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Batjac Productions / Warner Brothers "SEVEN MEN FROM NOW" (1956) (78 mins/Warnercolor/Widescreen) (Dolby digitally remastered) --- Starring Randolph Scott, Gail Russell, Lee Marvin, Walter Reed, John Larch & Don 'Red' Barry --- Directed by Budd Boetticher and released in August 4, 1956, our story line and film, Ex-sheriff Ben Stride tracks the seven men who held up a Wells Fargo office and killed his wife. Stride is tormented by the fact that his own failure to keep his job was the cause of his wife's working in the express office and thus he is partly responsible for her death. Stride encounters a married couple heading west for California and helps them. Along the way they are joined by two others, Masters and Clete, who know that Stride is after the express-office robbers. They plan to let Stride lead them to the bandits, then make away with the loot themselves. But they aren't the only ones carrying a secret ... The first and one of the best of the Randolph Scott / Budd Boetticher / Burt Kennedy collaborations --- Often considered to be best of the best of Randolph Scott's westerns, his role was originally slated for John Wayne --- one of my all-time favourite western! - it grabs you by right from the start, then doesn't let go, not even for a moment, seventy-eight minutes later: you're exhausted!

Under Budd Boetticher (Director), Andrew V. McLaglen (Producer), Robert E. Morrison (Producer), Burt Kennedy (Screenwriter), Henry Vars (Screenwriter/Composer (Music Score) / Songwriter), William H. Clothier (Cinematographer), By Dunham (Songwriter), Everett Sutherland (Editor), Leslie Thomas (Art Director), Rudy Harrington (Costume Designer), Edward Sebater (Costume Designer), Carl Walker (Costume Designer) - - - - the cast includes Randolph Scott (Ben Stride), Gail Russell (Annie Greer), Lee Marvin (Bill Master), Walter Reed (John Greer), John Larch (Pate Bodeen), Don "Red" Barry (Clete), Fred Graham (Henchman), Chuck Roberson (Mason), Steve Mitchell (Fowler), Pamela Duncan (Senorita), Stuart Whitman (Cavalry Lieutenant), John Phillips (Jed), John Beradino (Clint) - - - - Randy Scott had a quiet gentleman nature about him which is not seen in the films of today ... Randy took his job and his responsibility to his audience very seriously ,,, would not settle for anything less than his best ... same was true in his personal life.


1. Randolph Scott (aka: George Randolph Scott)

Date of birth: 23 January 1898 - Orange County, Virginia

Date of death: 2 March 1987 - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California

Special footnote, George Randolph Scott better known as Randolph Scott, was an American film actor whose career spanned the sound era from the late 1920s to the early 1960s ... his popularity grew in the 1940s and 1950s, appearing in such films as "Gung Ho"! (1943) and "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" (1938); but he was especially famous for his numerous Westerns including "Virginia City" (1940) with Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart, "Western Union" (1941) with Robert Young and "Ride the High Country" (1962) with Joel McCrea (a coin was flipped to see whether Scott or McCrea would receive top billing, and Scott won despite having a slightly smaller role) ... his long fistfight with John Wayne in "The Spoilers" (1942) was frequently cited by critics and the press as the most thrilling ever filmed; they were fighting over Marlene Dietrich ... another smash hit film together that same year called "Pittsburgh" (1942) once again with Dietrich, Scott and Wayne --- Daniel Webster defines "Legend", as being a notable person, or the stories told about that person exploits --- well by the time Randolph Scott made his best films he had long established himself as a legend in the film industry --- they say practice makes perfect, if that is true by 1958 at 60 years of age he was the master with these oaters from the 50s ... "The Cariboo Trail" (1950), "The Nevadan" (1950), "Colt .45" (1950), "Santa Fe" (1951), "Sugarfoot" (1951), "Fort Worth" (1951), "Man in the Saddle" (1951), "Carson City" (1952), "The Man Behind the Gun" (1952), "Hangman's Knot" (1952), "Thunder over the Plains" (1953), "The Stranger Wore a Gun" (1953), "Ten Wanted Men" (1954), "Riding Shotgun" (1954), "The Bounty Hunter" (1954), "Rage at Dawn" (1955), "Tall Man Riding" (1955), "A Lawless Street" (1955), "Seven Men from Now" (1956), "Seventh Cavalry" (1956), "Decision at Sundown: (1957), "Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend" (1957), "The Tall T" (1957), "Buchanan Rides Alone" (1958), "Ride Lonesome" (1959), "Westbound" (1959), "Comanche Station" (1960) --- Scott's age seemed to matter little, they only came to see another Randolph Scott film and always got their money's worth --- Scott's films were good and getting better becoming classics --- so if you ever wonder "What Ever Happened To Randolph Scott", just rent or purchase one of his films and you'll see he's never left us.

2. Gail Russell (aka: Elizabeth L. Russell)

Date of Birth: 21 September 1924 - Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: 27 August 1961 - Los Angeles, California

3. Lee Marvin

Date of Birth: 19 February 1924 - New York, New York

Date of Death: 29 August 1987 - Tucson, Arizona

4. Walter Reed (aka: Walter Reed Smith)

Date of Birth: 10 February 1916 - Bainbridge Island, Washington

Date of Death: 20 August 2001 - Santa Cruz, California

5. Budd Boetticher (aka: Oscar Boetticher Jnr) (Director)

Date of Birth: 29 July 1916, Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: 29 November 2001, Ramona, California

Hats off and thanks to Les Adams (collector/guideslines for character identification), Chuck Anderson (Webmaster: The Old Corral/B-Westerns.Com), Boyd Magers (Western Clippings), Bobby J. Copeland (author of "Trail Talk"), Rhonda Lemons (Empire Publishing Inc), Bob Nareau (author of "The Real Bob Steele") and Trevor Scott (Down Under Com) as they have rekindled my interest once again for Film Noir, B-Westerns and Serials --- looking forward to more high quality releases from the vintage serial era of the '20s, '30s & '40s and B-Westerns ... order your copy now from Amazon where there are plenty of copies available on VHS, stay tuned once again for top notch action mixed with deadly adventure --- if you enjoyed this title, why not check out VCI Entertainment where they are experts in releasing B-Westerns and Serials --- all my heroes have been cowboys!

Total Time: 78 min on DVD ~ Paramount Home Video ~ (12/20/2005)
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on June 2, 2013
I now own a Budd Boetticher western and now I'm obsessed. I've got all the Anthony Mann/Jimmy Stewart beauties and now I have to find ALL the Boetticher/Randolf Scott westerns. These may be termed "small films" or even "2nd features" but therein lies their power and grace. Both Mann and Boetticher excel at the small, tight story with just a few characters and a couple of locations. The quality is way above any of the big studio A-list productions of the same time period. Fantastic.
And... it's got one of my favorite types of commentaries... the film scholar who absolutely loves Budd Boetticher films. He never shuts up and it's all fantastic information... background info, historical (how the film got made), analysis on the semiotic level and commentary on the action on the screen. Just great.
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on April 1, 2016
I had low expectations. But I like Randolph Scott and this move was recommended. This is actually a really good movie. I can see why the director was so famous. I am not getting the rest of the movies he did with Scott.
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on November 6, 2013
Never been a real fan of Randolph Scott but this is a fun and enjoyable western. The performance of a young Lee Marvin makes it even more fun to watch.
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on July 16, 2016
excellent rapport qualité-prix
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on February 20, 2016
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on August 17, 2015
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