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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on October 25, 1999
Hands down the best Star Wars film, no argument there. It's the starkest, best directed, most engaging, funniest, and best performed of the three movies comprising the original trilogy. The entire original trilogy is exquisite fun, but this is certainly the finest. The Phantom Menace, although I enjoyed it in a guilty kind of way -- is just a gaudy, crappy, poorly performed and poorly directed children's movie compared to this. With all of that said, let me clarify that the reason I give this 3 stars instead of the well-deserved 5, is because I noticed I'm reviewing the "Special Edition." The Special Editions blow, and the "additions," regardless of how visually impressive some of them are, just detract. Why tamper with movies that were already perfect? In this version, when Luke finds out that Darth Vadar is his father and drops into that pit, he now goes: "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" in this really cheesy over-dub. Why add something so stupid in? Most of the little "additions" they made in the Special Edition versions of these movies are similar. Silly and unnecessary. Get the original versions if you can.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 3, 2007
INTRO:For the first time on DVD in 2006 the "original" films of the Star Wars trilogy were released,fans are finally getting the chance to see the original movies,"IV:A New Hope","V:The Empire Strikes Back" and "VI:Return Of The Jedi" as they were shown in theaters back in 1977,1980 and 1983 respectively.Altought those DVDs are said to be for a limited time only,its almost sure that there is going to be another version or release of those "as seen in theaters movies" in a special edition sometime soon.

ORGINAL,REALLY?:This is said to be the original movies,but still some of the mistakes like the blue rod wich held the Millenium Falcon model,that were present in the original version are not present here,making of them not so original,but i beleve that those are minor changes that don`t affect the movie in any way and doesn`t prevent it of being good.

THE MOVIE ITSELF:1980`s Episode V:The Empire Strikes Back is the second movie of the Star Wars series,once again featuring Luke and CO. in this sequel to "A New Hope" they ecounter once again with Darth Vader in perhaps the most beloved Star Wars film,Episode V is a great enjoyable movie from beggening to end.While it might seem dated compared to the prequel trilogy in terms off sounds and effects it remains amazing.

TWO DISCS?:It is a very nice option to choose between two versions of the same movie,the original version and the special edition version.That way you can choose wich you want to watch and compare the two releases,but why didn`t they make a box set ainvailable as well as the separate movies,it would have contained the three movies togheter,seems like a no-brainer to me.

ONCE AGAIN:This marks the what?4rth or 5th time the original Star Wars trilogy has been released!Enough is enough!In 1992 it was released on VHS as "the orginal,one last time",then the 1996 "special dedition also on VHS.In 2004 it was once again released this time on DVD with a bonus disc and then the nest year,2005 they released the same set without the bonus disc and in 2006 this "original and special editions" two discs set of "A New Hope","The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return Of The Jedi".So my question i:how many more times must the original Star Wars trilogy be released?Bad news a boxed set of the 6 Star Wars movies in a "special edition" with changes will be released....

OVERRAL:Its great to have those original movies but there still some changes(minus one star),and its another re-re-re-re...-release(minus one star also).
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on November 12, 2001
This movie is not the worst or best movies around. It has a very weird plot, and you'll need to see the first movie in order to understand it. It does have a good actor, Harrison Ford, but other than that, it's a bunch of no-names. The plot is very, dumb. Some guy named Mark Hamill plays a Jedi named Luke. I didn't really understand it the first time I saw it. I would, however, give a lot of credit to the sound and light people, 'cause the special effects are pretty goo for 1977.
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on July 9, 1999
THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: This movie had three things in calmagn with the first, same characters, same ships, same music. The three things that were different were the special effects, the plot, and there was no battle in space. This Star Wars Episode I thought was a fare movie. I think it was alright. Don't take your word from me. See it for your self, you Judge. I give this movie three stars.
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