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5.0 out of 5 stars fantastique
Une série que j'ai écouter a sa diffuser original dans les années 90 et que je réécoute aux 5-6 ans sans m'en lassé, un chef-d’œuvre rien de moins.
Published 13 months ago by madcat

3.0 out of 5 stars Twilight Time
Season five marked several highlights in the production of The X-Files. It was the show's last season in Vancouver before moving to Hollywood, and because The X-Files movie was shot in a few months right before, season five was the shortest to date, totaling 20 episodes compared to the average 24. With the movie set to take place AFTER season five, Chris Carter and crew...
Published on May 21 2002 by Freddy Morris

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5.0 out of 5 stars The last REAL season of The X Files!, March 9 2002
A. Kristensen - See all my reviews
May is gonna be a big day for all x-fans; the last season of the series that was shot in Vancouver is realesed, and was coincidently (?) also the last year where The X Files were popular for obvious reasons! I think the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons were the high-peaks of not only production value, but as the entire series itself, even though the myth started to grow old here in the 5th, with all that 'global' population, and take-over from aliens stuff - which I think kinda killed the realness of the show; - cuz before; it was all 'The Truth Is Out There', and became in this season different with none of that 'quest' theme, because the truth were virtually exposed; and really not that believeable; - I've always thought The X Files myth was cool because it left us question things, and made people wonder; but now it was all revealed, and the result was kinda dissapointing; kinda too much Sci-Fi, w/ that un-original theme about alien-colinization. BUT even though those negativ turns in this season; still by far most of the season was as good as the previous. Just think back on eps like; Kill Switch (classic x-theme story), Detour (another classic), Redux I+II (great myth-eps), Unusual Suspects, Folie A Deux (maybe the best), Schizogeny (S-J. Redmond is soo talented), Travelers (just great), and Bad Blood (even though, it's too much 'comedic'; I can't forget how funny it is, and what about those perf. by DD & GA - fantastic!). What I really hope with this next box-set, is that FOX/Carter include that TV-special entitled "Inside The X Files" from 1998 pre-movie with all those fun bloopers, and cool interviews with DD, GA, Nic Lea, Laurie Holden, Gunmen Trio, William Davis, Steven Williams, Mitch Pileggi etc. etc.!!
Anyway; don't miss this next great release in May: then you've completed THE X FILES on DVD collections to-keep 4ever; - ya know; I'm not really sure about the future DVD's, Season 6 onwards, ya know what i'm sayin'!
1993-1998 = Seasons 1-5: the real x-days; just plain old nostalgic stories and memories!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars the end of the Vancouver era, Feb. 14 2002
Ian K. Hughes (San Mateo, CA) - See all my reviews
Although most diehard fans of THE X FILES are in agreement as to the merits of Season's Three and Four, the 5th year seems to have elicited more of a mixed response. Certainly the season, to which I give an unqualified recommendation, was unique from a number of perspectives.
Most crucially, the chronology of the production was different from any of the previous years. The crew went into production of the X FILES MOVIE in the summer of 1997 immediately after finishing Season 4. For this reason Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were, for the first time, aware in advance of where the show's mythology arc would be leading them. It seems impossible that this foreknowledge would not affect their performances; the sustained dramatic intensity characteristic of Season Four was loosened quite a bit in Season Five.
The actors weren't alone in having a tough time adjusting to this odd schedule. The excellent staff writers, having in the two prior years wrung out the most consistently creative scripts in the history of the show, now had their own work looming as their most formidable obstacle! So, from the writing standpoint it is hardly a surprising that Season Five would present a unique challenge. What is remarkable is that apart from a few notable misses ( and one complete bomb ), this year had so many excellent scripts, especially in the "stand alone" episodes.
In contrast to its immediate predecessor, Season Five's strengths are weighted toward scripts displaying some of the humorous eccentricities of the 3rd year, most evident in Vince Gilligan's three contributions ( a sort of equivalent to Darin Morgan's famed triptych from Season 3 ). His "Bad Blood" is an absolute tour de force for the actors. The script draws on subtle aspects of the Scully/Mulder personalities and then "tweaks" them, presenting their differing recollections of a single case; slightly distorted perspectives from both agents with neither one corresponding exactly to what actually occurred. Gilligan's knack for characterization also shines in his "Unusual Suspects", which fleshes out the Lone Gunmen in way that had not heretofore been done. His "Folie a Deux" is not quite at the same level but contains some classic X FILES moments.
John Shiban's "Pine Bluff Variant" is a tightly scripted espionage thriller, one of the finest examples of his writing. David Duchovny seems to revel in the physicality of this episode.
Chris Carter's bizarre but touching "Post Modern Prometheus" ( filmed in black and white ) is essentially an X FILES fairy tale, owing as much to David Lynch as to the gothic horror novel written by Mary Shelley.
"Kill Switch" was written by the science fiction authors William Gibson and Tom Maddox. I'm not familiar with their work but the episode, with its blending of computer technology and contemporary "cyberpunk" subculture, is very well done. The beautiful oldie "Twilight Time", sung by the Platters, is nicely integrated into the framework.
