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on March 2, 2006
Finally a show that actually makes me laugh..makes me want to rewind and laugh random! It is the best thing to come out on Fox and I am so thankful for it.
First of all, Seth McFarlane is incredibly talented and funny, and the god, the WRITERS! Pure genius..the peak and ultimate stretch of comedy. They make fun of everything..maybe even things that shouldn't be made fun of.. you just can't help but laugh, though.
I can't believe people think it's a copy of the Simpsons..WHAT?! Why because it's animated? It features a family of five? What show these days doesn't? You have to look past that and appreciate the show's unique humour and feel. The only show that comes close is American Dad, and it's obvious why: the same people created it!
I, personally, never liked the fact, because of that show, I was reluctant to give Family Guy a chance...but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was nothing like it, despite all the rumours.
Anyway, this show makes many people happy and, in today's world, that's incredible. I'm sorry this isn't as much of a review on season 1 and 2, but more of just a random girl's opinion on the show as a whole, but I just read the reviews people posted on here and I have to say I was deeply disturbed. To all you Family Guy fans, you know what I mean.
Buy season 1 & 2 if you can afford it, but DEFINITELY watch it. It would be a sin not to.
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on June 10, 2004
Better than the Simpsons, better than South Park, Family Guy was a show ahead of its time. Reporetedly, sales of this DVD have been so good, Fox is going to bring back the series.
This DVD collection features the following episodes:
Death Has a Shadow: Peter is fired from his job after a stag party. Afterwards, the welfare office overpays him in unemployment benefits and he must make amends to both Lois and the government.
I Never Met the Dead Man: After crashing the town's satellite, Peter convinces Meg to take the blame for the town's loss of TV. Peter then learns to live without TV, until a trip with William Shatner.
Chitty Chitty Death Bang: After screwing up reservations Lois made at Cheesy Charlie's, Peter must make arrangements for Stewie's first birthday party. Meg learns how to be popular.
Mind over Murder: When Peter is forced to drink at home, he builds a bar in the basement to entice his friends over. Lois finds the attention she's starved for by singing at the bar. Zaniness follows.
A Hero Sits Next Door: Peter convinces his next door neighbor to play softball at the company picnic, only to discover his neighbor, Joe, is handicapped. Peter is jealous of the attention Joe receives. Zaniness follows.
The Son Also Draws: To convince Chris's boyscout troup to let him back in, the family travels to New York. But they lose their car at an Indian Casino where Peter must go on a Spirit Quest.
Brian, Portrait of a Dog: Brian is frustrated when Peter treats him like a dog. Brian leaves, and is arrested and sentenced to lethal injection. It's up to Peter to save him.
Peter Peter Caviar Eater: Lois's great aunt dies and leaves the family her summer home. Wealth goes to Peter's head, and he has to figure a way out.
Holy Crap: Peter's father, a devout Catholic, comes to live with the family. Peter is unable to bond with his father, and zaniness follows. (Guest appearance by the pope).
Da Boom: a Y2K horror story: bombs fly, airplanes drop from the sky, and chickens hand out coupons.
Brian in Love: Brian must come to terms with his life after a series of embaressing "accidents." After some psychological help, he believes he's in love with Lois.
Death is a Bitch: Due to a clerical error, Death comes to take Peter. Death (played by Norm McDonald) breaks his ankle and has to stay off his feet. Peter must become death, and is ordered to kill the kids from Dawson's Creek.
The King is Dead: Lois realizes her directing dream when she becomes the director of the Quahog players. But Peter's meddling ruins her production of "The King and I."
I am Peter, Hear me Roar: Peter is forced to go to a feminist camp to get in touch with his feminine side. Lois must bring back the old Peter when he returns.
If I'm Dyin', I'm Lyin': Peter tells the make-a-wish foundation that Chris is dying from a rare disease in order to get a show back on TV.
Running Mates: Peter and Lois both run for School Board. Zaniness ensues.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bucks: The family travels to New York when they discover Chris has real talent as a painter. Chris, however, must chose between his father or his painting.
Road to Road Island: Brian goes to pick up Stewie from Stewie's grandparents'. But the two miss their plane and are forced to find a way back home. On the way, Brian confronts his mother.
Let's go to the Hop: Licking toads becomes popular at Quahog high school. Peter goes undercover to convince the kids not to do drugs and gets a date to prom with the most popular girl in school.
