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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on October 31, 2005
I have been a big fan of The L Word series since it first appeared in Canada on Ch (it was later banned), however, I must admit I was a bit disappointed with Season 2.
FIrst of all, I think it is way too short (only 13 episodes).I was expecting double that for nearly $65. There are bonus features on the fourth disc, but no behind-the-scenes footage and very brief cast interviews. Although, for one of the episodes (I think episode 11), there is the option to watch it with the cast comentary on. Even though only three of the cast members actually comment (Katherine Moening, Leisha Hailey and Erin Daniels), it's pretty funny and interesting to hear what they have to say about the show (they make fun of it, but it's hilarious).
Secondly, the storyline is a little predictable and, at times, a little unrealistic. I hate to say this, but sometimes it's even boring.
Now, I'm really not trying to put the show down- I truly love it and will probably end up buying the third season- I'm just saying that some things could have been done a little better. I even had trouble adjusting to the new theme song and opening. It grows on you over time, but I remember first thinking that it was a little cheesy and that I missed the short and simple instrumental opening the first season had. But, looking past all that, I really liked Shane and Carmen's intense scenes (the acting was very believable and they had great onscrene chemistry), Alice's always cute and funny comments and her complicated, yet, adorable friendship/relationship with Dana. Jenny is as crazy as ever, providing comic-relief, and Bette and Tina continue further complicating their relationship.
Is it worth watching? Definitely. Should you buy it? Mmmmaybe, if you're a big enough fan or are planning to sell it after you watch it. I don't regret buying it, if that helps, but me = big fan. Good Luck
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on January 26, 2006
Season two of The L word is drama-packed and the characters keep getting deeper and deeper. It is refreshing, sexy, compelling and bold, qualities that quite frankly are more than lacking on other 'hit' shows these days.
Series 2 picks up where we left off last season, with Shane trying to cope with a heartbreak and accentuated fear of commitment, Alice and Dana dealing with unresolved sexual tension, Bette and Tina not being able to forgive and forget and Jenny searching for her lost self. Carmen, Shane's prospect flame and lover, is the hottest addition to the cast since Roseanna Arquette guest-starred on the show, and soon creates an awkward triangle between her, Shane and Jenny.
This show has me hooked like no other, I find myself rewatching the episodes several times just to catch a glimpse of some of the hottest couples on TV right now. I hope TPTB on Showtime realise what a great show they're broadcasting and decide to renew it for a 4th season.
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on November 1, 2005
I am absolutely addicted to the L Word. I've always believed attraction is more than genital-oriented, so if you are as opened minded as I can sometimes be, you will love the honesty of this show. It tackles many issues women face today - regardless of sexual orientation. It also is unexpectedly funny, and features amazing female-focuses music. The characters are fascinating and even Jenny, the identity-crisis drama queen, will draw you further into the web. Season two isn't as impressive at the first season, but for fans is a necessity.
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on April 15, 2006
J'aimerais avoir ce dvd en francais je ne comprend pas pouquoi
il le diffuse a la télé en francais et que nous ne pouvont
Car j'aimerais beaucoup acheté les dvd de ELLES si il etait en francais
Merci de votre attention
Aimerais avoir reponce
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on January 18, 2006
BONJOUR, j'aimerai savoir comment acheter l word saison 2 avec language français car je l'ai acheter sur est il n'est qu'en anglais merci de me renseigner je suis super fan bizzzz!
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on October 3, 2014
Great series......better then i would have ever expected......i said it beofre and i'll say it again....can't go wrong with lesbian shows
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on December 30, 2013
The Second Season is really good but as the season go on Jenny gets on my last nerve. I would be happier if she wasn't in the show.
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on April 21, 2016
Item arrived early and in good condition. The first three DVDs played perfectly. I have not tried the fourth yet, but it seems to be of similarly good quality.
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on April 13, 2015
This show jumped the shark pretty early on, but if you like mindless, than this is ok.
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on August 19, 2014
My favorite season! Such great humor, and I love the couples this season!
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