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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Season- they really hit a stride here, Feb. 25 2006
By A Customer
This review is from: King of the Hill: Complete Season 6 [3 Discs] [Import] (DVD)
I havn't officially watched the dvd yet but i loved this season as well as all the previous ones of King of the Hill. Season 4 they had hit a stride and season 5 kept it going, now season 6 brought the humor to a all new level of comedy. Supposed episodes are,
601-Bobby goes Nuts- the one where bobby stands up for himself, by kicking everyone in the nuts, including Hank and even Peggy.
602-Soldier of Misfortune- A episode about Dale's reelection for gun club presidnet and Hank becomes "Mr. Big"
603-Lupe's Revenge- Peggy stupidly brings a mexican girl back on a field trip and hank is stalked by a female police officer.
604-The Father, the Son and the J.C.- Christmas episode (a great one) in which Cotton is upset with hank for never showing love for his father, Bobby inlists the help of J.C. (not Jesus Christ but Jimmy Carter).'
605-Father fo the Bribe- Kahn's meddling has bobby and Connie pretend to break up, but then upon spending too much time together they really do decide to break up.
606- I'm with Cupid- Bobby regrets his break up with Connie after soem depressing advice from Bill. He tries to win her back but Hank sends him to Ladies man Boomhuaer to learn some skills and get over Connie.
607-Torch Song Hillogy- Peggy wants Bobby to run with the Olympic torch but instead Hank gets to. he is afraid to showboat or feel good until bobby convinces him it's okay, then he drops the torch and it goes out. Oh Crap.
608-Joust Like a Woman- At the Renaissance Faire Hank tries to land a big propane account while Peggy fights for woman's rights.
609-The Bluegrass is always Greener- Connnie hates Kahn always pressuring her to practice so she joins Hank and the guys band until Hank starts pushing her too hard as well in Branson, Missouri.
610-Substitue Spanish Prisoner- Peggy pays $900 believing she is a doctor after completing a one night course. After learning it was a hoax she tries to band with the others who have been cheated to get her money back. (Funny episode because of Jimmy)
611-Unfortunate Son- Cotton's VFW closes due tp shortage of members and he and Hank are chased by crazy Vietnam veterans.
612-Are you there God? it's me Margaret Hill. -Peggy wants to teach so badly she poses as a Nun, this can't turn out well.
613- Tankin' it to the streets- Bill is depressed and steals a tank from the army base when he is drunk. His friends help him return it.
614- Of Mice and little Green Men- Dale realizes Joseph is not really his son, he's really the son of an Alien! or so Dale believes.
615-A Man Without a Country Club- Kahn wants to join a prestegious Asian counrty club but they want Hank as the one white member to prove they aren't racist so they can get the PGA tournament.
616- Beer and Loathing- Peggy works for Alamo beer but when she doesn't tell Hank why there is no Alamo beer to be found he goes to Mexico to get some. Maybe she should have told him before he drank it.
617- Fun with Jane and Jane- Luanne wants to belong to a sorrority but when they reject her she ends up in a cult and brings Peggy along. Hank has to kill some emus for Mr. Strickland but can't do it.
618-My Own Private Rodeo- Dale and Nancy renew their vows and Dale won't invite his estranged father. Nancy sends hank after Dale's father only to realize Dale's dad is now Gay!
619-Sug Night- hank sets up a propane hot tub for Nancy to give Dale for their anniversary but then he starts dreaming about grilling with Nancy, in the nude. What will happen when Peggy finds out?
620- Dang Ol Love- Boomhauer falls in love but the woman rejects him like he has rejected so many others and the tables get turned.
621-Returning Japanese Part 1- Hank and the family head with Cotton to Japan only to find hank has a long last half brother who is Japanese. OH Crap.
622- Returning japanese Part 2- The season finale and conclusion of the two parter as Hank and his brother team up to stop Cotton from spitting in the face of the Japanese emperor.
This season is one of the many so far (1 adnd five didn't) to have a two part episode in the run. I hope both the first and second parts are on the same set as they most likely will be. This will be a great set when it comes out on May 2nd.
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4.0 out of 5 stars "My wife lies to me, my beer company betrays me, Americans are giving Mexicans diarrhea,"-Hank Hill, Jan. 26 2008
Tommy Skylar (The Great White North) - See all my reviews
This review is from: King of the Hill: Complete Season 6 [3 Discs] [Import] (DVD)
King Of The Hill's sixth season is another great and solid season from a fantastic animated show,filled once again with great memorable episodes season six has just what it takes to keep you entertained for hours and hours.The show started humbly but is now one of the most recognized and appreciated animated sitcoms on television.It is also one of the longest running shows in the animated category.Yes the show is animated,but it was aimed at an adult audience desptie popular belief that cartoons are only for kids.Season six was a big one for KOTH as they started syndication and it got moved back due to 9/11.This season sees many interresting happening to the Hills and their neibhoors and some important thing s happened during this season.It was aired during the 2001-2002 season and was released on DVD in May of 2006 and it is to note that it is the final season released on DVD as of early 2008 and we are more than due for some other KOTH seasons in my opinion.