Damnit Janet: Stewie goes to daycare and falls for a girl. But he discovers she's only after his cookies. Lois becomes an airline stewardess, but discovers Peter is using her to take free flights across the globe. Zaniness follows.
He's too Sexy for his Fat: Chris decides to go on a diet after being mistaken for a van. Peter decides to get plastic surgery.
E Peterbus Unium: Due to a zoning error, the family's house is not a part of the United States. Peter finds he is not respected at the U.N., so he invades his neighbor's house to annex his pool. The family comes under seige from the U.S. Army.
The Story on Page One: Meg joins the school newspaper in order to have extra curricular activities for college. But Peter switches her story with a story that Luke Perry is gay. Luke Perry ensues.
Wasted Talent: Peter wins the golden ticket to tour the Pautuckett Pat breweries. Lois discovers Peter can win the paino talent show, if he's drunk. Stewie requests Peter play the sad walking away music from the Hulk TV show.
Fore, Fathers: Peter tries to teach Chris how to be responsible. He then tries to teach Cleveland's son how to play golf. He fails.
Some episodes have commentary with Seth McFarlane and various other writers, directors, or actors (Seth himself did the voice of Peter, Brian, Stewie, and Quagmire). The commentary is hilarious, but it's only on a few of the episodes.
No doubt, this is some of the funniest stuff you'll ever see on DVD. If you even remotely like Simpsons, the Critic, or South Park, you should definately pick up this DVD.
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on July 11, 2004
If anyone is a fan of animated cartoons with a certain amount of adult-based humor, this is the set you have to get. There are currently two volumes out, but this is the best to start off with. Whereas the 3rd season set has 21 episodes, this first set gives you the 7 extra episodes from their short first season. So- same price, more episodes.
That being said, this set is hilarious in every aspect. I could spend pages of text describing individual bits of hilarity from each scene of each episode, but that would just be mundane and unneeded. The humor ranges all over the spectrum, and some of it isn't quite suitable for younger children (if they see it, just hope they don't understand the sexual innuendo). The commentary is funny as well, although it is only for occasional episodes in the set. They also did an interesting thing with the commentary- it is actually rated R. There is a warning saying that the commentary is not suitable for people under the age of 18, since they made the decision to allow profanity for the commentary.
This does not bother me, but some people may be more sensitive to those kinds of things. But if that offends you, I doubt that you'd appreciate Family Guy's humor. The show is like a combination of The Simpsons' family based wry humor with South Park's outrageous lack of inhibitions. All in all, it equates into hours of laughter.
This DVD set is simply hilarious, as has been stated repeatedly. If you've ever seen an episode of the show, you'd realize that. If you like to laugh (and don't mind the occasional "did they just say that!?" moment), buy this DVD.
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on May 16, 2004
First the good news: This is one of the funniest shows on in a long time. I was a big fan when it was on TV and, after watching Volume 1, I had to go out and buy Volume 2. The jokes come fast and furious, and the guest stars are as hilarious as they are surprising (Ed McMahon?!?!?).
Now the bad news: Some cowardly poopyheads have deleted at least one scene from the original broadcast (the airport security/Osama Bin Laden one) and possibly another: does anyone remember a scene (possibly a dream sequence) where Peter suddenly finds himself on a plane full of useless celebrities and runs into the cockpit to try to crash the plane? This scene does not appear to be on either set.
The commentaries (about one every three or four episodes) are also pretty worthless. Though they have their moments, such as pointing out instances where there are continuity errors, the commentaries usually A) lapse into silence as the creators watch the episode and occasionally laugh at a particularly funny joke, B) veer off into subjects totally unrelated to the episode, or C) provide uninspired info like "This part used to be something different" or "This was less offensive than what we had originally wrote." There is no mention of the controversy surrounding some of the jokes in many of the episodes. Until a better version comes out, fans will have to settle for these DVD sets which, for most people, will be enough.
