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5.0 out of 5 stars I'm still gettin chills!
I saw Nemesis in the theatre and purchased the dvd upon its first day of release. From then probably have viewed it another 8 or so times. So why the chills? The final 30 or so minutes of this movie is worth everything. The special effects and battle sequences are the best I have ever seen in anything trek to date - period! In the theatre I found myself gripping my...
Published on Aug. 5 2003 by TheOne2023

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2.0 out of 5 stars Had the potential to be a great film but fell short
Would have give 2 1/2 stars if offered. The story started off with a coup from the Remans, the race that has only been ever so briefly mentioned of in the Star Trek universe. I found it a very unlikley plot to have a human of any type...even Picards clone to take over the Romulan Empire. The Romulan Star Empire was never written in Star Trek to be this weak. They had a...
Published on May 17 2003 by movie_maniacs3000

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2.0 out of 5 stars Had the potential to be a great film but fell short, May 17 2003
movie_maniacs3000 "Scott" (Savannah, Ga United States) - See all my reviews
Would have give 2 1/2 stars if offered. The story started off with a coup from the Remans, the race that has only been ever so briefly mentioned of in the Star Trek universe. I found it a very unlikley plot to have a human of any type...even Picards clone to take over the Romulan Empire. The Romulan Star Empire was never written in Star Trek to be this weak. They had a wonderful underground story established in the TNG series with Spock helping out that a civil war would have made more sense. Spock woulldn't had to even be in this series. Perhaps just some references of his work.
I was also very dissapointed at how little a on screen time that Beverly Crusher, Riker, and Worf and Troi had. First Contact clearly proved that quality time could be allocated if a good
producer/director were running thinngs.
The film was riddled with inconsistencies. How B4 come about is weak at very best. Wesley's appearance in a Starfleet unform is ridiculous if you knew under the terms he left (he nearly started a war with the cardassians and left with the traveler and basically told Picard to stuff it). Picard did have hair in his youth. There are several more but I have said enough. Add it to your collection to complete your set, but a good rental will cover it.
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3.0 out of 5 stars So much action accompanied by so many questions!, Jan. 22 2005
N Joungyuob B Ohh (richmond hill, Ontario Canada) - See all my reviews
Ce commentaire est de: Star Trek: Nemesis (Widescreen) (DVD)
One the one hand, it was rather refreshing to have a Romulan-themed story in quite a long time. The action sequences are super and the effects shots are great.
On the other hand, this latest (last?) Trek installment did leave this reviewer with several questions. Why did Wesley Crusher show up at First Officer William Riker and Counselor Diana Troi's pre-wedding banquet (see TheNextGeneration episode "Journey's End") ? What is Worf doing on board the Enterprise-E (see DeepSpaceNine series ender "What You Leave Behind II") ? And with Data ceasing to exist as a sentient being (he is said to have been killed off though he never in fact lived) and hence unable to assume the role of Second in Command, who then would assume Riker's role - Geordi, Worf, or someone else?
Part of the blame for this movie's dismal box office performance must rest with the studio, both for releasing it up against "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" and deleting at least 41 minutes of filmed material. Having said all this, the movie itself comes up somewhat short indeed. The main flaw seems to be that it never sufficiently delves into the cause(s) for Shinzon's anger and enmity towards Picard and the whole human race. After all, was it not the Romulans who treated him so shabbily all these years?
It is far from certain if a feature-length story featuring DSN characters will be made, either with a few crossover characters from TNG or none. However, given the unexpectedly weak showing at the box office for this film and the less-than spectacular track record of its preceding films (only one is said to have reached the US$100M threshold) it is highly unlikely that there will be any more Star Trek theatrical movies; The Wrath of Khan, a film from which this one is unjustly accused of ripping off, nearly became a non-theatrical movie.
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1.0 out of 5 stars A Huge Letdown, Feb. 21 2004
Amazon Customer (Columbus, OH USA) - See all my reviews
I really wanted to like this film. I really did. That's why it hurts so much to have to write this. But I must warn others. Do not see this film. I remember the excitement I felt when I discovered this film was going to be released. Alas.
There are possible spoilers below, so beware.
The film starts pleasantly enough, with Riker's wedding to Troi after showing trouble in the midst of the Romulan government. Wesley Crusher is finally given his due screen appearance. He is as gorgeous as always. I know that they cut out an entire 45 minute segment featuring him, which I was unhappy to hear.
