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4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon March 31, 2007
INTRO:Nintendo have been around for so many years and really took gaming to another level with its console and it became the brand of choice for gamers way back in the 80s and 90s.Now things have changed Nintendo are competing against two other forces in the gaming industry,namely Sony and Microsoft who went towards more "mature" appealing games.With the buzz about the new consoles the XBOX 360 and the PS3,Nintendo had to deliver something unique,something different.With the Wii Nintendo hopes to reach the non-gamer and casual gamer market,wich they did so far.

WHATS NEW?:The Wii inovates with its controls as you really make the move,best exemple would be Wii sports included with the Wii,it makes your gamer at home do some exercices while having some fun.Nintendo Wii can appeal to nearly anyone from the 3 year old kid to the seventy-eight years old grandmother.Its a unique system to say the least that is fun and original as well as full of options for exemple you can buy a classic controler if you don`t like the Wiimote.

LIVE CHANNEL:The Live Channel allows you to buy classic games from the NES,SNES,N64 wich adds to the console.Playing a classic like Super Mario 64 on a new console is great.You have to buy point cards to buy games but its worth the bucks you will spend,the library of games ainvailable continues to grow,playing the first Zelda again is fun,the points varies like a game can be 1000 points.

GAMES:A few good games were launched and great ones keep coming.Zelda Twilight Princess proves to be the best selling game of the Wii so far,Rayman Raving Rabids and Wario Ware Smooth Moves are fun and original games making great use of the Wiimote.It is also to not that the Nintendo Wii comes with a game.Wii Sports is creative and fun and for a game that comes with a console it proves to be a winner,with games like Wii Boxing,Tennis,Golf,Baseball,Bowling that you never get tired of,its a great party game.I don`t like the fact that tere nearly aren`t any mature games(17+)wich the PS3 and 360 support,thats what is lacking to the Wii.

GRAPHICS:Cannot compare to the PS3 or XBOX 360 at all.The graphics are a little better than the Gamecube to be honnest,thats a minus to the Wii.The graphics of the Wii are simple but cool,but if youre looking NEXT-GEN visuals this is not your buy.

OVERRAL:The future of the Wii seems to be great as the console is always sold-out.Wii is fun,inovative and easy to get used to.A must-buy for anyone,even if its a second console.Easily the choice for partys and multiplayer,not yet an online tought.Maybe the Wii is not a DVD,HD-DVD or Blue-Ray player,graphics but it is surely the console that is the most fun!
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on February 12, 2007
What can I say that hasn't already been said. This console is amazing. Sure, it doesn't have the graphics power of PS3 or the 360, but you can have the worst graphics in the world as long as the gameplay and replay value are high. The gameplay and replay on the Wii are both amazing.

Now to cover some of the key points.

CONTROL: Never before have I been so into playing, the Wii remote is in my view one of the best things to happen to home gaming consoles. You get a workout with some of your games like the Wii sports. One of my favorite types of games is FPS(first person shooters) the main one right now is Call of Duty 3, with this unique controller it's a whole new way to play.

ONLINE: While at this time none of the Wii games are online, but there is the Virtual Console. This gives you access to over 20 years of games, choices are games from NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, and Turbografx. The downloads are quick and painless. Pricing is done in Wii points. If you can't find a Wii points card you can purchase them through the online system. Depending on the game will determine how you play, some can use the Wiimote, others require the classic controller and so far(subject to change) all can use the gamecube controller. All the games are exactly as I remember them.

GAMECUBE: Unlike the other systems on the market that are only compatable with some of there previous games, ALL gamecube games will work with the Wii. It has 4 gamecube controller ports and 2 memory card slots hidden behind panels. It does accept the wavebird also.

WII CHANNELS: In addition to the virtual console, the other online feature is the Wii channels. As of now there are 5 channels.

Photo Channel: Allows you to see photos posted to the Wii message board and to access photos and some movie formats from an SD card. Also allows you to edit photos, this is mainly for fun, not a professional job

Shop Channel: This is where you go to download games from the virtual console, see if any new channels are available or purchase more Wii points

Forecast Channel: Get your local weather, just pick your country and nearest city, it updates on its own and you can view weather all over the globe.

