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4.8 out of 5 stars180
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on December 28, 2001
First of all I LOVE PINK FLOYD! That is why the Delicate Sound of Thunder video left a long impression on me when I first watched it some years ago. I think David Gilmour's vocals are fresher in DSoT than in Pulse. Also, the backing vocals singers sound better (and are extremely good looking as a bonus to the viewer). They also seemed to be enjoying the music as much as the members of the band. I am greatful that Pulse has the live concert version of Dark Side of the Moon and is always a pleasure to hear the sounds and music of this great album (my first of Pink Floyd). I saw Pink Floyd in concert at Soldier Field in Chicago when they toured for the Division Bell album. Unfortunately, it was not the best venue to see a concert. The Pulse video is definitely a better way for me to appreciate Pink Floyd for what it is. Now I have in my collection other early works by this magnificent band. If you do not have DSoT video, I would recommend to buy it. It would be a good companion to Pulse. I would love to see the DVD or video version of The Wall live concert. I think the CD version of The Wall live concert is just fantastic. Every time I listed to this CD I dream of being there. Any chance to have The Wall live concert on DVD?
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on November 9, 2001
Absolutely stunning, literally mind-boggling visuals. The cameras swoop around and yet always seem to be pointing at the right member of the band (or the backup singers) at the right time.. David Gilmour's guitar playing.. well what can you say? He can make those strings sing, soar, weep, moan, and ring like no one since Jimi.. and he does it with such a totally effortless look on his face.. there are few guitar players on this planet who can equal him..
For a bit of fun - compare how Floyd looks today with how they looked in their 20s on the Pompeii Video.. these are guys in their fifties who are obviously having so much damn fun doing what they do, and they do it so well, like they can read each other with a simple glance across the stage.. Richard Wright and Nick Mason, while overshadowed by Gilmour's up front stage center star presence, are equally masters of their instruments..
There's not a missed note or a flub in two hours of video as they run the gamut through their long repetoire of spacy, searing, haunting songs..
If you're a fan of Pink Floyd, and you have a VHS HiFi deck hooked up to a good stereo, this is a tape you simply must buy and you will show off your system to your friends with it over and over again. When I watch it, I simply can't help smiling..
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on October 13, 2001
I own perhaps 30 rock videos and without a doubt Pulse is the finest I've ever seen (with the possible exception of the Stones' Gimme Shelter, but that has more to do with the gravity of the event, rather than the music or the filming). As the other reviewers write, it simply goes beyond anything in terms of color and sound, it is the peak of synesthesia (look it up). Of course I love the Floyd, but even compared to their earlier Delicate Sound of Thunder video, Pulse is in another league, much crisper and much more colorful. The Floyd themselves felt that "Thunder" was too moody, shot as it appears to be through pink and blue filters, and failed to capture the true vibrancy of their stage show. The wild washes of white light that appear at various cues during Pulse have to be seen to be believed. Put this video on your home theater, turn it up, and you'll think your at the show. I've had friends tell me that after we watched the video they woke up the next morning with the feeling they had been to a concert.
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on March 28, 2001
Like most Floyd fans, I enjoyed Delicate Sound of Thunder as a satisfying live Floyd concert video...but then came "PULSE".... and made DSoT pale in comparison. From the opening "Shine On..." to the explosive closing of "Run Like Hell" your visual and auditory senses are assaulted with essentially the best of "Division Bell", a small taste of "The Wall" and "Wish You Were Here"..but the cream of the concert is the complete performance of "The Dark Side of the Moon"!!!
The light and laser show that accompany the songs, as well as the inclusion of filmed shorts make the whole experience mesmerising. There are so many great moments in the video, such as Gilmore's solo in "Comfortably Numb" blares on as the lights cascade off the separating glitter ball, the computer graphic short used in "Time", the opening of "The Wall-Part 2" as well as the best rendition of "Wish You Were Here" I've heard; which begins a 3 song encore. For VHS, the quality is outstanding for both the visual as with the sound presentation.
Though I have owned the VHS taps since it was released; I will replace it with the DVD version when it eventually comes out. Highly recommended for all fans of Pink Floyd, as well as fans of great live concerts.
