in empty spots (that's also a sample)? Or better yet, how many have ever heard, in their whole lives, a song that has a classical bass loop, mixed with a female vocals, mixed with a funky wah wah guitar, and a heavy slowed down hip hop beat? When I first heard it I thought to myself "oh he must be playing that piano" or "oh he's probably got a keyboard that can do that" or "his girl is probably doing the vocals there". But it isn't like that at all, his keyboard, piano, and girl who can sing is his records!
This album is different, and that is the great thing about it.
Now another fun thing to figure out is where the hell did he get all those damn samples? There's some samples on this album that NO ONE knows about! And that's another extraordinary thing, it truly shows how much he worked on this album.
I saw a review back here that said his beats weren't raw and rugged, well this is as raw as it gets. And a few said that it was very hard to dance to, well if you want something like that then go buy an album by a guy who has a drum machine that goes up to 400 bpm and a keyboard that has a few keys on it. Another one said that this isn't the best drum and bass record they've ever heard, well read the above comment. And finally, I read one review that said his DJ skills are like those of a dj who plays at a bar, well he has many many records, and if he's been around his tables for that long, he probably knows a lot more than a bar dj about djing.
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on December 11, 2000
This album was my introduction to the world of trip-hop and electronica, and I do not believe there is a more magnificent album to awaken the senses to the potentials of the genre. DJ Shadow's music is particularly vulnerable to flash characterizations, but its seeming fragmentation is a manifestation of its breadth and diversity.
The myriad samples, pieced together like a collage of conflicting themes and ideas, are incredibly well-synthesized by Shadow and seem like perfect representations of the fragmented modern musical landscape. Very few times has an electronica album captured so many musical sources in perfect harmony (Prodigy's Dirtchamber Sessions is another good example), but DJ Shadow's sophisticated precussion and distinct layering of melodies holds the bursting stew together.
My favorite tracks are probably "Stem/Long Stem" and "Changeling," but each track has its own vibrant atmosphere. The much-remarked upon "What Does your Soul Look Like" is a great link between the earlier and later periods of Shadow's work, and between his first and second albums. There is no better downtempo album out there (despite the notoriety of the Wild Bunch artists) and despite the obscurity of its sources (one vocal snippet is taken from a '70s nature special on African insects) it is a very accessible album. While on none of his albums has Shadow yet fulfilled the enormous potential established here, this is still a downtempo milestone.
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on September 12, 2000
Shadow is one of the most truly talented DJs out there, and on "Endtroducing.....", his only LP to date, his talent really comes to the forefront. This album has it all-- it is alternatively funny, peppy, and brooding. Sounds a little inconsistent, right? Well, somehow, he manages to give the record this extremely homogeneous feeling. Each song leads into the next smoothly and seamlessly.
"Endtroducing....." wraps all the things we love about DJing into one nice easy package. It has the spontaneity and originality of sampling that keeps you on your toes and saying "Haven't I heard that somewhere?" (anybody notice the Bjork sample?) It has very diverse and interesting beats behind every song, and just enough scratching to add to the project without ever becoming annoying or repetetive.
All in all, I would have to call this one of my all-time favorite hip/trip/whatever-hop releases. Definitely a great introduction to the genre.
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on February 18, 2000
...For DJ Shadow.
As an avid admirer of Reznor's "The Downward Spiral", I used to say that it was this generation's, 'The Velvet Underground and Nico', in that even though the populace at large was not ready to understand the masterpiece it was, enough people would be inspired by it that it would eventually prove monumentally influencial. While this is likely true to a lesser extent, "Endtroducing..." is probably a better example of the Velvet Underground role. "The Downward Spiral" was an hugely popular album for reasons that didn't dig as deeply as the the album did, but "Endtroducing..." is probably the first purely innovative record in rock/pop music since the Sex Pistols' "Nevermind the Bullocks...", and it has yet to grab the masses. Everything about "Endtroducing..." has never been done before. It is the most profound artistic statement of the decade including Nirvana. It is completely feasable that if this record could have found an audience, it would have become the most significant album since "Sgt. Pepper". Oh well, the peeps didn't get it. They didn't get the Sex Pistols or Velvet Underground either. I get the feeling that DJ Shadow(Josh Davis) isn't quite done.
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