News Channel: Gives all the latest news both national and international, as well as all your sports, entertainment etc. This also updates on its own.

Internet Channel: At the time I'm writing this it is only a trail/beta version. Quick to access a website and any place on the net where you would write text like google, a keyboard pad comes up and as you are typing "like words" appear, for example, if you were typing nintendo, by the time you got to nint you would see the full word, click on it and it autofills for you.

To end, the Wii is winning people over all around the globe. Nintendo has done it once again. This system is fun for all ages, so if you can get your hands on one, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I have

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on June 19, 2009
This eliminates the need to go to the gym, or buy expensive workout equipment. A person is able to actually look forward to getting a good workout without leaving the comfort of your living room. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in working out but doesn't have the money or time to get to a gym.
If the graphics were a little more adult oriented or realistic it would be that much better.
A ton of fun to play with your spouse and you unknowingly get a great workout.
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on November 29, 2006
It's amazing how after only one week of having this system, I find myself incredibly reluctant to return to standard controllers. The flexibility of the Wii remote/nunchuck combination is beautiful and feels incredibly natural. While playing games like Zelda (the cream of the launch crop), your remote controls your sword and your nunchuck acts as your shield, making for some incredibly intuitive game play. It feels natural to swing your remote for a slash or thrust out your nunchuck in order to perform a shield bash. Getting the classic controller to play your virtual console games is almost a disappointment after the thrill of throwing your remote around the room. Note that there have been reports of the wrist strap snapping and Wii remotes becoming deadly projectiles, so you may want to make sure that you're not playing with sweaty hands.

I found the presentation of the Wii to be a little lackluster. It's wonderfully small and sleek (about half the size of the Xbox 360 and only slightly larger than the smaller model of the PS2) but it doesn't have the nice rounded edges that the Xbox 360 and PS3 possess. Needless to say the graphics are also not up to par with its competitors, so if you're buying this system for the cutting edge next generation looking games, you may be disappointed. This system is far more about the feel than the look; it 'feels' next gen, and it is a highly enjoyable experience to play. The remote does respond to rather light movements, but sometimes it's just more fun to exaggerate your motions to really 'get the feel' of swinging your sword, tennis racquet, or what have you. The sensor bar is incredibly small, about 9 1/2 inches across, and can be placed either above or underneath the television.

The Wii Shop Channel is nice; I have no complaints with it thus far. If you have any experience with the Xbox Live Marketplace, it has a very similar feel to it. As with Live, you buy points and then trade points for games and content; every 1000 points is equivalent to around ten dollars USD. As of today, the Virtual Console (downloadable) games available are:

500 points
Donkey Kong (NES)
Donkey Kong Jr. (NES)
Mario Bros. (NES)
Pinball (NES)
Soccer (NES)
Solomon's Key (NES)
The Legend of Zelda (NES)
Wario's Woods (NES)

600 points
Bomberman '93 (TurboGrafx16)
Bonk's Adventure (TurboGrafx16)
Super Star Soldier (TurboGrafx16)
Victory Run (TurboGrafx16)

800 points
Altered Beast (Sega Genesis)
Columns (Sega Genesis)
Ecco the Dolphin (Sega Genesis)
F-Zero (SNES)
Golden Axe (Sega Genesis)
Ristar (Sega Genesis)
SimCity (SNES)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis)

1000 points
Super Mario 64 (N64)

Wii Sports was a brilliant piece to include with the system; it allows you to test out that interesting controller without having to buy a game. I wouldn't say it's completely satisfying in and of itself, there's not much to it, but I did get a fair bit of use out of it and the multiplayer was very enjoyable. It utilizes characters made in the Mii Channel; which is basically an entire mini game within the Wii itself. The Mii Channel allows you to create simple little characters which may be used in games and/or transferred to other Wiis around the globe. The Photo Channel is also nice and quaint; a fun way to store your photos and slideshows.

