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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on January 27, 2003
This review refers to the DVD(WB) edition of "The Sea Wolves"....
The neutral waters off Goa, a Portuguese colony in India, is the setting for this unusual but true war story.And what's more unusual are the heroes of this dangerous mission.
It is 1943, and German merchant ships are relaying information to U-boats as to the whereabouts of Allied war vessels. The German merchants being in waters considered neutral are all but impossible to stop.Two officers(Gregory Peck/Roger Moore) of a unique British Military organazation, are assigned to the task of putting an end to these deadly exploits.They turn to a group of seniors who are veterans but haven't seen action in over 40 years. These guys spend most of their time trying to stay on their Polo ponies at their little country club. They are "The Calcutta Light Horse". Most would give their right arms to see action again, and now they will have their chance...Their board the German Vessels and destroy them!
Led by one of their own(David Niven),they jump at the chance to help the war effort, and head fearlessly into danger,and face tense situations with bravery and humor and become heroes once again.The "Sea Wolves" is great war story, that is based on actual events, and will have you smiling and rooting for the good guys all the way through. And of course with Moore involved,you know there will be some romance as well!
You can't go wrong with this cast, who only get better and better with age. Also included are Patrick MacNee and Trevor Howard.It was directed by Andrew McLaglen and based on the book "Boarding Party" by James Leasor.It was beautifully filmed on location in India.
Warner Bros. has made a nice transfer to the DVD. The picture is clear and sharp and may be viewed in Widescreen, or a Standard format.The colors are good, the ocean sparkles as does Peck's smile. The stereo surround sound is very good, although the dialouge is a little low at times, but clear and distinguishable for the most part. There are no Special features, but may be viewed with English or French subtitles.
Spend some time with these dapper Gents, you'll have fun doing it.....Laurie
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on July 14, 2002
This is an interesting film, made with care and respect for the real-life heroes. However, it also is quite flawed, which is probably why it never made as huge an impact as the producers had hoped, either at the time of release or since.
Despite the famous cast on hand, the film feels more like a TV movie at times, while the story plays out like an old-time war/spy action film. There are plenty of cliches from this genre on hand, including the old regiment banding together once more, being trained on weapons and munitions at the last minute, an impossible task only the old fellows can achive, etc.
Another problem is that the exteriors were shot on location, which works some of the time, but leads to everyone except the actors wearing modern dress (complete with those ridiculously big collars left over from the 70's), having modern hairstyles, driving post-WWII automobiles, and the native residents of India staring and waving as they pass by the cameras.
Other than these points, the film is watchable and entertaining, and even sprinkled with decidedly British humor where appropriate. The top-notch cast makes up for any anachronisms, cliches, and lapes in logic. David Niven, Gregory Peck, Roger Moore, Trevor Howard, and others, save the day in what could have been a forgettable film. However, besides the cast, the ideas and much of the execution of the film both have merit, and this is indeed a true story. The facts of the mission were only released by the British government in 1978, and the film made a scant two years later.
For fans of Bond, we see Roger Moore doing something here that the newer Bond actors are now prohibited from doing; appearing during his reign as Bond in a non-Bond film wearing a tux (the tux being a Bond trademark of sorts). Also of note to Bond fans, the famous Maurice Binder created the stylized opening and closing credits.
The film is a bit light on action, but there is just enough dispersed throughout to keep things moving. While the film is no "Patton" or "The Longest Day" or anything, it is quite a watchable war/action/spy movie that is just perfect for viewing on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
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on December 19, 1999
Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and David Niven are the lead actors in this true story having taken place in WW II in India and Goa. It is shot on location where it happened, giving great authenicity to the scenes and how they took place. I think just about every older English actor who has appeared in any war films is present here. This was one of the reasons I liked the film. A gathering of "old" friends in one place from the other films gives it credence as you know they are well trained, in a way. This is sort of like "The Wild Geese", same cast of characters in the support roles. The print of the film in 1.85 to 1 letterbox is of great quality. The surround sound works well. While the subject matter of getting the sinking of ships stopped is serious, there are many very funny spots as the older men of the Light Horse get geared up for war after 40 some years. There is one especially tender moment when David Niven is shaving at 5am and his wife is worried about another woman. Both Gregory Peck and Roger Moore play their respective characters believably. Not sure why they didn't check one character out............
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on February 3, 2014
I received the product, but the whole 'get it within the next 48 hours using Prime' was a bogus as one could endure. Days turned into well over a week and some.

