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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on April 23, 2006
I loved this movie. It convinced me to buy the series behind it (Firefly) and i enjoyed every minute of it! Everything about Serenity was great, i loved the actors and their characters, i thought the plot was fantastic...i just wish a certain part of the ending had been different, but i cant say anymore because if you havent seen it yet it will ruin it for you. This movie is fantastic and you should watch it first before making any final decisions about it. (Unless of course you dont like sci-fi, action adventure in which case you probably wont like this movie). :)
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on February 27, 2009
I remember the first time I saw this movie on a the Space Channel...I thought it would suck because I'd never heard of it....Silly Man!!
I fell in love with this movie and since has become my favorite movie of all time!!! You will not be disappointed, I cannot rave enough, it's a sin this movie never got a sequel but perhaps that is why it is so sweet...It was never ruined and it leaves you craving for more... So why not get more right? The series Firefly was cancelled after 1 season because Fox is a bunch of scumbag bastards who sabotaged the series wholeheartedly. This series is more like a bunch of movies...effects that are gorgeous all the cast from the Movie you won't be disappointed. The movie is set 5 months after the last episode of season 1 so if you watch the season first than you will have a real good grasp of the movie. It is the best series I have ever seen and it's a goram sin it was that...Shiny!
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on June 16, 2012
So first of all this movie is great. Loved it since it's initial release. The sound was as expected, but the picture left me wondering, "why bother, should of stayed with the DVD release". Overall the detail, etc was everything Blu-ray should and could be, however many scenes throughout are muddy, out of focus, or simply fuzzy looking, lacking detail and closely resembling the DVD format.
Bottom line, if you don't already own this fantastic film definitely pick it up on Blu-ray if the price is right. If you already own it on DVD, think twice, as you will probably be disappointed like I was.
5 stars for the film, 4 for the picture quality(being generous as I'm a firefly fan).
4 stars it is.
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on September 26, 2010
I wasn't aware of Firefly when it was on TV, but went to see Serenity at the theatre.
I enjoyed the sci-fi/western combo, but when I learned that Nathan Fillion (Capt. Malcolm Reynolds) was from Alberta, it made me love the show all the more.
The storyline seems, for the most part, to pick up where Firefly left off, aside from the introduction where Simon rescues River from the grasp of the Alliance. I really enjoy the world that Serenity is set in, too, with the mixture of English & Chinese for language, old west garb. A really enjoyable watch.
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The BBC has just rated Serenity the best science fiction film, edging out the original Star Wars. Why? To start, Joss Whedon has an uncannily clear vision of what he is doing. Second, he communicates this vision to his actors, who communicate it to us. Third - this film is true science fiction. That is, it establishes an imaginable future, and illustrates how real people might live in such a future. That is, this is not an action or suspense film in disguise. It is actually about how people might live under an imaginable set of future circumstances. The most brilliant cinematic touches are those that make the future real, and this includes taking time to focus the camera and the story on day to day life between dramatic events. Yes, there is plenty of action for the amygdala-driven viewer, but there is also plenty of stimulus for the prefrontal cortex - for those who find thinking as well as action interesting. Classic science fiction returns to the screen - and this as the Star Wars franchise seems to be devolving and unwinding. Perhaps with enough DVD sales, there could be a Serenity II. Buy this disc. (More on this topic on my blog: [...]
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on January 8, 2007
Were you a fan of "Firefly", like me? And were you also utterly disappointed when that show was cancelled? If that is the case, this is the right movie for you. The casting is the same, as is the story, but there is a big difference between this film and the series: "Serenity" has a great ending that brings a sense of closure, without taking away the possibility of a sequel. So, thanks Joss Whedon!

You weren't a fan of "Firefly", and you don't have the faintest idea of what that show was about? Well, it really doesn't matter, because this movie is a standalone, in the sense that even though you may understand the characters better if you watch the dvd of the series, you don't need to it to enjoy the movie. However, if you enjoy "Serenity" I highly recommend you to buy the dvd of "Firefly" as soon as possible. This film is really great, but the series rocks too!

This sci-fi Western has a great plot, lots of action, and quite a few oneliners that will make you laugh. Is it a surprise that I heartily recommend it?