In the near future the Wii should be getting a Forecast Channel, News Channel, and Internet Channel, which will allow you to surf the internet on your television. With this in mind, the Wii is definitely a family-friendly system, with some rather elaborate parental controls that can filter out content and even restrict access to games with certain ratings. All in all I have had no regrets attached to buying this system, and highly recommend it to everyone no matter what their niche.
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on February 14, 2009
I was a little reluctant to get the Wii for my kids because I didn't want them to interact with outsiders via the Wii until I was told that it is not an automatic feature and it can be controlled. I caved in and got the kids the Wii for X-Mas, thinking they'd be playing and I'd just be watching. To my surprise, I loved the Wii just as much as my kids. The controllers were so easy to handle and the games so simple to understand and play that the whole family, from young to old, were playing and laughing it up. I definately would recommend and my kids love it even without internet interaction.
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on December 4, 2006
Leading up to launch, the Wii was the first console I've had any kind of desire to purchase in the last 20 years. And since getting one, I haven't been disappointed.

With the motion sensitive wii-mote controllers, games are more intuitive and fun than ever before. Whoever convinced Nintendo to pack-in Wii Sports with the console should be given a big raise, because it is a huge system seller. Response to the controllers, for the most part, is exact and satisfying. And on top of that, the game is just plain fun to play.

Well built, cleverly designed, very different. That's the Wii.
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on February 28, 2009
My husband and were leery of getting into the video game stuff as we have a son who has the type of personality that finds it hard to know when to quit playing - a bit addicted to the computer already. But, we had heard from friends that this would be the best of the gaming systems as it has a good interactive element and many of the games are family friendly.
I ordered it and literally picked it up at the post office the next day! Amazing!
So far, we've all had a chance to enjoy some of the games. We added the balance board and Wii Fit program which the kids have enjoyed as well.
Overall, it's a good system and we have no complaints about it.
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on May 11, 2010
Wii product is great from all points of view.
The only bad thing when I bought this product is the delivery. Amazon uses UPS to deliver the product. Though UPS is faster, which may be the goal of Amazon - deliver product quicker, UPS does not accept pickup during weekends, such as Saturday. I do not have time during work days. Also, there is no way to let UPS deliver the product second time or out of work hours in work days. It is better that Amazon lets customers select who should be the provider of delivery. Canada Post is a bit slower for generic delivery service, but customers can pick up during weekends.
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on January 25, 2007
Ok, I first have to say that I'm a HUGE Sony Playstation fan... but I've decided to give Nintendo a try (the last Nintendo console I owned was their very first one althouh I've played them all over the years). This console rocks! I'm so glad that I decided to wait for better games before buying the PS3 because the games that they are coming out with for the Wii are incredible. They are fun, and the whole family will really love this console (my mom went out to buy one, and I'm a University grad which means that she's no spring chicken!). There are so many non-violent, cute, funny and FUN games already, with more on the way.

I have be honest with you... If you are a hardcore gamer (I very much dislike violent games), you will definitely prefer Xbox 360 or PS3. I can picture these consoles having more first person shooter, fantasy games and R-rated games. If you are someone who has never liked video games before (all you moms out there...), or someone like me (a young woman who likes all the cutsey games out there ie. Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, all the Mario Bros. games, or even non-cutsey like Final Fantasy or my favourite of all time Wipeout XL or Fusion...) the Wii is definitely for you.

As a parent, you will love that your kids are working up a sweat playing Wii Sports, and really having fun while doing it (also Nintendo makes tons of age appropriate games for younger people). I just had a drunken Wii party, and had a group of friends over to play (all in their 20s) and we really had a blast.

To sum up this post, I would say that the Wii (more so than the other consoles) is ageless. Every age group would have fun with it.
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on February 27, 2007
First, I would like to say I have always been a fan of video games...the first system I had was the very first Atari and I have been hooked ever since. I have a PS2 and a PSP but by far the most fun I had gaming in years was playing the Nintendo Wii. The controls are superb and the wireless system allows for easy storage (which means I can keep it hooked up to our large tv in the living room without my wife complaining about the tangle of wires).

Wii Sports is fantastic but being an elder statesman of the gaming industry I would like to see more mature rated games for the Wii. Nintendo currently has a number of these slated for release over the coming months but the great thing about this system is that it appeals to all ages. Even my wife, who has never been a fan of video games, loves the Wii system and I find myself having to wrestle the controller from her hands.

I am not saying that I will never buy a PS3 or an XBOX but this system is certainly affordable and has a wide enough array of gameplay to ensure it remains a focal point of home entertainment at our house for years to come.
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