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on August 2, 2005
Season 1 - Volume 1: He-man & the Masters of the Universe! The classic 80s cartoon FINALLY arrives with all its memorable characters, stories & fantasy, digitally remastered with extras! This fall - mark the date! October 18th! Part 1 of 2, Season 1, this set is chock-a-block with amazing extras. The hit cartoon adventure series brought to life the adventures of Prince Adam & his alter-ego, the mighty He-Man battling the evil Skeletor to protect the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Son of King Randor and Queen Marlena of Eternia, his faithful sidekick was the cowardly green & orange pet tiger, Cringer. "By the power of Grayskull!" Adam's cry in times of danger, together with his magical 'Sword Of Power' transformed them into the mighty He-Man and the ferocious tiger, Battle Cat. Aided by Man-At-Arms, Duncan (the slightly older scientist and Adam's mentor), his adopted daughter Teela (Captain of the Guards and Prince Adam's aide), the quirky & comic Orko (the little floating magician) & Ram Man (kind hearted, but slow "human battering ram") with his winged ally Stratos, the team faced the forces of evil. The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull entrusted Prince Adam with the Sword of Power to defend the magnificent kingdom of Eternia and Grayskull - said to hold the powers to rule the entire universe.
Heading the forces of darkness was Skeletor, the evil hooded skull face, residing on the dark side of the planet in his powerful fortress, Snake Mountain. While the savage, dim-witted Beast Man, who possessed telepathic control over many animals was his right hand; it was Evil-Lyn, the incredibly shrewd witch who played on Skeletor's troop for sheer convenience, only to assume power for herself at the right moment. The cyborg-like Trap Jaw, aquatic warlord Mer-Man, and the three-eyed, pan-visioned Tri-Klops completed Skeletors army.
The show ran for two seasons, of 65 episodes each - hence the DVD release of each season has been split into 2 Volumes each, over the next 2 years. Initially, many of the stories put our heroes against Skeletor, revolving around Castle Grayskull. As the series grew the adventures took them to many different locations and foes, often putting characters on both sides of the battle. Sometimes criticized for being too dark & violent for its time, this claim seems a little redundant in today's age of children's graphic animation. Particularly note-worthy is that each episode ended with one or two of the characters presenting a moral from that episode's tale - the consequences of thoughts & actions, which makes the series particularly relevant given the times we live in. For fans of the show - its a great chance to relive those golden moments of childhood, & hopefully it will open the door to a whole new generation of fans, adults & kids. Get ready to feel the power of Grayskull!
DVD contents:
-33 digitally remastered episodes
-6 DVD box set
-2 NEW documentary features
-2 collectible art cards (this is an ongoing set starting with the Best Of release)
-More special features like Character Bios, Story Boards, Scripts, etc.
Complete 33 episode listing:
01 - "The Cosmic Comet"
02 - "The Shaping Staff"
03 - "Disappearing Act"
04 - "Diamond Ray of Disappearance"
05 - "She-Demon of Phantos"
06 - "Teela's Quest"
07 - "The Curse of the Spellstone"
08 - "The Time Corridor"
09 - "The Dragon Invasion"
10 - "A Friend in Need"
11 - "Masks of Power"
12 - "Evil-Lyn's Plot"
13 - "Like Father, Like Daughter"
14 - "Colossor Awakes"
15 - "A Beastly Sideshow"
16 - "Reign of the Monster"
17 - "Daimar the Demon"
18 - "Creatures From The Tar Swamp"
19 - "Quest for He-man"
20 - "Dawn of Dragoon"
21 - "The Royal Cousin"
22 - "Song of Celice"
23 - "The Return of Orko's Uncle"
24 - "Wizard of Stone Mountain"
25 - "Evilseed"
26 - "Ordeal in the Darklands"
27 - "Orko's Favorite Uncle"
28 - "The Defection"
29 - "Prince Adam No More"
30 - "The Taking of Grayskull"
31 - "A Tale of Two Cities"
32 - "Search for the VHO"
33- "The Starchild"
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on April 25, 2016
Borrowing several plots and stories from their previous shows "Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle" (which is excellent. by the way) and "Blackstar," Filmation reinvented their space & sorcery genre to great success, with the help of an extensive action figure tie-in. Alan Oppenheimer steals and makes the show as the humorously villainous Skeletor, while the irritating goof-up Orko (annoyingly voiced by producer Lou Scheimer) nearly ruins it. This is a fun show but 130 episodes is just too many! And the four volumes DVD sets were too expensive when we first bought them a decade ago ($50-60 each, as I recall) but are cheaper now if you can find a reasonable seller.
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on January 26, 2015
Gift, & she loves it
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on May 21, 2006
A fun show without a doubt. The 1980's were really the tail end of a faddish Sword and Sorcery period. Nevertheless, this series is an example of limited animation, very . The origin of He-Man? Why he was an action figure that got poured into a very bizarre Saturday morning cartoon mould featuring some clever but very repetitive rotoscoping. And those facial expressions! Well, the eyes blink at least. The electronic music sounds like residual 70s disco with some synth-organ thrown around for eerie measure, actually not bad. I guess nostalgia might be one reason for watching this stuff. Or having a four year old that thinks it's cool. Still, how did they ever think this stuff up? And why? The moral messages at the end of each episode are funny, and I can't help but think the writers and producers must've know how ludicrous some of these messages sound. How does one explain the moral value of a blond muscled guy with a magic sword who defeats a laughing skull episode after episode after episode. That Skeletor, we all know people in real life like that who use evil and magic and don't want to work hard! As He-man puts it: "I haaave the powrrrrRRR!"
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