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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on July 17, 2004
I have always believed that Stargate SG-1 is one of the best things happening on TV, and I see no reason to change my mind now.
There have been rumors going around for a year or so that the final season is near. Now, with the premier of "Stargate Atlantis" on sci-fi the intent of the show's producers is clear - the tablet found at the end of season 6 that speaks of the "lost city of the ancients" and all the ensuing related plotlines in season 7 refer to the lost city of Atlantis, and are thus the spin-off point for "Stargate Atlantis".
Having said that, season 6 is definitely worth watching for its theme development around the deepening mystery of Anubis. Although Daniel Jackson makes several appearances, it is also anti-climactic since I have become fond of Jonas Quinn by this time. In season 6, I think that the character of Sam Carter has been getting a progressively tougher edge since the death of Daniel Jackson, and I'm not sure I like it all that much. I much preferred the softer, more personable Samantha from the previous five seasons. Perhaps this character evolution is all related to a higher design for the series?
The DVDs all come with featurettes and supplementary material and options for the home viewer.
Overall, I give Stargate SG-1, season 6 my usual rating of five stars for continuing to be some of the best TV being produced.
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on May 6, 2007
Being a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 since the beginning, I had to purchase this season to add to my collection.

This show had a great idea to have a stargate that let's you travel through many dimensions and galaxies. The unusual storyline and cast is excellent! Whether you like sci-fi or not, this is fun to watch since it touches a lot of issues such as dealing with different kinds of nations and their beliefs, friendships, enemies, adventures and even comedy.

You will see the characters develop over time, the quirky unexpected humor, the use of an alien who doesn't fully understand human life on earth, the struggle of the oppressed, the lengths humans go in order to survive, politics and government bureaucracy.

This show is awsome on many different levels. On top of it all, they always keep the price very affordable. Money well spent.
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on June 6, 2004
After the Season 5 debacle, I was unsure about what to expect with Stargate SG-1's sixth season. I was afraid that year 4 would be the peak and that the show "jumped the shark" in Season 5. Fortunately, that was not the case. Hopefully, the mediocrity (if that's a word) of last year was an isolated incident.
Anyway, the season begins with SG-1 still trying to find a fourth man. Ever since the death/ascension of Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), they have been unable to find a suitable replacement. Refugee Jonas Quinn (Corinn Nemec) has expressed a desire to join, but Col. O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) never seemed to warm up to the idea. Also, Anubis (David Paffly) has found a machine created by the Ancients that uses one stargate to destroy another, and he used it to attempt to destroy Earth. Using the new X-302, a craft capable of aerial combat and intersellar travel, O'Neill successfully avoids disaster, but the Antarctica gate is destroyed. After that, we don't see Anubis for a while, but the threat of his powers is always hanging over the heads of the SGC.
Anyway, with Jonas as the new member of SG-1, the team embarks on another year of amazing missions. This year, we see the end of the exiled System Lord Niirti, known for her attempts to create a superior human host through genetic experimentation, we are introduced to some technology of the Furlings, one of the members of the intergalactic UN group who rallied against the goa'uld, Earth's first interstellar capital ship, Prometheus is unvailed, the Replicator threat is ended, and, in one of my favorite episodes, Gen. Hammond (Don S. Davis) discloses the existence of the SGC to representitives of the UK, France, and China.
This year did have a few problems, but the season as a whole made up for them. Some great episodes include "Redemption Pts. 1 and 2", "Descent", "Nightwalkers", "Abyss", "Shadow Play", "Allegiance", "Prometheus", "Unnatural Selection", "Smoke and Mirrors", "Disclosure", "The Changeling", and "Full Circle", the best episode of the season.
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on June 4, 2004
Stargate SG-1, to me, wasn't exactly what I'd come to expect from my favorite show. The loss of Daniel Jackson was, of course, a large part as was the way the introduced Jonas Quinn. Throughout the season they kept telling us point blank how great he was and how he was needed. <shrug> That, in itself, made me dislike the character just like O'Neill did.
But the real disappointment for me was the dark, X-Files-like direction the show took. Gone was wonder of the 'Gate and the excitement of new worlds and cultures. It became too mottled down in Earthbound stories of corruption and conspiracies.
Abyss was an excellent episode for the fact that Richard Dean Anderson and Micheal Shanks share a rare chemistry. It's apparent they enjoy playing off one another. That's SG-1 at its best. The byplay between the characters, with cool special effects thrown in!
Changeling was also a great episode because it dealt with the interaction of the characters trying to help each other.
