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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 24, 2007
In August of 2006 a gem was released on Xbox 360,namely that was "Dead Rising" who with its sweet commercial grab the video game world`s attention.Its a different type of game where the main objective is to kill,kill,kill zombies wich is why the game really earns it Mature 17+ rating(i won`t comment more on that point).The game is so simple with its controls and the main idea as well but yet,its still one of the most fun games ever made.The idea of playing the movie "Dawn Of The Dead" as a video game is brilliant and was one of the greatest things ever.Since its release,Dead Rising has becomed one of the 360`s most acclaimed,gamer`s favourite,popular and bestselling game as well.And it did not achieve all of that for nothing,its truly a game worth playing that is endlessly fun and innovative that everyone will love(except violence haters).

You are journalist and photograph Frank West and you have 72 hours to kill all zombies in the mall where you are.The opening scenes will tel you all about it,and this story is not exactly great but its enough to get this great game going.The main idea is everything is a weapon,wich is not entirely true(i wish it would be),most things are ainvailable for use as a weapon like guitars,hockey sticks,lawnmowers(on of my personnal favourites!)and all have different special attacks that gives the game this unique touch.There are plenty of possibilites such as customizing your character,taking pictures and some goals to reach and as any Xbox 360 games,achievements.This might seem like a copy of dawn of the dead but personally i never saw the movie and i don`t care about the copy thing,its a great game and that`s what counts to me.

I had a blast playing it because its so funny,its really entertaining and its replay value is high because,well killing zombies is always fun either if you play this alone or with a few friends(sadly there is no multiplayer).There are many areas to discover and side objectives as you can save some innocent people(or just beat them to death)and they will join your party(whatever that actualy means).You will quickly discover how fun it is by killing your first zombie and then you won`t be able to stop!The controls are fairly good and you can change weapons and grab some new ones at all time,be carefull sometimes zombies can grab you and eat you(girl zombies bite you at a certain place...)!At the end of the day you have to admit that Dead Rising is one of the funnest gave ever and that its a great time.

I always wanted to try Dead Rising and i kept thinking how awesome and fun it looked...until i recently played it and realize and it was all that and much more.For a great game any mature gamers can enjoy,Dead Rising is a solid addition to anyone s`Xbox 360 collection and you will play that game for a very,very long time.That is not to say there aren`t still some bads as not EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon and the text in the game is notably small to the point where you have to get your face on the screen to see what is written(THAT Is REALLY TRUE),it was clearly intended to be played on a high-definition television.Overral its a solid game worth picking up or at least a rental and you will definatly enjoy it,i give it 4 and a half stars.My only regret is that it would have been terrific to get a multiplayer for this game.
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on September 22, 2007
Contrary to popular belief, this game is not based off of the movie Dawn of the Dead (There is even a cute little box on the front of the game that states that)

What could be more fun than running around killing zombies with pretty much any object you can find? This game is good ol' fashion gore.
I didn't find the storyline that exciting, but it's one of those games that the storyline doesn't much matter.
This is great game to let out aggression or frustration.
The tiny text problem (from what I'm told) is because the game is designed for newer (plasma/hdtv etc) t.v.'s.

Overall, I'd recommend it to any of my friends, even for a good laugh. It's one of my favourite games for 360.
If you're not sure about it though, I'd rent it or download the demo.
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on October 2, 2010
This game is good yet bad at the same time for every bad thing there's 1 1/2 good things.
Th game is fun the idea of a zombie apocalypse and you eing a photo-journalist and an evolving story.
I don't want to give to much away but it's an interesting plot.
In the game you kill, zombies, phycopaths, save civilians, stop mutinies, and all this gets you pp which levels up your character to a maximum of level 50.
The game has timed events and it's a little poorly planned for example during a mission i had to get back to a place in time, I was still ontime but i was late for the other timed events so i had to start all over again.
This game is frustating but can be fun it's probably not the best for angry gamers.
There are also random boss battles and no auto-save or checkpoints so save often.

it gets an 8/10 4/5 for me but if you get frustrated a little maybe it gets 3.5/5 or 7/10
either way you might want to rent it or borrow it before buying it unless you buy it for cheaper than the renting price
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on January 31, 2011
When I first got this game, I got so freaking pissed off at it because it was so hard and frustrating. I played it for a couple hours and just got so pissed off and threw the controller at my TV and stopped playing it.

Over the next few days all I could think about was how fun it was killing all those zombies, and doing all the adventures. Needless to say, I went back to playing the game.

I think I'm just not used to games that are really hard to complete all the objectives in the timespan given. It really frustrates me, but then I have so much fun playing it, so I really don't know what to think.

I love this game. Can't wait for the second one.
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on August 18, 2013
I had a lot of fun with this game. I got the next 2 after this. really like Deadrising 2 better. The controls in this game arnt how I like them. they did it up better in the next one.
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on July 25, 2008
I'm mainly posting this as I pretty much totally disagree score wise with the other reviewers.

Quickly: Great Concept poor execution, I gave up on it.

Summary:Dead Rising gives you the chance to be the star in a typical Zombie Move. This game is so much like a Romero zombie flick, that Romero sued the developers and won.

You take on the role of a reporter sent into some small town investigating odd reports of violence and riots. You start off flying into town via chopper taking pictures of what looks to be rioting in the streets. Very vicious rioting with citizens tearing each other apart. It's not long before things seem a bit strange and over the top.

