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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on November 23, 2011
Didn't even recieve the right product. It was suppose to be the limited edition 2 dvd(first release + latest version), full screen.
What I recieved was regular dvd, not even the same cover as shown in the add, with only one disc(latest version) coming from a boxset(not sku on box)
And finally the add qualified the product as like new, but the box was dirty and the dvd was full of scratches...
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 3, 2007
INTRO:For the first time on DVD in 2006 the "original" films of the Star Wars trilogy were released,fans are finally getting the chance to see the original movies,"IV:A New Hope","V:The Empire Strikes Back" and "VI:Return Of The Jedi" as they were shown in theaters back in 1977,1980 and 1983 respectively.Altought those DVDs are said to be for a limited time only,its almost sure that there is going to be another version or release of those "as seen in theaters movies" in a special edition sometime soon.

ORGINAL,REALLY?:This is said to be the original movies,but still some of the mistakes like the blue rod wich held the Millenium Falcon model,that were present in the original version are not present here,making of them not so original,but i beleve that those are minor changes that don`t affect the movie in any way and doesn`t prevent it of being good.

THE MOVIE ITSELF:1983`s Episode VI:Return Of The Jedi is the third movie of the Star Wars series,once again featuring Luke and CO. in this second sequel to "A New Hope" and they ecounter once again with Darth Vader and discovering who he really is,not to forget the classic and memorable "Luke...I Am Your Father",Episode VI is a great enjoyable movie from beggening to end.While it might seem dated compared to the prequel trilogy in terms off sounds and effects it remains amazing.

TWO DISCS?:It is a very nice option to choose between two versions of the same movie,the original version and the special edition version.That way you can choose wich you want to watch and compare the two releases,but why didn`t they make a box set ainvailable as well as the separate movies,it would have contained the three movies togheter,seems like a no-brainer to me.

ONCE AGAIN:This marks the what?4rth or 5th time the original Star Wars trilogy has been released!Enough is enough!In 1992 it was released on VHS as "the orginal,one last time",then the 1996 "special dedition also on VHS.In 2004 it was once again released this time on DVD with a bonus disc and then the nest year,2005 they released the same set without the bonus disc and in 2006 this "original and special editions" two discs set of "A New Hope","The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return Of The Jedi".So my question i:how many more times must the original Star Wars trilogy be released?Bad news a boxed set of the 6 Star Wars movies in a "special edition" with changes will be released....

OVERRAL:Its great to have those original movies but there still some changes(minus one star),and its another re-re-re-re...-release(minus one star also).
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on August 17, 2006
Finnaly, here is a chance for fans to own the "original trilogy" (Ep. IV, V & VI) untouched/unaltered for the first time on DVD... But for a limited time only!

These will be released individually on 09/12 as 2 disc DVD's with the 2004 "Special Edition" on the first disc and the unaltered "original version" on the second disc.

Fans have been crying to get the "original version" of these movies on DVD's for quite some time, so what's the problem? Well apparently the "original versions" (unlike the 2004 SE) won't be remastered/cleaned up nor will they be released in "Anamorphic" state.

But people... This is what you asked for! Sure, they could have taken the time to remaster them and make them "Anamorphic" but then if they had, these would no longer be the "original versions" and would not be the way fans originaly viewed them! Some people are just never happy no matter what...

Personally, these will be better than my "full screen" VHS tapes (which I no longer have) so I will be buying them. However, I wish they had not included the 2004 SE for those of us who already bought them on DVD back in 2004. Still, DVD's are not indestructible and have been known to rot or break down from time to time... These can always serve as a "back up" copies.