With Richard Dean Anderson decreasing his part, and with Micheal Shanks absent, it fell to Amanda Tapping and Chris Judge to carry the season. They did an admirable job, but the team dynamics are what made this show what it was and you can't keep those dynamics with only 50% of said team.
I have all the seasons, so I had to have this one, But I'm anxiously waiting for Season 7!
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on May 31, 2004
I like many of the other reviewers, had never seen this show. Then one Christmas, as a gift and a replacement for Season 1 of Enterprise (not out as of this review) my brother purchased the boxed set of Stargate-SG1 Season 1 fron our local mall. Being at home, graduating from college, I managed to find some free time to flip on the SCI-FI Channel and caught 3 episodes in season 1 and I was hooked. I considered buying it from Amazon until I was hinted not to. Even knowing one of the gifts I got for Christmas did not ruin the excitement when I opened the box. Since then, I've had that same excitement every time I order a new season from Amazon (2-6).
Some might say that with the departure of Dr. Jackson, the show fell a notch or two, but I disagree. If Micheal Shanks was unhappy at the time, let him be unhappy, and let the show staff pick someone who will exhibit the excitement I shared above. Coren Nemeck was that person. Although the staff took a great risk with this action, ignore it because the intriguing plot lines and interesting twists will "hook you" regardless of who plays what role.
That being said I would encourage you to do what I did and start at Season 1 so you understand the plot lines and twists. You'll be glad you did.
A note on Enterprise: What's the big deal, just because IMO a great show airs on a second rate network doesn't mean it's not great. Tune in and you would realize that Season 2 was very much like Stargate in the idea that the entire season was focused on character development and ONE plot line.
Patiently waiting on Season 7 on DVD
Excitedly watching and
waiting on New SCI-FI Fridays (9-8C)
Yours Truly,
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on May 21, 2004
Great sci-fi is a rarity these days, with too many TV shows (Andromeda, Farscape, the last three Star Trek series) boasting mediocre acting and writing, at best, to go along with admittedly impressive visuals and occasionally very intriguing concepts and plot strands. Stargate SG-1 is the exception, easily the best sci-fi television series since Star TreK: TNG, and possibly the best ever, period.
With its mixture of intelligent and engrossing stories, terrific acting, cool special effects, and thrilling action, no other show on TV comes close to the combination of quality episodes SG-1 delivers. Season six, in particular, is quite possibly the best season of the series, though admittedly, this is the only season of SG-1 that I've seen every episode of. Season six stood out with the addition of Corin Nemec's Jonas Quinn, whom I liked at least as much as Daniel Jackson, probably more. He was a fantastic addendum, adding much humor and enthusiasm to the show. It's too bad he was booted off the show by season seven.
Redemption (part I): B+, a terrific premiere episode that presents the first dangerous threat from Anubis. Drags when it focuses on Teal'c's personal life, but a necessary set-up.
Redemption (part II): A+, quite possibly the best episode of Stargate, period. It's as suspenseful and exciting as TV gets, and not even David Hewlett's annoying Dr. Mckay can mar it.
Descent: A, that's two absolute winners in a row with yet another one of the all-time best episodes; SG-1 investigates a seemingly empty Goa'uld mothership. This episode boasts the most in-depth and creepily atmospheric exploration of a spacecraft since Event Horizon.
Frozen: B+, intriguing episode focuses on the discovery of a human enclosed in Arctic ice.
Nightwalkers: B, Invasion of the Body Snatchers-inspired episode about a town that is possessed at night. Derivative, but entertaining and with a few nicely done eerie moments.
Abyss: B-, Jack O'Neill is captured when seemingly betrayed by the Tok'ra symbiote that healed him and has to deal with torture from Ba'al and discovers Daniel Jackson might actually still be alive. Nothing special plot-wise, but RD Anderson has great chemistry with Michael Shanks, and the prison cell is a cool design.
Shadow Play: B-, decent episode about possible world war on Jonas Quinn's home planet. The plot twist is quite reminiscent of a certain Best Picture Oscar winner a few years back.
The Other Guys: B+, very funny episode that introduces goofball Felger, who sets out to rescue SG-1 when they're captured by Anubis' forces. Surprisingly enough, this episode is funny without hampering the excitement.
Allegiance: B, an invisible killer stalks a refugee camp; a bit derivative of Forbidden Planet and Predator, but effective and suspenseful, nonetheless.