In this season we see the Bobby-Connie relationnship comming to an end in "Father Of The Bribe",the rise and fall of the Dan Gribble Bluegrass Experience Band in "The Bluegrass is always greener" wich was an excellent episode and one of the season favourites.I also like the season opening "Bobby Goes Nuts" in wich Bobby takes women's self-defense class and winds up kicking everyone under the belt!Former president Jimmy Carter makes a special appearance in "The father,the son and J.C" as Hank and his dad aren't getting along pretty well.In "Bear and loathing" Texas doesn't have any beer for 36 hours,imagine that!There has been a few two parts episodes but this season is the first to have both those episodes in the same season,the "Returning Japanese" two part episodes in wich Hank discovers he has a half brother who is Japanese.This season as you cans see had some really interresting storylines and made an exciting season.

Here is the episode list of King Of The Hill's sixth season DVD:

1-Bobby Goes Nuts
2-Soldier of Misfortune
3-Lupe's Revenge
4-The Father, the Son and J.C.
5-Father of the Bribe
6-I'm with Cupid
7-Torch Song Hillogy
8-Joust like a Woman
9-The Bluegrass is Always Greener
10-The Substitute Spanish Prisoner
11-Unfortunate Son
12-Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret Hill
Peggy pretends to be a nun to so she can teach spanish. Hank wanted her to work at Strickland Propane with him.
13-Tankin' it to the Streets
14-Of Mice and Little Green Men
15-A Man Without a Country Club
16-Beer and Loathing
17-Fun with Jane and Jane
18-My Own Private Rodeo
19-Sug Night
20-Dang Ol' Love
21-Returning Japanese Part 1 of 2 Season Finale
22-Returning Japanese Part 2 of 2 Season Finale

Unfortunatly its been nearly two years at the time of reviewing since season 6 has been released and there is absolutely nothing that points out an eventual season 7 being released.Fox,lets be honnest hasn't exactly treated the show really well on DVD so far cutting any kind of features they could have had and they don't seem like they will ever release more KOTH seasons on DVD.They said tought,that if fans want it to be released we should go tell them we want them on their website,i already did like many others and they haven't given us any kind of response yet.The only thing we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that they will release them,maybe if the sales of the DVDs were better they would have released some more seasons but it sure doesn't look great now.

This season continuing exactly what season 4 and 5 did,as it has no bonus features and each discs has a double side with episodes on each.This time you do get artwork on the discs unlike season 3.Its unfortunate we don't get extras as we did for seasons one and two wich were LOADED with them.The season is five stars but the packaging with no extras at all makes it a four.The best season?Its hard to pick one as there are so many greats seasons but this one has some really good episodes and each ones are great and watchable.I really wish they would release the next seasons,7 and up and i think many fans would as well.I just don't know why they haven't started to release them and maybe they just won't release them at all/All in all you can't go wrong with this season or any other KOTH seasons on DVD,its worth it and the episodes are amazing.There is no extras wich is a shame but the episodes make up for it and you have an incredible season that you can watch over and over again.Highly recommended for any fans of the show,a must for you collection truly.5 stars for the episodes but a four overral because the lack of extras.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome, April 22 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: King of the Hill: Complete Season 6 [3 Discs] [Import] (DVD)
This cartoon is so funny that I just had to order this dvd. Does anyone know what the heck Boomhauer says at anytime during the show? LOL!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Where's Season 7???, Nov. 27 2012
This review is from: King of the Hill: Complete Season 6 [3 Discs] [Import] (DVD)
This marks one of the best seasons of this outstanding series, and the show only got better and better (IMO) for the next few seasons after this. So.... where the heck is Season 7 (and the rest)??? It's been almost three years and everyone I know streams the later seasons of this show when they would be happy to PAY this company money for them - what gives? Get your act together!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Another King of the Hill classic DVD set, Feb. 18 2009
Steve S. Morris (North Vancouver BC Canada) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: King of the Hill: Complete Season 6 [3 Discs] [Import] (DVD)
All I can say is "awesome". This series continues to provide incredible episodes that keep you laughing your a** off time and time again! The writers are so creative.
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