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on July 19, 2004
in this awesome edition,the falcon crashes on endor.this is a planet full of tiny tree dwelling teddy bears with a point.this is definately the most family friendly of the star wars films.they are hanging out and discover the one weakness that could shut down the empire for a battle ensues over the building where it is lucas is the directer.did he ever do anything basides these?it is the final episode of them all.most anyone will like it.the makers of nontendo made a game that borrows heavily from this is called body harvest.the movie independance day uses it a lot borrowed i really meant ripped off.i dont use that term very often but it was pretty blatant.the only chick is still leia,but at least shes kissing the guy whose NOT her brother this time.the emporer is very very ugly.this movie is spectacular.dont belive anything else.the special effects are cool.the future is done for this batch.this is the last.but if yoiu were born in the 70s,theres still 3 more parts released after this one.prequels.they all are outstanding!
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on March 16, 2004
Greatest Movie Ever. The "Special Editions" ruined it. Too many great moments to even begin. Love or hate it, if you haven't seen this turning point in film history, you are either uninformed or living in the past. It is more amazing than Wizard of Oz anr Return of the King put together.
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on March 11, 2004
"So be it. . . Jedi."
- The Emperor
With Return of the Jedi, the space opera saga/cultural phenomenon that began with Star Wars in 1977 and continued with The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, comes to a close.
This perhaps the most difficult film to categorize as far as quality and living tup to expectations. Executive Producer Gary Kurtz parted ways with Lucas after Empire, and Jedi would have been a different film in many respects had he and his ideas stayed put. However, Lucas wanted certain things and would not buge, and what the viewer gets is a climactic and spectacular, if somewhat unfocused, conclusion to one of the most beloved film trilogies of all time.
Luke Skywalker, an older and wiser man for his defeat at Cloud City, attempts a daring rescue mission in the seedy lair of the gangster Jabba the Hutt, a mission to free Han Solo who is being kept as a showroom piece by the ruffian slug. This premise gives birth to the first in a string of incredible action set pieces ranging from monster pits to desert oceans to the blackness of space to the luch forrests of the forrest moon of Endor.
Moving the action along, the plot is more daring even than that of the first movie. The Rebel Alliance, having learned of a new, more powerful Death Star, prepare to mount a final resistance against the station in the hopes of ending the war with one swift stroke. To help accomplish this, Luke, Han, and Leia must deactivate the generator that keeps the Death Star shielded.
However, this won't even be as easy as it sounds. Luke no knows that Darth Vader is his father, and he must confront him if he is to become a fully-fledged Jedi Knight. Han and Leia are caught by a legion of Imperials and must fight a fierce geurilla battle with the help of some unexpected (and sickeningly cute) allies. The Repel fleet is caught between a rock and a hard place - literally - and must contend with both the might of the Imperial Navy and the destructive power of the Death Star while our heroes race to accomplish their mission and restore freedom to the galaxy.
There are parts of Jedi where it really shows that George was going this one alone, particularly the inclusion of the Ewoks (cute, furry, evil Teddy Bears of DOOM), but even with a few marketing concessions and a bold narrative, Jedi still manages to do a LOT of things right. Luke is a more confident character, taking charge of the movie and making you care about him more than ever before as he battles Vader, the Emporer, and the Dark Side. Han and Leia, though not as prominent in Jedi as they were in Empire, are still a joy to watch, particularly in the case of their sometimes-bumbling relationship. Even Lando is given a good deal more screen time, and more importance. Though the characters seem driven by the plot rather than the other way around, this is really the only way the concluding chaper ot the Star Wars Saga could have played out.
As for the Special Edition of Jedi, it is perhaps the most despised of the three. In addition to the requisite digital additions, Lucas added in an entirely new ending sequence of galtactic (literally) proportions to play along with the Ewok celebration after the battle, going so far as to include all new music. Sure, it's still nice, but why mess with something when it's so good?