Next, the Trek crew finds scans indicating posotronic activity on a planet, so they go to investigate, finding parts to an android almost identical to Data. They land on a desert planet and Picard acts completely unlike his character. The reserved French captain is now a high testosterone mini-dimensional fun lovin' bad cop kind of guy roving through the desert in a Jeep/Hummer-esque vehichle. I can't quite grasp how Data could locate this new android if only the brain is posotronic, which has been hammered into our heads since the series began. But forget all the rules made so far. To quote the Fantasticks, this movie "defies logic and achieves ignorance!" In the desert the crew meets nasty creatures that look like copies of Max Shreck's 1922 Nosferatu. Of course the vehichles are equipped with laser cannons and such and much F/X money was spent making loud booms.
After this lame adventure, the new android is put together. It is Data's mentally disabled brother. Blah blah blah. We already did this. It would have been much more interesting to do exploration with the Lor character. Hmm.. imagine doing battle with Lor. At least THAT would be a match for the Trek crew. Anyway, the new android is called B4. How tacky. A very uninteresting subplot altogether.
The "story" continues, if you can call it that. We learn the Romulan senate has a new praetor, Shinzon. Jean Luc gets an awesome cameo from Janeway. Next, the Enterprise-E visits Romulus, and of course war breaks out, blah blah blah.
**end of obvious spoilers you already figured out from the preview**
The villain, Shinzon is underdeveloped. The story is too. It felt like echoes of Wrath of Khan were bubbling here. This is the first Star Trek I've seen that was simply a lame battle scenario. Half of the movie was spent at war. It felt felt the Matrix Revolutions to me. Pointless one dimensional buildup and buildup, huge battles, but absolutely no pleasure or satifaction in any of it.
Star Trek has been great because each episode/movie dealt with a moral dilemma choice, well built characters and intriguing situations. This movie has none of that. It's just a big battle. If you like explosions and loud sound effects, this movie is for you. If not, beware. Characters are altered for no reason whatsoever. There is no real emotional buildup, just constant fighting, so the climax is boring and uninteresting. It feels like this is the end of Trek, which truly saddens me. It feels like Star Trek is trying to reinvent itself. It was fine before, people! That's why there is still a fan base! Even the music felt similar to the hokey music from the first season of TNG - even with those crappy 80s synth sounds. I cannot say enough: avoid this movie.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Watch...the future of Trek movies end., Feb. 14 2004
I can only hope 'Star Trek' can't get any worse than this. A recycled and dumbed-down plot stolen from Star Trek II fails to awe me as the TNG casts supposed final mission.
This movie blatantly defies the even-odd rule of Trek movies, therefore requiring the rule to be modified. I suggest the following:
"While even-numbered Star Trek movies are inevitably better than odd-numbered ones, every fifth movie is terrible, regardless of numbering."
Anyway, this movie has very few redeeming qualities. The special effects are very good, though they obviously can't be the driving force behind a movie (this must've been what Berman was going for). I've read that Paramount dropped ILM for this movie; and if so, another thing it has in common with Star Trek V. Though in that case, the result was awful effects detracting even more from an awful movie. In 'Nemesis', the effects were the only thing that kept me awake.
The actors seem bored, and I honestly can't blame them. You'll be bored to, if you have the courage to sit through the disgrace in the first place. If they'd wanted to kill off Data, they should've done it in 'First Contact', where his death would've had more meaning (saving humanity from the Borg as opposed to a perverted, dying megalomaniac with the brains of a peanut). Overall, this movie is a terrible entry into the 'Star Trek' series, and I hope never to see it again.
If Paramount decides to do another one (which I very much doubt, given how much this one bombed), they should attempt to recapture the spirit of the previous Trek movies. Nemesis seems as if it was made in a desperate attempt to appeal to an almost non-existant mainstream audience. Unfortunately, due to the stigma attached to the 'Star Trek' franchise, this audience simply doesn't exist. If Nemesis had been made as a generic sci-fi/action movie, it may have done better. But attaching the ST name to a movie ensures you attract very few people other than fans of the series.
