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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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This is nice off-shoot of the Babylon 5 universe by its' creator Michael Straczynski,from the Rangers perspective.
The story centres around the exploits of one Capt.David Martel.While the captain of the Enfali his ship and another get jumped by ships piloted by a new and deadly unknown race and similar in style and stealth to the Shadow vessels,familar to all B-5 fans.The other ship is destroyed and his ship is left crippled beyond any effective type of counter measures.He decides to limp home to fight another day.
The Grey council is convened as they think his "running" is counter to one of the codes of Ranger conduct..."We live for the one,we die for the one".During his trial and just as his guilty sentence is to be pronounced,in steps G'Kar who is also on Mimbar.He changes the councils' decision who return Martel his captaincy and give him a 20 year old ship the Leandra.
His 2nd in command is Dulan a Mimbari with telepathic abilities.During an escort mission Dulan is contacted by the previous crew of the Leandra who are in a state of unrest.During that same mission,another one of escort duty,they again get jumped by the same unknown race who manage to destroy the ship Martel is escorting,but not before the ambassadorial cargo escapes to the Leandra.G'Kar is among the menagerie and he explains to the captain that they were going to a nearby worlds' archeological dig site to view what had been uncovered: ancient buildings and a city billions of years old once populated by a race who drove out another evil one.
During their voyage back they are dogged by two of the remaining unknown vessels.It is also brought to light that there is a saboteur amongst the ambassadors,the same thing,they learn,that also doomed the previous crew.
He is found out and Martel learns that the unknown ships are from a race that is loyal to The Hand,an ancient evil that was there even before the Shadows.Through some ingenuity Martel gets he,his crew and the ambassadors back to safety.
The story ends with Martel taking G'kar back "home".Martel says that he has never been there but has heard alot about it and would like to visit sometime.Some of G'Kars' parting words are:"If you do come aboard remember,no one there is exactly as they seem".Sound familiar? A nice tie-in and a good note to end the show on.
The show is well acted but the dialogue and plot are sometimes a little sluggish which is a definite distraction.But the CGI is very well done throughout and one element in particular was a very nice touch.That was the armament section of the Leandra.The ships' guns are in the control of a person in a holographic/interactive environment.In this area you are in a no gravity scenario and able to move about in any position you need to as the entire space around the ship and targets in it are visible to you.The computer also reads your retina to determine position and the numbers of ships that need targeting.Through the actions of any one your bodys' limbs,you are able to direct fire onto that target.
An ingenious idea.
"Legends of the Rangers" is another nice touch by Mr.Straczynski to add to the B-5 universe in all its' diversity.And again,like Crusade,it showed alot of potential but unlike Crusade it never got beyond the movie stage.However it is a definite must have for all fans of the Babylon 5 series.
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on December 8, 2015
For Babylon 5 aficionados this is a must watch. For the average viewer, this rates as a moderately good sci-fi movies
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on March 15, 2014
Nice twist to the series , just wish they had continued the series . They left us Babylon 5 fans out in the cold .
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