Either way, this is still a darn good version of a darn good movie, and one that had a hefty bill to fill coming out of the gates. No movie collection is complete without the Star Wars Trilogy, and the trilogy isn't complete without Return of the Jedi. And hoestly, it's really such a FUN movie that it shouldn't be any other way.
If you don't have this, buy, it, or, even better, wait for the DVD release later this year. Either way, the Force will be with you, always.
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on March 2, 2004
King wins! Jedi is not as big a movie as return of the King.11 oscars.WON EVERY ONE FOR KINGUM!!!! Nobody wants to award Lukey.
Luke is back again trying to save his buddies from the fat,massive blob called Jabba. da pizza hut.Thats how he got so obese.eating pizza. The young Jedi fights well and fufills his destiny.but Apoohy is still waiting to get him.WHAT? Yoda is mean and says he has to kill his old man daddy o so justice can be served in the galaxy!!! Then he dies. good riddance. Lukey is the only jedi.Boba falls in the slimy "Pit of Despair"(Ya know,Like the Westley guy that gets tortured)except the princess Leia likes the smuggler. does that Boba kid make it out alive?
After Han solo is unfrozen and back to his happy,smuggy smiley self it;s time to blow up another Death Star.(Palpatine doesn't have many ideas for scary space horror ships.When he was a kid he probably was scared of stars.)So Chewi starts the trouble getting hungry.Oh by they are on Endor trying to destroy the shield of the death star(badly gaurded it looks...hmmm.)But walk into trap they do by Empire...hmmm after almost being killed by Teddy Bears almost.Luke does his Jedi stuff and then everybodies happy.Except when the Rebels get stubidly tricked into being prisoners of mean officers who call them scum.But the teddy bears who led them into it are still at large and the only hope for the rebels(is there any hope Gandalf? For the rebels?)(there never was much hope in teddies.)Luke meanwhile has gotten brainwashed by Yody and Ken-Obi.So he thinks he shouldn't kill Vader or Palpatine for the wrong reasons.But he still has to kill em.They mix him up.Then Poohy has a lightsaber right in front of him.Don't give in to hate Lukey must not.Lando is face to face with a huge fleet of desroyers.Will he blast the death star?Will darth Vader become what he was born to be? A GOOD JEDI? Will lukey take up the saber of the jedi or throw it away? The succsess might depend on one little Ewok somewhare in the wilderness......I hope you also watch Return of the King,because I think Star Wars took the end plot from Tolkien.I still love em! Everybody goes home happy!! But not a thinker end like Lordies.Just more weird how Leia doesn't care her dad is dead.Bye.AAPOOOOOHY!!!
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on February 13, 2004
AH! There is nothing better than an eye-filling, rousing finish to wrap up a classic trilogy. That is exactly what you get with RETURN OF THE JEDI. It's funny how both the INDIANA JONES and STAR WARS PREQUELS followed the same formula utilized in the original trilogy. STAR WARS being the hybrid introduction. THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK being the dark second act. Finally RETURN OF THE JEDI being the rousing finish. This the third (sixth sorry) episode in the trilogy brings its' own creativity with more integral alien creatures and more sentimentality that was not even faintly visualized in the darkness of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. So this time George Lucas and late director Richard Marquand shift gears to the glossy and bright, and the humorous and light.
The Special Edition version of RETURN OF THE JEDI has the least amount of changes, but of all the changes made, these are the best! First - why are so many complaining about the Ewoks now? Being so childish and stuff? WHO CARES! They were important to the story. JEDI is a riot of character invention giving audiences much more appeal mixed with lightning speed action sequences leaving you at the edge of your seat even at your 928th viewing. Would you see it THAT many times? LOL!