Cure: A, a miracle cure called Tretonin apparently has both a horrible side effect and an even more shocking discovery of its origin. This story presents one of the series' most compelling ethical questions and is one of the season's best.
Prometheus: A-, the spacecraft Prometheus is hijacked; another very exciting and suspenseful episode.
Unnatural Selection: B+, SG-1 arrives at a Replicator-overrun planet and discovers some strange inhabitants. The visit to the planet is atmospheric and the final scene is particularly memorable.
Sight Unseen: B-, a very lightweight episode reminiscent of From Beyond.
Smoke & Mirrors: A-, when Senator Kinsey is killed, all evidence points to Jack O'Neill as the assassin. Plot-wise, this is one of the most enthralling episodes of the season.
Paradise Lost: B-, an initially very intriguing premise about a hidden cache of weapons and a search for a society that lives in paradise doesn't really go anywhere, but it's still not bad.
Metamorphosis: B, experiments being performed by the Goa'uld Nirrti in search of the perfect host leads to some troubling discoveries on the inhabitants of a planet.
Disclosure: A-, ultimately little more than a clip show, but this episode does an excellent job of relating the history of the Stargate while also portraying the tensions between nations over the SG program.
Forsaken: B+, SG-1 arrives on a planet of stranded pilots that are being hunted by aliens in the forest, but the situation isn't quite as it seems. The plot twist is fairly obvious, but it's nonetheless a very exciting episode.
The Changeling: C+, probably my least favorite episode of the season, this is one of those "what is reality and what isn't?" episodes that's more than a little plodding and tiresome. It's a nice acting showcase for Christopher Judge, whose Teal'C is experiencing different lives and can't tell which is real, but little else.
Memento: B+, a test flight of the Prometheus results in an accident that strands the crew and SG-1 on the far side of the galaxy. To get the necessary supplies, they need to find a stargate, but they arrive on a planet that seems unwilling to help. The lack of trust from the aliens is an interesting twist on the usual "aliens who arrive on Earth, but are distrusted by humans" angle.
Prophecy: B, Jonas Quinn gains the ability to tell the future, and must prevent the deaths of Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c.
Full Circle: B+, the season finale features the return of Daniel Jackson, who warns SG-1 that Anubis is in search of an artifact that could make him virtually invincible. The episode boasts a nice return to Abydos (the planet that "started" it all, if you've seen the movie), a welcome guest star role from Alexis Cruz, and some first-rate action sequences.
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on May 11, 2004
I tuned in to this show on Showtime when it first aired. I only paid for Showtime, so I could watch this show. I quickly dumped Showtime when Stargate SG-1 switched to the Sci-Fi Channel.
As for the episodes - beginning with Season 1, I felt it didn't have the best start with the emphasis on Sam being the female with the overreactive, defensive attitude, but that quickly faded. The show grew to be one of my favorite shows. This show just gets better and better, and I love that they pick up on previous story threads. I was always a big Star Trek NG fan, but the characters' apparent amnesia sometimes after very emotionally charged previous episodes drove me bonkers. These characters change and are affected by what they go through. I love the story ideas, but the characters and their interactions really make the show.
Although I was sad to see Daniel Jackson go for Season 6, Jonas Quinn was a great addition. I wish he could some how have become a regular character (like having him on the Atlantis spin-off, but oh well) when they brought Daniel Jackson back. My husband prefers Jonas Quinn to Daniel Jackson, but I love both of the characters and was kind of conflicted about Jonas leaving.
Now, when are they going to release Season 7? I've got to catch my husband up on this show since he didn't start watching until Season 5 was airing, and I want him to be able to have all the background before Stargate: Atlantis airs...
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on April 27, 2004
I have to say, that I am somewhat .. if not totally biased to Stargate SG-1. You have been warned! Plus .. spoilers ahead, from Season 5.
At the end of Season 5, a key character of the SG-1 team leaves (essentially) and as such a new character is introduced, Jonas Quinn. He's an off-worlder/alien, from a planet called Kelowna and is in exile because of certain incidents which led to the 'disappearance' of Daniel Jackson. Oh boy, no one thought it would ever work .. the team dynamics would shift, no show has ever done away with such a key character etc. I would have to say that they have done it and done it very well.