The only reason I made the order was to get the products in time before I departed. I was actually delayed in going and still did not get some of the overall shipment, and what did arrive was a nightmare to actually get.

So ... Prime was a waste and I hate, Hate, HATE ... I LLOOOOOOOAAAATHHHHeeeeee UPS.

Otherwise, the products were as advertised.
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on May 16, 2013
You can't argue with the cast, who are all fine and entertaining. The main problem with this film is that the actors are given very little to do (that is interesting, anyway). The whole film leads up to an exciting action climax, which was good I suppose, but by the point that it comes you're so disinterested in the characters that it falls flat. I'm a big fan or Roger Moore, but his character's scenes (a supposed love story) brought the pace of the move down to a crawl and shouldn't have been included. Not so bad it's good. Just boring. The most exciting thing about this movie was its title.
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on October 30, 2003
This film is, as has been stated previously, a throwback to a lost era in film-making. The cast is generally superb, although some are underutilized (Patrick McNee in particular). Interestingly, Barbara Kellerman was not the original choice for the female lead (according to Roger Moore's recent biography); Diana Rigg was. This is not McLaglen's best film (I think ffolkes is), but it is enjoyable nonetheless. Strangely, my copy has a very soft soundtrack. I have to crank the sound or use the subtitles to understand the dialogue.
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on August 17, 2003
This film is a throwback to the classic war films pre-Saving Private Ryan. Since that film, a very good one I might add, Hollywood has attempted to out-blood n' gore itself with each new war movie. Well that's certainly a part of war, possibly THE single most important part at the personal level of conflict, but it's not necessary for a film to entertain. If all you want is to see suffering, spend a Friday night at any inner city ER. No, The Sea Wolves is something more. It tells the tale of a band of aged Boer War veterans enlisted by the British Special Operations Executive to conduct a clandestine raid on a German merchant ship transmitting intelligence to U-boats cruising the Indian Ocean. As is usually the case with Hollywood, the film takes some liberties with the actual event but it is quite entertaining nonetheless. David Niven is superb, as always. Gregory Peck's role was equalling well done, if one can excuse the rather poor English accent that tends to fade in and out. The tongue-in-cheek, very British exchanges between he and Roger Moore are quite enjoyable. I hadn't seen this movie in 20+ years and it is as entertaining as ever. I'm happy to see that lesser known films like The Sea Wolves are making it onto DVD. Just don't expect lots of body parts flying about or language that would make Mike Tyson blush.
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on September 16, 2015
A cast of great old actors embarked upon a mission to destroy some German merchant ships that are using the sanctuary of a Portuguese port on the coast of India to radio their U-Boat comrades of the specifics of British merchant shipping in the region. The strike force are all retired military men that are chosen for the job because they would not be as conspicuous in the neutral port as younger military men. Good suspense and action throughout this movie of fine actors.
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on December 19, 2002
This isn't the best Roger Moore non-007 movie (that honor IMO belongs to "Ffolkes") but it is close to the top.
An amazing cast including Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and David Niven star in this Hollywood version of an actual event.
A group of retired military men take on a mission for Britain to destroy a ship in a neutral harbor which is alerting a lurking German U-Boat to Allied trade routes in an effort to disrupt commerce.
The DVD is unfortunately a bare-bones release, but in an age when many great movies have yet to even see the light of day (Where Eagles Dare, Ffolkes, High Road to China) its great to have this classic in my DVD collection.
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on December 16, 2012
The name and the cast made me buy this product, but after seeing 'Guns of Navarone" you get a feeling that this was a poor attempt and waste of good actors like Gregory Peck, David Niven and Roger Moore.
The sound quality of the DVD is so poor, that you could hardly hear the audio unless the volume was at its highest peak.
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