What are the changes? First I would strongly suggest reading James Kahn's storybook novelization so you know what to be prepared for. The novel version brings more depth to many crucial scenes; the Skywalkers' family tree, the Emperor and Darth Vader's relation in the throne room, and the all important final rendezvous with the entire Rebel fleet for the attack strategies. The musical number of the Sy Snootles band is much different with an alien back-up group. OOH! Look out for the scene where Boba Fett romantically nudges one of the dancing girls on the chin! Other changes and upgrades are Oola's fall in the Rancor's cavern, Banthas tredding the dunes outside the Sail Barges, and a Computer Graphic enhanced beek and tentacles added to the Sarlacc Monster making the beast look more lively and threatening...and disgusting! There was a classic blooper where during the space battle, two TIE-Fighters skim past the Millennium Falcon, but where mistakingly still visible as the pass through the craft. For the Special Edition - they are visually removed! There are also shock waves as several ships and more importantly as the Death Star are destroyed. The best changes is the ending sequence with the Victory Celebration also taking place at Cloud City, Mos Eisley, and Coruscant. Instead fo the childish Ewok song for the ending calypso, it's a choir bringing to life happiness and awe for the Rebel celebration around the bonfire. I'm thinking after the Trilogy is completed, George should add the ghosts of Qui-Gon and Mace Windu to the ghosts of Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin. Plus when Leia is trying to remember her late Mother, digitally show an image of Queen Amidala witnessing some dramatic incident. Still it brings delightful tears to my eyes watching this ending scene. It truly defines great endings to great stories.
So what's missing? Having read the book and being familiar with the story, there was to have been a sandstorm following the battle with Jabba the Hutt and his forces. I reportedly hear the Sarlacc spat out Boba Fett, finding him tasting unappleaing - too bad, I also liked the belch as he was swallowed. Such nasty villains also deserve it too. There are also longer scenes in the Emperor's throne room whether plotting with Darth Vader or Luke's being brought before him. There is also a scene where Vader uses the force choke on a guard to enter the Emperor's chamber. I haven't noticed any differences, but I wonder if there are more creatures roaming the Endor Forest. In the SNES game version there are all sorts; mosquitoes, frogs, poisonous plants, dinosaurs, etc. That would require some major Computer Graphic upgrades to add them to the mix. Still the excitement leading up to the final confrontation between Luke and Vader, and the Emperor is still a classic in itself. As is the opening sequence inside Jabba the Hutt's Palace.
It doesn't matter because RETURN OF THE JEDI will still remain the classic it is. Some things may be best left unaltered, but if it's for the best, "So be it" as the Emperor would say. Don't you just love his diabolical laugh? There is none better! As an added bonus, the trailer to the Special Edition of RETURN OF THE JEDI is also included.
All things considered, it's a shame that only the SPECIAL EDITION films will be released on DVD on September 21, 2004. If George Lucas really wanted to monopolize on the Star Wars franchise he should have both the original and special edition releases available in the same set. Similar to how on some DVDs one side is standard edition and the other is widescreen format. That would be some heavy duty technology to pull that off, but it would be worth it. Still I am definitely going to buy the DVD releases, since I strongly feel that the films will be given their long overdue justice - not to mention fantastic picture and sound quality, which with STAR WARS is a must. I also hope for Special Features the original, yes you read me correctly, ORIGINAL trailers will be included. After 2005 when EPISODE 3 is released, fans all over Earth will no doubt have their visual dreams realized - if still lacking the old time freshness.
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on January 28, 2004
I clearly remember when this was released, I went to see it at the Colony theatre down the street. It had a great sound system and I had to see a Star Wars movie with that great sound.
Despite the bashing by the critics on this one (ohh its not as good as 4 or 5) I really enjoyed this movie. Luke rescues Han from Jabba the Hut and flies back to Dagobah to complete his Jedi training. Then he asks the monumental question to Vader my father? Your Father he is. Wow. I didnt believe it for 2-3 years and what a suprise.
The rebellion makes a plan to destroy the new Death Star.....they will knock out the Shield on the planet Endor and fly into it and knock out the main reactor. Also, Luke must face Vader one more time. So they get there....have a few problems.....Luke battles it out with Vader some. Then they turn it around....blow up the shield and are on thier way to the reactor.
Meantime, The Emporer tries to kill Luke for not joining the dark side. Vader is standing there, he looks at Luke, looks at the Emporer, looks at Luke, and OH MY GOSH he PICKS UP THE EMPORER and throws him down a shaft. Wow again!!!!