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on September 9, 2003
The Family Guy has to be one of the most blatant TV shows to come down the line that rips off The Simpson. Aside from the Dog, it almost a character-for-character rip off of that classic series. The "hook" for this series was supposed to be that "The Family Guy" would push buttons that "The Simpsons" could only dream about, and they succeded at it. However, while "The Simpsons'" wit and great writing have prevented the characters (for the most part) from devolving into stereotypes; "The Family Guy" desperately tried to be more shocking with each episode and eventually collapsed under the weight of its own hype. In addition, simply because a show "pushes buttons" doesn't automatically make it funny. The true redeeming value of the Simpsons (and more recently South Park) is that the shows make you think and have dynamic characters that the viewer actually cares about while either dancing (or sometimes trampling) on "the line" of what's socially acceptable. "The Family Guy," while containing some genuinely funny moments, simply could not compete with either the Simpsons or South Park. The deathblow to the show came with Fox's juggling of the time schedule (which ironically hurt the Simpsons ratings when they put it up against The Cosby Show in the 2nd season). However, the cult that surrounds this show still continues to be resilient online, thus resulting in the DVD's that have been recently released. My guess is that while "The Simpsons" will continue to age like a fine wine, "The Family Guy" will age like a can of Natural Light that goes flat when you open it and finally be tossed on the ash heap of history with the several other shows that were either good or ok and that were in some way or another Simpsons knock-offs (such as "Duckman" and "Dinosaurs!").
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on September 3, 2003
I love Family Guy and the major reason I bought this DVD was the fact it was on at the oddest of times on my cable (11:00 PM Cartoon Network and 2:00 PM TBS)
The show is hilarious and is just about as good as the Simpsons. Peter is like Hank Hill, Homer Simpson, and Cartman combined. It has its own sense of humor and is different than the rest of the crap that is found on TV anymore.
All the characters have their unique personalities (especially Stewie) and each are funny in their own ways. There are also a lot of cliches that show up which can't help but be laughed at.
It is truly a shame (if not a travesty) that FOX Networks took this show off the air due to the fact that so many people were offended by it. They ought to put it back on.
Please...There is so much offensive things on TV anymore, they are hard to count. Interesting how a reality program that has 10 people living together having sex and getting drunk finds a way to stay on the air while a great and funny show like Family Guy (in which there are two married parents and two kids with a dog-the nuclear family) is thrown off. Amazing how the shows that set the poorest examples stay on the air. Some sensitive people are upset about a few comments on Family Guy when all of these reality shows are so trashy and risque.
The writers of Family Guy are very clever and deserve a lot of credit for this excellent program.
If you have an extra forty bucks lying around that you can't find anything to do with, go and spend it on this DVD package. You won't regret it.
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on September 2, 2003
Let me get one thing straight right off the bat: "The Family Guy" was one of the best animated comedies on the telly. It takes more risks at upseting the mainstream than "The Simpsons" but isn't so blatant in shock value as "Southpark." In fact, I seriously loved this series when it was on the air and I'm thrilled that now that it's available on DVD, I can watch my favorite episodes whenever I want. If you're a fan of the show, you need these DVD box sets.
However, if you want really cool added features, keep looking. Unlike the commentary for DVDs like "The Simpsons" it's almost as though Seth and gang have no idea what DVD commentary is for. In fact, for many of the episodes that actually DO have commentary, they sit in silence instead of actually commenting -- which kinda begs the question -- why is this called an audio commentary track when you barely comment?
Also, many of the comments really aren't that entertaining at all. Occasionally Seth M. or Seth Green will speak in their characters' voices to comment (which would have been sooo much more interesting if they continued to do so) but for the most part they just don't say much.
Highlights of the commentary do include the actress who does Lois' voice (she is damn funny).... but some of the other voice actors/actresses that are on the commentary seem to have been brought in at last minute. One of supporting voice actors even asks in geniune astonishment: "Brian the dog has a martini?" Which makes you kind of wonder if some of the actors even bothered watching the series they were in while it aired.
There's only one documentary (if you want to call it that) which is simply a long commercial for the show.
I was disappointed in the bonus material, but the episodes themselves are worth the price of the box set. I just hope in the future, more people who bother with DVD commentary do something other than just sit in silence.
