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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on September 16, 2009
I have played through the campaign at least 100 times. Not in single player though which is still a lot fun. But once you start playing the campaign on co-op mode, you never get tired of it. This long lasting appeal alone makes it best game I ever played. I do recommend gears 2, but don't miss out on this beacuse you got gears 2 already. I am notabig fan of gears multiplyer but heard good things about it. Topnotch graphics, thanks to the wonderful Unreal 3 engine. Ignore the reviewsthat hate the game beacause it's not on ps3. You shouldn't have xbox 360 if you don't have this game.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon October 5, 2007
In late 2006,Gears Of Wars is released for the XBOX 360 but actually was supposed to be released 6 months earlier then its release date of November 2006.Gears revolutionizes the FPS shooter games with its killer cover system and more but actually its the best thing that happened to the FPS games since Half-Life or Halo.Gears was Microsoft`s console seller during the holiday period of 2006,a game with such a reputation better be awesome,and that`s precisely what Gears Of Wars is.

You play as Marcus Fenix,an inmate once left to die.Now you must save the world from hordes of Locusts,monsters that attack everything in sight and kill every one of them and that is what you will do troughout the game.The Locusts need to be killed but there are much more serious ennemies such as the powerfull Beserker,and of course no great game is complete without a massive epic battle with the final boss,in this case General RAAM.

Gears introduces a new cover system that is highly effective and appreciated.That gives you the chance the shoot the ennemy from many angles and when you are covered simply press the A button to move to the other side of the doorway.The reload technique is also pretty effective,and the best of all is killing the ennemy with the chainsaw that is located under a specific gun,just great guitly pleasure.

GOW is actually worth playing all the way trought,it ain`t that long however about 8 hours to finnish,depending on how good you are.Its a great story mode and those 8 hours were some of the greatest moments of my gaming life and it was well worth,it really used your brain to figure what to do to get to the next part of the game and develop techniques against the ennemies.

Everyone i know who played Gears were blowned away by the game and all still talk about it,its a console seller game and one that will be remembered for years and consoles to come.A few games are going to be remembered from the XBOX 360,and im happy to say Gears Of War will be one them and high on the list!It is already influential,and its influence can be seen in games like "Bioshock" who is really good by the way.

Online is good and pretty fun,there a few good types of games to choose from and its entertaining.Multiplayer on the other hand is awfull.Its just a matter of who kills who first,and its in rounds so the player who has the most rounds won,wins.I skip it and go for the story mode or online,you can also do the story mode in co-op wich is really nice.Gears takes the mutiplayer experience to great highs with its online multplayer.

There is no point in hidding it,Gears was made and plays as if it was a movie,the cinematics are amazing and can compared to a movie.Even the characters could be movie characters,Marcus Fenix and the other have voices and characteristics that could fit very well into a movie.I actually like the feeling that its a movie,and there is even a possibility that GOW WILL be a movie latter on.The ending of the game leaves room for a sequel,a sequel we can only hope will as good as the first wich is not an easy task to complete.

The game`s graphics are probably the best seen on the XBOX 360 to this point,for anyone who didn`t think it didn`t the graphical edge over the other consoles,take at look at this on a HD-TV with HDMI.Anyway,that ain`t really point,its just that Gears has incredible graphics all the way and everything is extremely well detailed from monsters to rocks.I never imagined graphics being this good before GOW was released,the graphics really are that good!

Overral,Gears Of Wars is one the most satisfying and fun game i played in my life.If you are mature enough,like FPS and aren`t a pussy i say this game is for you!The highest rating it can get is not enough,highly recommended,5 stars.
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on November 16, 2007
Of all the shooting games I played, this one was different. You could really feel the atmosphere as the ground shakes beneath you character. You know, how dead corpses were hanging from trees right? You get close to the dead and you see and hear the flies buzzing over their remains. You have this zoom while you run and turn quickly. The weapons are nicely detailed. This is just to name a few. In other words the graphics were amazing. It was a bit short but real challenging on the last difficulty level. You had a chainsaw for close ranges attacks. The saw basically cut your enemies in two. It's real handy when you run out of ammo. The co-op mode for this game was real strong. The only negative is that the friendly A.I. is a bit lacklustre. During battles they have a tendancy to stand right in front of you. Opposed to enemy A.I. that sometimes go crazy. The only thing left to do is to fix the small bugs. I just know there's going to be a sequel and I can't wait to try it.
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on December 11, 2006
Too much fun. For once the hype came through in a finished product. This game rocks. Immersive gameplay coupled with gourgeous graphics. Heck, the curb stomp and chainsaw animations are almost worth the price of admission alone.
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on August 7, 2015
Killing machine. Very nice game even if it is a little dated for 2015. You have to play this one before doing the other 2.

A well balanced shootter with plenty of amo and a nice story line that develops in the 2 other games. I prefer this serie to Halo.

