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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on March 28, 2004
Sad to see Daniel Jackson leave but honestly he was in this season almost as much as he was in the others. The "new" guy on the team did great. Plus they finished up a lot of story lines. It was GREAT!!!
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on March 21, 2004
I absolutely love Stargate SG-1 since discovering it a year ago (2003). I was shocked to learn that I had missed this fantastic and amazing show for 6 years just because I didn't have showtime (despicable channel--I don't know why SG-1 was ever aired on it). But in a way, I was able to play catch-up and buy all six seasons in a row, without having to wait during off seasons, cliffhangers, and so on, so I have enjoyed it more this way.
Stargate SG-1 has improved dramatically since the move to The Sci-Fi Channel, and the bigger budget and respect the show is receiving by Sci-Fi really shows in this season. Everything about the production is absolutely top-notch and very professionally done. I was mesmerized by every single episode in season 6, but a little sad that it was limited down from 22 to 18 episodes. Nevertheless, this season is now my favorite. The first three episodes are edge-of-your-seat suspense and action of theatrical quality. Many, many sub-plots are resolved in this season, making it very enjoyable. These folks know how to make a great show, and don't contradict themselves (heLLO Paramount?). What really amazed me was how this terrestrial show has been sucking the life out of Star Trek with many episodes taking place in space. With the 303, humanity now has a home-built interstellar starship that really is taking ground away from the already pathetic (and flushed) Star Trek franchise.
I was a big-time Star Trek fan, but am so angry about how Paramount ruined it. Enterprise is a pathetic joke, simply horrible. The writers can't possibly even be Trek fans, just leftovers from one or another soap opera. Come on people! What happened to bringing on sci-fi writers like Roddenberry used to do? This stuff is garbage.
Well that's where Stargate SG-1 shines. This season is fantastic, so much so that I've watched each episode twice, including the director's commetary and all the extras. Really great stuff.
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on March 21, 2004
It was really exciting, I got this set before the season had even finished on broadcast TV(we're a year behind without cable). Audio commentaries are always good for a laugh, but the Directors featurettes weren't as good as the video diaries from the season 5 DVDs. Overall good times.
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on March 18, 2004
People new to Stargate fandom often have the unfortunate view that everyone who watched Season 6 hated it because Daniel wasn't there. Therefore it doesn't even get given the chance, simply because the actor *chose* to leave the show.
The opinion of Season 6 minus Daniel = Horrible is only that of a very vocal minority. Don't let it put you off watching this amazing season.
Season 6 is very different in tone, storyline and effects. But it's in no way any less wonderful.
The actors have a peppiness that makes you realise how much they love their job. Richard, Amanda, Chris, Don and Teryl light up the screen, and Corin Nemec brings a refreshing and very welcome change.
Storylines are (for the most part) intriguing, interesting and gripping.
And the effects? Just wow.
I'd reccomend this season to fans old and new, young and old. Let the best Sci Fi show on TV draw you in like it has so many others. Spread the love of the show, for it's still not getting the recognition it deserves.
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on March 17, 2004
I was disappointed when I heard that Michael Shanks would be leaving the series after the fifth season but since Jack has always been my favorite character I figured I could deal. Sure I missed Daniel but I still wanted to watch season six for Jack, Sam and Teal'c. But while I still enjoyed watching them - especially Jack - the season was pretty much ruined for me by the total waste of space called Jonas. I tried really hard to like him. I WANTED to like him. But I found him so annoying and dull. He sucked the life out of every scene and just didn't seem to have that same spark and chemistry with the rest of the characters that Daniel always had. I found that the episodes I enjoyed most were the ones he wasn't in much. If only they had gone with a three person team I think I would have enjoyed the season a lot more and would have given it a higher rating. All I can say is thank God TPTB came to their senses and asked Michael Shanks back and gave Jonas a one-way ticket back to Kewlona.
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on March 17, 2004
There were some good episodes in the 6th season - Abyss, Paradise Lost, Unnatural Selection, The Changeling and Full Circle. But I was very disappointed with the season as a whole. Poor writing, boring cliched plots, the absence of Daniel Jackson and the presence of bland Jonas Quinn makes season 6 my least favorite Stargate season so far.
