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I wasn't all that excited about seeing this movie - but it did feature Cedric the Entertainer as well as cheerleaders, so I went ahead and watched it. I knew the film would be pretty stupid - and it was - but I have to admit I was rather pleasantly surprised by Man of the House (and not only because I happily discovered that Monica Keena was also in it). Putting the dour-faced Tommy Lee Jones in the middle of five giddy cheerleaders is definitely good for some laughs, and the characters really started to grow on me after the first half hour of extremely stereotyped characterization finally faded away. Texas Ranger Roland Sharp (Tommy Lee Jones) stalks around like he's impervious to any danger, and the cheerleaders are seriously dumbed down when we first meet them - this superficial treatment doesn't do the movie any favors coming out of the gate.

Here's the basic story. Five University of Texas cheerleaders witness the murder of a government witness being sought by Sharp to testify against some high-level criminal. Thus, the girls are the only witnesses that stand in the way of Mr. Moneybags' freedom from prosecution - despite the fact that they can't even begin to come up with a description of the man they saw pull the trigger. Sharp is given the job of protecting the girls, which makes him the girls' newest roommate back on campus. The girls, being silly cheerleaders, don't think they are in danger and balk at everything the ultra-serious Ranger asks them to do. He, of course, has a problem with their skimpy outfits (for reasons I certainly can't fathom), unmentionables in the bathroom, etc. Eventually, though, they develop a sort of friendship, with the girls helping Sharp reconnect with his daughter and woo a lady professor and Sharp loosening up and having a little bit of fun.

There are some pretty funny scenes in the film, especially when Sharp is playing the part of the new assistant cheerleading coach (and getting some cheers of his own at one of the football games). I was a little disappointed that Cedric the Entertainer had a much smaller role than I expected, but that man always makes the most of his minutes. I do wish the film had been set at some other university than Texas because I don't like their coach (who, fortunately, didn't appear in the film - although Texas Governor Perry did have a quick cameo) and because their cheerleaders have some of the most unappealing cheerleading outfits I know of. Still, this is a funny movie that makes for a surprisingly enjoyable way to spend a little over an hour and a half.
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on September 6, 2013
Tommy Lee Jones did it again, he played a awesome role as the girls man of the house. Totally a five star for Tommy.
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on August 30, 2007
answer-they all move faster than this,this thing is a real
coma inducing yawner.if you're expecting to laugh,you can forget about
it.this movie has very little going for it.i can only come up with two is Anne Archer,who is still a stunner at age 57 in
2005,when this movie was released.the other positive is that there were
a couple good songs.other than that,it's painful experience and a loss
of 100 minutes of life,which will not come back.i didn't think this
would be a great movie,but i thought it might be decent.i found it hard
to actually finish watching,but i stuck with it.hopefully i can
convince others not to waste their precious time.for me,Man of the
House is a 1.4/5
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on September 27, 2014
greet move
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on June 19, 2015
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