The last boss is pretty tough :P
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on September 1, 2007
Gears of War for the xbox 360 is the best game yet. Any and all that like frist person shooters games will like this one. The detail that they put into this game will make your head spin. I find that the more you play this game the better it get. I hope you all have as much fun playing this game as I did.
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on March 31, 2007
gears of war is amazing! simply worth all the money and more.a must have for any person a fan of monster shooting games.the game its self isnt very long but its still very very fun.people if you dont have this or if u dont have an x-box 360 go get one when ever u can u will not be disapointed!
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on September 21, 2007
This is an amazing experience, gotta try it before u knock it. I bought this for the single player an now play a hell of a lot more multiplayer. Gotta try it but it aint for the squeamish kill or be killed online. If u wanna play look me up under Awesomo7451.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 30, 2014
EPIC is a studio best known for titles like Unreal Tournament: an FPS multiplayer juggernaut that almost every PC Gamer has played in the last decade. Trying their hand at third person shooters, Gears Of War is their take on the genre, and it's abundantly clear the team who developed Gears Of War had the art direction of the Unreal games.


Emergence Day - the day that changed everything. Humanity is on the brink of distinction: cities reduced to husks by orbital weapons used in an attempt to crush humanities greatest enemy: the Locust, a subterranean race of 'monsters' rising up to take the surface. Civilization is but a few steps away from annihilation, and it's up to one, final plan to put an end to it.

The story of Gears Of War is the weakest of the trilogy. The first game lacks any sort of character development, or even introduction. The easiest thing to do when approaching the story is to look at it like a Michael Bay movie: full of explosions and bullet fire, but lacking much else to keep you interested.

You play as Marcus Fenix: a court-marshalled soldier who cost the COG a battle by disobeying orders and trying to save his Father, a scientist. Released from prison, he's sent to recover a device called a resonator with which to map the locust tunnels so the army can deliver a decisive blow to their subterranean enemy.

The biggest problem with the story is really the lack of exposition. Everyone seems to know what's going on but you. Players who haven't completed the three game voyage will be left wondering what the hell is going on most of the time, and after having played it three times when I first got the game back in 2006, I distinctly remember just that: confusion. WHat was going on? Why did Alpha squad go to a city that's no where near the objective they were told to go to? The whole story of the first game is just shoddy. It feels too much like you're being dropped into the middle of a story where everything has already been explained so you have some semblance of an idea of what's happening - but there isn't, other than a vague one minute cutscene at the beginning of the game.


Gears Of War shines in it's gameplay. It's cover system was something impressive back during it's release in 2006, and today the mechanics still hold up well. Marcus controls well, the AI is intelligent enough to make use of cover, or act aggressively depending on the situation. The guns feel good, vibrating every time you fire a round. Blowing enemies to pieces with the shotgun, or sticking them with a grenade, or ripping them apart with a chainsaw on the end of your gun is brutal, gory and satisfying all at once, and active reloading (which not only increases reload times if done correctly, but increases the damage for the bullets reloaded) is one of the more creative mechanics I've ever seen in a video game.

However, the games biggest failing is probably it's level design, which is so drab that it makes multiple playthroughs of the game nearly possible to enjoy. The colour pallet is varying shades of brown and grey, and ugly. Everything looks washed out, and the blood looks ridiculous. Understandably they were trying to paint a grim picture: but since the first game, the second and third Gears Of War have proven that the game can still look grim while managing to be more colourful at the same time.

Everything has a bombed out look to it: which is fine, however the scenery quickly gets very, very repetitive. Another problem is the lack of diversity in the enemies and guns. Enemies deploy the same tactics, over and over. Seldom is there a decent blend of enemy units to combat, and in a game where most of the time you're firing a gun at enemies, it makes for boredom after several hours of fighting the same things over and over again.

The multiplayer suffers from a slew of issues: such as a timed delay in shots, absolutely no tactical depth, and only a tiny handful of weapons are actually useful within the MP, all blended together to make an experience that isn't very fun or engaging for anyone but the dedicated fans.

In 2006, Gears Of War was the best looking game ever. And today, it's still an impressive looking title. However, the level design really hurts the ability to appreciate it. The design they used for blood looks, well, silly, and not at all like blood. Rendered on the Unreal Engine means, unfortunately, that textures are very slow loading. Often times the games cutscenes will be almost texture less while the engine renders them, leaving things looking ugly and at a rather frequent rate.

The games soundtrack has plenty of beautiful scores that'll stay with you over the years, music that'll get you excited to butchered your way through enemies with the chainsaw-tipped Lancer. Unfortunately, the audio department falls flat when it comes to voice acting: most of the dialogue is delivered in a flat, monotone with little excitement, and some of the characters who are on screen the least are those who often have the best voice acting, which is a shame.


In 2006, Gears Of war was a must have in any Xbox 360 owners collection. Upon sober reflection years later though, looking back it wasn't a very good game. The Multiplayer was a disaster, and the level design really sucked the replayablity out of the campaign. The story was weak. It's only saving grace was the core mechanics it established for the rest of the series. Still, it is a game definitely worth going through once or twice, and at the current price it's definitely worth picking up.
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on January 13, 2015
The game was perfect! No scratch or anything, I'm very happy with my order :)
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