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2.0 out of 5 stars A Mediocre Entry into the Star Trek Film Series, Jan. 30 2004
Stephen Kaczmarek "Educator, Writer, Consultant" (Columbus, Ohio United States) - See all my reviews
Though I feel a bit out of place reviewing a "Next Generation" Star Trek Film--I was never a huge fan of the second Star Trek TV series or any that came after it--there's enough wrong with this particular entry to deserve comment. Even on the small screen, ho-hum Jean-Luc Picard and crew were tedious substitutes for the original series' wonderfully adventurous and colorful characters, and it's that lack of charisma that is the main problem with "Star Trek: Nemesis." Without caring much about the characters, there's no emotional punch to the film's often poorly conceived and executed scenes, even if some seem lifted from the much less expensive but much more watchable predecessor, "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." In this one, several rather awkward plot contrivances pit a heretofore unknown clone of Picard named Shinzon against the Federation, though the reasons for the clone's psychotic hatred against humanity are murky, at best. (From what we see onscreen, it makes more sense for him to hate his Romulan keepers.) While the film's opening ten minutes are gripping--featuring the brutal assassination of the Romulan government--things go downhill from there, including a tired wedding sequence that has little to do with the rest of the film, several space battles created with topnotch special effects but that are as exciting as watching bathtub toys bobbing along, and the inevitable, surprisingly bland face-to-face confrontation between Shinzon and Picard. The film's pace and story are so unengaging that I even had time to consider how silly it was to use vehicles with wheels in an age of spaceships zipping around (through a ship's corridors, no less) and people beaming themselves from place to place; "Star Trek: Nemesis" gave me plenty of time to disengage from what was happening on the screen. So far, only one "Next Generation" movie has held my interest--the surprisingly fun "Star Trek: First Contact"--but that's probably because it came closest in spirit to the 1960s TV series (though it contradicts what we learned there). Even Jerry Goldsmith's score can't seem to pump any excitement into what should have been Captain Picard's finest hour.
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2.0 out of 5 stars This movie should not have been made, Dec 6 2003
What a disappointment. Let me tell you that I'm a big fan of Star Trek, and that I think TNG is the core of the whole Star Trek universe. I've seen every TNG episode several times and loved the series for its philosophy, its actors, and its emotional factor.
Yet with Nemesis, everything is destroyed. You know, Generations was very good. First Contact was excellent. Insurrection was not so bad after all. But entry #10 is a disgrace for the franchise, battling with "The Final Frontier" and "The Motion Picture" for the title "Worst Trek Movie Ever".
Dear Lord, Star Trek isn't about space battles, evil aliens and blowing things up. It's about exploration of space and mankind, carried by good dialogue, good ideas, and good acting. Unfortunately, the people at Paramount don't seem to share that view.
They promised us a "Generation's Final Journey"; a final journey for our beloved characters - Fine. The opening scene at the wedding even is quite touching. However, after this, everything wents downhill very fast. The boring and senseless Data subplot begins (Lore, anyone?), totally disregarding the emotion chip from Generations and First Contact. Worf's role has been reduced to that of a clown, getting sick of Romulan Ale and being concerned of showing up nude at a Betazed wedding. This character's main attributes used to be honor, valor, justice, and a constant struggle between Human and Klingon culture. Not so in Nemesis.
Worf? Wait a second... Worf? What is doing there anyway? Didn't the people at Paramount watch the ending of DS9? Why is Worf suddenly back on the Enterprise? Geez, that's the opposite of character development, really. In First Contact, Worf's appearance didn't feel forced at all. It was logical for him to fight there with the Defiant and being beamed aboard the Enterprise. In Nemesis, we don't even get to hear an explanation (I know, I should be grateful for this, since the explanation would have been hilarious anyway.)
Beverly, Riker and Geordi get nothing to do throughout the rest of the film. At least Deanna gets more screen time this time. As for Picard, his role is saved only by Stewart's brilliant acting, though Stewart obviously has a hard time fighting against the awful script. And THIS was the last time I've seen my beloved characters? Not how I had once pictured it. What a way to kill of my TNG crew.
The plot is essentially... well, boring. What do they fight for anyway? It all bodes down to killing the villain. Boy, they had the Romulans and did nothing with them. Instead, they invent another new redundant alien race. How imaginative. Besides, what about the Romulans from the series? They don't even mention Sela or Tomalak. Another huge disappointment for the fans.
In my phantasy, I picture an alternate Star Trek 10... The true ending of a generation, involving Romulans, Klingons, Cardassians and Vulcans. Perhaps a fight for peace in the quadrant, a fight for Earth, for Starfleet and the Federation. A new era of Star Trek. Something revolutionary. Important roles for every member of the cast. Much nostalgy, cameos for Sela, O'Brien, Ro Laren, and Pulaski perhaps? Continuity with the TV epsiodes and previous movies, Worf being Klingon ambassador, Data having emotions, and so on. A big epos combined with something imagantive and groundbreaking... like the invention of Warp 10 or anything. *sigh* Unfortunately, this is all just a dream now, and it won't happen anymore. Nemesis has absolutely nothing of what I just tried to describe. Nothing. It leaves you with such an empty feel in your stomache you almost want to cry.