Belen Alcat
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on December 25, 2007
In many details I think the movie went in the wrong direction, but in many others it took the good path. Either way, it's Firefly and there ain't much better.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 18, 2013
The film was made after the series "firefly" was cancelled.

This presentation has everything including space, cowboy, militaries, and every cliché in the book.

Of course, this must be much more to the old TV series fans. However, as a standalone film it is just one of those things. Standard ninja bad people, and outlaws vs. empires. Sexy women and bare feet. Speaking of feet, the internet even has blogs about summer's feet. I cannot repeat it here.

Be sure to watch the extra DVD goodies (bonus material) and the BD-Live: My scenes. The U-Control function can be a tad distractive. When you see what they were, trying to accomplish the next time through the presentation will be more enjoyable. The Blu-ray treatment is impressive but I never saw the original to compare.

I have to admit once I saw the Blu-ray and watched the supplemental information this turned brought the film alive the second time through.

Basic story is about the lives of the crew and visitors on the spaceship Serenity as they are pursued by the authorities for knowledge they may poses that can disrupt the perfect society. Does the Crew know what they carry and will they find the secret before they are squashed like a bug.

Firefly: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 7, 2012
It only lasted 15 episodes, quite often aired out of order, and was met with lacklustre ratings and network apathy, but managed to become a modern classic. And as usual it took me almost a decade to discover it.

I am talking about Firefly. For those of you in the know, let the squealing begin. For those who have no idea, prepare to be educated.

Firefly is a gem created by genius writer/director Joss Whedon of The Avengers and Dr Horrible and Buffy fame. Savour that resume, it speaks volumes of his greatness. Joss pitched this idea to Fox of doing a space western, complete with horses, gunplay and spaceships. They said yes, and then trounced the show endlessly to ensure cancellation. Wagging my finger of shame at them! Still wagging!

Starring Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal Reynolds, Firefly is set in the future where the human race has expanded itself out into space, colonizing and terra-forming worlds all over. Mal grew up on a frontier planet and when these worlds fight a war of independence against the central government, he readily enlists to keep out of the clutches of the Earth. And his side loses. This shakes Mal, and we pick up with him years later as he carves out a meager living doing legal and illegal activities. But his mindset is still very much of the war. Us Versus Them.

Mal goes about his business in an old Firefly style cargo ship called Serenity, crewed with an assortment of characters sporting various temperaments. His first officer is war buddy and tough-ass Zoe, who is married to fun loving pilot Wash. Hired muscle Jayne is as tough as he is stupid while spunky engineer Kaylee keeps the patchwork ship together. Finishing off the seasoned crew is Inara, an Ambassador of an entirely different sort. By the end of the pilot, more restless souls come aboard. Shepherd Book is a preacher trying to help wherever and whomever he can, not always an easy task. And the fugitive brother sister pair of the repressed Dr Simon and the offworldy River.

With this crew in place, assorted adventures and peril awaits. Getting jobs, keeping the ship moving, completing jobs, avoiding the Alliance, fighting duels, and surviving pirates are just some the gist of their travels. Oh and keeping a gazillion miles of space between them and the Reavers. With good reason.

Whedon and crew blend dramatic moments, snappy lines, and great fight scenes together with expert skill. One early episode gives us Mal’s way of dealing with a new arch villain, which is funny in the blackest humour kind of way. Besides the pilot two partner, called appropriately Serenity Part 1 and 2, my other favourite misadventures were Shindig, Out Of Gas, Ariel, and Objects In Space, the final episode.

After Firefly ended a premature death, fans were left to mount campaigns for its return. Much pressure from the devoted resulted in everyone reuniting for the major motion picture Serenity. Things happen, oh so many things happen, with secrets revealed and a last hour filled with insane battles of all types. Whedon creates this show, breaks it into a million pieces, and rebuilds it before our very eyes. The ending should have the warning sign of “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here” prominently displayed, just to give us all proper bracing for it. Still on the edge of my seat thinking about it right now. Maybe after the success of the Avengers, Whedon will be given the keys again to provide us with a sequel. We can always hope.