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on March 9, 2001
The first time I saw this video was when my dad had bought it, and I watched it. I WAS AMAZED! The light and laser show was terrific, and of was the music! They opened up the the powerful 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' which had an AWSOME opening to it! After that, they did the cool 'Learning To Fly', which had a VERY cool laser segment in the middle of it. Afterwards, they did a few cool songs from 'The Division Bell'. Then 'Sorrow', more 'Division Bell' stuff. They closed the first half with 'Another Brick In The Wall-Pt.2', then finished with the awsome instrumental 'One Of These Days'! First half of the show...COOL! Now, the second half....COOLER! The second half was a FULL live performance of 'Dark Side Of The Moon'!!! THE WHOLE THING! Floyd then finished the show with a powerful '3' encore finale! You heard right...'3' encores! The 3 finales were, 'Wish You Were Here'(performed outstandingly!),'Comfortably Numb'(the best version i have heard and seen...especaily David Gilmour's long guitar solo at the end!), and then finally 'Run Like Hell'(AWSOME!!!)! The show ended with a "Big Bang" (you'll see what I mean) Pink Floyd DEFINATELY blew the 'Delicate Sound Of Thunder' show OUT OF THE WATER! DSOT was still good, though. BUY THIS VIDEO IF YOU DO NOT OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have MY OWN copy of this video! IT'S WORTH IT!!!
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on June 19, 2000
First of all Pink Floyd is my all-time favorite band. David Gilmour is a genius, amazing artist, singer, and musician. "Pulse" is the culmination of ALL of what makes Pink Floyd so spectacular. Their music is awesome but their live show is SIMPLY THE BEST YOU WILL EVER SEE! It has the most impressive lighting (complete with lasers), and special effects of any concert I've been to! (I've seen at least 50 popular bands.) Hats off to Marc Brickman, the lighting designer as well as the director, David Mallet and everyone involved in this great video production! Also, the giant screen which plays video footage is definitely worth mentioning; however, I'll save all the other numerous surprises for you to enjoy as you watch this!
What impresses me the most about Pink Floyd is they keep getting better! I saw this concert live and it's their tour for the awesome "Division Bell" CD; which is my favorite of all their work! That says alot looking at their enormous portfolio through the years!
The approximate running time is 145 minutes; and you'll be on the edge of your seat the whole time! This video is a must own if you are a Pink Floyd fan and if you can only afford one--this is it! It has all their old great ones like "Money", "Breathe", "Us and Them", "Comfortably Numb" and "Wish You Were Here" plus their newer ones from "THE DIVISION BELL": the great "High Hopes", "Coming Back to Life", "Take it Back" and "Keep Talking."
I hope they "keep talking" because I'll always be listening!
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on December 7, 1999
It's hard to find words for what I experience when viewing this video. My husband and I watched it for the first time together and afterwords we agreed we'd have to watch it again to be sure that what we saw was real. This may be a BIT exagerated - but not much! The visuals on this film are extaordinary! The light show is amazing and so well choreographed! The sound is SO good and the musical quality SO superb that I have actually begun to PREFER many of the cuts to the studio versions! I've fallen in love with David Gilmore whose smile makes him look little boyish and sweet. The newly added Floyd musicians look like they cannot BELIEVE who they are on stage with and are having the time of their lives. 145 minutes of SHEER bliss from the first note to the very last! THREE SONGS for an encore - you cannot believe it when it happens! You imagine what you would have thought being at this concert and even getting ONE encore song - when they come out with THREE you are blown away - and they are lavishly done! I don't understand some of the reviewers saying that Gilmore seemed bored and unhappy to be there - seems to me that he is either concentrating on the current guitar lick or smiling at one of the other band members -trust me - he smiles a LOT in this video. I could go on and on but I won't. Let me just say that having already purchased this video I will be one of the first to put out more money the DAY this one comes out on DVD - as soon as we heard that it was scheduled for release on DVD in early 2000 we went out and bought a DVD player - THAT'S how much we loved this concert! My ONLY regret is that I missed it live and it was only 2 hours away from where I live! SIGH... well THAT won't happen again. For someone who wasn't sure she would like the Floyd without Roger - I have become one of their biggest fans! It also renewed my interest in the Division Bell which I had previously not given much time to. Now I am a devotee of that CD as well. Ok - now buy it! OR wait for the DVD! Enjoy.