Frank Spotnitz' "Detour" links with previous episodes ( "Darkness Falls" and "Quagmire" ) in its forest setting and environmental theme. This fun "monster of the week" script ( hellishly difficult to film ) has a beautiful scene with Scully and Mulder stranded together in the woods ( mirroring the "holdout" scenes in the other "forest" episodes ).
"Chinga", credited to Stephen King and Chris Carter, is easily the weakest episode of the season as well as the worst script I can recall from the first five seasons. Carter obviously had to dress this one up in a way that plays strictly for laughs.
As regards the mythology arc, the two season opening episodes ( "Redux" / "Redux II") were part of the trilogy linking the previous season's cliffhanger and features some flashback sequences similar to Oliver Stone's "JFK". This two-part script, while quite good, was the first of many future myth episodes that were somewhat self consciously "explanatory" in nature. A heaviness began to set in, with the episodes from mid season ( "Patient X"/"The Red and the Black" ) suffering from increasingly confusing and tangential plot developments. I attribute these problems primarily to the conflicts between the storyline the film would be using, which effectively shut the writer's out of being able to develop the "A" material for television. Additionally, a tinge of ambivalence crept into David Duchovny's performances.
In the prior year Scully's bought with cancer set the stage for the more purely dramatic type of storyline seen in the 5th season's introspective two-part episode titled "Christmas Carol" / "Emily". This script features well-known "Scully" themes from prior seasons: her grief and guilt over her murdered sister, the loss of her ability to conceive, the flowering of a previously dormant religious faith, the emotional bond with Agent Mulder. As some of the steam went out of the myth-arc storyline in the following years, the longstanding "Scully" storyline moved into the foreground and grew into a highly complex melodrama focusing on the two agents interdependence. This approach was not without its aesthetic pitfalls but it seems fitting that the unique Scully/Mulder "symbiosis" would dominate THE X FILES in its final seasons.
Finally, the concluding episode of the Fifth Season was appropriately named "The End", the title reflecting not only the myth arc plotline but also signaling the end of the show's production in Vancouver. The location in British Columbia furnished so much of the shows ambience that it's hard to imagine THE X FILES ever becoming the phenomenon it did without it being filmed there. There are clear signs that point to the Vancouver era ( esp Seasons 3 thru 5 ) as the absolute creative apex of THE X FILES. The location, along with the vital and often cited contributions of the actors/writers/crew, played an important role in lifting the show to the heights of its well-deserved success.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great season, but confusing end, Feb. 12 2002
TAH "Troy" (Haslett, Michigan USA) - See all my reviews
This was a really great season of the X-files, however, for those who remember, the summer following this season saw the release of the X-files movie. Unfortunately, the season ended dealing with this little kid, the movie never mentioned him, and then he was back in the first episode of the next season. This is, to me, why it gets 4 stars instead of 5, because in any movie that would come out in the middle of a series run should be sure of all the relevant information from the series.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest Science Fiction Show Hits Season 5, Feb. 4 2002
If you are reading this, you are proabbly a very big X-Files fan like me. If you are not a fan, you have no idea what great stuff you are missing. So here is the lowdown. As most of us nerds know, X-Files Season 5 was the first season to be filmed in anamorphic widescreen, but it was broadcast in fullscreen.Fox has announced though that the DVD's (Thank You Jesus!)will be presented in their originall anamorphic widescreen! Now for the episodes...
Disc 1: Unusual Suspects, Redux, ReduxII and Detour
Disc 2: Christmas Carol, Post-Modern Prometheus, Emily and Kitsunegari
Disc 3: Schizogeny, Chinga, Kill Switch and Bad Blood
Disc 4: Patient X, The Red and the Black, Travelers and Mind's Eye
Disc 5: All Souls, The Pine Bluff Variant, Folie a Deux and The End
Disc 6: Supplemental Materials.
And for the special features...
The audio will be presented in Dolby Surround 2.0. There will also be international clips for several episodes, deleted scenes from The Post-Modern Prometheus, Christmas Carol, The Red and the Black and All Souls, audio commentaries for The Post-Modern Prometheus and The Pine Bluff Variant, a thirty minute documentary - The Truth About Season Five, Behind the Truth Spots, special effects clips with commentary, a two minute featurette from the FX network, tv spots, and a DVD-ROM game.
I hope this helps ... and remember THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!
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4.0 out of 5 stars great season but...whats on the horizon after this???, Feb. 3 2002
"pieohpah666" (The Mourning Hall) - See all my reviews
You dont really need to see this seasons' dvd's to review this if you have already seen it on tv. I would have to say that season five is a pretty decent season, however, it was a sign of things to was the season (also noted the shortest season,in at only 20 episodes thus far) that showed The X-files car gas meter was almost on 'E'. The episodes were great. I mean... 'Detour' was SUPERB!!! And 'Chinga' co-written with Stephen King and Chris Carter was respectfully done. But like I said, this was the season that showed signs of the series slowing down, losing it's momentum, BUT STILL A GREAT SEASON NONE THE LESS!! I RECCOMMEND! I STILL PLAN ON COMPLETEING MY COLLECTION ON DVD IT'S THAT GREAT!!!!
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1.0 out of 5 stars Very Poor, Jan. 5 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: The X-Files: Season 5 (DVD)
Too bad I really can't rate this product, since it's apparently taking the long way from China to get here.
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