I give it the second star only because non-fans will probably like the movie a bit more, because the special effects are good, because of the DVD extras, and because Goldsmith's score is very nice as well (albeit a bit repetitive, isn't it?). Actually, I'd like to remove 1/2 stars for the infamous dune buggy scene (in which Picard consciously violates the Prime Directive for no obvious reason), but Amazon only allows full stars, so...
If only they could undo this dreadful movie falsely titled "Star Trek". Can we just say it never happened, please?
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2.0 out of 5 stars OUCH!, Nov. 9 2003
"day24" (Leiden, The Netherlands) - See all my reviews
My God... what were they thinking? I used to be a big Star Trek fan... and still am, in some ways. I love the new series. However, I think the next generation has overstayed its welcome. That was clear to me with the dreadful Insurection, but is made abundantly clear by Nemesis. The only good thing I can say about it is that it isn't as bad as its predecessor. The story is laughable, Picard's clone ruling the Romulan Empire. The plot-twists, if they can even be called that, are predictable and downright ridiculous at times. Not worth your money....not worth your time.
The verdict? Only see this if you're a REAL trekkie, otherwise it is a complete waste of time. What annoyed me most is that they contradict themselves... The least they could have done is do their research, Deanna Troy marrying Will Ryker? That's not what happened in the final episode of the series. If you ask me, I think they should have stopped making next generation films when the superb Voyager stopped being made, they should have switched to films about that instead.
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2.0 out of 5 stars How dare they?, Oct. 24 2003
Tommy Jeffers (Pana, IL United States) - See all my reviews
Consider the vastness of the following Star Trek plot: A demented, super intelligent madman has seized power. The madman has a very powerful weapon that could be used to destroy a planet. He hates the captain of the U. S. S. Enterprise. A major character dies at the end of the end of the film saving the Enterprise and her crew.
You know what movie I am talking about don't you? Of course, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Right? Wrong! I am talking about Star Trek: Nemesis. This ill conceived, asinine remake of the classic Khan movie is both an insult to the franchise and the fans alike. Please don't confuse my indignation for a total dislike of the film. It does have some merit. It has cool ships, cool special effects, an excellent "ramming" scene and good acting by most of the characters. However, I think that the franchise has lost its way among the cogs and wheels of the cash machine. I went to see this movie with little hope and expecting nothing. I got pretty much what I expected. The Next Generation, other than First Contact hasn't translated to the big screen very well. It sickens me to no end to see something that I love reduced to the pile of scrap it is now.
Why oh why don't they let Jonathan Frakes hold the reigns of The Next Generation for a while? Paramount and Rick Berman certainly have no clue how to deliver what the fans truly want.
The power of The Wrath of Khan is insulted at best and diminished at worst by Nemesis. In The Wrath of Khan when Spock died we all felt it. It was a scene of power and full of emotion. The exchange between Kirk and Spock is timeless and a beautiful example of the friendship that the two shared. When Data saves Picard in Nemesis there is no exchange of emotion. There is no power. There is only a "too late" goodbye delivered by Data. The scene is drug out unnecessarily long to "build tension." I was about as tense as I am in a hot tub. I was not moved to tears. I was not moved at all. The movie does salvage some of its dignity at the end when the magnificent 7 now "6" stand around and lament for their lost friend. The worst acting in the movie is here though. Troy's tears do not convince me. At least Riker gets his own ship FINALLY.
In short, the Star Trek franchise has delivered a spoon-fed, thoughtless movie that stands on the pillars of former greatness. I love these characters. I hate to see them put into a spot that does not do them justice. The cast members even seemed less than excited about the film. Jonathan Frakes seemed disgusted or at least discouraged by the process. Patrick Stewart saw a good paycheck. Brent Spiner saw a chance to take care of his character finally. I agree with his reasons, but I would like to have seen a bit more emotion behind it. If there is another Next Generation movie, here is what I purpose. Let Frakes direct it, and get someone in the writing community that has a true understanding and love for the franchise to write it. I can think of many who could have done better than this...Straczynski, Ellison, me... And of course one final note about the movie...I give them credit for not using any time traveling. We are all sick of that. I just hope that Berman and his lackeys can come up with something better in the future or else Star Trek may fall into the category of "It was once great, but now it isn't worth the price of admission."
