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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on January 20, 2006
Every band with any type of a recording career eventually gets the greatest hits treatment. Normally these packages come across as lame cash grabs that seem to be pointless for long-time followers. Many times I have seen songs included that I don't remember as hits for the artist and album favourites never make the grade even though they might be more liked then some of the singles.
Yer Favourites by the Tragically Hip had the same feel for me when it was first released and as someone who had spent much hard earned income on many Tragically Hip records and concerts, I did not anticipate purchasing this collection. So why then did I and why am I now giving it five-stars? (If you check out my page I am proud to say I do not drool over every item I review for Amazon).
The reason for the high praise is that after one look and listen Yer Favourites is revealed not to be some pre-packaged cash grab to throw a few more bucks Gordie and company's way (although I am sure it will). Instead, this collection is an honest representation of the highlights of the Hip's recording career.
The story goes that the Hip let their fans chose the songs via an online poll, hence the name. The resulting collection contains the tunes that best represent the Hip to its fans, not to the record company. Songs such as Greasy Jungle, Silver Jet and It Can't Be Nashville Every Night are not included in the package despite the fact each had videos made for them. Album cuts such as Escape Is At Hand For The Traveling Man are included, which was a total surprise for me when first checking the track listings.
Also, the Hip's less then stellar recent album sales in Canada actually aid the package, as tunes from In Between Evolution, In Violet Light and Music & Work do not suffer from massive over exposure on Canadian radio. As a result there is a nice mix of fresh tunes (new song No Threat, recent single from last album Vaccination Scar), Canadian classics (Little Bones, Blow At High Dough) and friendly reminders of great tunes that are a just a little bit removed from classic status (Scared, Fireworks).
Therefore, if you are a true and blue Hip fan don't view this album as a greatest hits collection, instead think of it as the best collection of Hip songs every made available on CD. For a new listener I would also advise giving this a go as every song on this collection passes with flying colours even if you have to pay some cash to get it.
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on February 21, 2007
I've been a fan of The Hip since the beginning and I have to say that to date, I've loved every album. As I've always said about listening to The Hip, it takes attention and a few listens to really get excited about the songs. That's not to say that the music isn't fantastic - it certainly is, but after all the fluff that makes it on the radio these days, it's hard for the ears and the brain to sometimes really tune into a good song and "get it".

What makes The Hip special is that it is always about the music. They are not making claims to "Biggest Band in the World", attending parties, lining up music awards or carrying the bling. They work hard and play hard to write and record the best songs they can. They earn the respect of their fans for delivering this trust and touring their albums to the masses.

Every album The Hip have ever released has a different sound and different feel, while remaining unexplicably and distinctly The Hip. Having grown up on The Hip, I am always amazed and impressed at how their music has grown over the years. The growth is measured and natural, not contrived to coincide with the biggest fad or music trend.

I've always felt that the quality and joy of their music comes from listening to an album like you'd read a book. Cover to cover. I've never seen The Hip as a big top 10 single band. Their singles are all great songs, but like a good quote or awesome fight scene out of a movie, the songs are best enjoyed in context. The albums are where its at!

This compilation has the unenviable task of delivering The Hip in snippits rather than in context. The songs, chosen by fans through voting, covers their entire catalogue and will give any new listener a taste of The Hip at their best. If you like what you hear, I would urge you to find the albums to uncover the real secret to their success - superb lyrics and fantastic story-telling, and real, mood-setting, down-to-earth rock n' roll songs.
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on November 29, 2005
I get really frustrated when people give The Hip one listen and pass them off as crap - sure, if you're only interested in formulaic pop garbage (think Britney Spears), you're not going to like The Hip; but these guys have produced a lot of amazing music...and a good chunk of it is here! All the bigger hits are included, like Bobcaygeon, Gift Shop, Ahead by a Century, and New Orleans is Sinking, but there isn't a single track that I'd be willing to skip over.
In 2004, I saw these guys live at Wasaga Beach, and it was an AMAZING show. Gord Downie was pretty intense, but he has a way of connecting with his music that is really something - and he's a lyrical genius on top of all that. If you're just being introduced to The Hip, this would be an awesome place to start...and please give them a chance - they deserve it. Start out with songs like Poets, Wheat Kings (amazing story behind this one) or Fireworks - all really good songs! Either way, I'm sure they'll grow on you, and there's tons more where this came from!
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on March 19, 2006
Rarely does a band endure not just time but trends. The Hip manages to take old songs (some very old), press them onto disc and somehow make that music magical all over again.
This collection is definitve of what makes them legendary to all hip faithful. Perhaps it's in their music's ability to conjure emotions that reminds us of our unique heritage. It does this without trying to "sell it" to the rest of the world either. Perhaps this is why they're such a remarkable band. Perhaps this is why they're music endures. The grit, the honesty, and the stories are all here.
Hip fans will undoubtedly want to add this to their collection. New fans will have a taste of the Hip from their start to present day.
This collection is true to themselves, their sound, their music and their fans. Hopefully twenty years later they will release they're second coming of a greatest hits album.
Good-on-ya Gordie
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on November 24, 2005
The Hip are incredibly popular in Canada and have put out some incredible albums (Fully Completely, Road Apples) and some... well, not so incredible albums (I didn't find Music at Work to be up to their standards at all). Now they've finally decided to put out a greatest hits album.
This CD consists of most of the Hip's best work so, if you're a new fan, I advise you to give it a try. These guys have plenty of talent and an original sound. No two songs are alike and the lyrics are amazing (Gord Downie is a genius). It may not be Pink Floyd or the Beatles, but it's still great music.
So if you're a long time Tragically Hip fan looking for another CD to add to your collection or if you're looking for some new music, this CD is perfect. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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on December 1, 2005
I can't believe the guy who trashes the Hip- these guys are the undiscovered gems on planet earth... whose comparing them to Pink Floyd? Floyd are the most over-rated bore-fest I ever heard... watch the Hip in concert sometime... or look at the 'one night in Toronto' DVD and see what the fuss is really all about. Just another reason to love being and Canadian...
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on January 23, 2012
a first time listener, i discovered this band by accident. i had no idea what i was missing! After listening to this collection, i will want to hear more of their music. The music and lyrics are as tight as it gets. these guys have their own sound and is pretty incredible. Not to be compared with any other band. the Pink Floyd comparison is moronic. Not the same kind of music at all. give this band a chance, you won't be dissapointed! The Hip have a new fan!
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on December 18, 2013
These two cds are great! Tragic is really good. I would love to see that band live. I guess they've been to Moncton before, let's hope they come back (just not at the casino!!)
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on May 4, 2013
I've always been a Hip fan, but I never really kept up with purchasing all of their albums. This collection is a great selection of Hip songs, some hits, and some deep tracks.
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on December 4, 2005
The Hip are classic Canadiana. They make me proud to hail from the Great White North. Good going, guys. Their choice to let the fans decide which songs were the best shows how much the Hip truly value their loyal fan-base.
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