The plotlines continue to amaze me. Some stand outs include "Frozen", "Abyss", "The Other Guys", "The Changeling" and of course the season ending cliff-hanger "Full Circle". I'm not sure if it's because of the addition of a new character, but there seems to be a whole variety of different themes, plots, interactions added into the show. It's not focused on one huge Goa'uld baddie, unlike previous seasons .. or the really boring Replicators. And the acting, interaction between the cast is just amazing ... Jonas has to basically work his way into the hearts of the earthlings so to speak. Gain their trust and prove that he's an invaluable member of SG1. And prove that he's not just a 'replacement' of Daniel Jackson - you know, bumbling archaeologist type.
Plus you still have Daniel Jackson coming back from time to time and expanding the 'ascended' plot line as well. I love how conflicted this character was .. between sticking to what he has embraced or saving his friends, world. It all comes to a climax in the finale and will continue on in Season 7.
I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with how they kicked out the character Jonas Quinn in Season 7 - okay, Daniel Jackson is back so he was just filler space .. ugh! If you're a big fan and watched all the 5 seasons religiously, you would think that I would love the idea of having the character back .. but once you watch Season 6, you'll understand. It's THAT good! After that you can't imagine NOT having Jonas Quinn as a member of SG1.
It's pretty unbelievable that the makers of the series can continue to churn out really original, thought-provoking episodes .. deep into it's 6th season. You can't say that about most shows. Don't miss out on it.
The DVDs are as usual full of extras, which is wonderful. They have kept to their streamlined look for all their boxsets, which I love. The only thing I did not like is that it does not have any subtitles. Plus I notice that the sound isn't as crisp as it should be. No extra languages either.
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on April 7, 2004
Not being a Showtime subscriber, I had never heard of Stargate until a couple of years ago. While channel surfing I came across reruns a few times. Since I love good Sci-fi, I watched a few minutes each time. I was totally unable to understand what was going on, it always seemed as though I was coming in at the middle of the story without knowing who, what, where or when. Fortunately, my son started watching some of the earlier shows and began to get hooked. He asked me to get the original movie and year one of the series, which had just come out. Knowing him to be a young man with good taste, I bought them the next day. He and I started watching, then my daughter and finally my wife. Within 2 weeks we were all hopelessly addicted. We since have purchased and watched years 2 through 6 and watched year 7 on the Si-Fi channel. I'm the type of person that sees a movie and doesn't want to see it again for about 10 years, but this program I can watch over and over again. I said it is the BEST TV series ever and it is, nothing else even comes close. I don't mean just the best science fiction series, I mean the best series of any genre. It has a perfect mix of action, drama and comedy. The character development has been excellent, you begin to feel you know Jack, Sam, Daniel, T'ealc and all the characters personally. The plot lines have evolved throughout the series, continually building and developing. That is why I couldn't pick up on the show and appreciate it in the beginning. In our instant society few if any other programs have any real depth. I have begun to evangelize my friends, offering to lend them my DVD's. So far everyone who has taken me up on my offer has become equally hooked. I hope that this show runs forever and that the rumors about season 8 being the last are false. I'm also hopeful that Stargate Atlantis will be of the same quality. If it is a tenth as good, it will be the second best program on TV.
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on April 4, 2004
The 6th season of SG-1 has some great episodes, but is more for the hardcore fan than the casual one given the advancement of several plotlines at once. I say this as someone who didn't start watching the series until midway through season 5; until I'd had a chance to catch up through the DVD sets and SciFi network marathons many of the plots just didn't make much sense as standalone work. Comprare this to the first few seasons - where the team is more intent on exploring the galaxy, and as such the producers must give you enough background information in the episodes to keep up - and it's the primary reason I take one star off on this year.
That said, there are some classics in the season in which actors finally get to act - one of the few valid critiques of a great series in which plot has usually taken precedent over individual accomplishment. Abyss is the first episode in seasons in which Richard Dean Anderson, confronted with being killed over and over again, has to show depth in his repeated encounters with Michael Shanks as his one potential escape route. The Other Guys probably made many scifi fans cringe as they saw a little too much of themselves in the geeky guest stars (John Billingsley, Dr. Phlox of Enterprise fame) rescuing the mighty SG-1 team. The Changeling gives a great acting platform to Chris Judge as Teal'c confronts an alternate universe for himself - and you finally get to see what Chris Judge acts like when he goofs off. And of course, Full Circle is one of the outright best episodes of the series as two or three plotlines finally resolve themselves and Michael Shanks returns.
I'll echo what has been said elsewhere - the media quality on this set is actually quite good, especially compared to season 1, where my DVD player has had problems. My only gripe - one that I've had for several of the DVDs - is I wish they'd included more outtakes and behind the scenes work.
Net net, clearly worth a buy if you're a decent fan.
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