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2.0 out of 5 stars Horribly Mediocre, Oct. 20 2003
Ron Sullivan (Philadelphia, PA United States) - See all my reviews
You know, for all of their blind loyalty over the years, Star Trek Fans really deserve better then this. 'Nemesis' is probably the pitiful death-kneel of a once-proud franchise that was driven into the ground by a group of people at Paramount (led by Rick Berman) that just have little or no idea what made Star Trek so endearing.
The acting is just terrible. Patrick Stewart just looks like he's going through the motions. Creatively I think he's visibly bored. Jonathan Frakes is a TV actor and still hasn't made a comfortable leap to the big screen, and Michael Dorn's Worf has basically become a Klingon stereotype. This brings me to the sad story of Data. First of all, you can't spend almost 16 years playing out the whole Pinocchio storyline with Data. All of those "I don't understand humanity and yet aspire to be human" moments have stopped being endearing quite some time ago, now they're just annoying. His big scene at the end of the movie (I'm really trying not to drop any spoilers) was just totally devoid of any kind of emotion (or emotional impact) at all. His dual role as B-4 (get it? "Before") is just terrible, clearly done just in case there's a sequel. The rest of the crew make a cameo, but essentially given nothing to do.
The plot is riddled with conflicts of logic. Shinzon is the double for Picard and explains that other then his jaw and nose being broken years ago, they look identical? What? This guy's face is as smooth as silk! If anyone could have gotten away with that kind of a statement, it should probably have been Picard! Stewart, just be virtue of being older, could very easily have had those injuries in his youth.
How could the Enterprise have rammed a vessel when they had no shields and the opponent's shields were at 70%? Wouldn't the Enterprise have just broken up on the front of the other ship? I also love villains who cart around a Death-star caliber weapon and don't use it. I could actually keep going too; this is just the short list!
So far the Next Generation movies are just 1 for 4 with 'First Contact' being their only redeeming moment. Gene Roddenberry would be turning in his grave if he knew the state his beloved franchise was in right now. I'm actually praying that there isn't an 11th movie. If there is, there had better be a complete, top-to-bottom turnover in its creative team right up to Rick Berman. What they have now is just NOT getting the job done.
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1.0 out of 5 stars The only ST film that made me load my gun!, Oct. 7 2003
Nemesis is just HORRIBLE! And here is the list why:
1. The title, this makes what, number 3?
TNG Nemesis VOY Nemesis now FILM NEMESIS!
2. No character I could recognize. Data seemed to be the only one that showed up, and they killed him for it!
3. I LIKE WESLEY CRUSHER! So there! I hoped his deleted scene would be on the DVD but alas Wes fans lost AGAIN!
4. Where the hell was Troi and Bev at? For that matter where was Geordi?
5. Riker=Kirk.
6. This is a PRIME example as to why a director and writer SHOULD BE A FAN OF THE SERIES! Gotta know what youre talking about. Stuart Baird directing ST? NOT!!! I would have a better chance of bringing peace to the Mid East, before he got ST right!
7. STAR WARS SUX! Unfortunatly the bushy brains behind this mid-air collison must be RABID fans of Lucas and Co.
8. The MUSIC BLEW COWPIES! Right in my ear!! Took over an hour to wash the BS out!
9. The Enterprise herself. The LCD monitors gave a very old ENT feel to the ship. Was it just me or did they change the scale of the ship? I read on the ST website that the Simitar was over 900 meters(2952 ft) in length. The Enterprise is just over 600M (1980ft) but when seen in close proximity, the Enterprise "grows" almost a thousand feet!
I have faith in you Mr. Berman, please dont let us down!
11. oops this was a top ten list!
I left the theater feeling like my friends had long since left.
I remember one late Sunday evening in September of 1987, I had just started High School and Star Trek was back. I had seen every one of the TOS episodes, all the movies (4 then)and was hungry for more. During my High School career, I was late MANY a Monday moring, as TNG was aired at 11PM.
I fell completeley in love with Marina, and the Galaxy Class Enterprise. They both should have been in this film. Thank you Brannon Braga or Ronald Moore or WHOEVER in thier infinite stupidity detroyed the ship at Veridian III!
All the TNG movies have left me wanting. Even First Contact, (ANTOHER example of writers block for a title, remember Riker getting it on with that HOT little alien...Oh never mind! This is a Family Website!)left me wodering who was in charge? TNG needs a REAL GOOD ENDING. Not this crap that was released. Stuart did really good with Gladiator, but he cant hold a palm beacon to Nick Meyer, the greatest ST film director EVER!
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