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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on June 22, 2004
"A Heart So Wild" was the first JL I ever read, and it is probably the book I compare all her other stories to. The first time I read it was around 12 or 13 years ago. I just reread it this weekend, and it was just as fresh and exciting as the first time! Chandos is one of the most rugged, dangerous, sexy, and altogether tragically romantic heroes JL has created (only Colt Thunder of "Savage Thunder" can beat him as the ultimate JL hero, in my opinion). Courtney, though timid and shy at first, has so much spirit and grows so much in Chandos' care, that she's wonderful to watch. It was exceptionally fun to see how Cateyes (as Chandos called her) handled being attacked by that monstrous gunslinger Pretty Boy and, much later, by Calida - a beautiful rival for Chandos' affections - in an unforgetable catfight. Hero and heroine aside, the love scenes are hot, the plot is fast-paced and interesting, the supporting characters are memorable, and the action is intense. Plus, there is a dark side to this story that will immediately grab hold of you, making you want vengeance as much as Chandos. I highly recommend reading "A Heart So Wild," especially if you like the Wild West and Indian stories. I did finished reading its sequal "All I Need Is You" yesterday, and must admit I didn't care for it. The sequal in no way had as much passion, daring, or heartache as in "A Heart So Wild."
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on October 11, 2000
Chandos is a man with a secret past, a gunfighter hunting down a group of men who performed an act so atrocious, it still haunts him four years later. Courtney Harte is a lovely, shy young woman who is unaware of her own sexuality. Believing that her father is dead, Courtney slaves for her stepmother until she sees a news photo of a man resembling her father. Could he be alive? When Courtney meets Chandos, she feels safe. He reminds her of someone who might of helped her in her past. Because of this, she asks him to take her to Waco to find her father. But Chandos knows something that Courtney does not remember. She does know him and the revelation could be quite terrifying.
Johanna Lindsey sweeps us back to survival in the Old West. Men are men and women are women and everyone must fight to survive. Chandos is dark and mysterious, a man with a past. Courtney is shy and easily frightened, but comes into her own as they journey through Indian Territory to Waco. A wonderful love story! One of Lindsey's best!
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on September 29, 2001
Whether Ms. Lindsey is writing about pirates' adventures, kidnappings by Arabian sheiks, the dalliances of English noblemen, Viking raids, or, as in this one, gunslingers in the wild, wild, west, she manages to create an authenic atmoshere that is totally enthralling and entertaining. This is another of her success stories. It is about a family travelling across the unsettled west that is seperated during an Indian raid. The daughter finds evidence that her father is alive and sets out to find him with the help of the man she hires to protect her, a man of mystery who is a handsome gunslinger. Great characters and storyline. Highly recommend!
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on October 23, 2001
this is the best book i have ever read. i fell in love with chandos. his depth is was what really got me. he was so tortured by his past and good at being a man. what i wouldn't do for him. the story had twists and turns that i didn't even see coming. it really kept me turning the page. i loved it!! the only complaint i have about this book (a little one) is courtney. i wish she could have been a little more stronger and not so vunerable but other then that i loved it!!!!!! whoever hasn't read this book should very soon. they don't know what they are missing. Johanna lindsey at her very best.
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on January 27, 2001
I found that this book was a little gruesome in the beginning but it soon grabbed all my attention. I couldn't put it down and finished it in just a few hours of reading. As soon as I was done, I read the beginning of the sequal "All I Need Is You" at the back of the book. I immediately jumped on line to see if I could order it so I could continue reading. A Heart So Wild will diffently be passed on to family and friends and then read again by me!
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on March 7, 2000
I was so enthralled by A Heart So Wild that I practically cried when I finished it. Chandos's character was unbelievably masculine, yet vulnerable and tender when it came to Courtney. I was thoroughly engrossed in their trail ride and the ordeals they went through to get to their separate destinations--and how they were led right back to each other!
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on January 30, 1999
The book is splendid,it has a good setting and I always love a good hard male character!!!! And Courtney is not Ms.helpless herself and I like that too.I really wished that the book we go on longer after Chandos declared his love for Courtney but I would never presume to change anything of Mrs.lindsey's. I enjoy all of her books !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on August 7, 1998
I possess many of Johanna's novels and I really like this one. Courtney and Chandos are dangerous together. Courtney searches for her father whom she thought was killed years ago in an Indian attack, but she can't go alone so Chandos becomes her guide. The chemistry is fierce once Courtney loses her fear. A very good read.
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on November 6, 1999
What a wonderful book. This book is on my "A" list as is Gentle Rogue and Once A Princess. Chandos and "Cat Eyes" were a great couple. What a dreamboat. To defend her in every way, always and the immediate loyalty to one another. The only thing I didn't like was that it ended.
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on November 21, 1998
A fast moving romance with adventure that you can't put down. Chandos and Courtney travel a long trail finding love isn't easy between two very strong individuals. This book is followed by "All I Need is You" continuing the story of Chandos and Courtney. Both books are keepers.
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