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on August 20, 2003
Alot of things have been said about this show when it was on in Fox, mainly the bad stuff about it. But what of the good things. I for one can't find anything wrong with the show. If you really think about it, its just a cartoon that wants to entertain its viewers. I think that this show is way more funnier than the Simpsons. That being said, I was really upset when only after three seasons the show was cancelled. To me this was an injustice and I'm sure other fans of the show had felt the same way. The show is not just about jokes and laughs, it has its morals like any other show in which most people really don't recognize it, but I'm that wasn't the true reason for the existence of this cartoon. It was just to make us laugh. I really love this show and wished that Fox hadn't cancelled it, even though they show on Adult Swim at 11:00p.m and on TBS at 2:30p.m, it still is devastating that it has come to the point where so many people are against it. I just hope that Seth McFarlane comes up with more new episodes of this great cartoon that was barely given the chance to prove its worth. I recommend you buy the boxed set now. Its a great buy.
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on July 25, 2003
Family Guy is an outright witty and downrightly hilarious cartoon. Perhaps the best parts are when they are able to dodge the censors with extremely clever innuendos that leave your mouth wide open, wondering how they managed to get that on tv.
The characters are great. Peter Griffin is the typical idiotic cartoon male who does just about everything stupid there is to do. Meg is the typical teenage girl in angst. Stewie is the 1 yr old out to capture the world. Brian is their talking dog who "Likes the sauce."
Although not as well scripted as The Simpsons, the creators of Family Guy are capable of inserting insanely funny bits throughout the cartoon such as:
Lois: That's the dumbest thing you've ever done.
Peter: Oh yeah, what about that time on the airplane.
(Scene shows him on a flying airplane, looking at the "do not open" message for the outside airplane door. He then opens the door.) Of course, not quite the same in words, the cartoon's plot is held in tact by these short bits which will have you rolling on the floor.
With its bits of generational humor such as the greatly reworked Conjunction Junction, you'll be glad to have purchased this wonderful set.
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on April 24, 2003
This was something I had been waiting for ever since they started putting TV shows on DVD. One of my favorite and short-lived comedies is now available to own on DVD. That series being Family Guy, in a very nice package, "Family Guy: Volume 1." All I can say is it's about freakin' time!!
Yep, it's the family that was too rude and offensive for Fox to handle. This very witty and extremely hilarious cartoon series takes comedy and satire to a whole different level. I actually think this is much more offensive and outrageous than South Park. With South Park, the offensive and crude humor is in your face and "straight-to-the-point." With Family Guy, the offensive and sick twisted humor is very subtle in a shocking way. The results: one of the funniest TV series to pollute your television set since Married with Children and The Simpsons.
With this DVD collection, you get all 28 episodes from seasons 1 and 2. (Not a bad deal, if you ask me!) Relive your favorite moments with the Griffin Family as they get into the most chaotic and unbelievable situations that will have you laughing in tears.
Here are the episodes:
Death has a Shadow, I Never Met the Dead Man, Chitty Chitty Death Bang, Mind Over Murder, A Hero Sits Next Store, The Son Also Draws, Brian: Portrait of a Dog, Peter Peter Caviar Eater, Holy ***, Da Boom, Brian in Love, Love Thy Trophy, Death is a ***, The King is Dead, I Am Peter: Hear Me Roar, If I'm Dyin' I'm Lyin', Running Mates, A Picture's Worth a Thousand Bucks, Fifteen Minutes of Shame, Road to Rhode Island, Let's go to the Hop, *** Janet!, There's Something about Paulie, He's Too Sexy for His Fat, E Peterbus Unum, The Story on Page One, Wasted Talent, and Fore Father.
The 4 DVDs also include commentaries, Internet promo spots, and a behind-the-scenes featurette. It would've been nice to see some more extras, but I'm still pretty satisfied.
The only major drawback is the picture tends to be shaky at times (you really notice it on the first episode). Now, this isn't a major distraction and it doesn't happen non-stop, but it does happen every once and awhile. (At least it does for me. It's possible that it's the set that I bought or my DVD player that's causing the problem, but I'm pretty sure I read that someone else was having the same problems as well.)
All in all, I am so happy that Family Guy is finally out there for everyone to own and enjoy once more. It might've been a short-lived series, but it's one that almost everybody has heard of and loves. If you are down and feeling like you are having the worst day ever, pop in these babies and I assure you that you will forget all your troubles. A very worthy purchase, indeed!
Now, you can either have this nice Family Guy DVD set, or... what's in the Mystery Box! I mean, a Mystery Box can be ANYTHING! It can even be a freakin' Family Guy DVD set!! We'll take the box!
Get your hands on this set as soon as you can! Trust me, it is very much worth it.
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