Then they blow up the death star and the galaxy is saved. How about that hehe. Frankly tho it was a really good movie.....intense action, wonderful score, and a terrific storyline. Go get it!!!
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on January 8, 2004
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, written by Larry Kasdan and George Lucas and directed by the late Richard Marquand, closes the Classic Trilogy that chronicles the adventures of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia during the Galactic Civil War, which pit the Heroes of the Rebellion against Emperor Palpatine and his evil minion, Darth Vader. Although many fans consider Jedi to be weaker than The Empire Strikes Back, it is still a fitting conclusion to the beloved film series.
Even though Return of the Jedi was released 16 years before Episode I: The Phantom Menace, George Lucas intended it to be part of a six-film cycle, very much as J.R.R. Tolkien intended each volume of his Lord of the Rings "trilogy" to be part of one single novel. It clearly ties up all the events from both Prequel and Classic Trilogies, leaving it to authorized novelists to continue the Star Wars story in the Expanded Universe books and graphic novels.
As the film opens, it is a dark time for the Rebellion. Imperial forces under the command of Jedi-turned-Sith Lord Darth Vader (Dave Prowse, voice of James Earl Jones) have defeated the Rebel Alliance at Hoth and elsewhere. The Emperor (Ian McDiarmid) has ordered Vader to capture Jedi-in-training Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and turn him to the Dark Side of the Force before the boy becomes too powerful and destroys the two Sith Lords. To achieve this goal, Vader uses every means at his disposal -- the Imperial Fleet and bounty hunters -- to capture Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) and use them as bait to lure Skywalker to Cloud City on Bespin...and into a carefully laid trap.
Luke manages to escape, but now Han is frozen in carbonite and in the clutches of the vile Tatooine gang lord Jabba the Hutt. And as he, Leia, Chewbacca and new ally Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams), they are unaware that Palpatine has ordered the construction of a second, more powerful Death Star. If the Empire completes this planet-killing space station, the Rebellion is doomed.
The first half of Jedi focuses on Han's rescue from Jabba's Palace on Luke's home world. It starts out subtly, with C-3PO (clueless as ever) and his feisty astromech counterpart R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) being "given" as a gift to the Hutt as a token of goodwill by Luke, who hopes -- against evidence to the contrary -- that Jabba will see reason and negotiate. Then, a bounty hunter called Boussh arrives with Han's Wookiee pal Chewbacca, but later, when Han is thawed out in an abortive rescue attempt, it is revealed that Boussh is really Leia in disguise and she is forced to wear a skimpy outfit (later made famous in an episode of "Friends") and chained to the slug-like crime lord.
The film finally becomes full of action once Luke arrives at the palace to get his friends out of this mess. His first attempt to use his Jedi powers seems to fail, but later, at the Pit of Carkoon -- the nesting place of the awful Sarlacc -- the young Jedi uses the Force and his new lightsaber to help destroy Jabba and most of his minions. Han, Lando and Leia have some of their best moments in this sequence, with some of the best lines going to Ford's roguish smuggler-turned-Rebel-hero:
Luke (to Han): Han!
Han: Luke! How we doin'?
Luke: Same as always.
Han: That bad, huh?
Han: I think my eyes ARE getting better. Instead of a big black blur I see a bright blur.
Luke: There's not much to see. I grew up here, you know.
Han: You're gonna die here, you know. Convenient.
Mayhem ensues, but the Rebels manage to escape with their lives. But Luke has unfinished business with his Jedi Master Yoda, and the Rebels have just decoded the data stolen by Bothan spies. The Empire is building a new battle station near the moon of Endor, and the Emperor is supervising the final stages of its construction.....
Return of the Jedi was altered in the late 1990s with CGI graphics to test some of the new digital effects and technology that would later be used in the current prequels, although most of the changes come at the very end, where the victory celebration on Endor is now supplemented by simultaneous parties on Bespin and Tatooine. There is a new musical number that replaces the original version's "Lapti Nek" and the Victory Celebration features new material composed by John Williams.
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