You get dropped off on top of a Giant Mall in order to work on your Scoop with directions that the chopper will be back in 72 hours, and you have exactly this amount of time to explore the mall and find out what's going on. You meet up with some Government, MIB, types and quickly find out Zombies are everywhere. The game progresses with you completing various tasks around the mall each leading to a cut scene that explains the story and what's going on. I didn't play the game long enough to really find out anything though so I can't tell you much more.

The gameplay it's self consists of you running around the mall, grabbing pretty much anything as a weapon and battling your way through hordes of undead trying to get to various check points. Once there you will have things like Boss Battles or Escort Quests (well those were the two things I saw). Pretty much anything in the mall can be used as a weapon. Things like Tossing stacks of plates from the food court, tripping zombies with tin cans, using hedge trimmers to trim limbs, etc. There are even uber nasty tools like Chainsaws and lawn mowers about. Combined with these are comic items like a Lego head that you can toss on a zombies head so they just bump around aimlessly.

Controls are complicated. There is only one attack button that is case sensitive depending on where you are standing or what item you are holding or what timing you press it with it does various attacks. You have a jump button that works about as well as jump in Grand Theft Auto III. You have a button for aiming that you combine with the left stick to throw things, which is highly annoying as you also use the left stick to walk. You have another button to swap to aiming for your camera, this gets combined with a whole new control scheme for zooming and taking pictures. I'm probably forgetting something as well.

The Good:The demo of this game started you in the middle of the mall just taking out tons of zombies in interesting ways and was awesome, which is why I bought the game. This aspect of the game is still awesome. Running around trying to find and try out the various weapons is great. Even more amusing is finding a variety of clothes to steal so you can look either pro or ridiculous as you kill wave after wave of undead. The mall is realistic and interesting and it's fun just to explore. The story is interesting enough that you really do want to figure out what's going on. This story combined with the hammy voice acting and cut scenes really does make this feel exactly like a good Zombie Movie. The graphics are pretty good for the number of moving characters on screen but they won't win any awards.

The Bad:The controls as noted in the summary are just complicated and don't work that well. It seems like a modified Grand Theft Auto engine that just doesn't work that well for a game where you are going to go through waves and waves of bad guys. Trying to take pictures at the same time pretty much results in loss of health. Even harder is trying to stop moving and aim to shoot something. This is brutally evident in the first Boss battle of the game, which I lost at multiple times as I just couldn't get the hang of running for cover, stopping and aiming. This isn't something that should be hard to do. The controls often lead to my death...

The Ugly:So we'll take the fact that the game is already brutally hard due to a wonky unresponsive control scheme, and add to it the fact you can't continue. When you die it's load a last save or re-start. Now combine this with the fact that there is no auto save, and you have to go out of your way to find a washroom to save in. Lastly just add a touch of the fact that all of your 'missions' are on a time limit and the last thing you want to do is run around looking for a washroom. Sound like a bad combo to you? It sure was for me. I quit playing this game after only the 3rd mission. After dying once, and not quite understanding that "save your progress and go back to the title screen" meant that I had to start from the beginning but kept my xp, and then dying again after that re-start and not hitting a save point before dying on the first Boss (which I beat the first time around, thus my reason for not saving yet), I was pretty much done. I don't really have any interest in dying again due to lack of ability to control my character, and then having to re-do large portions of the game due to not taking the time out to save. This one's going up for sale here soon if anyone wants it.

Overall:I so wanted to like this game. I loved the Demo, it was so much fun. I wanted the game to be the demo just more so. Unfortunately that more so is just some unnecessarily complex control schemes and the lack of a much needed autosave, or continue feature. After having to re-start the game twice, I've given up on this one. It's too bad as it really did feel like a good Zombie Movie and killing waves of undead with various things found around a mall was a ton of fun.
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on August 14, 2006
The idea behind this game was simply brilliant. The idea of basically playing Dawn of the dead was something I think quite a few ppl were looking forward to. This game does have quite a few good points, but also quite a few cons that ruin the game for a lot of ppl.

Pros: The graphics are ok, nothing breath taking but good enough. The sound is great. The quantity of zombies to bash with a WIDE variety of weapons is the best part of this game. There seems to be unlimited zombies and weapons in every store. The arrow pointing you to where you need to go was well done. I actually like the timed events so for me that a plus.

Cons: The subtitles in the game are VERY VERY small to the point where I have to sit 2 feet from my tv, also they don't stay up very long. Saving only in certain places is a bit too old school and annoying if you really have to leave then and there and are then stuck redoing a bit chunk of the game. The weapons break too easily, given the amount of seems like every 2 seconds Im running around looking for more weapons. Also contrary to reviews not EVERYTHING can be used as a weapon. Walking into a music store that is covered in guitars...and only being able to grab certain ones was a let down.

This should probably be rented before you buy it, or at least get the demo first.
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on July 22, 2016
perfect conditon
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on September 27, 2014
Great Game~!
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on July 27, 2008
Well i actually like this game even if i'm not a fan of this kind of games and movies. It's quite funny when using a chainsaw or a snowblower lol. but there is a but a BIG BUT.... When you save your game, it's not saving you're progress, but only the experience point ... how pointless, so you keep begining the game, but always stronger, this concept share it flaws and goods. Anyway, if you like to bash Zombies for no reason, this is the perfect game hehe.
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