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on March 14, 2004
I'm not impressed easily, but Stargate SG-1 impresses me on every front. Consistently good stories, flawless casting, solid writing, convincing acting, real character development, great special effects, stories that make you think, laugh, cry, have you on the edge of your seat, it's all there. Stargate didn't take three or four seasons to find its groove, it had great shows in the very first season and has been a solid performer ever since. Absolutely amazing, especially so for science fiction, a genre which is notorious for less-than-impressive shows.
If that weren't enough, MGM offers an outstanding product in these DVDs at a very nice price. These boxed sets are attractive and friendly. Friendly in that every episode is listed on the box so I can find one without having to even take the boxes off the shelf and discs are easy to access (I don't have to unfold the packaging across the couch to get to a disc). The quality is top-notch (I have a high-end DVD player, TV, and audio system, so I can tell when a DVD is mediocre, and lots of them are mediocre). They've always had nice extras, but starting with season 4 they've had audio commentaries for every episode, and even those are consistently entertaining. All this for a price that's half of what you'd pay for Star Trek or X-Files and 2/3 of what you'd pay for Babylon 5. MGM hasn't cut a single corner with these and it shows. Oh, and they don't make you wait years to get them on DVD. It just doesn't get any better than this.
In fact, these are almost too good. A while back I stopped worrying about seeing the shows as they were broadcast because I *know* I'll get every season on DVD as soon as it's released. I try to see them as they're broadcast, but the show and the DVDs have been so consistently good for so long, I know I'll be happy with them, and they come out not too long after the season ends. Awesome.
In this day and age, it's nice to see a company consistently offering such a solid product for a fair price. You won't be disappointed.
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on March 13, 2004
Stargate SG-1 is something of an oddball show to the uninitiated. One one hand, it revolves around sci-fi elements that range from the totally unique (the USAF secretly liberating enslaved humans from false gods) to the "planet-of-the-week" themes of a show like Star Trek. In this respect, Stargate SG-1 does television sci-fi as well as anyone ever has before. At it's best, it's as good as Star Trek or Babylon Five ever was. At it's worst, it's better than those shows at their worst.
But that's only half the story. This show is also a bona fide military action show produced with the full cooperation of the United States Air Force and done with an attention to detail that makes it extremely realistic once you get past the sci-fi elements. Not that the stargate itself exists, of course, but the way the Air Force characters interact, the protocols they follow, etc. is all dead-on accurate. In fact, the "daily life" scenes around the SGC more accurately capture the feel of military life than ANY other TV show ever done. JAG is probably the only other show that even comes close to showing this level of respect for military personnel, and even that show takes a lot more liberties with official protocol than does Stargate.
It means a lot that they show proper respect to the Air Force by paying attention to the smaller details: not allowing Col. O'Neill and Major Carter to act on their attraction to one another, cutting Amanda Tapping's hair when it got longer than what Air Force regulation would really allow, using real-life hardware alongside the fictional alien ones and allowing the human-made weapons to hold their own (and in some cases like with the P-90's, be superior to the aliens own weapons).
It's my theory that the success of Stargate SG-1 is at least partially due to it's crossover appeal. It draws in the regular sci-fi fans, but it also appeals to the military audience as well. Fans of Star Trek and JAG can equally enjoy it.
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on March 11, 2004
This series is definitely a favourite of mine. I love the stories, and the acting is great as expected! The DVD is extra special with the audio commentaries that always have me laughing outloud (especially Martin Wood's and Peter Deluise)! And extra bonus was the Director's Featurettes, again by Martin and Peter - they're brilliant to watch!
My only complaint - and why it doesn't get the five stars - Where on earth are the captions!!! This is really sad in this day in age for a DVD to be released without captions for the deaf and hearing impaired!!!
Great DVD, but for that!
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on March 7, 2004
The 2 part season opener is great, like a full length feature movie. There are a few weak moments in the set but overall it easily qualifies for the 5 star rating.
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