Shortly after I finished viewing all of Firefly, Serenity, and every single extra available on the dvds, I stumbled upon The Toronto Browncoats annual public worldwide charity showing of Serenity. So on Saturday June 23rd 2012, my friends @AinslieKeith, @Taliana83 and I attended this screening with all proceeds going to Equality Now, followed up with an auction of geek items. My first immersion into Firefly fandom was exhilarating and wonderful.

With that first bastion now complete, I am slowly looking into the comics, books, and woolen caps that populate the wonderful expanded Firefly universe. Who is Shepherd Book really? What is River’s true potential? Can Kaylee keep Serenity up and running? Will Dr Simon someday completely unclench? And will Mal finally put his ghosts behind him? All valid questions that I can’t wait for the answers to.

As the amazing theme song says, also written by the immortal Joss himself, you can take many things from Mal, but not Serenity. The skies are his home now.
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Serenity(released Aug/05)is a quite decent Sci-Fi flick that is descended from the TV series Firefly.I have never seen Firefly the TV series,but am aware of the serie's premature cancellation and the following it has developed.As a Star Trek original series fan I know all about such things.So this review is really kind of reverse engineering in a literary sense and a look at this film in situ.
The movie begins aboard the spaceship Serenity captained by the less than loquacious Capt.Reynolds(Nathan Fillion).He was on the losing side of the Unification War against the Alliance(similarities abound in likening him to a soldier from the South during the Civil War)and during a maintenance stop at a space station the captain takes aboard two strangers,a brother and sister.The sister(River Tam) has obvious strong mental abilities and her brother is the only one that can keep her in check.She periodically refers to "Miranda" but no one including herself can understand what it means. They risk being tossed off the ship many times but the captain sees past the risk.
However,not only does the government have a special agent following Tam,the Alliance is sending out special triggering signals to set her off,whenever possible.The captain contacts a friend called Mr Universe who discovers that these "triggers"are for a special purpose.They also eventually learn that Miranda is an uninhabited planet that was devastated,supposedly,due to a terraforming accident years before.They decide to head for Miranda and along the way they stop in at a familiar outpost and safe haven only to find all have been slaughtered,thanks to an Alliance agent who wants Tam back.
After a running battle they escape the planet and head for their ultimate destination.However the way is blocked by Reavers,a savage half human race whose thirst for blood is only surpassed by their thirst for killing.Disguising themselves they get their ship past the blockade.On Miranda there is no one there alive,it is just full of corpses.They also discover what really happened on Miranda was not a simple terraforming accident.There was an agent put into the chemical used,to suppress aggression which killed most of the populace while turning the rest into Reavers.
This disturbing information is sent to Mr Universe who is killed before he can transmit it broad band throughout the Alliance territories.Reynolds and crew head back to see Mr Universe but are followed by the Reavers.They discover a dead Mr Universe and have to hold off the Reavers until they can transmit a back up copy.Some of Reynolds crew dies but the attacking Reavers are repelled and the message is sent out.The Alliance operative after Tam finally realizes the extent of the Alliances crimes and backs off the hunt,but it doesn't mean more agents won't follow him and Tam,who now becomes one of Reynolds crew.
It is an exciting plot throughout and holds ones interest all the way.I was pleasantly surprised to see some fine actors like Gina Torres,who goes by Gin Torres in the credits,better known for her roles in Hercules and Cleopatra 2020 among others,Adam Baldwin who I recall from X Files and old Ron Glass from Barney Miller.The entire cast gels beautifully and the glue is Fillion himself who does a wonderful job as the persnickety captain of the Serenity,who likes to run his ship HIS way.As I said this review is coming from someone who has never seen the show,so if I am suitably impressed by the movie and its world and what its creator Joss Whedon is presenting,then I think that is really saying something.It stands alone as just plain good Science Fiction.
Technically speaking this DVD comes in its w/s a/r of 2:35:1,is clear and crisp,and includes extras like a Whedon intro,commentary,a featurette on the Firefly phenom and 20 minutes of extra deleted scenes and outtakes.
All in all Serenity is a wonderful stand alone film.For the fans of Firefly it's just a natural to get,but anyone interested in good Sci-Fi should be picking this up too.If you're like me it will probably lead you to pursue the short lived TV series to see just what the fuss is all about and maybe become a "brown shirt" along the way.Hmmm, a brown shirt could work!Highly recommended.
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