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on September 30, 1999
The thing with Pulse is the continuity ot the movie. Superb in every sense- sight and sound. The balance between each instrument is studio-quality and the quality of finish is beyond comparison- even considering the length of the movie. Prior to viewing it, I was unconvinced that it would shine, but I was tansformed into a devout fan before the first song had played through. The lighting is the most amazing aspect of the movie as it creates such a mood that sets up the music amazingly well. The music, I found, even being a hard-core Pink Floyd fan was incredible, despite having heard all of the material in studio format. Really, though; this is not just a movie for the true Floydians, but is a musical masterpeice that HAS to be seen to be understood. Going to a gig will never be the same after you watch this: the finished product is the most spectacular concert ever recorded- without any shadow of a doubt. The best tracks stand up as Shine..., Coming Back To Life, the staggeringly beautiful One Of These Days and the supreme Comfortably Numb; the 30foot glitterball turning into a jellyfish type-thing finished the show in unthinkable glory- definitely one for the musicians and everyone else on the planet really- the best buy in the entire store!!
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on June 28, 1999
I would rate this with 3 stars were it not for the performance's length and the light show. Overall, the video is an improvement over Delicate Sound of Thunder and the orignal albums, but at quite a few expenses. First, there's the obvious fact that the driving force behind Floyd in the 70's, Roger Waters, is gone, and that fact is reflected in the mediocre tunes from "Division Bell," Floyd's latest album created without his inspiration.
In addition, Richard Wright drastically underperforms on Pulse, who not once gives a taste of his signature sound of the Rhodes through a wah pedal, misses several cues for some of his famous Hammond licks, surrenders his famous synth on "Learning to Fly" to guitar, doesn't sing very well on "Time" and actually seems to forget how to play the intro to his own "Great Gig in the Sky."
Now, having said that, the video's merits. The Pulse video (and album) is much less "poppish" sounding than Delicate Sound of Thunder, a welcome relief to all the fans who thought Pink Floyd had sold out in the 1980s, although a few remnants of the pop sound remain, such as the background vocals on "Money" and "Another Brick in the Wall, Part II." In addition, the sound of the band overall is great -- it's mixed well and EQ'd well, another welcome fact for musicians used to tweaking their equalizer everytime they wanted to listen to "Dark Side of the Moon." Nick Mason on drums does an excellent job, and the new bass player, Guy Pratt, does some interesting stuff that Waters wouldn't have done, but manages to pull it off nonetheless, especially on "Any Colour You Like." And of course, Gilmour is as good as ever.
The gist is this: If Pink Floyd would have played the the songs like the originals, the video Pulse would in fact be better than the orignal albums due to the better instrumentation and mixing. A shining example of this is "Wish You Were Here." But because they tried to experiment -- without Waters to guide them along -- their new arrangements fail to have that Pink Floyd allure. It's a great video, and a good album to compliment the originals, but definitely no replacement.
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on June 1, 1999
I'm sorry, but I guess my expectations were too high. After having seen D.S.O.T. dozens of times, I was hoping this would top it, but sorry to say, it didn't come close. The video (vs. film) format and camera work lacked the edgy, dark feel of Delicate. The focus on stage-projected video distracted from the performance, which seemed to lack passion. Maybe the band grew tired of performing this set between 1989 and 1995. The background singers weren't as powerful. The sax player seemed to be reading sheet music, no soul at all. And where were the crowd shots? - no ecstatic, mind-blown reactions to the show? Was this supposed to be a concert experience or a documentary?
On the other hand, if you like a mega-budget light show with a decent sound track, you could do worse (I'd like to have the money they spent on electricity alone). I appreciate the extra concert length, and the fact that all of Dark Side of the Moon is there helps. But if you're looking for that truly awsome, gut-wrenching, lunatic-is-in-your-head experience, get Delicate Sound of Thunder.
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